Sri Mariamman Temple Overview

Situated in Chinatown, the Sri Mariamman Temple dating back to 1827 is the most seasoned Hindu sanctuary in Singapore. This temple has been declared as a national momentum for its architectural beauty and has been inviting many tourists since ages. The temple was constructed by the immigrants from the Cuddalore and Nagapattinam districts of South India.

Delight in exploring the oldest and most visited temple of Singapore, Sri Mariamman Temple, with our budget-friendly Singapore tour packages. Also known as Mariamman Kovil or Kling Street Temple, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman, a Hindu deity worshipped for bringing rain and curing epidemic diseases and illnesses. The temple was declared a National Monument on July 6th, 1973, for its brilliant architecture and historical significance. 

Feel spellbound as you explore this temple that was built in 1827 by an Indian pioneer Naraina Pillai. He had built the original wood and attap structure with the help of immigrants from the Cuddalore and Nagapattinam districts of South India. Later the building was made with materials such as plaster, brick, etc and got its intrinsic structural work which was not there earlier. 

Watch the ornate and extrinsic work present both on the temple’s exterior as well as in the interior. The grand tower entrance of the temple, known as gopuram, is a significant landmark of the temple, which you will surely admire. The six tiers of the tower entrance has been decorated with sculptures of deities and mythological figures. Observing these sculptures and figures will make you wonder at the magnificence of the architecture in the ancient period. Feel enchanted as you enter the main hall to pay your respect to the goddess and be captivated by the colourful images painted on the ceiling and the pillars. Take a look at the shrines of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses kept inside the main hall.

If you visit in October or November, you may be just in time for the Theemithi (Firewalking ceremony), which is annually held during that time. Watch the temple prepare itself for the grand festival. Do not miss watching a flag being raised on a free-standing flagpole during these festivals.

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• Visit the oldest and most visited temple of Singapore, Sri Mariamman Temple, built by an Indian, Naraina Pillai.
• The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman, known for her energy to bring in rain and cure epidemic illnesses and diseases.
• It was given the status of National Monument in 1973 for its historical prominence and brilliant Dravidian architecture.
• Take a look at the awe-inspiring main tower entrance of the temple, known as gopuram, with its six tiers of structural magnificence.
• Explore the main hall of the temple to take a look at the deity of the goddess.
• Feel mesmerised looking at various shrines of Hindu gods, forming a pavilion-like ensemble.
• Take a special look at the shrine of Draupadi along with Lord Krishna and the Pandavas.
• Do not miss out on the free-standing flagpole on which a flag is hosted during festivals and events.

How To Reach

a. By Bus: You can take the bus route number 61, 166 and 197 to reach the Chinatown Bus Stop, from where you can cover the remaining distance towards the temple on foot. 

b. By MRT: You can take a ticket of MRT to the Chinatown Station and take a short walk of around 250 meters to finally reach the temple.

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Best Time To Visit

The morning and evening time when the aarti is done is truly the best time to visit this beautiful location. Around this time, the vibe of this temple is even more peaceful and the hymns further make the surroundings perfect to spend some time.

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Other Essential Information

History of Sri Mariamman Temple

The oldest temple of Singapore, Sri Mariamman Temple, was the inspiration of an Indian Mr Naraina Pillai, who used to work with the British East India Company in Penang. Me Pillai accompanied Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore, during his second visit to the island in 1819 and established himself in business in Singapore.

In the year 1823, the East India Company allotted land to Mr Pillai for a Hindu temple and it was in the year 1827 when Mr Pillai finally built a structure of wood and attap with the help of immigrant workers from the Cuddalore and Nagapattinam districts of South India.

A small deity of Sri Mariamman, known as “Sinna Amman” was installed as a deity inside the temple. The deity can still be found inside the main sanctum till today. It was in the year 1843 that the building was made of brick and plaster and one hundred and nineteen years later, in 1962, the new temple with intricate sculptural work was built.

The original gopuram (grand tower entrance) was built in the late 1800 but the ornamental works were added when the tower was rebuilt between the 1930s to 1960s. In ancient times, the temple has served as a place of worship along with being the place for hosting community activities such as Hindu marriages.

