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Many fishing villages uniting together and growing with the rage to be in control and greater than the other, was when Singapore came into existence in the 19th century, after being raided by numerous countries interested in the trade affairs here. Since their independence, Singapore has been redefining itself again and again over the years, moving with lightning speed, trying to spree into the days of the future with advanced architectural designs used all over the country. There is a lot to understand and learn about the transformations here, taking a walking tour in Singapore is the ideal way to discover this extraordinary country. The Singapore City’s landscape is an amalgamation of the colonial buildings screaming tales from the past and spellbinding modern columns taking you for a spin in the future. The exploring walks through the lanes and streets of the Singapore City will let you encounter the cafes, bars, restaurants, and markets who have everything and more to offer, yet very closely knit to their authenticity. For those seeking deeper immersion, Singapore tour packages can offer curated experiences to explore the city's rich history and vibrant culture.


Apart from the gorgeous fast-paced city life, Singapore is renowned for many trails disappearing into the luscious green tropical forests with an outburst of flora and fauna. The suburb views from the south ridges, the charm of green corridor Railway Bridge, the quiet and calm of Macritchie Reservoir, the modesty of the people in the rural towns, all calls for some of the amazing walks in Singapore, travelers can indulge in when touring this country. At any time of the day, there is always a Singapore walking tour organized by Thrillophilia. Decide the mood you are in or which part of the country you want to concentrate more on, Thrillophilia has a wide array to opt from; the tours can even be a blend of everything to ensure you get an overall idea about this country and receive enough exposure to its culture.

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