Keppel Hill Reservoir Overview

Commonly known as a forgotten treasure, Keppel Hill reservoir is one of the most scenic getaways in Singapore that promises an absolutely ethereal time in the hands of mother nature. Tucked away at the foothills of Mount Faber, Keppel hill reservoir served as a private pool and even a crowded swimming area in the early 1900s but was forgotten for a long time until its late rediscovery.

Perfect for a hiking expedition, Keppel hill reservoir is a scenic water body located at the foothills of Mount Faber in the outskirts of the Singapore city. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this ethereal reservoir, with tranquil and cool water for swimming, absolutely verdant wilderness and the silence surrounding it, is the perfect nature getaway. And for those seeking to delve deeper into the wonders of Singapore, consider exploring the best Singapore tour packages available, which often include exclusive experiences and insider insights into this dynamic city-state.

It is known that this reservoir was by a village settlement during world war II, however in the subsequent years the reservoir completely vanished from the Singapore map. It's late recovery saw a lot of enthusiast tourists and nature lovers gather up for a hiking expedition and picnic venture amidst the thick forestry.The famous Keppel Hill trek takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the reservoir.

The trek begins at the Seam in an open air carpark, and takes you through verdant vegetation, which tourists are advised not to touch or pluck. A little into the wilderness, tourists will come across a bunker which was supposed to be used during WWII for storage and communication. A little more into the bushes and trees is where tourists can finally see the tranquil reservoir far away. Explore the sound forests, listen to the chirping of the birds or simply relax by the reservoir and get soaked up by the enchanting nature around you.

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• Keppel Hill Reservoir is an underrated trekking hill that lies on the foothills of the Mount Fabre and has a distinct and enchanting calmness about it. If you are a nature lover then Keppel hill reservoir is the perfect escape from the usual hits of city life.
• Tourists can spot metal bars and steps that indicate that this reservoir was earlier a beautiful swimming spot for earlier settlements.
• Discover the enchanting wilderness, rare plants and beautiful birds chirping in the forests.
• Discover the abandoned bunker which is rumoured to be a site for storage and communications during world war II.
• Keppel Hill reservoir has clean and tranquil water which is perfect for dipping your legs and feeling the cold water around your feet.
• Other than this, the rare plants and flowers, birds and the subtle sunlight makes this location a perfect escapade for your Singapore vacation.

How To Reach

The best to visit the Keppel Hill Reservoir is during the afternoon, as during this time the temperature is moderate and allows an escapade from the usual Singapore humidity. Tourists should avoid trekking trails during monsoon as chances of landfall are pretty high.

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Best Time To Visit

There are usually two ways to reach Keppel Hill reservoir. Tourists can easily opt for the trekking trail starting at the carpark which directly leads you upto the reservoir. From Seam Im open carpack, tourists can spot the heritage tree. After crossing the fence behind it, tourists will reach a dense vegetation area which will lead you up to the reservoir.

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Other Essential Information

Tips for visiting Keppel Hill Reservoir

1. Since the hiking trail is messy and sloppy, tourists are advised to carry extra pairs of footwear. It is highly recommended to carry extra water bottles, mosquito repellent and wear light clothing for the hot and humid Singapore climate.

2. Children below the age of 8 are not advised on the hiking trail for sloppy and rough terrains and thick vegetation which might cause hindrance.

3. Carry UV protection, caps and shades in case of sunny days.

4. Tourists are advised to take the hike early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

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