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Meghalaya one of the most beautiful state of Northeast India with so many tourist places in Meghalaya which will keep you craving for wanderlust. Meghalaya tour packages, literally meaning the abode of clouds is a standout amongst the most wonderful tour packahes in the North-East India offering an assortment of sights, exercises, sustenance and celebrations to the travelers. Best known for Cherrapunji, the place which gets one of the greatest rain on the planet, Meghalaya can hypnotize you with its slopes, valleys, lakes, caves and waterfalls which give it a lovely look when secured with delightful mists. Shillong is the capital of the state and the largest city. The city is situated in the Khasi Hills. Shillong is the place to enjoy everything, starting from events, sightseeing, recreation, shopping, or unwinding oneself in a bar. The city has a character which can be felt only after exploring around the city.


The place that is known for basic yet so vivid and engaging individuals, Meghalaya is inhabited by three tribes-Garo, Khasi and Jaintia which add to the abundance of the state as the greater part of the three tribes have their dialects, religion, celebrations, ensembles, foods and moves! This is something most engaging which makes the state a bright and charming area while it generally brags of its grand wonder being situated in the lap of nature. Excellent slopes, rich green mountains, tremendous untamed life and eminent waterfalls just depict the states to a restricted degree. The total depiction of the state must be felt profound inside as you take in the natural demeanor of Meghalaya. Travel throughout the day to the slopes and mountains seeing lovely Meghalaya destinations while eating the rich food and getting a charge out of the grand neighborhood crafted works is one of the most memorable experiences on a vacation by booking one of the Meghalaya tour packages.

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Meghalaya Tour FAQs

What are the top attractions on a sightseeing tour in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is one of the most visited destination of north east, because of the diversity of natural appealing abundance here. It is considered the hotspot of all things cultural and natural existing in sheer harmony with the constructive human efforts. The state has an abundance of natural attractions, including these must-see Meghalaya tourist places. 

Some of the top attractions of Meghalaya are:

  • Living Root Bridges

  • Mawlynnong Cleanest Village

  • Mawphlang Sacred Forest

  • Laitlum Canyon

  • Ialong Park

  • Balpakram National Park

  • Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Culture

  • Umiam Lake

  • All Saints Church

  • Mawsmai Cave

  • Mawthadraishan Peak

  • Elephant Fall

  • Siju Cave

We have a list of best Meghalaya tour packages, which are both pocket-friendly and the best to choose from.

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Which are the best areas for a shopping tour in Meghalaya?

Shopping at Meghalaya will be a fantastic experience with variety of specialties of Meghalaya to be purchased. Meghalaya is known for various art and crafts. Cane and bamboo holds a prime place. Of all the places in Meghalaya, Shillong is the most visited place. Shillong markets are full of tribal art products that would easily qualify for a spot in your living room.


Iewduh market and Police Bazaar are the prime shopping centres in Shillong and both are two of the major landmarks of the city. Besides Bara Bazaar, one place that you definitely need to visit is the famous Police Bazaar. Also known as Khyndailad, Police Bazaar is a mix of the traditional and the modern; the chic and the classic. There are few shopping malls in Shillong which includes Reliance Trendz, Vishal Mega mart, Glory’s Plaza and Dreamland arcade.  One can also explore Meghalaya’s crowded markets for trendy souvenirs.

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Which are the best areas for a food tour in Meghalaya?

In Meghalaya, multi-cuisine restaurants as well as local food stalls are to be found everywhere. Besides the usual Chinese, Indian and Continental dishes, if one is adventurous enough to sample the local food, one can be sure the taste buds are in for a treat.

Shillong is literally a foodie's paradise with lots of great restaurants, cafes, bars and bakeries. There are some sweet dishes like Narikol or Khapse to indulge yourself or savoury dishes like Khar, Zan or Gyathuk to appease your taste buds – there is something for everyone here.

The best areas to indulge in a gastronomical delight in Meghalaya are:

  • Café Shillong
  • Café Shillong Heritage
  • Police Bazaar
  • Trattoria
  • Jadoh
  • Sao Aiom

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Which are the best adventure tours and activities to do in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is a beautiful state in Northeast India where you can enjoy various adventure activities. It is also delight for those looking to de-stress and enjoy the soft sunshine of the hills. There are also a host of outdoor activities and adventure sports, in around Shillong that one could explore and indulge in.

