Cycling in Singapore

Cycling has become increasingly popular in Singapore in recent years, and so have the cycling routes in Singapore. Cycling is a terrific way to get some exercise while also allowing you to see more of Singapore, including some off-the-beaten-path areas. There are various nature biking trails to explore across the island for those who enjoy the outdoors! Cycle across Mount Faber Park's beautiful green pathways and also explore the Singapore Round Island Loop, which is a combination of park connectors, rocky roads, highways, and ideal for a scenic Singapore tour.

For the ones who want a personal touch with nature, Mandai Loop is the perfect trail as you’ll pass through many reserves and farms. For advanced level cyclists, Coast to Coast Trail and Kranji Marshes Loop would be perfect fit as the route includes stops at many reservoirs and nature parks. Cycling in Singapore through the city's hidden nature areas is a great idea if you're more in tune with Mother Nature. Also, if you want to witness Singapore’s magnificent skyline, you should opt for the Marina Bay Loop which is super pretty during the time of sunrises and sunsets. Overall, all of the cycling routes provide you with scenic views and wonderful trails.

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Singapore Cycling FAQs

Which are the best cycling routes in Singapore?

1. Singapore Round Island Loop

Completing a Round Island Loop is as legit as it gets in terms of life accomplishments! While there are several options for this loop, the minimum mileage is still 120 kilometres, and you'll be travelling on a combination of highways, park connectors, and gravel. As a result, this route is only recommended for intermediate or advanced cyclists and bikers!

While the distance of this route alone may seem overwhelming, there are still some very fantastic benefits to completing it! If you're on the 160+km journey, stop by the famous Tuas, cycle through the calm countryside of Kranji, or even witness the dawn from Punggol Beach or East Coast Park!

Difficulty level: Intermediate-Hard
Distance of route: 120-200 km

2.Mandai Loop

The Mandai Loop, which is 40 kilometres long, has been added to the list of long distance cycling routes in Singapore. A nature-immersive ride through Thompson Nature Park, Macritchie Reservoir, and Dairy Farm Nature Park is included in this ride of Singapore's Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Take aware that this circle includes some difficult climbs. However, if you're already a pro at shifting gears, you can ride through these slopes in as little as two or three hours.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Distance of route: 40 km

3.Mount Faber Loop

Don't be fooled by the small distance of this route; you'll be in for a serious workout. Mount Faber is, after all, Singapore's highest summit and one of the best cycling routes in Singapore. The elevation, or steepness, of the slopes that make up this climb is what makes it so difficult, making it an ideal training place for expert cyclists. However, once you reach the summit, you'll be rewarded with spectacular views of Sentosa Island and the Singapore skyline. Grab the opportunity while you're at it, soak in the beauty of Singapore and click scenic pictures.

Difficulty level: Hard
Distance of route: 3 km

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4. Seletar Loop

The Seletar Loop is a circular road that takes you around the Seletar Aerospace Park and is a popular route among local cyclists and bikers! Because the bulk of this route is on the road, it is advised that only experienced road cyclists attempt it. In addition to being a fun loop for testing your strength and setting personal best times, the Seletar Aerospace Park is home to a number of popular cafes, including Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe and Sunset Grill, where you can relax after cycling in Singapore.

Difficulty level: Intermediate-Hard
Distance of route: 12 km

5. Chestnut Nature Park

A mountain bike track for all kinds of riders, it'll be a fantastic day for anyone cycling in Singapore on this 8-kilometre trail. Chestnut Nature Park is the first pump track in Singapore, with an irregular course that allows riders to enhance their skills on roller coaster-style dips and bends. Beginners should try the Green Spot loop, while more experienced riders could try the Blue Square parts. If you're feeling more daring and adventurous, the nearby Pump Park is a great place to practise your cycle handling abilities and perhaps try off some stunts.

Difficulty level: Easy
Distance of route: 8 km

6.St. John's Island & Lazarus Island

If you like to explore the vast outdoors rather than the city, cycling in Singapore is the perfect activity for you! Riding your bike around the island's stunning vistas and fauna, and catching a view of nature and animals is even easier and more fun. The green route provides a rustic green retreat with several slopes and bends, providing a modest workout while enjoying a distant seaside view of Singapore's cityscape.

Difficulty level: Easy
Distance of route: 2.8 km

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7.Round Island Route (Eastern Half)

While the whole island loop is mostly for experienced cyclists, there will also be a beginner-friendly cycling route in Singapore for regular riders! With a total length of 150 kilometres and a network of interconnected park connectors, you may now enjoy a relaxing ride on the flat pavement while being surrounded by the greatest of Singapore's natural beauty.

The eastern half of this 75-kilometre green corridor, which runs from Rower's Bay Park to Berlayer Creek, is now open to the public. The best aspect is that this route includes magnificent coastline boardwalks as well as numerous lookouts where you can watch the dawn or sunset!

Difficulty level: Easy-Intermediate
Distance of route: 75 km

8.Rower’s Bay Park

Rower's Bay Park is a fantastic segment for cycling in Singapore. It was designed as a rest station for the 150 km Round Island Route, but it's also a great segment for cyclists to have a leisurely morning or evening ride. The boardwalks, which are located just off the popular cycling path that connects Yishun and Punggol, allow you to get up and personal with nature by allowing you to witness numerous birds and species that make the wetland area home.

