Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience - Singapore Overview

Dive into Vincent Van Gogh's universe at Singapore's Van Gogh Expo, located in Resorts World Sentosa. This vast 17,000 sq. feet space brings over 300 iconic artworks to life, immersing you in masterpieces like 'Starry Night'. Unique to Singapore are displays blending traditional Japanese artistry. Venture deeper with a VR exploration of Van Gogh's genius, and even channel your own artistic flair. Recognized by CNN among the world's top experiences, it's Southeast Asia's art highlight.

Nestled in the vibrant Resorts World Sentosa, the Van Gogh Expo is an invitation to step inside the mind of the iconic Vincent Van Gogh. Covering an impressive 17,000 sq. feet, this space brings alive over 300 of Van Gogh's timeless pieces, with masterpieces like the 'Starry Night' captivating your senses. The expo makes its Southeast Asian debut in Singapore, and what is special about this stint is the touch of traditional Japanese art, hinting at Van Gogh's love for Japanese prints. 

For a more hands-on feel, you can step into some of his famous settings with a Virtual Reality headset or even try your hand at creating a piece inspired by his style, through iconic scenes, like the serene ‘Bedroom in Arles.’ Since its inception in 2017, this exhibit has left an indelible mark on over 5 million art enthusiasts worldwide. Recognized by CNN as among the top immersive events, this isn't just an exhibition; it's an immersive experience that brings you closer to the heartbeats and brushstrokes of Van Gogh's world. It also lets you truly experience the passion and depth of this artist’s legacy. 


• Nestled in the luxurious Resorts World Sentosa, the Van Gogh Expo immerses you in the heart of artistic brilliance.
• Spanning over 17,000 sq. feet, imagine being enveloped by masterpieces like the mesmerizing 'Starry Night' and the delicate 'Almond Blossoms'.
• Having captivated over 5 million art enthusiasts since 2017, this expo boasts a prestigious recognition by CNN as one of the world's top 12 immersive spectacles.
• Unique to Singapore, the exhibit fuses Van Gogh's works with traditional Japanese art elements, reflecting his deep admiration for Japanese prints.
• Venture into the world of Virtual Reality, letting you step into scenes like 'The Bedroom in Arles' as if you were there.
• Fancy a stroke of your own genius? Craft your own Van Gogh-inspired artwork, with a chance for it to be showcased to fellow art lovers.
• Beyond mere visuals, this expo elevates your senses with harmonious 360º projections and evocative audio narratives.
• Dive deep into the psyche of Van Gogh, unravelling his passions, tribulations, and the spark behind his legendary creations.
• An encounter of a lifetime, this expo promises a transformative journey, leaving you with newfound awe for the world of art.

How To Reach

Van Gogh Expo Singapore is located inside Resorts World Sentosa. Its location is: The Forum Level B1 - Resorts World Sentosa - 8 Sentosa Gateway

You can reach the Expo:

By Taxi or Car:

If you are driving or taking a taxi, Resorts World Sentosa is your destination. You can conveniently park your vehicle at the B1 East Car Park. However, if you are arriving via a taxi ride, you will have to get off at the main entrance on Sentosa Island. The journey from the city centre to the expo may last around 15 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic. 

By Bus:

You can also avail a bus ride to get to Van Gogh Expo. You can opt for a ride on bus RWS 8 and disembark at the RWS 8 bus stop situated outside the Forum, Sentosa. Alternatively, you can avail bus 123, which takes you directly to Resorts World Sentosa, making your journey straightforward.

By Singapore Cable Car:

For a more scenic route to the Expo, take a ride on the Singapore Cable Car. From the HarbourFront train station, head towards Exit B. Follow signs guiding you to the Singapore Cable Car station located at HarbourFront Tower II. Boarding the cable car, you'll want to get off at the Imbiah station. From here, the Sentosa Express is a short walk away. Board it and get off just one stop later at the Resorts World station.

By MRT and Sentosa Express:

For those using the MRT, aim for the HarbourFront station accessible via the North-East or Circle line. Once you arrive, take Exit E which leads you to VivoCity. At VivoCity, head over to level 3, where you will find the Sentosa Express. A brief ride and one stop later, you'll arrive at the Resorts World Station, the gateway to the Van Gogh Expo.