It was also the Registry of Marriages for Hindus for a while. The temple also served as a refuge for new immigrants during colonial times.

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Places to visit near Sri Mariamman Temple

a. Gardens by the Bay: Stroll across the enchanting Gardens by the Bay, comprising two major areas of the Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden. One of the best places for visiting in Singapore, this award-winning horticulture garden is sprawled across 101 hectares of land and is ever blooming with colourful flowers. Spend some time around unusual plants from around the world in the conservatories and enjoy a spectacular view as you swing by the OCBC skyway 22 meters above the ground. Book Now Gardens by the Bay Tickets

b. Clarke Quay: Spend an enjoyable evening at Clarke Quay, watching the breathtaking view of the reflections of the city lights and illuminations of colourful buildings in the river. Go for a boat ride to get a sight of the dazzling city of Singapore from the water. Delight in tasting mouthwatering food at the chic cafes and bars located on the riverside quay. 

c. Merlion: Singapore is incomplete without this masterpiece which is always associated with the destination. Feel thrilled when you finally see this icon of Singapore, the majestic half lion-half mermaid icon, with your eyes. Watch with fascination the roaring water coming out from the icon’s mouth in the form of a fountain. While the body of this masterpiece represents the ancient business and fishing of the country, the head represents Singapore’s original name, “Singapura”, meaning “the Lion City”. Singapore has seven statues of Merlion with the original one found in the Water Front Park. Do not miss the Light and Laser show while visiting this area.

d. National Gallery Singapore: Admire the beautiful works of art as you stroll through the National Gallery Singapore, a leading visual arts institution with an enormous collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian modern art. The art gallery, which is a winner of several awards, is housed inside a 64,000 square meter venue that has been built by restoration and transformation of two national monuments - the former Supreme Court and the City Hall. Book Now National Gallery Singapore Tickets.

e. Singapore Flyer: One of the top tourist destinations which must be there in your list of places to visit is the Singapore Flyer. Feel excited as you enter one of the 28 air-conditioned capsules holding 28 passengers and be ready for your ride in the tallest Ferris wheel in Asia. Feel an adrenaline rush as the giant flyer starts moving and you get a breathtaking view of the city from the height of 165 meters. Spot famous places such as Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands etc and enjoy the 30-minute ride. Book Now Singapore Flyer Tickets

f. ArtScience Museum: Walk into the iconic cultural landmark of Singapore and feel amazed wandering around a place where science and technology have coupled with culture. Feel thrilled as you prepare yourself for discoveries around every corner of the place and feel delighted in watching Art being mixed with Science. Explore the 21 gallery spaces which have witnessed the art collections of legends such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali and many more. Book Now ArtScience Museum Singapore Tickets

g. Universal Studios Singapore: Spend a fun-filled day at one of the most popular adventure parks of the world, Universal Studio Singapore. Feel excited while you go for 24 major enjoyable rides and visit 7 different world-famous theme zones such as the Hollywood walk of shame, a mini New York etc. Get a peek into the world of mini Hollywood while you visit this park that is sure to provide entertainment for children and adults alike. Book Now Universal Studios Singapore Tickets

h. SkyPark Observation Deck: Get a bird’s eye view of the panoramic vista of Marina Bay and the enchanting cityscape of Singapore from the SkyPark Observation Deck. Located on the 57th floor up from the Marina Bay area, the deck will let you get an enchanting view of the Gardens by the Bay as well as the view of the sea stretch from Marina South Pier to the Singapore Strait. Have fun spotting various popular landmarks from the deck.