Difficulty level: Easy-Intermediate
Distance of route: 1.5km from the Park Connector

9.Coast to Coast Trail

This 36-kilometre cycling route in Singapore runs from Jurong Lake Gardens to Coney Island in Punggol, passing through park connections, nature parks, and even HDB estates, guaranteeing you see the best of Singapore's nature and heartlands at the same time. While this was designed as a walking trail, you can complete it in less than half a day on your cycle! Leaving early in the morning is recommended so you can enjoy pit stops at notable cafes along the road.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Distance of route: 36km

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10.Kranji Marshes Loop

The Kranji Marshes Loop is a terrific cyclic route in Singapore for avid cyclists to enjoy nature while getting solid exercise! This loop covers over 70 kilometres and includes stops at Lim Chu Kang Road, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Macritchie Reservoir, Upper Seletar Reservoir, and Kranji Marshes.

The Kranji Marshes, which are home to 170 species of birds, 54 varieties of butterflies, and 33 distinct types of dragonflies, provide a wonderful experience for nature lovers and cyclists. Begin cycling from Kranji MRT station and travel through the Kranji Countryside, stopping at any of the farms along the way. For additional vegetation and fauna, head down to the Kranji War Memorial and Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve.

Difficulty level: Hard
Distance of route: 70km

11.East Coast Park

When it comes to cycling routes in Singapore, East Coast Park is one of the very best. The surrounding flora and sandy beaches provide beautiful views while cycling. Also, if you don't have your own bike, there are a few stores in the park that rent them out. What's great about East Coast Park is that Marine Parade is just a short walk away, and there are fantastic food centres nearby, such as the Lagoon and East Coast Food Centre, where you can enjoy a nice seafood feast at Jumbo. The ideal way to end a fantastic cycling trip is with an equally fantastic lunch!

Difficulty level: Easy
Distance of route: 15km

12.Marina Bay Loop

Marina Bay Loop is the cycling route in Singapore to take if you want to capture a beautiful view of Singapore's skyline as the sun sets. Starting with Marina Bay Sands, make your way across the Helix Bridge and onto the Esplanade and Merlion for an 11-kilometre circle. You can then make this route into a double loop, if you wish to do so, by continuing in the opposite direction to Gardens By The Bay and further down to Marina Barrage for an added challenge.

Difficulty level: Easy
Distance of route: 11km

13.Coney Island Route

To enjoy cycling in Singapore, across Coney Island, which is located far in the north-eastern region of Punggol, all you need is your trusted bicycle. Although the island's main path is only 2.4 kilometres long, take a chance and explore the island's coastline trails, where you can uncover hidden beaches and mangrove wetlands. Coney Island's biggest feature is its proximity to the Punggol Settlement, which contains many cafes where you may take a break. Take a chance and explore the island's coastline trails, where you can uncover hidden beaches and mangrove wetlands.

Difficulty level: Easy
Distance of route: 2.4km

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14.Northern Explorer Route

Cycling in Singapore along the Northern Explorer Route will provide you with a wonderful workout as well as an informative experience. You can take your time cycling around this 25-kilometre circuit while admiring the scenery. Follow the breeze from Sembawang Park to Woodlands Waterfront Park, passing through Admiralty Park, which has a mangrove swamp. Also, keep an eye out for mudskippers!

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Distance of route: 25km

15.Central Urban Loop

If you follow all of the park connectors on the map supplied, you'll have covered about 30 kilometres from Ang Mo Kio to the Kallang basin and back in the opposite direction to Punggol. The best part about this route is that you may stop at multiple rest spots along the way to recharge before continuing on your adventure.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Distance of route: 30km

Which are the difficult cycling routes in Singapore?

1. Mount Faber Loop: Although this 3km trail might feel like the easiest route, yet this is one of the hardest cycling trails in Singapore. The reason behind this is, Mount Faber is home to Singapore’s highest peak, Bukit Timah Hill. The elevation and steepness of the slopes is what makes this cycling trail so difficult and suitable for experienced riders.

2. Ranji Marshes Loop: The pathways on the Kanji Marshes Loop will take you through gorgeous flora and a pleasant breeze from the northern coast. This route takes you through the Kranji Marshes and various reserves.

3. Ketam Mountain Bike Trail: The international-standard Ketam Mountain Biking Trail on Pulau Ubin is only 15 minutes away from Singapore by ferry and is one authentic bike path! This 10-kilometre path caters to cyclists of all skill levels, with white circle runs for beginners and double-black diamond runs for advanced riders.
Kent Ridge Mountain Bike Trail: Despite its small length of 3 kilometres, the Kent Ridge cross country track is extremely technical and will put any rider's strength, stamina, and technical handling skills to the test. On most days, this route is relatively quiet, so give it a try if you're looking for a solid leg exercise!

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Which are the best cycling routes in Singapore to cycle during night?

1. Lorong Halus Park Connector: If you're looking for a speedy and scenic route to get from Punggol to Pasir Ris Park or vice versa at night, the Lorong Halus Park Connector is the way to go! Enjoy the cool sea wind while taking in the breathtaking vista. On this path, you'll even get to pass through the famous "Pasir Ris Red Bridge."

2. Punggol Waterway Park: If you're ever in the North-Eastern portion of Singapore, the Punggol Waterway Park is a route you should try for yourself! It's full of lush greenery, adjacent to natural mangroves, and has pathways that will make you think you're on Jeju Island. It is also suitable for riding the cycle at night.

3. Marina Bay Loop: If you would like to catch the stunning skyline of Singapore at night, Marina Bay Loop is the trail to ride on. You can also take multiple stops to capture picturesque images. Starting with Marina Bay Sands, make your way across the Helix Bridge and onto the Esplanade and Merlion for an 11-kilometre circle.
Rower’s Bay Park: Rower’s Bay Park is a fantastic portion for cyclists to enjoy a night ride, and the park is also kid-friendly! You can witness numerous birds and species that make the wetland area home.

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Is it compulsory to wear a helmet when cycling in Singapore?

Yes, it is mandatory for all cyclists to wear helmets while cycling in Singapore. Must Visit Sentosa 4D Adventureland

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