Mount Faber Park Overview

One of the oldest parks in Singapore, Mount Faber Park is a place loaded with natural beauty and serenity. The park has pathways for exercising and jogging and is also famed for being a perfect place for birdwatching. The park also has a cafe where you can plan a halt and can enjoy your supper. 

Mount Faber, originally known as Telok Blangah Hill is Singapore's second-highest hill and the park atop the hill is named as Mount Faber Park after Captain Charles Edward Faber in July 1845.

It is among the oldest parks of Singapore and a major tourist attraction for nature lovers. Standing at an elevation of 105 metres Mount Faber is nestled inside the Bukit Merah town in Central Singapore overlooking Telok Blangah hill and the western region of the Central Area. Visitors often seek out Singapore tour packages that include a visit to this iconic site, offering stunning views and serene surroundings.

The 0.8 Km long trail at Mount Faber aka Mount Walk meanders through the hilly terrain offering a breath-taking panorama of the Southern Islands and the whole of the southern part of Singapore. The tropical rain forest on the slopes of Mount Faber is home to exotic flora and fauna and also helps in stabilising the hilly terrain.

Being a part of the Southern Ridges, the park comprises of the Kent Ridge Park, Hort Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Labrador Nature Reserve.

On a cable car journey from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island, you can appreciate a bird's eye view of the landscaped gardens of the southern part of Singapore and the Southern Islands including the Faber Point- the pinnacle of the Mount Faber Park.

The murals on one side of the park depicting the local history of the region and the iconic tree planted on the First Tree Planting Day are the two highlighted things to see in the park.

The city also offers an eye-catching night view from atop a cable car. At one end of the cable car station atop the Faber Peak is a dining area where you can chill out after an exciting ride. Although you can drive all the way to the Faber Point, it’s really fun to hike along the small trails amidst the verdant hill up to the summit. 

Mount Faber Park is a bustling tourist destination in Singapore for environmentalists offering a plethora of scenic spots to explore and appreciate the unbound flora and fauna of the region. It’s also a great destination for a family picnic, especially if you are taking kids on your trip.

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• The second highest hill in Singapore that is known for offering picture perfect views of nature as well as the cityscape.
• A wonderful dining and entertainment complex where you can refresh yourself with some knick and knacks.
• Chill out at the trendy bars and restaurants serving multiple cuisine to the guests with some of the best views of nature.
• Capture 43 different species of beautiful birds in the woodlands of forest during the Forest Walk.
• Grab a cocktail and a locally inspired meal at the comfort of the cable car cabin.
• A romantic setting for couples who would like to spend a romantic evening and have a captivating experience to cherish.

How To Reach

MRT: You can avail the MRT services to the Junction of Kampong Bahru Road and Telok Blangah Road from where reaching the Mount Faber Parks will take just a few minutes.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to explore Mount Faber Park is during the morning hours when the heat is less and you are free to do whatever you want. Additionally, you can also choose to visit here during the late evening hours when the crowd is less and you can enjoy the best of everything.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Visit near Mount Faber Park

1. Ayur Centre Pte Ltd: It is a faux pas not having visited this coveted spa centre in your Singapore trip. The trained spa experts provide premium quality skin and hair care service to their customers. They also provide refreshing beverages to their customers. If you want a special spa treatment, prior booking is needed. Trust us, the experience is really rejuvenating and wonderful!

2. Djitsun Mall Bedok: If you want to do some shopping on your Singapore trip, Djitsun Mall Bedok has to be in your itineraries. You can enjoy refreshments at the popular outlets of McDonald's or Texas Chicken in the mall.

Apart from shopping, there are two cinemas inside the mall where you can enjoy a good movie time. If you are taking kids with you to the park adjacent to the mall, they can play and have a great time without your having to monitor them constantly. 

3. Bedok Jetty: The sunrise at the vista overlooking the expanse of water of the jetty is a real spectacle to behold in this place. You can arrive at Bedok Jetty by cycling and sit for a while just to appreciate the serenity of the surroundings.

The small waves will come rolling and caress your feet as you sit on the bank of the waterway. You can indulge in fishing in the water of the Bedok Jetty if you are a sport-loving person. The place becomes crowded as the day proceeds. 