Some of the popular adventure activities in Meghalaya are:

  • Boating in Umiam Lake

  • Angling at Dawki

  • Trekking

  • Horse Riding

  • River Rafting

  • Kayaking at Kynshi River

  • Waterfall Rappelling at Elephant Falls

  • Waterfall Hopping

  • Camping

  • Exploring the Caves

  • Rock Climbing

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Where can I enjoy water sports in Meghalaya?

From extreme water sports to serene rides on sparkling waters amidst nature, you will never fall short of adventure options in India. Meghalaya is one of the places where you can feel the thrill of such sports.

Some of the popular places for different water sports are summarized as follows:

  • Angling and fishing: Stagnant water fishing is popular in Kyrdemkulai and also Mawphlang.  Ranikor is also abundant in freshwater fishes. Umngot, Umtrew and Simsang River are other popular fishing and angling destinations.  

  • River Canyoning: River Canyoning at Sohra is an adventure activity that is even more demanding than treks. 

  • Kayaking: Kayaking at the Kynshi River is a popular activity.

  • Water Skiing and Sailing: The water sports complex at Umiam Lake is famous for water skiing, sailing and rowing apart from many other water sports that are offered in the complex. 

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Which are the top wildlife experiences in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is rich in wildlife and various species of birds, animals and insects are found across the state. There are also various National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries in Meghalaya that are home to a number of species. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will find yourself to be lucky when you’re visiting Meghalaya.

The most fantastic wildlife experiences in Meghalaya can be enjoyed at the following places:

What are the best tours to experience culture of Meghalaya?

People of Meghalaya have rich cultural and traditional values. Meghalaya is rich in culture and is a home to many famous music and dances forms. Dances are associated with their festivals or seasons and hence are to be enjoyed throughout the year. There are various cultural tours organized during the dance festivals.

The best cultural tours in Meghalaya are organized at the following places:

What are the best trekking tours in Meghalaya?

The trekking opportunity in Meghalaya is outstanding for the fact that, the terrain is very challenging like in Himalayan areas but with the advantage of not being snow-wrapped. Trekking in Meghalaya is popular, owing to the existence of living root bridges. Trekking in the Abode of Clouds, Meghalaya is an experience will surely rejuvenate your senses like never before. There are many adventure tours for the purpose of trekking for the tourist offered by Meghalaya.

Some of the best trekking tours in Meghalaya are on the following trails:

  • Smit Trek

  • Mawlyngot Trekking Trip

  • Pynursla Trek Tour

  • Weiloi to Ponkung / Pongkung to Umngi

  • David Scott Trail and Double Decker Root Bridge Trek in Cherrapunji

  • Trekking at Dawki

Which are the top camping sites in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya, which means ‘abode of sky’ in Sanskrit, sticks true to its name with beautiful scenic locations all across the state. If the skies are your best friend and working your way towards the zenith gives you the thrills, look no further than this. To get a true taste of nature’s exquisiteness in Meghalaya, one of the best experiences is to go camping on in the serenity of nature.

Some of the best camping sites in Meghalaya are:

  • Dawki

  • Sa-I-Mika Resort

  • MapleLine Farm

What are the best tours to experience rural life in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is one of the most interesting places to revisit the lifestyle of rural people in India with so many vibrant villages. Each village has simple infrastructure built using local materials and by local artisans and craftsmen to ensure a comfortable stay and to enable the travelers to soak themselves in all that the village has to offer. Activities suitable for different age and interest groups like Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Hiking, Angling, Swimming etc. have been mapped out in the village for a complete vacation experience.

Some of the best tours to experience rural life in Meghalaya are:

  • Cleanest village in Asia: Mawlynnong

  • Pynursla-East Khasi Hills

  • Chandigre

  • Garo Hills

Where can I go on a caving tour in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya Caving is a unique adventure unlocking the unknown and wondrous world of limestone caves. The major caves in the Khasi Hills are located in the areas of Cherrapunjee, Shella, Pynursla, Nongjri, Mawsynram and Langrin. xploring them provides a sense of excitement you cannot relish unless you are picking your way through their dark, murky interiors. The numerous natural caves all over Meghalaya are a special attraction for tourists. A few of them are even the longest you can find in the Indian Sub-continent.

