Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians Overview

The Cathedral Catholic Church is the principal place of worship of the Catholics of the Shillong Archdiocese. It is situated in the Laitumkhrah area of Shillong, Meghalaya. It is also known as the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians and is one of the most beautiful and oldest cathedrals in Shillong. Including a visit to the Cathedral Catholic Church in your Shillong tour will provide a glimpse into the rich religious heritage of the region.

The church is dedicated to Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, and it was built by Germans in 1913. The current establishment was rebuilt after a major fire broke out in the year 1936. The church's architecture is in Gothic style with stained glass windows and big arches. The church interior features terracotta cross stands, a bronze cavalry monument, stained glass windows, and the tomb of Hubert D'Rosario, Shillong's inaugural archbishop. It is a must-visit cathedral in Shillong along with many beautiful attractions nearby.


• Attend the morning mass at the Cathedral Catholic Church and have a spiritually enlightening time.
• Marvel at the beautiful stained glass windows, high arches, and the set of 14 Stations of the Cross, depicting scenes from the life of Jesus Christ.
• Enjoy a leisurely stroll in the Lady Hydari Park while admiring the beauty of the natural surroundings and unique bird species.
• Visit the Don Bosco Museum to learn about the rich heritage and diverse cultures of the Northeastern States of India.
• Enjoy a panoramic view of Shillong from the Shillong View Point at Laitkor Peak.

How To Reach

The way to the Cathedral Catholic Church from the city centre, Police Bazar Center Point, is quite straightforward. It is located at Laitumkhrah and is approximately 2 km from the Police Bazar centre point. 

By Car: If you have rented a car, you can reach the cathedral from the Police Bazar in just 10-12 minutes via Soso Tham Road. The roads are smooth but you can find traffic during peak hours.

By Taxi or Rickshaw: Taxis and auto-rickshaws are readily available in the Police Bazar. You can hire one to take you directly to the Cathedral. Make sure to negotiate the fare before starting your journey.

By Bus: Shillong has a public bus system, and you can look for buses heading towards the Cathedral area. You can ask a local or check the bus station about the bus number and which route to take. Buses are generally an affordable option but might be crowded during peak hours.

Shared Sumo/Jeep: One of the most common modes of transport in Shillong are shared SUmo or Jeeps. You can look for ones heading towards Laitumkhrah or Mawlai, as they often pass by the cathedral area. These vehicles operate on fixed routes and are shared among passengers, offering a budget-friendly option for travel.

Best Time To Visit

The opening hours of the Cathedral Catholic Church are weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm. Entry into the church is free. Mass timings in summer are weekdays at 6 am and 4:30 pm and in winter at 6:30 am on weekdays.

Best Season to Visit: The ideal season to visit Shillong and the church is from winter to summer, from November to May. The rainy season witnesses heavy rainfall and should be avoided for travel. You can also plan a visit in May to enjoy Cathedral’s Annual Fest. 

Best Day of the Week: Visit the cathedral during weekdays between the opening hours. Worship and stroll around the cathedral to witness the marvellous architecture and tranquillity surrounding the place.

Best Time of the Day: One should plan a visit to the cathedral in the early morning to enjoy the mass and to offer prayers. 

Other Essential Information

  • It is important to dress modestly as it is a religious site and to respect the culture.
  • Carry a jacket with you as Shillong can get chilly in the evenings.
  • Maintain decorum and avoid loud conversation respecting the peace of the cathedral.
  • Do not click pictures in the restricted and prohibited areas.
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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 06:30 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 06:30 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 06:30 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 06:30 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 06:30 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 06:30 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 06:30 PM
Point of Interest for Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians
A Spiritual Visit to the Cathedral

A Spiritual Visit to the Cathedral

Be astonished by the grandness of the Cathedral Catholic Church. Visit the cathedral offer prayers and feel peace within. Learn about the life of different bishops, Jesus Christ through its scriptures and stands. You can also plan your visit during Easter and in May during the cathedral’s annual fest to enjoy the vibrant festivities.

Soak in the Marvellous Architecture

Soak in the Marvellous Architecture

The Cathedral Catholic Church is famous for its magnanimous Gothic-style architecture. Its beautiful design and stained glass windows are eye-catching. The windows illustrate various scenes from the scriptures. Look at the high arches and intricate patterns etched into the walls. Take in the experience of being in a peaceful and quiet ambiance.

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