Palawan Beach - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Palawan Beach

If you're planning an escape to the beach, then the first definite place which comes to mind to dwell in would be the Palawan beach. Palawan Beach is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Singapore. Its name was derived from the word 'Pahlawan' which means a warrior. It is one of the three beaches namely Siloso and Tanjong on the Sentosa Island in the southern part of Singapore. 

Apart from its scenic magnificence, it also serves as a euphoria for swimmers. It is the perfect tourist spot for the families and ideal for children as well as the couple who are seeking some moments of togetherness filled with recreation and leisure. The beach bars and the various restaurants and shops near the island makes it convenient for the tourist to enjoy the charm of the beach without any disruption. Also, you can have a visit at its amphi theatre, a walk down the suspension bridge, witness the panoramic view of Sentosa island  and can get involved in several watersports and swimming to make the most out of your vacation and make it a memorable one.

How to Reach Palawan Beach

Now since the route between the Singapore Changi Airport(SIN) and the Palawan beach is well equipped with transport facilities, it is easy to reach there. You would have the option of taxi, car, shuttle, subway and Towncar to reach the Palawan island.

The route is about 26.4 km from Singapore airport. It would take about 20-30 min to reach there with the taxi. Also, the total cost of the taxi would be around 1500 Rs. The cheapest mode would take the subway which would obviously consume more time, around 1h 30 min and would cost around 100-260 Rs.

Best Time to Visit Palawan Beach

In Singapore, the weather is almost invariably the same throughout the year. Palawan beach is the one with less crowd and more surreal view so it can be the best option for your next vacation. The weather here is quite cheerful so you can feel the experience worth the penny.

The main months for tourists are June, July, November, and December due to the summer and winter vacations. But if you are someone who does not seem to be so fond of the crowd, then you can visit it in its off-season. Also, there is no entry fee to the beach and its opening time is around 9 AM to 12 PM.

What Not to Miss at Palawan Beach

1. Amazing Water Sports:

If you're an adventure-loving person, then the Palawan island offers a profusion of water sports and activities like kayaking, paddleboard, jet pack, jet blade, and banana boat, scuba diving at El Nido, Ugong rock adventures; other than of course, swimming. One can be sure of safety here and can enjoy it without any worries.  

2. Walk Across the Suspension Bridge:

The suspension bridge is the highlight of Palawan Beach which is connected by two massive towers which serves the eye catching view of the rainforest. Just come here and lose yourselves in the breeze and the walk of 8-10km would not at all be a great deal.

3. Scrutinize the Palawan Private Ship:

This serves as a heaven for children up to 10 years of age who are sure to amuse them. This water play area is best confirmed for the children of 3-10 years. For adults, there are various coffee shops and restaurants around to hang out in the hot Singapore sun. Also entry here is free so it's definitely worth the deal.

4. Amazing Amphitheatre:

The amphitheater on Sentosa island is famous for its animal and birds show and is open daily from 2pm to 5:30 pm. The shows of the colorful parrots, interactive monkeys, amazing reptiles are all mesmerizing and astonishing. The show of 15 minutes happens at regular intervals every afternoon and that too free.

5. Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center:

This is a home for a wide range of flora and fauna. If you are a nature lover then this would not disappoint you

6. Underground River:

This is one of the longest underground rivers in the world and also it is officially labeled as the '7th new wonder of the natural world'.

Places to visit near Palawan Beach

1. Wings of Time:

End your day by witnessing the spellbound light and laser show at the Wings of Time. The jaw-dropping view of the water and the fireworks would take on you instantly. The show entertains you everyday throughout the week and lasts for about 20 minutes. The show timings are 7:40–8:05pm and 8:40–9:05pm. 

2. Universal Studios

Experience the thrilling and adventurous rides, enjoy your favorite characters from your favorite movie or series, eye-catching shows, street entertainment, dining,shopping etc. It is open every day of the week from 10 AM to 5 pm. It is also one of the highly-rated kids-friendly destinations one could ask for. The ticket price per person is Rs 3500 if booked with Thrillophilia.

3. iFLY

Experience the fall from the height of 12,000 to 3,000 ft depending on the package purchased. Located beside the beach station in Sentosa, iFLY Singapore is one of the world's largest wind tunnels and can adapt up to 20 professional flyers at any particular time. Make sure to visit iFLY when you visit Palawan beach. The ticket price per person is Rs 4450 if booked with Thrillophilia.

4 .Madame Tussauds Museum:

Madame Tussauds Museum in Singapore is located on Sentosa Island. It has some lovely displays of wax statues of various celebrities worldwide.You can pay a visit there, click photos and spend a great time with your mates and family. The ticket per person is around Rs 1600.

5. S.E.A Aquarium

It would provide you with the surreal glimpse of the life present underwater at its finest. With over 100,000marine animals of over 800 species, stretched across 10zones and 49 habitats, your experience here is going to be quite amazing. The ticket price per person is Rs 1399 if booked with thrillophilia.

Other Essential Information About Palawan Beach

The Palawan Beach is the fully Sun-soaked Beach with a wide variety of other options like Universal Studios, iFLY, sea aquarium go for around. 

It is the only kid-friendly beach with inexpensive food among the other two beaches (Siloso Beach and  tanjong Beach)

As already mentioned, the other tourist attraction near this beach is obviously worth the penny. The main attractions are:

The amphitheatre

Universal studios

Underground river

Suspension bridge

The wings of time

The thing which Palawan Beach guarantees is the recreational vacation for your family that you would cherish lifelong. There are spots in Palawan Island with some of the off-beaten tracks. It is cheaper than you think, that is it would not cause any hole in your purse for your entertainment.