Temples Near Sri Mariamman Temple

a. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple: Visit this awe-inspiring Buddist place of worship which houses the left canine tooth of Lord Buddha, that has been said to be recovered from his funeral site in Kushinagar. This majestic five-storey high Buddhist temple is a repository of Buddhist relics and pearls of wisdom and also houses an artefact of religious reverence. 

b. Sri Thendayuthapani Temple: Another temple that has been listed as a National Monument is Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, which is popular as the Tank Road temple or the Chettiars’ Temple. Built in0 1859 by the Nattukkottai Chettiar community from South India, this temple is dedicated to the six-faced Lord Subramaniam, also known as Lord Muruga. Visit this temple to spend some peaceful time in its clean and tranquil atmosphere and observe the beautifully decorated colourful statues.   

c. Yueh Hai Ching Temple: If you are visiting Singapore along with your loved one with whom you plan to start a new life together, then a visit to the Chinese temple Yueh Hai Ching Temple, the Temple of Love must be on your agenda. This UNESCO World heritage temple, also known as Wak Hai Cheng Bio in Teochew, will give you a glimpse of ancient Chinese culture. Feel mesmerized watching the ceramic figurines and gold gilded historical ornamentation while visiting this place.

d. Sri Sivan Temple: Pray your respect to Lord Shiva, the presiding deity of Sri Sivan Temple while visiting the temple. This Hindu temple is a sign of the Indian populace in Singapore and gives a glimpse of their religious beliefs. Admire the Hindu style of architecture of the temple in the form of a unique octagonal structure, which has been reconstructed several times after the damage caused during the Second World War.

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Food & Beverage Outlets near Sri Mariamman Temple

a. Genius Central Singapore: Genius Central is a cafe that will let you experience excellent food in a peaceful atmosphere. The place offers a modern dining concept with a menu that has been designed to provide you with excellent nourishment with its organic and whole-food ingredients. Enjoy their beautifully presented food along with a well-crafted drink served by friendly staff.

b. Wara Wara: If you have never tried Korean food and would like to get a taste of it, Wara Wara is the place that you must visit. Feel satiated while enjoying their delicious cuisine in the relaxing environment. Feel delighted while getting personal attention from the chef/owner.

c. Crystal Jade: Visit this small restaurant for some mouthwatering classic Chinese food. Enjoy dishes such as dim sum, duck rice etc made of fine ingredients. Relax in the delightful ambience of the place while you eat lip-smacking food items.

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Tips for Sri Mariamman Temple

-It is a good idea to check weather conditions before visiting the temple to ensure that it is suitable for the temple visit.

-The temple has a dress code that needs to be followed while visiting: You must wear a dress that covers your shoulders. If you are wearing a dress where the shoulder is not covered, cover it with a scarf or shawl. Those who are not carrying any cover-ups can ask the temple to provide them with one. Your trouser or skirt must be covered till the knees. You should not wear anything that is too revealing, tight or short.

-Please remove footwear outside the temple.

-While visiting the temple, you should abide by the rules and regulations of the temple to ensure you do not offend the inmates of the temple and other visitors. Also, you must not enter the shrines or sanctums.

-Do not litter inside the temple. It is a punishable offense. 

-Smoking and consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited in the temple premises.

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Point of Interest for Sri Mariamman Temple
Architecture of Sri Mariamman Temple

Architecture of Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple will give you a glimpse of a Dravidian-style architecture that is visible both in its interior and exterior. The entrance of the temple stands out with its monumental tower “Gopuram”, which is flanked by images of Lord Krishna on one side and Lord Muruga on another side.

The Gopuram is six-tiered, and each of its tiers is ornamented with intrinsic plasterwork portraying colourful sculptures of Hindu deities and mythological figures. There is a doorway at the base of the gopuram consisting of a pair of timber gates that has been embellished with beautiful small golden bells, which devotees ring as a show of respect to the Goddess as they enter.  

The doorway leads to the main prayer hall through a covered entrance. Inside the main prayer hall is the deity of Goddess Mariamman, along with images of Lord Muruga and Lord Rama.

The ceiling and the columns of the main entrance have been beautified with colourful paintings. The main hall also has shrines of different Hindu deities such as Durga, Ganesh, Mathurai Veeran, Lord Shiva , etc. Each of the shrines are encased inside a traditional structure referred to as Vimana.

A notable shrine amongst them is that of Draupadi along with Lord Krishna and Pandavas. The entire ensemble of the shines looks like a pavilion. Another aspect of the temple is a free-standing flagpole where a flag is hosted at every major event or festival.

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