Tanjong Beach Overview

If you are looking for some time alone or seeking peace and tranquillity amidst nature, then you should definitely visit Tanjong beach at Sentosa Island. This place is perfect to spend some time away reading a book or walking along the coastline. The beach looks glorious during the night when the breeze is mild and chilly, and the sky is clear of clouds.

Tanjong Beach, located in Sentosa Island of Singapore, is an ideal getaway from the city’s concrete jungle. A placid sea, mild waves, crystal clear waters, golden sands, pristine air, shady palm trees, and verdant vegetation make it one of the prettiest beaches to enjoy nature's paradise. For budget-friendly Singapore tour packages, consider including Tanjong Beach in your itinerary to experience its serene beauty without breaking the bank.

Unlike the other 2 beaches in Sentosa - Siloso Beach and another one stands for Palawan Beach, Tanjong beach has fewer organised activities, making it an ideal destination for people who like to laze around, read a book, or stroll with their soulmate along the coastline.

It is also the favourite holiday spot for families, as kids can indulge in an array of activities such as building sandcastles, playing Frisbee, etc. Adults can also take part in numerous activities here, including a game of beach volleyball, swimming, fishing, board surfing, and kayaking. Towels, swimwear and accessories are available on rent from onsite beach stalls. The Beach is equipped with separate washrooms and indoor and outdoor showers to facilitate visitors.

The Tanjong Beach Club & Restaurant is situated on Tanjong beach and it is a haven for connoisseurs of food and drink. Cocktails, wines, gourmet dishes, and live music keep up the spirit of the visitors. The Tanjong Beach Club has been rated as one of the best beach bars in the World’s top 50 list.

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• Tanjong Beach is famous for its white sandy shoreline, which makes a shape of “3” when seen from an aerial view.
• This beach has a luxe beach club, which will amaze you with its facilities and luxurious offering.
• Even after being a small beach, Tanjong Beach has enough space to let you take part in activities like angling, beach volleyball etc.
• To facilitate the visitors, the beach offers accessories rentals, washroom facilities and indoor/outdoor showers.
• The most appropriate time to explore this beach would be during the night, when the sun has settled and the surroundings are filled with hues of red and orange.
• The place is perfect to be visited with families as kids can indulge in many activities here like making sand castles and playing with frisbee.
• Tanjong Beach is dotted with several sun loungers where people can relax and bask in the sun.

How To Reach

A visitor can reach Tanjong Beach from Singapore Airport either by taxi or public transport. The fastest way to reach Tanjong beach is by taxi, which charges around INR 1600 to INR 2000 per person.

You can also head towards Vivocity level 3 from HarbourFront Station as the Sentosa Express plies the visitors from HarbourFront Station to Beach Station. From there, Beach Trams, Yellow line or Redline Buses will transport visitors to the station just right outside Tanjong Beach. A 5-minute walk will take one to the beach.

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Best Time To Visit

The preferred time to visit Tanjong Beach is early in the morning or late afternoon as these are the times when you can feel a mildly cool breeze and can save yourself from the direct sunlight. Tanjong Beach at night with glittering lights, mild cool breeze, and clear sky presents a romantic ambience for the visitors to enjoy with their dearest ones.

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Other Essential Information

Clubs and Bars near Tanjong Beach

a.Panamericana (0.2 km): Located in the backdrop of the spectacular South China Sea, the 7,000 sq. ft. indoor and outdoor dining space and the fully-stocked bar pamper the visitors. With quality local and international cuisines such roast octopus, Mexican beef brisket tacos, grilled eggplant, Columbian Chicken, etc., you will also find an array of drinks such as spirits, cocktails, wines, and other beverages.

b.FOC Sentosa (0.5 km): FOC Sentosa is built on the lines of Barcelona beach clubs by FOC Group at the eastern end of Palawan Beach. A large pool, beach sun-beds, indoor and outdoor dining sections, and a well-stacked bar raise the pleasure quotient of visitors to a higher level. Skilled chefs from Asia, Spain and other parts of the world dish out a collection of Mediterranean cuisines that visitors swipe off their plates. Cocktails, Gin & Tonic, Rum, vodka, beer, Tequilas, and non-alcoholic beverages slake the thirst of visitors and keep up their spirits.

c.Bob’s Bar (0.7 km): Bob’s Bar, Hotel Capello’s in-house bistro is a fitting addition to the lavish resort. The bar comprises a large outdoor area with lounge chairs and smaller indoor spaces with bar stools and plush armchairs. Mouth-watering dishes, variety of drinks, live Jazz, large pool, and exquisite sunset view gratify the senses.

d.The Wow (1.4 km): The modish bar located at Movenpick Heritage Hotel is famous for its whiskey collection. Connoisseurs can sample fine tipple from an array of 250 scotch single malts, five American bourbons, two Japanese whiskeys, and four Swiss.

e.Coastes (1.6 km): Coastes located on Siloso beach, apart from the scenic beauty and comforts, mollycoddle visitors with finest beers, house spirits, and lip-smacking beach food, pizzas, pasta, and delicious seafood.

