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Singapore Cruises Packages

Duration Price
Singapore River Cruise40 mins
INR 26
Singapore Island Cruising with Ferry Tickets8 hours
INR 13.9
Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise in Singapore2 hours
INR 259

Set out on a cruise to enjoy breathtaking views of Singapore’s exotic skyline and iconic landmarks. The Singapore cruises offer a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. These make it perfect for a family getaway or a fun-filled time with friends. Each of these Cruises ensures a pampering experience for you and your loved ones.

As you glide along the water, take in the breathtaking sights that define Singapore’s Skyline. Behold the iconic landmarks that grace the cityscape, including the historic Raffles Landing Site and the majestic Merlion statue. Feel the excitement as you pass by The Esplanade, the Parliament House, and the fascinating Asian Civilizations Museum. Also, don’t forget to look up and admire the towering presence of the Singapore Flyer, adding to the charm of this urban journey. Each landmark tells a story, of Singapore’s history and culture.

For a historical journey, hop on the cruise from Singapore by WaterB. It traces the old trade routes and reveals Singapore’s trading history. Make your evenings magical with dinner cruises, such as the Royal Albatross Sunset Sail, where live music and lights create a lively ambience.

Sail on an unforgettable journey through the stunning cityscape of Singapore, with Thrillophilia’s attractive Singapore tour packages. So sit back, relax, and let the sights of the city unfold before your eyes with these wonderful Singapore Cruises.

Types of Singapore Cruises

1- Ocean Cruises & Ferries: Book your Singapore cruise packages from Thrillophilia and enjoy traveling on massive luxurious ships. You can even explore the coastlines of neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China with this activity. Explore thrilling offers from Thrillophilia for your Singapore adventure, including enticing deals on Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry Services, and Horizon Ferry experiences. These give you economical packages for enjoying exciting sea voyages and ferries.

2- River Cruises: Delight in Singapore’s charm while on a river tour with our Singapore cruise package. You can take a short ride on bumboats for a close view of iconic sites such as the Raffles Landing Site and the Merlion Statue. You can also watch The Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands from the water. The running commentary aboard adds historical knowledge to your travel. For river-based adventures, consider choosing the Singapore River Cruise from Thrillophilia for an immersive experience of exploring the city’s beauty and history.

3- Adventure Cruises: Discover the beauty of Singapore's seas with two ferry tour options – Marina South Ferry and Singapore Island Cruise. Add a touch of luxury to your cruise from Singapore with a private yacht or sailboat. Enjoy complimentary activities like snorkelling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing, with Thrillophilia’s Singapore cruise packages. If you are an adventure seeker, book with specific yacht tours like Victoria Yacht or Le Tara.

4- Luxury Cruises With Family: Indulge in a luxurious cruise from Singapore with family and friends, featuring top-notch facilities. These facilities include lavish accommodations and a variety of bars and restaurants too. Elevate your maritime escape with a Malaysia-Singapore cruise tour. You can choose from gems like Sapphire Princess, The Royal Caribbean, Costa, and Celebrity Millennium Cruise for a splendid journey with your loved ones. 

Popular Sailing Destinations in Singapore: 

1- Southern Islands of Singapore: Go on a perfect island-hopping tour on weekends with our Singapore river cruise, and explore the country’s Southern Islands in a single-day sailing adventure. Kusu and John's Islands are two places here that stand out, boasting lush greenery and abundant biodiversity. Explore the breathtaking beauty of these islands, making them a must-see for anyone looking for a peaceful escape surrounded by nature's wonders.

2- Tioman Island: Explore the enchanting Tioman Island on a Malaysia-Singapore cruise tour, a perfect adventure for nature lovers. Just 164 km from Singapore, this volcanic paradise invites you to discover rainforests, mountains, and waterfalls. Explore the stunning beauty of Tioman Island as you sail on its waters, making it a must-visit destination in your itinerary.

3- Sentosa Island: Head to Sentosa Island which is a vacationer's paradise, while touring with our Singapore cruise package. If you are looking for adventure, here’s your perfect opportunity. Packed with excitement, it features Universal Studios Singapore, SEA Aquarium, Butterfly Kingdom, and others. Many Singapore Cruises include a delightful stop at Sentosa, offering a perfect blend of leisure and entertainment for a memorable and fun-filled escape.

4- Pulau Hantu: Discover an island famous for its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. It is an ideal place for overnight camping and for enjoying thrilling activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, and fishing. Some Singapore cruise packages feature this island, making it a must-visit destination especially if you are looking for a perfect blend of nature, adventure, and relaxation.