Best Time To Visit

If you're planning to visit the Van Gogh Expo in Singapore, consider going on a weekday, either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. During these times, the crowds are usually thinner, and you can enjoy the artwork without feeling rushed. You must also try to avoid public holidays to ensure a more personal and enjoyable experience.

Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit:

  • Wear comfortable attire and shoes since some exhibits might encourage sitting on the ground, while the rest of the time, you will have to keep standing.
  • Carry a water bottle, as the tour can last over an hour, ensuring you stay hydrated.
  • Inform staff if you need special assistance or wheelchair access since they are well-equipped to assist guests with disabilities. 
  • Since the Expo's detailed content demands at least 60 to 75 minutes, you must allocate a minimum of 2 hours on hand. 
  • Visit during weekdays or off-peak hours for a less crowded, more immersive experience.
  • Bring a camera or smartphone; the expo permits photography, letting you capture memories.
  • Arrive early to avoid longer lines and maximize your time at the exhibit.
  • Purchase tickets in advance as this often helps you secure a better price and guarantees quicker entry.
  • Read up on Van Gogh beforehand; a little background knowledge enriches the experience.
  • Stay updated on event schedules, since you might come across special talks or guided tours at the Expo.

Van Gogh Expo Singapore Accessibility:

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Pram and Stroller-friendly
  • On-site Restrooms
  • Baby changing facilities
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Point of Interest for Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience - Singapore
Large Scale 360° Art Installations

Large Scale 360° Art Installations

At the Van Gogh Expo, you're introduced to masterpieces that redefine the phrase 'larger than life'. Iconic works such as 'The Siesta', 'Wheatfield With Crows', and the mesmerizing 'Starry Night' have been transformed into grand-scale renditions. As you traverse the venue, informative audio recordings shed light on the inspirations and narratives behind Van Gogh's creations. The immersive nature of the exhibition is elevated in a special room, which offers 360-degree projections of the iconic Sunflowers. 

Japanese Art Inspired Exhibits

Japanese Art Inspired Exhibits

The Van Gogh Expo in Singapore celebrates the fusion of Dutch genius and Japanese artistry. As you explore, you'll encounter captivating displays imbued with traditional Japanese influences. This integration nods to the Japonaiserie movement, an artistic direction Van Gogh pursued in the 1880s, drawing inspiration from Japanese art. Your cultural immersion deepens when you have the opportunity to partake in an authentic matcha tea ceremony.

VR Art Displays

VR Art Displays

The Expo pushes boundaries with its Virtual Reality (VR) displays. With a VR headset, you'll step directly into the settings of 'The Bedroom in Arles' and the enchanting 'Starry Night'. This 10-minute narrated journey promises a profound connection to Van Gogh's world. After this intimate exploration, a cinema section awaits you, revealing more about Van Gogh's tumultuous and prolific life through a curated short film.

Interactive Art Studio

Interactive Art Studio

The Expo believes in the artist within everyone. Here, an interactive art studio offers you the canvas and tools to channel your inner Van Gogh. Amidst the tranquil ambience, you're encouraged to let emotions flow onto the canvas. And for the social media enthusiasts, your artwork can be transformed into custom photo backdrops. Additionally, a community wall is available, where you can proudly display your creation for fellow visitors to admire.

A Collection of Van Gogh's Artworks

A Collection of Van Gogh's Artworks

This segment is a testament to Van Gogh's unparalleled genius. Among the highlights is a captivating sculpture of Van Gogh's head that metamorphoses into a kaleidoscope of his renowned works, 'Starry Night' being one of the many. Nearby, a digital projection displays a vase erupting into a myriad of vibrant blooms, each representing different artworks. This section also educates visitors on lesser-known facets of Van Gogh's life, including the significant influence of his siblings on his artistry.

Photo ops

Photo ops

The Expo offers myriad photo opportunities. From inspirational wall quotes to immersive video projections, the potential for that perfect snapshot is boundless. One notable attraction is the replica of 'The Bedroom In Arles'. Here, you can literally step inside the painting, inviting you to recline on the bed or strike a pose on the iconic wooden chair.

Gift shop

Gift shop

As your journey concludes, a sunflower-lined pathway leads you to the gift shop. Here, a plethora of Van Gogh-themed souvenirs awaits – from stylish t-shirts to engaging games. For those wishing to ruminate over the experience, a pop-up café serves aromatic coffee and delectable bakes.

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