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Places to visit near Tanjong Beach

a. Fort Siloso Skywalk (0.6 km): Fort Siloso is a restored historical destination that was designed to save Singapore from incursion by sea from the south. The Surrender Chambers located at the entrance of the Fort depicts the chronological history of happenings such as British & Japanese surrenders in WWII, POW camp, etc at the fort through moving-pictures, remnants, animatronics, and full-sized images. The ground floor of the fort features the items used in World War II.

b. Universal Studios Singapore (1.3 km): Universal Studios is an incredible amusement park featuring 28 thrilling rides, movies, and attractions segregated into 7 themed zones. The rides such as Transformers-3D, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure, Amber Rock Climb, etc. and Battlestar Galactica’s dual roller coaster set the visitors’ hearts racing with excitement and fright. Movies, Shows, and Meet and Greet characters like the Minions, Po the Panda, Pinocchio, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee enthral the kids. Must Visit by booking Universal Studios Singapore Tickets

c. Wings of Time (1.5 Km): Wings of Time is a 20 minute enchanting night show depicting up-to-date story enacted by the mystical, primitive bird Shahbaz, along with his friends Rachel, and Felix on huge water screen accompanied by awesome 3D projections, multi-coloured lasers, resplendent fountains, and dazzling fireworks against an imposing backdrop of the sea. Book Now Wings of Time Singapore Tickets

d. iFly Singapore (1.5 Km): Feel the pulsating experience of free-fall, as you would in a real sky-dive, in an indoor skydiving facility at one-fifth of the cost. The 56.5 ft tall and 16.5 ft wide wind tunnel enclosed by an 18 ft acrylic glass wall maintains the wind speeds of 180 km/hr in a controlled setting. It replicates the experience and time taken by a visitor, as he/she free-falls from the air through 12,000 ft to 3,000 ft. Book Now iFly Singapore Tickets

e. Skyline Luge Sentosa (1.6 Km): Those who dream of racing and believe speed thrills, Skyline Luge is the ideal destination. The four tracks namely 688 m long Dragon Trail, 628 m Jungle Trail, 658 m long Expedition Trail, and Kupu Kupu Trail, which is 638m long, are set against different background settings, challenges, and speeds. Colourful lighting and cool night breeze make for an unforgettable experience to ride the Luge at night. Must Checkout and Book Skyline Luge Sentosa Tickets

f. Madame Tussauds (1.7 Km): How many of us get a chance to be near our favourite stars, stand beside them and take a snap for posterity? Madame Tussauds offers this unbelievable experience of meeting your favourite superstar’s life-size wax figures such as Sachin Tendulkar, Priyanka Chopra, Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson, etc. You will also find the images of Singapore narrating the transition of this place from a fishing hamlet to Global tourist centre & economy in a 30-minute immersive audio-visual presentation. Don't forget to book Madame Tussauds Singapore Tickets

g. S.E.A. Aquarium (1.8 Km): S.E.A. Aquarium is one of the largest and family-friendly aquariums in the world. The aquarium has zones that recreate the natural habitats of the world’s major oceans. It holds 100,000 aquatic animals belonging to 1000 species to 50 different habitats. Book now S.E.A Aquarium

Hotels near Tanjong Beach

a.Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resorts & Spa (Rs. 19,271): Visitors staying at the luxury 5-star hotel atop the hill can enjoy the panoramic view of the South China Sea. Accommodation ranging from Luxury rooms, premium suites, and capacious villas feature plush interiors and rich colours, highlighting French elegance and Singaporean traditional elements to provide visitors with a cosy holidaying experience. The resort’s 4 in-house restaurants, with views of the alluring pool and the sea, dish out international cuisines, fixed menus, and a wide range of wines.

b.Capella Singapore (Rs. 48,191): The ancient colonial Tanah Merah buildings built in the 1880s were renovated and transformed into Capella resorts. The resort is flanked by gardens and grounds that extend up to the sea. The 112 spacious rooms, suites, manors, and villas spread over 30 acres soothing picturesque settings are adorned with exquisite interiors and personalised ultra-modern amenities. The Knoll and Cassia restaurants present an eclectic menu of Cantonese and Mediterranean cuisines that take visitors on a gastronomic tour. Bob’s bar with its large pool, live music, an array of drinks, lip-smacking dishes and enthralling scenic beauty provides an unforgettable experience to the visitors.