5- Pulau Ubin: Pulau Ubin Island is not only an adventure paradise but also has a significant historical background as a granite quarry during World War II. Some Singapore cruise packages include a stop here, allowing you to explore the island’s exciting activities and learn about its wartime heritage. Experience both, adventure and history, on a memorable journey to this marvellous place in Singapore.

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Singapore Cruises FAQs

Which are some famous cruises in Singapore?

Singapore provides you with an exciting range of over 250 cruises from which you can choose from depending on your travel plans. A cruise in Singapore offers everything, be it never ending family fun or romantic surprises. Some of the most famous cruises in Singapore are:

1. Mariner of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International)
2. Sapphire Princess (Princess Cruises)
3. Celebrity Millennium (Celebrity Cruises)
4. SuperStar Gremini (Star Cruises)
5. Azamara Quest (Azamara Club Cruises)

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Which cruise is best in Singapore?

1. Singapore River Cruise: The River cruises in Singapore offer an unparalleled experience of witnessing the spellbind skyline of the country from the seas. Hop on to the Singapore River Cruise and relish the magnificent architecture of Singapore – witness the popular buildings of Central Business District and Marina Bay. The colourful shophouses of Clarke Quay and Boat Quay will reflect the tradition of Singapore and take your heart away with its artsy appearance. Board a bumboard, sit back and relax as it hits the seas and rides past the most popular tourist destinations of Singapore like Raffles Landing Site, The Merlion, The Esplanade and the Marina Bay Sands. To keep you engaged and help you understand the places, the bumboats will offer a live commentary, enriching your experience of Singapore cruises.

Soak yourself in the exotic beauty of Singapore during this journey of 40 minutes, which you can enjoy with a group in any of the jetties or the bumboat. The activity is offered between 9 AM and 11 PM, so hit the cruise at your convenience to experience the exotic side of Singapore from the sea. Starting at an offer price of Rs 1150 per adult, the cruise is an unmissable activity on your trip to Singapore.

Location: 1 North Bridge Road, No. 15 – 06 High Street Center, Singapore 179094
Timings: 9 AM to 11 PM
Price: Rs 1150 per adult

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2. River Cruise by WaterB: Explore the major landmarks of Singapore from a different perspective by boarding these river cruises in Singapore anytime between 8 AM and 10 PM on weekdays. With 7 jetties across the route, you can choose to start the journey at your place of convenience and also deboard at any of the jetties and continue your exploration of Singapore.
Witness the majestic urban landmarks of Singapore from a roaring cargo bumboat. The journey will also offer you an insight into the transformation of Singapore into an urban hub. With a live commentary on board, witness various places of tourist interest like See Raffles' Landing Site, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, Riverside Point, Parliament House, Asian Civilizations Museum, Merlion Park, Esplanade Theatres on the Bay and many more! Board the jetty at Fort Canning Jetty and witness the transformation of Singapore from an engaging trade way to one of the world’s most popular urban landscapes at a meagre price starting at Rs 1130. On weekends, you can undertake the activity anytime between 9 AM and 10 PM. If you hop on to a bumboat past sunset, you will be delighted by the night skyline of Singapore which glows to its most vibrant during the night.

Location: Fort Canning Jetty
Timings: 9 AM to 10 PM
Price: Rs 1130

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3. Singapore River Tokidoki Sightseeing Boat Cruise by WaterB

Starting at an affordable price of Rs 2762 per person, the Singapore River Tokidoki Sightseeing Boat Cruise is the world’s first tokidoki themed boat ride. Travel past the iconic sights of Singapore as the sea breeze hits you to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

The tokidoki sightseeing boat is one of the most engaging river cruises in Singapore, ideal for a family trip with kids, as the quirky and colourful cartoon characters onboard entertain you with their gimmicks during your journey. Witness the marvellous Helix Bridge, which connects the Marine Centre with the Marina South on your journey.

There are many more attractions like Marina Bay Sands, iconic Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Merlion Park, Raffles Statue, and Boat Quay which will keep you hooked along with the tokidoki on your cruise which also offers commentary about the iconic places as you pass them. The cruise departs from Fort Canning Jetty every day at 5 PM, 7 PM and 9 PM, and drops you back at the departure point at the end of this joyful journey.

