Keppel Hill Reservoir Trek, Singapore City: How To Reach, Best Time &
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About Keppel Hill Reservoir Trek

Keppel hill became the talk of the city and a new place to to visit in singapore , when the media published about the recovery of a lost reservoir. And since then, the trek is known as Keppel Hill Reservoir Trek. The hill is also known as mount Faber and supposedly this reservoir provided water to the Singapore city back in 1905. The trek to the reservoir is simple and easy.

The route starts from Keppel hill road and goes downwards to a wooded area from which a short trip through meandering forested pathway will take you to the long lost reservoir.

Highlight: The Reservoir and the rustic and raw landscape around - Since it is a new found trail, the tracks are slippery and covered with aging rough overgrown bushes. Yet, that becomes an added fun to the trek. The reservoir is well hidden due to negligence. 

Keppel Hill, Singapore

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