Fishing in Singapore

Fishing in Singapore is one of the most popular activities that both locals as well as visitors to the country love to indulge in. With an abundant coastline and river beds, the islands of Singapore have been blessed with a variety of marine life ranging from big fishes such as Barramundi, Stingrays to crabs, small fishes and prawns. There are several fishing spots across the country where designated areas have been assigned for fishing. Near these places, you will also be able to rent equipment for this activity.

You can visit fishing spots such as Punggol Point Jetty, Woodlands Jetty, Jurong Lake, Changi Beach Park for a family outing with a fishing expedition on your Singapore tour. Before indulging in this activity, do not forget to check out the various fishing policies - some common and some specific to the place.While some of the Fishing spots in Singapore will advocate a catch and release policy, there are others that will allow you to cook your catch and eat.

Singapore being very careful about its cleanliness will allow you to only use artificial baits so that the water remains clean. Several fishing spots also have other recreational facilities making it possible to combine your fishing trip with a family day out. Those who prefer prawning to fishing can opt to visit one of the prawning spots such as Aquarium Iwarna, Pasir Ris Town Park Fishing Pond etc.. Most of the fishing spots such as Marina Reservoir, Bedok Reservoir etc. also have a captivating view which you will be able to enjoy while fishing.

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Singapore Fishing FAQs

Which are the best fishing spots in Singapore?

1. Punggol Point Jetty: One of the best Fishing spots in Singapore is Punggol Point Jetty, a short and small jetty located next to Coney Island. This picturesque place is popular amongst those with a love for fishing. The best thing about this place is that it is also very suitable for a family outing, with several entertainments at hand. You can take along your fishing gear and go for a quick fishing session while your family members amuse themselves with other entertainments of the place. While the most common fish you can catch here is spotted sickle fish, you can also expect to find other species such as Barramundi, Grouper, Sand Whiting, rays, snappers and Rabbitfish as well.You will also find several good eateries nearby where you will be able to have your lunch.Address: Punggol Point Jetty, Punggol Point Park.

2. Serangoon Reservoir: 
Walk just a relatively short distance from the Punggol Jetty to reach the Serangoon ‘river’ reservoir, a spot where fishing buffs often head towards. You can go for a fishing trip to this location in the charming Serangoon Island and be rewarded by a wide tug of Bass fish along with other exciting catches such as Flower Crab, and Benny varieties of fish. To get a good catch, you must watch out for the currents before you embark on your fishing expedition as they are a deciding factor for the fish bites. You can also opt to visit the place during midnight or early morning to get a good catch.Address: North-eastern Riverine Loop Park Connector Network, Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, Serangoon IslandTiming: Early Morning and also at midnights.

3. Pasir Ris Town Park Fishing Pond: 
An excellent place where you can go for a fishing expedition is Pasir Ris Town Park Fishing Pond. The beautiful place also has other attractions, so it is also a good option for having a family outing. One of the well-known places for fishing in Singapore, the Pasir Ris Town Park fishing complex has two ponds where you can go fishing. The Pasir Ris Main Pond and the Pro Pond are both known for their hefty varieties of fish. However, local anglers will recommend the Main Pond as it has a better chance of catching big fish species, if that is what you are targeting. Feel excited as you fish for a good assortment of Pomfret, sea bass, snapper, mud crabs, Taiwan Ngor, Grouper, and more. There is also a prawning pool if you prefer to catch smaller prizes.Address: Pasir Ris Central, Pasir Ris Town Park, Pasir Ris Drive. 

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4. Bedok Reservoir: 
One of the well-known fishing spots in Singapore located in East Coast Park is Bedok Reservoir, a spectacular place that was earlier a military jetty stretching out to more than 300 metres into the sea. The enchanting place is known for its serene atmosphere and breathtaking views. While fishing here, you must remember to use artificial baits so that you don't affect the reservoir’s clean water quality. You can opt to go fishing in both shallow as well as deep water in this nine-metre deep reservoir and attempt to hook fish species such as Armoured Sucker Catfish, African Walking Catfish, Tarpon, Peacock Bass, stingrays, large groupers and snappers.Address: Bedok Jetty, East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449876

5. Woodlands Jetty: 
One of the exciting spots where you can go fishing in Singapore is the Woodlands Waterfront Park, known to be the longest jetty in the country. You will be permitted to fish at this spot only towards the end of the jetty. This is a spot where you can be assured of getting giant catches. The main catch of this fishing spot is the Barracuda and fishermen have even claimed to catch 6-kilogram barracuda at this spot. The picturesque park also has an elegant lawn for sitting and also a play area where children can enjoy a game. So this is another location where you can combine your fishing trip with a family day outing.Address: Woodlands Waterfront Park, Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759956

6. Jurong Lake: 
Another one of the renowned fishing spots in Singapore is Jurong Lake Park, near the famous Jurong Bird Park, located in the west of the country. Try out your hand in fishing using artificial baits in the tranquil atmosphere of the lake in this recreational park and feel thrilled as you catch fishes such as Soon Hock, Pacu, and Peacock Bass. Go fishing during sunset to relish the spectacular view of the sun setting in the midst of lake water. Remember not to go towards Lake View Promenade as you will not be allowed to fish in that part of the lake.Address: Jurong Lake Park, Yuan Ching Road, Boon Lay Way.

7. Changi Beach Park
One of the places to go fishing in Singapore if you are looking for a quiet fishing experience is the fishing spot at Changi Beach Park. While you can opt to fish at any place throughout the beach, there are some areas where you can enjoy a better catch than others. Head out towards one of the four prominent areas near Car Park 1 to 6 and feel excited catching species of fish such as Veined Catfish, Brown Stingray, Javelin Grunter, Sickle Fish, Barramundi, and Goatee Croaker. The park is also known to be popular amongst fishermen for giant stingrays and squid.Address: Changi Car Park, Telok Paku road/Nicole Drive, Changi.