Location: Fort Canning Jetty
Timings: 5 PM, 7 PM, 9 PM
Price: Rs 2762

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4. Floating Donut Cruise Ride in Marina Bay

Ever wondered about travelling in a donut? The Floating Donut Cruise Ride in Marina Bay will make your dream come true as you hop on a floating donut in the waters of Singapore to explore the majestic skyline of Singapore. Starting at an affordable price of Rs 1255 per adult, the activity offers you an option of two cruises of 30 minutes and 60 minutes without burning a hole in your pocket, making it one of the most affordable river cruises in Singapore. Float past the most iconic landmarks of Singapore in your donut cruise while munching on some light snacks couple with traditional Singapore Slings.

Hop on to this extraordinary donut which is equipped with a built-in table or ice-bowl, umbrella, LED lights, and a Bluetooth speaker to make your journey engaging. Book a donut along with your family or friends and enjoy the intimate joy of exploring Singapore with your loved ones. You can also choose to board a donut with strangers and bond with them over light talks while munching the snacks. Hit the 80 Collyer Quay post 1 PM to enjoy this one-of-its-kind donut ride, which is one of the unique Singapore cruises tours you will ever experience.

Location: 80 Collier Quay
Timings:Mon: 1:00pm-9:30pm (last boarding 8:30pm)
Wed: 4:00pm-9:30pm (last boarding 8:30pm)
Thur-Sun: 1:00pm-9:30pm (last boarding 8:30pm)
Price: Rs 1255

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5. Royal Albatross Sunset Sail

Relish the joy of one of the most popular river cruises in Singapore with the Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise. The 2.5-hour journey offers you one of the most luxurious on-sea explorations at a reasonable price starting at Rs 8150 per adult.

Prepare yourself for a royal treatment onboard as the hospitality at Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise, offered by Resorts World Sentosa, is unparalleled. Relish the welcome drink at the cruise to set off on a high. With the cool sea breeze hitting your face, the live band on the cruise sets the tone of the journey. The ship is equipped with more than 60,000 RGB lights, which will set the mood for any occasion.

Take the Royal Albatross Sunset Cruise with your loved one and experience romance in the air as the tunes of the live band fill the ambience with soothing music in the waters while witnessing the splendid sunset. The cruises start between 10:30 AM and 2:30 AM, so make sure you do not miss out on one of the most romantic Singapore cruises.

Location: Resorts World Sentosa
Timings: 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Price: Rs 8150

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6. Captain Explorer DUKW® Tour

Starting at an affordable price of Rs 1783, the cruise offers you the facility of a professional guide who will give you an insight of Singapore and its iconic places are you sail past them. As your drive past the most popular landmarks like Esplanade, Padang, Supreme Court, City Hall and more, the guide will offer a cultural and traditional dive into the journey. Float past popular places like the Merlion, Gardens on the Bay, iconic Helix Bridge, Floating Stadium, Marina Barrage and Marina Bay and many more in your Singapore exploration on sea and land with Captain Explorer, the amphibious vehicle!

Starting at Marina Square, the tour will offer an adventurous splash of water as you enter the waters of Marina Bay and cruise in the Singapore River. The one hour tour operates every day between 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM, so be quick and book your slot to explore Singapore from a never-seen-before perspective while cruising with family and friends. Enjoy photographing the popular tourist destinations of Singapore onboard the Captain Explorer while munching on some snacks! The tour ends at Singapore Flyer or Marina Square.

Location: Marina Square
Timings: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Price: Rs 1783

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Which are some famous routes for cruise in Singapore?

There are popular sea routes from where you can explore the most majestic viewpoints of Singapore. Crossing different seas and navigating through different countries, Singapore cruises are the best way to highlight your trip with some fantastic memories of your loved ones on your cruise.

Some of the famous routes for cruise in Singapore are:

1. Singapore to Mumbai
2. Singapore to Sri Lanka
3. Singapore to Yangon
4. Singapore to Malaysia
5. Singapore to Kochi
6. Singapore to Mangalore etc

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Which cruise is the best from Singapore?

1. Voyager of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International): Offering luxurious cruises from Singapore to Thailand and Malaysia, Voyager of the Seas is one of the most family-friendly liners for 3, 4 and 5 nights. Explore the shores of Phuket and trek through Langkawi rainforest en route.

Price: SGD 400 per person (3 nights)

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2. Sapphire Princess (Princess Cruises): The 11-day cruise is synonymous with luxury, as it offers facilities of an outdoor movie theatre, plush balcony suites and a wedding chapel too! The cruise has drop points in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand even as you explore luxury while in the seas!