4. Time Capsule: This is probably the most visited and sought after tourist attraction in Singapore which calls for tourists all over the world to have a glimpse of the capsule. It is a timeless object of craze although its existence is no longer there at present.

The capsule is filled with some products on public vote and buried under the ground. After a certain time limit (which is usually quite long) the capsule opens. One of the capsules has the time limit as long as up to the year 2065.

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Places to Dine in and near Mount Faber Park

1. The Wine Kakis: The restaurant specialises in European food. Though not of gourmet level, their platters are decent and are a good value for your money. Located at the Safra Clubhouse it is a good place to enjoy food and drinks with family and friends. Remains open between 11:30-21:30 hrs.

2. Ice Cream Chefs: For ice cream lovers it is a must-visit place where you will be catered with an array of flavoured ice-creams made with fresh milk. You can add your favourite mix-ins to prepare your own ice-cream flavour. Some of the signature ice creams served at Ice Cream Chefs are Mango Peach Fuzz, Crème Brule, Chocolate N Hershey’s and more.

3. Forest: Dining at Forest can be a real leisurely, experiential affair at Mount FABER Park. It is your ultimate dining paradise where you can feast your eyes on the unending rainforest through the glass windows, sate your curiosity watching over the cooking skills of the chefs, enjoy the comfort of a spacious rainforest-themed interior and relish a gourmet 8 or 10-course meal cooked by trained chefs.

4. Tangerine: The restaurant specialises in its farm-to-table dining concept and is a must-visit eatery in Mount Faber. Tangerine is an all-time favourite of foodies who love to taste traditional Thai food prepared with hand-picked herbs and spices from the restaurant’s own garden.

5. Arbora: Located at a walking distance from HarbourFront MRT in Mount Faber Road the restaurant is a great place to try delectable Western platters and beverages with friends and family. Some of the must-try platters of Arbora are Braised Beef Cheek, Chilli Crab Potato Skin, Classic Caesar and more. 

The other restaurants and refreshment joints at Mount Faber you must consider including in your itineraries are Morganfield’s, Dining on Cloud 9, Black Opal, Emerald Lodge, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Schmear etc.

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Tips for Visiting Mount Faber Park

- It is at all times recommended to get the ticket in advance for the Mount Faber Cable Car ride. You can easily book the tickets in advance from the Sentosa Island Website. 

- If you have the Mount Faber cable Car Pass, you can visit Faber Peak and Harbour without paying anything additionally. You can get down at the Harbourfront Station to visit the peak and harbour. 

- You should make sure that you don’t litter anywhere. 

- You should also maintain a friendly atmosphere when sharing the cable car with other fellow travellers. 

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Point of Interest for Mount Faber Park
Sightseeing of Southern Waterfront

Sightseeing of Southern Waterfront

Mount Faber beckons nature lovers and common tourists to watch the captivating scenic beauty from the viewpoints at the Southern Waterfront. The Southern Islands, Singapore’s CBD and HDB Estates that have the best walking trails are the popular spots for sightseeing in Mount Faber.

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Bird watching in the Southern Ridge

Bird watching in the Southern Ridge

The rainforest area along the slopes of the Southern Ridge is home to more than 43 species of birds which makes the place a paradise for bird watchers. You can join a bird watching tour in the woodlands of Forest Walk and Singing Forest and see the rare species of birds. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars and camera to capture their special gestures.

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Heritage Trails and Guided Tours

Heritage Trails and Guided Tours

If you are interested to know about the natural heritage of Mount Faber Park take a guided tour to the Southern Ridge from the park. It will be worth your time and money as your guide will help you know about the local history of the place and explore its unique nooks.

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Take a Cable Car

Take a Cable Car

If you're looking for a unique way to travel to Sentosa and want a ride with a view, the only true option is to take the Cable car. The cable car makes several stops on the way allowing you some of the best spots. You will get to capture ultimate views of nature on the way to Mount Faber Park.

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See a Baby Merlion

See a Baby Merlion

The Merlion is a little smaller than the other Merlions that can be found throughout Singapore, earning it the nickname "baby merilon." It'll undoubtedly wow the youngsters, and with everything else on offer, it'll make the walk up to Faber Point worthwhile.