1. Ola Beach Club

This restaurant has got good food, good ambiance, and good service. It is usually busy but equipped with good music and atmosphere so it is worth the wait. Here the price range is 513-1540 Rs and is kept open all day long.

2. Coasters

Coasters are the perfect restaurant if you are thinking of staying  overnight on the Sentosa islands. It has got a good range for families and the service here is also very good with very good and reliable food. It has the facility of all-day dining with vegetarian-friendly food. The price range here is 855-2,281 Rs. Coasters provide you with breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch. 

3. McDonald's

No matter where in the world you are, McDonald always serves the food which tastes the same, reminiscing and comforting. Its opening time is from 12:00-am-11:59pm. It serves fast food as we all know and provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4.Toast and Curry

This restaurant is in the area of Wings of Time which is near Palawan Beach. This is an Indian cafe with good service and tasty food. It has got some of the tasty Indian cuisines, with a variety of Indian and Asian options.

5. Royal Taj

Good catering services with the palatable food would take your stress miles away from you. It has got both veg and nonveg options with the price range of about 1,027-2,310 Rs. The  cuisines offered here include Indian, Asian and international. It's dining time is 7:00 pm to10:30pm on regular days and from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Places To Stay In Palawan Beach

1. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa 

Sofitel resort and spa is a luxurious property with all the comfort and basic amenities. The beach is just 10 min walking distance from this resort. The SEA Aquarium and Universal Studio is just 5 minutes’ drive from this place. The luxury room with garden, family suite and luxury family rooms are available at an affordable rate.

2. Resorts World Sentosa - Crockfords Tower

This beautiful property is filled with all the luxurious amenities at an affordable rate. The Palawan beach is 17 min. walk from the resort. Universal studio, SEA Aquarium and Singapore River is just 12 minutes’ drive from this exquisite place. 

3. Capella Singapore

This beautiful pet friendly farmhouse type property is well equipped with premium bedding, Wifi, free parking, pool and gym. The rooms are spacious with all the luxurious amenities. The garden room, king room, colonial Malon, two bedroom garden villa are just worth staying. Choose any of these rooms as per your budget and make your stay memorable.

4. The Outpost Hotel Sentosa by Far East Hospitality

The exquisite property is in the centre of the entertainment Zone of Sentosa Island. Pool, free wifi, Free parking, gym, airconditioning are some of the basic amenities included in all the room packages. SEA Aquarium is just 5 minutes’ drive from this property. Whereas, a Universal studio is 19 minutes’ walk and Palawan beach is 11 minutes walking from this extreme property.

5. Village Hotel Sentosa by Far East Hospitality

Deluxe Room, Deluxe Room, Pool View, Deluxe Room (Sea View), Family Room, Family Room, Pool View, Deluxe Interconnecting Room, Deluxe Interconnecting Room (Pool View) all the varieties are available in this super luxurious property at affordable rates and packages. Palawan beach is just minutes walking distance from this property. This property will surely give you an experience of lifetime.

Tips for Visiting Palawan Beach

The beach is accessible for the public 24 hours. However, the bars, restaurants and shops get closed by 11 PM.

It is highly advisable not to enter the sea water after dark. The police petrol team is on the ground all the time and make sure that you don’t cross Red and Yellow Flags placed on the beach during night. Follow this rule to avoid any kind of mishappening.

Keep yourself away from rock formations on the beach as they can be a home of any marine creature.  

Children should always be under the supervision of their parents.

It is advisable to carry sunblock to avoid any kind of sun injury.

Put your foot carefully on the sand as Palawan beach is a home for jelly fishes as well.
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People Also Ask About Palawan Beach

  1. What is Palawan Beach famous for?

    Palawan beach is famous for its suspension bridge which links to another small island which can be swim across to or walk upon to. This bridge is also well known as Pirates of Caribbean style suspension bridge. In Singapore, Palawan beach is considered to be the top place to spend some fun filled memorable time. The gentle waves and soft sand of this beach makes it a swimmers paradise. This place is perfect for adults and kids offering plenty of things that can make kids and adult activities alike.
  2. Are there any restrictions at Palawan Beach?

    Yes, there are few restrictions at Palawan Beach but they are meant just for the safety and security of you and your loved ones. Some of the restrictions are: You are not allowed to enter the beach at night. You are not allowed to cross the red flags placed on the beach during night or if the tides are high.
  3. Which types of dishes we can eat at Palawan Beach?

    Majority of the people visiting Palawan beach are non-vegetarian but there are few percent of visitors who are vegetarian. Being so welcoming, Palawan Beach considers both the requirements and offers both veg and non-vegetarian food.
  4. How long does it take to visit and view the entire Palawan Beach?

    It all depends upon the time and energy you have. You can cover the entire beach in one day or in two to three days.
  5. How is the nightlife at Palawan Beach?

    The beaches at palawan are open 24 hours and the restaurants get closed at 11 PM. Till 11 PM you can enjoy good food, music and fireworks that all the restaurants offer.
  6. Is Palawan Beach open to the public?

    Yes, Palawan Beach is open to the public. Palawan Beach is open round the clock, but the attractions are closed around 9-10 PM.
  7. Are there facilities such as lockers, toilets and sun loungers at the beach?

    Yes, there are lockers, toilets and sun loungers facilities at the Palawan Beach. But, all these facilities are chargeable.
  8. Is Palawan Beach free?

    Yes, Palawan beach is absolutely free. You just need to pay for your food, toilets and lockers which you will use.
  9. Can you swim at Palawan Beach?

    Yes, you can swim at Palawan Beach but not during night. Palawan Beach is open round the clock but swimming is only allowed during the day time.

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