Price: SGD 1830 per person

3. Celebrity Millennium (Celebrity Cruises): The Celebrity offers Southeast Asia cruises from Singapore to destinations like Yangon, Boracay, Ha Long Bay, and Hong Kong. The liner is equipped with spa, gourmet restaurants and every luxury imaginable!

Price: SGD 1347 per person

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4. SuperStar Gemini (Star Cruises): The cruise offers amenities such as a karaoke lounge, deck barbecue and a casino for 2 to 5 night cruises to Malaysia as you sail for Penang or Malacca.

Price: SGD 600 per person

5. Azamara Quest (Azamara Club Cruises): The liner specialises in long cruises to Sri Lanka or Goa for you to immerse in the local sound and culture. If luxury is all you crave for, book a Club Suite at the Azamara Quest, which comes with the services of an English-trained butcher. The liner is all the luxury you need for a long quest.

Price: SGD 4800 for cruise to Thailand and Vietnam.

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Which luxury cruise sets sail from Singapore?

1. Azamara Club Cruises: Azamara Club Cruises offer you a holistic cultural experience by allowing interaction with locals. The Destination Immersion focus is a scoring point and in demand amongst those who like to spend time in exploring.

2. Crystal Cruises: 
Crystal Cruises offers exciting exploring itineraries from Singapore. If self-discovery is your goal behind travelling, get on board a Crystal Cruise and enjoy the finest cruising experience.

3. Cunard Cruises: 
Cunard Cruises are synonymous with royalty. Immerse yourself in literature, arts and theatrical productions on board the liners. The cruise is one of the oldest in the business, defines ocean travels and knows to please the travellers.

4. Oceania Cruises: 
This one is for all the food enthusiasts out there! If you have a knack of trying the most exquisite cuisines while travelling to the most intriguing destinations, come aboard the Oceania Cruises to a whole new world of luxury and exploration.

5. Ponant: 
The Ponant yacht and small cruises offer you the opportunity to explore the mythical islands, secret ports and virgin destinations. Ponant yachts are ideal for exploration and discovery and will set the tone of the journey with the on-board French cuisine it offers.

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What are the passport and visa requirements for my cruise in Singapore?

If you are a non-Singaporean wishing to take a cruise to Singapore then you need to have a passport with a minimum validity of six months. For international cruises, the date for sailing is considered for this period of six months. Otherwise, if it’s a domestic cruise a government photo identity card is necessary to embark on a cruise. If you want to go on all destinations cruise, the documents that you require are passport with work permit, employment pass, student pass, immigration card etc.

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Apart from cruises, what are the other things we can do in Singapore?

1. Universal Studios Singapore: Unleash yourself at the theme park on Sentosa Island. It features 28 rides and shows distributed across seven theme zones.
Click Here: Book the Tickets of Universal Studios

2. Visit S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore:
The aquarium is home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 1000 species, delighting every wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.
Click Here to Get the Tickets of SEA Aquarium

3. Gaze 360 degree view of Singapore 3D Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands:
Overlooking Marina Bay, the Observation Deck offers splendid panoramic views of the city, which are worth it for photography lovers and travelers alike.

4. Watch the Musical Fountain and Laser Show at Wings Of Time:
The 20-minute visual masterpiece is a form of storytelling. The Musical Fountain and Laser Show will take your breath away with the sync as fire effects also make it unforgettable.

5. Wander through Gardens By The Bay:
Housing the world’s largest greenhouse, the three-garden premise is every nature lover’s paradise and will calm your body, mind and soul. Skip the line and get tickets of Gardens By the Bay at flat 16% off

6. Visit Singapore Zoo:
Visit the world’s best rainforest zoo. Explore the exotic wildlife of Singapore. Book the tickets of Singapore Zoo at flat 24% off  

7. Stroll around Singapore Botanic Gardens:
Rejuvenate yourself by strolling in the lap of nature at the Botanic Gardens after a hectic day of exploring the busy Singapore. The main attraction, the Orchid Garden, is unmissable.

Click Here to Book Now: Botanic Garden Tickets Singapore

8. Discover Skyline Luge Sentosa:
Enjoy adventure at the Skyline Luga, which offers unique gravity wheeled ride experiences for all age groups. Get the tickets of Skyline Luge at flat 30% off

9. Walk through the trees at MacRitchie Reservoir:
The place is full of hiking trails nestled in the lap of nature. If you are a nature lover or an adventure enthusiast, taking the 6 km MacRitchie Reservoir walk is a must!

