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Pasir Ris Beach, Chinatown, Singapore

  • Popularly known as Kid’s Wonderland, the Pasir Ris Beach Park is a great place for people who love adventure. The full length of the beach is 6.6 kms. This beach is among the largest in Singapore. Including a Mangrove forest within the park, this beach enables visitors to explore the forest.

    This beach includes a park, cycling track and a playground area. The playground has a Play-Station, slide, rope climbing and basketball courts. The good thing about the playground area is that it is surrounded by trees, so giving shade to visitors near the picnic tables.

    Location: The Pasir Ris Beach Park is located in the eastern part of Singapore near Pasir Ris Road off Elias Road. It’s at least 18kms and will take 20 mins from city center. Bus 403 goes there from Pasir Ris bus interchange.

    Price: Entry to the beach is free of cost. "

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