c.The Outpost Hotel Sentosa (Rs. 17, 245): Situated on the hillock overlooking Singapore Strait, this hotel is a getaway for adults and couples looking for thrill and exciting activity. Inspired by the Island’s military record, the 193 Deluxe Rooms are adorned in black and white marble. Visitors can enjoy either Sea view or Island view or Pool view from their rooms. The Pool deck, pool bar, complimentary mini-bar, and in-house eatery provide visitors with a homely and comfortable stay.

d.Le Meridien Singapore (Rs. 24,980): Le Meridien, situated at a stone’s throw from the Palawan beach & Universal Studios, offers 191 elegant rooms and suites. Housed in a renovated colonial-era building amidst private lawns, visitors can look forward to a distinct and deeply gratifying experience. The hotel’s in-house eatery and bar satiate the stomach and slake the thirst.

e.Costa Sand Resort Sentosa (Rs. 5, 359): The resort with 34 deluxe rooms and 15 rustic, but cosy Kampung Huts enable visitors to unwind in serene natural environs. BBQ facilities located inside the resort cater to the tastes and budget of the visitors with lip-smacking dishes.

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Point of Interest for Tanjong Beach
Tanjong Beach Club

Tanjong Beach Club

Tanjong Beach club is the only beach club on this beach and bustles with all the facilities and amenities one would seek to have fun. The architecture of this beach club blends the elements of traditional cruiser clubs, contemporary modernism, and Singapore’s colonial history to seamlessly merge with the natural beauty surrounding it.

The design allows the sunshine to light up the all-day dining room, confounding visitors to ascertain whether they are indoors or outdoors. Tanjong Beach Club and restaurant caters to dining, drinking and socialising. The sea-side infinity pool along with lounge chairs and day-beds add additional charm to the setting. As night falls, the serene Tanjong beach transforms into a bustling, carefree, vivacious happening centre.

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Beachside Activities

Beachside Activities

Tanjong Beach is a popular spot on Sentosa Island where people from different corners come to chill out and have some fun. The vibe of this beach is very peaceful, hence people usually come here to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

One can take part in a wide variety of activities here including fishing, wakeboarding, beachside volleyball, and whatnot. Whether you are visiting here with family or with a group of friends, you will get to take part in numerous fun as well as exciting activities here.

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If you are the one who would give anything for a fun day at the beach then make sure that you spend some time indulging in the thrill of beachside activities like wakeboarding and swimming in the shallow water. You can also go canoeing and spend some time rowing through the still water around you.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Tanjong Beach FAQs

Is Tanjong Beach Club the World's Best Beach Clubs?

Yes. It is one of the world’s best beach clubs with an urbane restaurant, stylish bar, and lively club, all rolled into one.

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How do I get to Tanjong Beach?

One can get to Tanjong Beach either by engaging a taxi or boarding public transport. Taxi is the quickest transport that plies visitors directly to Tanjong Beach. Sentosa Express ferries passengers from VivoCity to Beach Station, which is the last stop. From Beach Station, passengers can proceed to Tanjong Beach bus stop via Beach Tram or Yellow line or Red Line. Visitors can reach Tanjong beach by walking from the Beach bus stop.

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What is Tanjong Beach famous for?

Tanjong Beach is famous for its “Smack My Beach Up”, “Full Steam Ahead” and other weekend beach parties conducted by the Tanjong Beach Club.

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Which types of dishes can we eat at Tanjong Beach?

The food dished out at Tanjong Beach includes, but not limited to, Seafood linguine, beer-battered fish, Tanjong Seafood platter, Barbecued Octopus salad, Snapper Ceviche, Burrata, and Lobster Bun.

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How long does it take to visit and view the entire Tanjong Beach?

There are no organised activities at Tanjong beach, hence visitors can spend as much time as they want swimming, relaxing or sun-bathing on the beach.

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Tell me about the night party at Tanjong Beach?

The night parties, particularly on weekends, bring revellers to Tanjong Beach Club to let their hair down to the accompaniment of live music, beer pong and fun activities. TBC runs “Smack My Beach Up” parties very often, where local and international DJ’s play music. They conduct “Full Steam Ahead”, a day-night party 3-times a year. Well-known Belgian music producer and Dj Aeroplane, Belgian DJ LouLou, French DJ and producer Joakim and local DJs Dave Does, Weelikeme and Drem drum up the festival-goers with music. The revelry starts at Saturday noon and prolongs to 3 a.m. the next day. Around 4000-5000 revellers participate in the beach party.

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