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Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Assam, India, is a haven for nature lovers. Home to two-thirds of the world's one-horned rhinoceroses, it offers a unique wildlife experience. It is home to lush greenery, diverse fauna, including tigers, elephants, and water buffaloes, and vibrant birdlife. Kaziranga promises adventure and close encounters with nature's wonders.

Majuli Island

Explore Majuli, the world's largest river island nestled amidst the Brahmaputra. Discover a haven for birdwatchers and delve into Hindu Vaishnavite culture at its sataras. Immerse yourself in Assamese dance, music, and drama at Dakhinpat, Garamurh, and Auniati Satras. Located 200km east of Guwahati, Majuli beckons with its serene beauty and vibrant cultural heritage.

Manas National Park

Covering an area of 39,100 hectares, the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Assam, India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a project Tiger Reserve, and a biosphere reserve. The site provides critical and viable habitats for rare and endangered species, including tiger, one-horned rhino, swamp deer, and Bengal florican. It welcomes visitors on an exploration adventure where wildlife, a variety of ecosystems, and cultural legacy join together to create a symphony of natural spectacle.

Kakochang Waterfalls
A half an hour drive towards East from Kaziranga National park will make anyone go awestruck with the beauty channelized in the form of Kakochang waterfall. The pristine clear waters falling from the top of the hill and accumulating in the natural pond below is just praiseworthy. You can feel the drops sprinkling on your face and freshness in the air while anywhere around this fall. 

The wet rocks and greenery support this Natural beauty while adding extra grace to the whole aura. You can be a part of this falls by taking a shallow dip in the pond below this soothing waterfall. A not to be missed tourist spot, this waterfall is one of the best places to visit in Assam.
North Cachar Hills
Also known as Dima Hasao district of Assam, the place inhabits minor and major tribes like Dimasa kachauris, Zeme Nagas, The Hmars and The Kukis with a minimum population in terms of space covered. Anyone who is visiting these hills can experience Nature even with their eyes closed. 

Sipping a cup of tea while watching birds at Jatinga, a district in Dima Hasao; enjoying a long walk in the ‘Scotland of Assam' (Haflong) and shop local handloom at Haflong bazar would combine a trip to North Cachar Hills. With all that, swing in the clouds above your head. One can reach this place from nearest Silchar airport from where a rough 140 km road drive will land you finally on these thrilling hills and you will be in one of the best places to visit in Assam.
Dipor Bil
Lake, also known as Bil in Assamese is an evergreen feature of the land of the North East. The list of tourist places in Assam never completes without including Dipor Bil in it. The mighty Brahmaputra has an extension into the plains which resulted into this enchanting lake. Located 13 km in South West direction from Guwahati, Dipor Bil is perfect to watch beautiful birds basking in the sun and swinging on the tunes of the lake's ripples. 

The surface of the lake is flared by flora like Waterlily, water hyacinth, aquatic grass and believe us, it is adding an extra grace to blue clean waters. Along with a boat ride, one can feel the difference with migratory birds while taking a tour here. Moreover, you can notice Storks, Ducks, Kingfishers, and Pelicans enjoying in the glory of the climate and making it an attraction for thousands.
An ancient pilgrimage center located comfortably 24 km in Northwest, from Guwahati on the banks of Brahmaputra and well connected by roads, is a well distinct place to visit in Assam. The whole area coming under Hajo is beautifully studded with temples and sacred artifacts like each of them is a graceful diamond. 

An absorbing quality of Hajo is the blend of three religions that are Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim. One can notice a grand entrance to  Hayagriva Madhava Mandir at one side and a tall white green Hajo Powa Mecca, the Muslim sacred pilgrimage on the other. The temples are shining with old sculptures carved into the same stone and are worshipped by hundreds of people every day. 

It is situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra river which overall enhances the attribute of Hajo. Some of the temples were settled in the 18th century during the times of regional Ahom king and are absolutely priceless. Beauty lies in the details and this truth could be rightly sought here amidst the lush green tall trees, varying topography, the center of Buddhist Nirvana and waters of Brahmaputra.
Haflong Lake

The hill station of state, Haflong has proved to be a perfect tourist place to visit in Assam. Located away from major cities, the nearest urban agglomeration is Silchar which is 100 km from Haflong. An enchanting place to visit here is Haflong lake. The charming beauty of crystal clear waters not just calms the nerves on one side but also excites people to take boat rides in the lake on the other.

The scenic beauty of the lake along with greenery and sun on the top will remind you of old Bollywood movies with a blink of eyes. It is possible because of an extra addition of Hanging bridge above the lake. This bridge will definitely let you take camera filled pictures along with your happy smile. It is also a perfect spot for a family outing and a romantic walk with your love in the cool weather of Assam hills.

Barpeta is famously alluded to as the "Land of the Satras".Manas National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site features a beautiful landscape and is home to a huge variety of creatures like panther, tiger, elephant, Bengal florican, Himalayan Black Bear and many more.

Barpeta Satra, one of the holy places to visit in Assam, houses a popular sanctum and a Kirtanghara, the biggest hall in Assam where devotees assemble and pray to the almighty. The walls and ceilings of the sacred shrine are embellished with the painted wooden boards.

The Baghar Hill offers an amazing view of the Brahmaputra River where you can capture the magnificent beauty of nature in your lenses. The Manas River that streams within the town is another lovely site to be seen from here. Dargah of Syed Shanur Dewan is an exceptionally calm and peaceful place and is special for the followers of Islam.

Highlight of the place: Heritage Sites.

Location: Barpeta, Assam.

Explore the rich history and breathtaking scenery of Bongaigaon, which is tucked away 180 kilometres to the northwest of Guwahati. Surrounded by verdant hills, this site, which was formerly the capital of the Kamatapur Kingdom, now includes ancient ruins and Buddhist caves. It fuses modernity and history smoothly and serves as the entry point to the Manas National Park, which is classified by UNESCO.

Diphu, a district in southern Assam, is very much for being a tranquil tiny town renowned as weekend getaways. The Botanical Garden of Diphu houses a number  of  therapeutic plants, herbs and flowers.

The aura of the garden enthrals lovers of nature and it is an incredible spot to take a leisurely walk with your  loved ones in the  evening hours. You can also try out boating  in the lake present at the garden of Diphu. The District museum reflects the culture of the land by displaying old ornaments, musical instruments, hunting tools, fishing equipment, handlooms.

All the exhibits of the museum reflect the culture of Diphu. In the course of your visit to Diphu, you can think of taking trips to Singhason, Khanduli, Kohora to get a hands on experience of trekking, bird watching,  and horse riding along with your loved ones. You can also choose to offer prayers at a number of places of worship.

Highlight of the place: Hidden Eden.

Location: Diphu, Assam.
Sualkuchi, a sleepy town in the northern bank of the river Brahmaputra is the center of Assam’s textile production, which has earned it the title of Manchester of India and has been declared as a Handloom Heritage Village.

One can witness the ethnicity and provincial view of the town in the form of the bamboo houses and mud wallsSualkuchi is also rich in flora and fauna and is an economically and environmentally multicultural city that has not only local endemic animals and birds, but also innumerable migratory bird species. Dotted with temples, namcars and cloisters at every step, the village could be a wholesome package for visitors.

One of the primary temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Sidheswar Devalaya was restructured by the Ahom King Shiba Singha. 
Hatisala is additionally one of the biggest monasteries in the village. Devoted to Ruler Krishna, the place spreads the awe inspiring message of Vaishnavism culture. Hajo is a land of extraordinary religious significance to Hindus as well as Muslims.

Highlight of the place: The silk village of Assam.

Location: Saualkuchi, Assam.

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