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8. Marina Reservoir: Head towards the Marina Reservoir to get an enjoyable fishing experience in the Central Business District area where you can also enjoy the captivating view of the cityscape. One of the fishing spots in Singapore, this area is close to the sea and has the advantage of moving water flowing in, bringing varieties of fish with its flow. Choose a suitable fishing spot along the Kallang River, hook in some artificial baits and wait for your chance to catch the fishes lurking under the water. Feel excited as fishes such as Hound Needlefish, Snubnose Pompano, and Halfbeak bite into your fishing line. The fishing spot is also well known for good-sized peacock bass catches.Address: Special areas along the Kallang River.

9. Aquarium Iwarna: 
If you want to go prawning and want to go fishing to a place where you find an abundance of prawns, Aquarium Iwarna is the just place for you. Embark on a picturesque drive and reach this place on the outskirts of the city only by car. Go for a prawning session with your family members at this speciality prawning centre where you can fish and also grill your catch. Watch out for varieties of prawns such as Kuruma, Big Head prawn and tiger prawn.Address: 70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore - 518234

10. Pulau Ubin
Angling enthusiasts would love to go to Pulau Ubin for a fishing adventure. This fishing spot is strictly for those who are hardy and young. The most popular species that you can catch at this fishing spot are catfish, Malabar grouper, Barramundi, and Spotted grouper.Address: Lazarus Island Beach, St. John’s Island, Pulau Hantu, Kusu Island, Pulau Ubin
Pulau Jong, Sisters Islands.

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11. Lower Seletar Reservoir: 
Another one of the popular fishing spots in Singapore is Lower Seletar Reservoir, a hot spot for enjoying freshwater fishing. The beautiful place with its glittering waters and lush greenery at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park has a fishing jetty that extends out into the reservoir. You can go fishing at either Rower’s bay park near the Yishun dam or at the fishing ground that is nearer to Yishun Stadium and Khatib MRT. This allows those who want to fish here to catch fish species such as Peacock Bass, Giant Snakehead, and Barramundi. You may also be able to catch stingrays as the place has been known to have anglers catching 25kg massive stingrays.Address: Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, located along Yishun Avenue 1 and Lentor Avenue.

12.Lower Peirce Reservoir: 
A small area with a comfortable space where you can cast your fishing is Lower Peirce Reservoir, the second oldest reservoir of Singapore, located in the central region of Singapore. Visit the place at sunrise, go to the designated fishing ground, located between the Pavilion and the Trail, and use artificial baits to fish for species such as Zebra Tilapias, Flowerhorn Cichlids, and Peacock Bass.Address: Located along Old Upper Thomson RoadTiming: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

13. East Coast Park
If you are planning to go fishing in Singapore, you can head towards East Coast Park, where there are designated areas for indulging in enjoyable fishing. One of Singapore's most treasured urban getaways, the park has many breakwaters along its stretch of 15 km, making it a good hideout for several fish species.Address: E Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore.

14. St.John Island
Another place to go for trying different forms of fishing in Singapore is St John’s Island, known for its rich natural flora and fauna along with a variety of fishes, especially the reef fishes. The island has two notable fishing spots where you can find fishes such as Barramundi, Tamban, Sicklefish, Golden Snapper, Selars , Squid, Bream and Grouper. There is a stretch of breakwater built along the shore at these two spots, making it suitable for luring and also surf fishing.Address: Saint John's Island, Singapore.

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What things are required while going fishing in Singapore?

  1. Licence for Fishing
  2. Printed state fishing regulations
  3. Fishing rods and reels
  4. Fishing Line
  5. Tackle Box
  6. Bait
  7. Cooler
  8. Tape Measure
  9. Personal Floating Device
  10. Non-skid and non-marking boat shoes
  11. Extra layer clothing
  12. Waterproof bag
  13. Sunscreen
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Head Cover
  16. Bug Spray
  17. Sea sickness pills
  18. Pocket Knife
  19. Towels
  20. First Aid Kit

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What is the best time for fishing in Singapore?

The best time to fish will vary with changes in climatic conditions, weather, time of the day, tide and other conditions, These affect the biting behaviour of fishes and affect the fishing calendar.

For the summer months, you need to go fishing either before sunrise or after sunset as the fish do not surface in the heat of the sun during the day. For Spring and Fall, you can go either in the mid-morning or during the evening.

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What fish can you catch in Singapore?

  1. Barramundi
  2. Veined Catfish
  3. Brown Stingray
  4. Goatee Croaker
  5. Javelin Grunter
  6. Sickle Fish
  7. Sand whiting
  8. Rabbitfish
  9. Grouper
  10. Flower crab
  11. Sea bass
  12. Prawns
  13. Snapper
  14. Pomfret
  15. Mud crabs
  16. Peacock bass
  17. Tarpon
  18. Armored sucker catfish
  19. African walking catfish
  20. Pacu
  21. Soon Hock
  22. Halfbeak
  23. Snub nose pompano
  24. Hound needlefish

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Is fishing allowed in Changi Beach?

Yes, fishing is allowed along the entire length of Changi Beach. However, if you want a good catch, there are several areas near Car Park 1 to 6 where you can opt to go.

In these areas, you can expect to catch fish species such as Barramundi, Veined Catfish, Brown Stingray, Goatee Croaker, Javelin Grunter and Sickle Fish.

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