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Take A Family Selfie At the Happy Steps

Take A Family Selfie At the Happy Steps

The steps aren't just ordinary stairs, they're Instagram-worthy stairs that you might recognise from a few photos. For a family photo, make sure your phone is fully charged. They come in a variety of colours and are commonly referred to as "Rainbow Steps." 

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Ring The Poland's Bell Of Happiness

Ring The Poland's Bell Of Happiness

The bell, which dates from 1909, came from the Polish tall sailing ship Dar Pomoza, which was known for training exceptional young sailors for international races.

It now stands in Mount Faber Park, where visitors and newlyweds think that ringing it together will bring them everlasting happiness, peace, and harmony. You can buy a "wishing bell" from the shop at the cable car entry, write down your wishes, and hang them on the fence.

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Take A Hilltop Walk

Take A Hilltop Walk

You may get a view of Keppel Harbour from Faber Point. While the views out to sea are beautiful, don't forget to look in the opposite direction. You can also enjoy a stunning perspective of Singapore's metropolitan landscape from Mount Faber Park.

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Learn history through Murals

Learn history through Murals

Mount Faber, like many other areas along the Southern Ridges, is steeped in history. The stunning painting at the base of the Faber Point viewpoint is a favourite and a fantastic method to teach the kids about history. The mural depicts Singapore's history from ancient times.

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Nature Exploration

Nature Exploration

Mount Faber Park extends for about 40 hectares of rainforest area along the hilly terrains of Mount Faber and is home to diverse flora and fauna. Tourists can indulge themselves in nature exploration and other activities and discover the unique charm of the place.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Mount Faber Park FAQs

Why Mount Faber Park is called “baby” Merlion?

Atop the highest point of Mount Faber Park i.e. the Faber Point there is a “baby” Merlion which is a popular attraction of the place. There are in total five Merlions approved by the Tourism Board of Singapore and the little Merlion is one of those. The 3 metres long Merlion is considered a “baby” in comparison to the giant Merlions dotted across the Merlion Park and hence the name “baby Merlion”.

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Tell me about Hilltop Walks?

Mount Faber offers some of the best walking trails in Singapore for the tourists amidst natural serenity and pollution free atmosphere where you can take a stroll and explore the place on foot. From the base of the Mount Faber, the Marang Trail extends up to Faber Point and is a popular walking trail of visitors.

You should not miss out the chance to make a visit to the Henderson Waves which is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. The 274-metre long bridge stretches from Mount Faber to Telok Blangah Hill Park. While walking around Mount Faber Park you will come across the Golden Bell Mansion which presently houses the Dutch Seamen’s Church. Originally the mansion was owned by the great-grandson of Tan Tock Seng. It also played host to Sun Yat-Sen, the Chinese nationalist leader in the year 1911.

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Why is it called as Faber Peak’s garden of happy promises?

The Faber Park is dotingly called the Bell of Happy Promises because it is believed by the newlywed couples and the locals when two or more ring the bell together, they would be blessed with perpetual happiness and bliss. There are a number of “wishing bells” along the fencing of the park that follows the concept of love-locks.

Visitors can purchase such “wishing bells” from the shop at the entrance of the cable car. They write their wishes on the bells and attach them to the fence. It is believed that the bells have the power to fulfil your wishes.

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What is Bell of Happiness at Mount Faber Park?

Atop the Faber peak is a ship's bell locally known as the “Bell of Happiness" which belonged to a Polish ship named Dar Pomoza and was presented as a gift to Sentosa in 1992. Later, in 2012 the bell was shifted to Mount Faber and was unitedly launched by the Polish Ambassador and the General Manager of Faber Park Pvt Ltd to Singapore.

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What is Mural at Mount Faber Park?

A copper-tooled mural wall lies beneath the platform of the Faber Point. The mural represents the evolution of modern Singapore as a cosmopolitan country from a petite Temasek through various phases of history. In a short walk, you can get a glimpse of Singapore's history.

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How do you get to the Mount Faber Cable Car?

The Marang Trail at the base of Mount Faber Park is connected with the Faber Point where the cable car station is located. You can walk along the trail and get to the cable car.

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How long does it take to walk up Mount Faber?

The short hike to the peak of Mount Faber from the bottom of the hill via Marang Trail is about 800 m which takes about 3 - 4 hours. Taking this trek, you will be reaching the highest peak of Faber Point.

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