The best places for a caving tour in Meghalaya are:
Mawjymbuin Cave (Shillong)
Mawsmai Cave (Cherrapunjee)
Arwah Cave (Cherrapunjee)
Mawmluh Cave (Cherrapunjee)
Krem Lawshynna (Sohra)
Khasi monoliths (Cherrapunjee)
Siju Caves (Tura)
Marai Cave (Shillong)
Umlawan Cave (Jowai)
Krem Phyllut (Cherrapunjee)

What are the best waterfall to visit in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya houses some spellbound waterfalls that are something not to miss. Meghalaya resonate with the sound of thundering waterfalls that cascade down hill slope, spraying its surroundings with a delicate mist of water. Meghalaya is home to list of best and spectacular waterfalls on East Khasi Hills district and has beautiful hill station with plenty of tourist attraction all around

The best waterfalls of Meghalaya are:

  • Seven Sisters Waterfall

  • Dain Thlen

  • Kynrem Falls

  • Elephant Falls

  • Langshiang fall

  • Nohsngithiang Falls

  • Sweet Falls

  • Nohkalikai Falls

  • Bishop and Beadon

What are the best places for bird watching in Meghalaya?

Meghalaya, one of India's greener states and popularly known as Home Of The Clouds. From lush green coniferous forests to bamboo thickets, from limestone caves to rippling waterfalls, from miles of hilly croplands to forbidden jungles the very diversity makes this a unique realm. It also houses a variety of birds that will catch the attention of anyone who likes to indulge in birdwatching.

The best places for bird watching in Meghalaya are:

  • Mawphlang Sacred Grove

  • Balpakram Complex

  • Nokrek Biosphere Reserve including Nokrek National Park

  • Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Narpuh Reserve Forests

  • Riat Khwan – Umiam, Saipung

  • Upper Shillong, Cherrapunjee cliffs

  • The Gorges and Sacred Groves

What are the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Meghalaya?

Waterfall rolling down from the roadside mountains, aroma of pine trees, lush green vegetation and orchid flowers will ignite the feelings of romance in all honeymooners in Meghalaya. Some of the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Meghalaya are:

  • Visit Asia’s cleanest village- Mawlynnong

  • Take a sightseeing tour of Shillong

  • Shop for handicrafts in the local markets

  • Enjoy a glimpse of the spectacular waterfalls

  • Visit the living root bridges

  • Go caving in Meghalaya

  • Stay in a tree house

Meghalaya Tour Reviews

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Reviewed: 14 Nov 2022
This was my first ever tour to North East India. I usually plan and execute all the tours for my family on my own. But since I'd never been to NE India, I was in a fix whether to plan and proceed on my own or to book through a travel company. Finally we decided to book through Thrillophillia and it ... Read More
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Reviewed: 29 May 2023
It was a fabulous experience with thrillophillia. I am already following thrillophillia on Instagram. Hotels were good. Cab driver fakruddin was helpful. Thrillophillia staff was always in reach. I am thankful to Mr Abhishek das, Mr amlan Chakraborty. As a vegetarian we have less options on veg food... Read More
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Himanshu Sharma
Reviewed: 23 Oct 2023
Amazing experience. Never expected the trip to be so well planned, exciting and awesome. Last minute request to change itinerary was well taken and other options were provided. Thrillophilia POC Harsh, Ground support Plabana and driver Chandra did splendid job.
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Madhumita Ganga
Reviewed: 01 Feb 2023
Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful places in the world! Less crowd, sweet localites, good food and amazing views makes Meghalaya the most serene place to visit! My experience with Thrillophilia was so good! They were very well responsive from the beginning, I never had second thoughts about book... Read More
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Swapnali Desai
Reviewed: 06 Nov 2023
The Trip was wholesome. Meghalaya is a beautiful state and the views were absolutely breathtaking. Our itinerary was very well planned and utmost care was taken to provide excellent service which included local sightseeing, stay, local and on ground support staff, driver and vehicle. We were taken c... Read More
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Reviewed: 03 Jan 2023
We had a customised 8 day private group trip of Meghalaya planned by Team Thrillophilia during last week of Dec '22. The trip was very well planned. Agent Akash was excellent & very proactive with his job and was in connection most of the time. Hotels were standard with no issues. We loved staying i... Read More
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