Coney Island Overview

If places lying away from the hustle and bustle, loaded with natural beauty fascinate you, then Coney Island is the best place to visit in Singapore for you. The Island is home to a 2 KM long beach where people can be seen resting in solitude. Additionally, people can also indulge in picnics here while having a game of volleyball with their loved ones.

Coney Island Singapore (Pulau Serangoon), stretching for 133 hectares with a 2.4 km long path and a 2-km long beach, features coastal forests, mangroves, grasslands, casuarina woodlands, and 157 species of animals and 80 varieties of birds. Besides having a rich history, it houses a wide range of flora and fauna, some of which are seriously in danger of extinction.

Once you set your foot here, nature surrounds you from all sides- be it a paved walkway with pulled-out casuarina trees due to nasty weather, or your stumbling upon wild boars, crabs, snakes, monkeys, otters, or exotic birds. Whether it is the sitting benches, boardwalks, signboards made from recycled wood, solar-powered water pumps, or rainwater in the toilets, all indicate that Coney Island is an environment-friendly park with scores of green initiatives. If you're interested in exploring more of Singapore's natural beauty, consider checking out Singapore tour packages for guided experiences around the island.

If you love bird watching, you can spot colorful birds including the oriental magpie-robins, vibrant parakeets, and Baya weavers building their big, intricate nests on blooming Acacia trees. 

Coney Island is an adventure-seeker’s paradise. Whether you would like to enjoy a bike ride or take delight in a fun-filled boat ride or Jet Ski, the park has it all. Again, bicycling makes your trip a tad convenient to move up the walkways as you feel the cool, balmy breeze kissing your cheeks, while you take in the captivating scenery around.

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• Gives you a chance to enjoy a decent outdoor day with relaxed cycling and picnics in the city's flawless parks.
• Explore the scenic coastline and pristine beaches riding with your loved ones.
• Loads of unusual routes to increase the amount of adventure.
• A rural green space in the city's northeast and is home to covered-up white sand seashores and widely varied vegetation.
• Enjoy some 80 different species of wildlife spotting including wild boars, squirrels, colorful butterflies, and monkeys.
• Its immaculate path stretches across mangroves, beachfront timberlands, meadows, and casuarina forests.
• Go on an outing around the beautiful park and it's beautiful Punggol encompasses

Best Time To Visit

The best time to plan a trip to Coney Island is during the early morning hours when there is less sunlight and scorching heat and the evening hours when the vibe is lovely and people can be seen having fun with their loved ones.

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Other Essential Information

Best places to savor your taste buds around the island

1. Drunken Rabbits: Known for light Mexican delicacies and authentic Italian, Drunken Rabbits is one of the most coveted bar-cum-restaurants Singapore. The eatery has outdoor seating facilities too, serving light food and wines. The must-try item is the mushroom pizza. Dining here will cost around 1,650 INR for two people.

2. Just the Place: The European bistro-cum-bar offers a home-like ambiance and opulence, yet away from the city crowd. Spend some precious moments with your family or friends. The place serves a gamut of western delicacies. Try the truffle fries and ribs. 

3. Porta Porta Italian Restaurant: The Italian dishes are of the best quality and courteous staff will greet you warmly when you arrive. Known for great hospitality, Porta Porta is your best eating place in Coney Island Singapore. Try the pasta and risotto of Porta. It will cost you approx. 2,000 INR. 

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Tips for Visiting Coney Island

Here are some of the tips for you when visiting the island: 

- Carry insect repellents and sunscreen as the bucolic grounds of the park have sandflies. 

- Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts if you want to hang around the beaches. Wear hats to protect yourself from the blistering sun or wear shades. 

- Carry sandwiches and water.

- Carry raincoats and umbrellas. 

- Wear covered and appropriate shoes for the rugged terrain. 

- Check the weather report before heading for the island because the inclement climate often uproots the trees. The tree branches may snap. 

- Fishing and camping are prohibited.

- You can enjoy a bicycle ride down the main path. 

- Avoid feeding long-tailed monkeys, especially Macaques.