10. Enjoy at Singapore Flyer:
Enjoy the stunning views, which extends till Malaysia and Indonesia on clear days, from the giant Ferris Wheel. Taking you 165 metres above the ground, the giant wheel offers spellbinding views during the 30-minute journey.

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Where do cruise ships depart Singapore?

The ports in Singapore offer an excellent infrastructure value to the cruising experience. The cruises in Singapore depart from the following main ports:

Singapore Cruise Port: One of the busiest ports, it handled 421 ship calls and a whopping 1.38 million cruise passengers in the year 2017.

Singapore Cruise Terminal: Also known as Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore or MBCCS, the port can handle 6800 passengers at a time and offers deep water channels and berths to cruises in Singapore.

Marina Bay Cruise Centre: Located next to South Pier, the new International Cruise Terminal is constructed at a whopping cost of USD 500 million and serves 1.5 million cruise passengers every year. The departure and arrival hall at the port are some of the prominent features of the port, enhancing tourist experience.

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Is food included on cruises?

The dinner cruises in Singapore offer an amazing opportunity to explore the seas while munching on some delightful delicacies. Most cruise fares include breakfast, lunch and dinner which are offered in the main dining hall or buffet area. However, you may have to pay for the specialty items demanded on a la carte basis. While most cruises include the three meals, you may be charged for the food items you order during your Singapore cruises which cover a short distance and travel within the waters of Singapore to ferry tourists.

Food and drinks ordered near a swimming pool, fitness club or a casino is chargeable as it is not a part of the main dining area.

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Will I get internet access on board?

Most cruise lines offer internet access while on board via Wi-Fi and computer stations located on the ship. The Wi-Fi access though is mostly limited to cabin and public areas on most of the ships. While a few cruises offer free internet, others offer different internet packages to choose from. The cost of the packages may depend on minutes, data, devices or the number of days on board. For better information, you should always check with the tour operator regarding the internet availability on the cruise.

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How much does a Singapore cruise cost?

The cost of a Singapore cruise varies based on factors like cruise duration, type of cabin, and cruise line. A short 3 days 2 nights cruise in Singapore can start from around INR 15,000 to INR 25,000, per person. Longer cruises or those with luxury accommodations can range from INR 30,000 to INR 1,00,000 or more. You will find that the prices fluctuate based on specific cruise packages and promotion offers.

Which month is best for a Singapore cruise?

The best time to go for a Singapore River Cruise is from November to January, which also marks the peak season for this activity. During this time, you can enjoy a vibrant atmosphere along the riverbanks with numerous activities such as fishing and swimming. The weather is comfortable and cool, enhancing the overall experience for an ideal cruise adventure.

What are the most affordable Cruises in Singapore?

Several affordable cruises from Singapore cater to budget-conscious travellers. For instance, you can enjoy a cost-effective option with the Singapore Island Cruise as it offers a budget-friendly day trip to the Southern Islands.  Various short cruises with Genting Dream or Royal Caribbean may also offer competitive rates. You can check for promotions, and seasonal discounts, as well as the exclusive Singapore cruise package deals from Thrillophilia to find your most suitable option. Prices can also vary based on factors like cruise duration, cabin type, and specific cruise line offers.

Singapore Cruises Reviews

Denyse Ferguson
Reviewed: 12 Feb 2024
My friend and I had a wonderful day on the river cruise very relaxing, the crew were lovely knowledgeable and friendly I recommend the cruise if you are in Singapore
CVK Sastry
Reviewed: 23 Jan 2024
We liked the stunning  of the city 
CVK Sastry
CVK Sastry
CVK Sastry
CVK Sastry
CVK Sastry
Diana Anis
Reviewed: 31 May 2024
The river cruise was fun. Kids enjoyed it so much. Since we go in the evening, it’s even more beautiful with all the lights.
Diana Anis
Diana Anis
Diana Anis
Deebak Elangovan
Reviewed: 18 Jan 2024
Deebak Elangovan
Balaji Kandaswamy
Reviewed: 03 Aug 2022
It was a great experience. Thanks thrillophilia.
Balaji Kandaswamy
Balaji Kandaswamy
Balaji Kandaswamy
Balaji Kandaswamy
Balaji Kandaswamy
Suriya Prakash
Reviewed: 18 Jul 2023
Very good experience
Suriya Prakash

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