Mount Serapong Overview

Discover Mount Serapong, a secret spot on Sentosa Island with a historic building from 1885. Adventurers love exploring its old bunkers and hidden rooms, which can be exciting. Be careful of the unstable ground. Enjoy the history, beautiful views, and ancient artefacts from the 1800s. It's a place you shouldn't miss!

Explore Mount Serapong, a hidden gem on Sentosa Island and home to the remains of an ancient structure dating back to 1885. If you are an adventure seeker, Mount Serapong has some unique offerings. History and adventurers find the abandoned bunkers, underground magazines, and commanding bunkers quite irresistible. Set off on the steep hike to challenge yourself at this amazing location. 

However, the site has unstable ground, and warning sign boards dot the region to alert you about the dangers lurking around. Experience a marvellous blend of history and scenic beauty at Mount Serapong apart from all the thrill and adventure. Sci-fi radar towers, artillery remnants, and abandoned cellars will transport you to another era. Stand on the hilltop to soak in breathtaking panoramic views of Sentosa Island and the harbour. Discover the old gun batteries from the 1800s with our budget-friendly Singapore tour packages and explore the Casemates and Magazines, filled with stories from the past. Learn about wars and their fascinating stories. If you like turrets, guns, and abandoned batteries, this place is a must-see!


• Explore the ancient ruins of Fort Serapong, a fortress from the past built to keep pirates and invaders at bay.
• Discover the uniqueness of this hidden spot amidst modern attractions with caved-in roofs, graffiti, and hidden bunkers
• Uncover underground magazines, support structures, casemates, and a bunker 20 meters below which was once a command centre with intriguing remnants.
• Take the challenging hike to the top for breathtaking scenes of Sentosa Island and the harbour, making the journey well worth it.
• Delve deep into the history of Serapong and its role during the Second World War and the Japanese attack.

How To Reach

By Bus: Take Bus No.3 from Beach Station in the city centre on Sentosa Island. Get off at Eton House and cover the remaining distance on foot in approximately 10 minutes. 

By Foot: From Eton House take a short stroll down a path, through a tunnel with a signboard, and a forested area. Continue walking for about 10 minutes till you spot radar dishes lining your right side, with the forest on the left. You have arrived once you see the sign guiding you upward to Serapong Hill Road.

Best Time To Visit

Spring is a good time to visit Mount Serapong around late February to early March as the weather is quite pleasant during this time for long hours outdoors. Weekdays are often less crowded and thus a good time to visit as they offer a more serene experience. Early mornings or late afternoons provide cooler temperatures and beautiful lighting for a great visit.

Other Essential Information

  • Choose comfortable hiking shoes with good ankle support and grip as it will involve walking a lot or going on uneven paths.
  • Be careful while exploring Mount Serapong and remember to bring a flashlight as it can be handy.
  • Wear lightweight sports attire suitable for hot weather such as long pants and socks covering ankles to help guard against insect bites. 
  • Carry personal items needed during the walk such as a water bottle to stay hydrated on your journey, a hat, sunglasses with UV protection, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent.
  • Consider using a dry sack or ziplock bag for important items in case of wet weather.
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