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Point of Interest for Coney Island
Bird and Animal Watching

Bird and Animal Watching

Host to more than 80 species of exotic birds, this place is a nature lovers’ paradise. Spot Baya weavers building a large nest or listen to the oriental magpie robin’s melodious tunes from the trees to leave you bewitched. 

Spot wild boars, colorful butterflies, squirrels, and monkeys in Coney Island Park. Then, you need to keep your eyes peeled for the Brahman Bull. If you stumble upon the cow, avoid making noise, and do not touch the animal to irritate it. 

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Coney Island’s bucolic grounds make cycling a tad bouncy sometimes, but you will love the fun and breezy experience. Ride down the 2.4 km long path and pay attention to the signboards to access the park’s scenic beaches. If you are an adventure-seeker, you are free to bend around, changing directions to take an unusual route.

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Visit Punggol Waterway Park

Visit Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol Waterway Park is a 12.25-hectare park located alongside Sentul Crescent Road. This multi-purpose park is placed in a quiet lush vegetation setting, away from the hectic traffic, to serve the locals and travelers. Tourists will get a nostalgic atmosphere of Old Punggol and the future waterfront park just minutes away from the Punggol City Center.

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Click Pictures at Coney Island Gate

Click Pictures at Coney Island Gate

Coney Island Park is home to a diverse range of habitats, including coastal woodlands, meadows, mangroves, and casuarina woodlands, in addition to its historic history. It supports a diverse range of animals and vegetation, including several that are critically endangered. Some of the park's plants are thought to be completely extinct.

Try to spot one of Coney Island Park's 80 bird species, such as the resident male Baya Weavers, who weave big and ornate nests from blooming Acacia trees. From the woods, listen to the Oriental Magpie-robin sing, or observe flocks of parakeets gliding through the canopy. The park's many habitats allow for a wide variety of bird species, making it a good spot for birding. Coney Island Park, with its diverse biodiversity and rustic surroundings, provides plenty of opportunities for bird and wildlife lovers to discover.

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Go to Punggol Point Park

Go to Punggol Point Park

Punggol Point Park is a great place to start your coastal promenade. The location close to Punggol Jetty, which was once a renowned seafood hangout, has now been turned into an exquisite seaside resort.

While part of the Punggol shoreline used to be off-limits to the public, the Punggol Promenade Punggol Point Walk now allows you to take in the vegetation and fauna that thrives along the water's edge. The park has lookout decks, a sand-filled playground, and an event plaza where you can relax and soak in vistas of Pulau Ubin and the Johor Straits from a ship-inspired raised observation platform.

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Hang out at the Beach

Hang out at the Beach

Spend a day at the beachside and do nothing while admiring life. Watch the waves come by as you leisure out on sand or at a cabana. To add into the much required fun, take part in an array of fun filled activities with your loved ones like beach volleyball, sand castle making and whatnot. 

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Enjoy at Casuarina Exploration Playground

Enjoy at Casuarina Exploration Playground

Casuarina Sands is a great spot for picnics, swimming, and fishing, as well as launching a kayak or canoe. There are shady riverfront beaches, a playground, electric barbecues, picnic tables and shelters, as well as restrooms. Casuarina Sands is ideal for taking in the best of the Cotter Recreation Area, with 360-degree vistas of the surrounding hills.

Casuarina Sands also marks the start of the Murrumbidgee Discovery Track, which stretches for 27 kilometers.

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Coney Island FAQs

What is Coney Island Singapore Famous for?

Coney Island is famous for many things such as bird watching. You can spot migratory birds but you need to wait patiently to see what nature has in store for you. 

1.) Bull spotting is another attraction of Coney Island. If you are lucky, you can spot the animal roaming in the island. Popularly called the Brahman Bull, it is a mystery how it got into Pulau Serangoon. 

2.) You can rent a bicycle from Punggol Park Point. Ride down the main island to take in the beauty of the sightings around with your family or friends. 

3.) Coney Island is also famous for nature photography. Take a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk to spot wildlife. If you are lucky, you can capture some of the best shots of the animals in your camera lens. 

4.) Take nature walks, which the island is known for, housing diverse flora and fauna, including some of the nationally endangered species. 

5.) The Casuarina Exploratory is the most frequented spot on the island. You can see twiggy trees growing 20-30 meters in height. The spot is made from the uprooted Casuarina trees and is a coveted playground on the island. The place is fun for kids to jump on stepping stones or the triangular log fences for the adventure lovers to mount and cross.

6.) The island is famous for its five themed beaches. The little beach pockets have natural openings to the beautiful sea. Beach A is serene and frequented by fewer people with back mangrove theme. Beach B is famous for coastal climbers and beachfront shrubs, while Beach spots C, D, and E feature singular coastal trees, coastal hill trees as well as beachfront trees. 

7.) The Haw Par Beach Villa is another major attraction of the island. Post World War II, the place was left in shambles, and therefore structurally hazardous. Tourists aren’t advised to enter the villa for obvious reasons. Besides, it is located in the mangrove area and susceptible to high tides. You can take a tour of the place as a guided walk and take photographs. 

8.) Horse riding at $10 is a must-do activity here. Lasting for about 10 minutes, you can be a part of this activity at Punggol Stables. Feed the horses with carrots bought from the shops in this place. 

9.) Hiking is another famous activity. The whole route right from the West towards the East is not more than 2.4 km. You can complete the entire trail even without a bicycle. Carry water and wear the right hiking gear. You will find only one washroom close to the east entrance of the park. 

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What food is famous in Coney Island, Singapore?

Coney Island has some famous restaurants including Drunken Rabbits, Porta Porta, and Just the Place to name a few. You can savor western cuisines as much as you want than your appetite.
The must-try items are mushroom pizza, pasta, risotto, truffle fries, and ribs. You will also get a variety of wines to pair with your food when dining at one of these restaurants. 

Coney Island is also famous for seafood. You can dine at Uncle Leong Seafood, which serves fresh crabs, Chinese, Singaporean, and Asian delicacies. If you are fussy about crabs, then this is the place to be. The food is served fresh and you will love the taste of shimmering sand crab sauce. The creamy butter crab is another dish that you will not be able to resist. 

How Long Does It Take to visit and view the entire Coney Island, Singapore?

Coney Island, Singapore is one of the best places to relax in the lap of nature for a couple of hours. The park opens at 7 am and closes at 7 pm. Therefore, you have enough time to take a tour of the park, ride bikes, do nature walk, hike, and participate in other activities. You must leave the premises before the closing hour because the gates get shut. The place is in complete darkness after sunset. Take a breather from the concrete jungle and the hustle-bustle of the city by visiting here.

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How do I Get to Coney Island Singapore?

You will get direct bus 84, right from Punggol interchange. After alighting at the Punggol Ranch, you can do a little boardwalk at Punggol Beach, leading to Coney Island Singapore. Take some rest at the Punggol Settlement for some water before reaching the island. There is ample public transport to get to the island. Take a train to Punggol to reach the bus interchange through exit C. Board bus 84 and alight at Punggol Road End. Take a walk to Punggol Settlement and look at the signboards to reach Coney Island.

Are Daily Lockers Available for Rental?

With a vision to conserve the island’s natural habitat, you will find a few modern amenities here. The only toilet is towards the eastern part of Coney Island operated by solar panels and rainwater for flushing toilets and washing hands. You will find the restroom at Casuarina Exploration Playground. You will not find lockers for rental.

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What are the best adventurous activities in Singapore that you can book via Thrillophilia?

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I would surely recommend anyone who is visiting Coney Island to go for a bike rental here, and explore the different trails by cycling. We booked ours via Thrillophilia, and were amazed to see such professional attitude and service. Our bikes were very well maintained as well, and gave us a chance t... Read More
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You can pick from three different kinds of bicycle rentals here. Our Tandem Bike tour of the Coney Islands was a success. It was a great experience. Before and after each ride, the bikes were sanitised following COVID protocols. The process of booking was smooth and hassle free. Thanks Thrillophilia... Read More

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