Changi Beach Park Overview

Changi beach is one of the oldest coastal beaches in Singapore and still preserves the flavor of Kampong Culture. The beach is about 28 hectares and features a perfect ambiance for adults, youngsters, and kids. The beach starts from Changi Point and Stretches up to Changi ferry terminal. The advantage of this beach is it has everything accommodated quite nicely; from recreational activities to BBQs and resorts in the span of 3.2 km.

The Changi Beach Park is one of the oldest parks in Singapore and is located on the Changi beach in the Northeastern corner of Singapore. People come here for relaxation while they also enjoy their time skating and cycling away. The park has two playgrounds and is easily accessible from Changi Village.

There is a bridge connecting the park with the Changi village market and the moment you step here you will be mesmerized by the luxuriant greens and the beautiful view of the beach and its coastline. One of the playgrounds has a nautical theme where there are small and safe rides for the kids to enjoy. The playground has climbing nets and a castaway raft that will make the children play adventurous games. For travelers seeking adventure beyond the park, considering Singapore tours from India might offer a delightful extension to their exploration.

Initially, the park was called Tanjung Rusa in the early 1600s after which it was renamed as Tanjung Changi two centuries later. Changi Beach Park also has a rough and infamous history. During the Second World War, this was a massacre site especially the Sook Ching massacre when several civilians were killed.

But the park today is a wonderful place to spend time and has a natural aura surrounding it. People who visit the beach visit the park wherein they can enjoy both the habitats in one trip. There is another playground which is located at the southern end of the park which is wooden themed and also has bucket seats for kids.

The safety features have been taken care of and the place proves to be an excellent place for kids to enjoy and families to spend quality time. You can also enjoy the sights of flying planes in abundance which come jetting in from offshore. You can also take a good look around the park with bicycle trips that can be hired from the kiosks.

There is an option for you to grab some snacks and eatables here from the Bistro located in the vicinity of the park. If you come out of the park you will find a good number of options to dine, hence the site provides a complete entertainment and relaxing expedition.

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How To Reach

Changi Beach Park is very well-connected with all modes of transportation and you can easily reach here from the Changi International Airport because of its proximity to it. Only 12 km apart you can come here by various modes of transport. A bus ride will take you a long time but will ensure you are under your budget. The Line 9 bus will take you to the park. The quickest way to get from the airport is to take a cab or the airport shuttle. 

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Best Time To Visit

Changi Beach Park is a blessed location and can be visited throughout the year. When it is hot and sunny, you will love the place for its greenery. If it is raining, the vegetation here gets greener providing a great sight to behold. Changi Beach Park can be enjoyed in all weathers. In summer we recommend you to come here in the evenings and in winters any time is great. 

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Other Essential Information

Places to Eat near Changi Beach Park

A great day combined with a fulfilling meal is perhaps every traveler’s dream. If you have had a great time at Beach Park, it is time you satiate your taste buds with some of the yummiest meal options located near it.

1. The White Olive: Located near the Changi Cove Hotel, the White olive has a unique egg station offering varieties of egg delicacies. The environment is comfortable and the food is really good. The buffet breakfast is considered the best.

2. Cedro Bar and Bistro: One of the coziest meet-up places, it has some of the best malts and spirits decked up in its storage. Dinner and drinks can also be enjoyed by the pool.

3. Changi Beach Sea Food Paradise: Your meal is incomplete if you have not tasted the lip-smacking seafood varieties here. You will love the Chinese cuisine embedded in the platters and this calls for a one-time visit for sure.

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4. The Sea Grill: One of the best and the most popular places to eat, The Sea Grill is a unique and heavily charming bistro bar that is located near the park. The dining venue boasts of some of the most enigmatic views of the untouched waters. The place specializes in seafood and grilled fare which you will love. 

5. Jacob’s Cafe: If you are looking for a comfortable cafe and looking for great vegan options, then you will not regret your stop here. The cafe has all the European delights with a special vegan menu. The interior is tastefully decorated and the staff does enough to give you a great experience dining here. 

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Places to Stay near Changi Beach Park

Apart from being blessed with a beautiful location, Changi beach also has some wonderful places to stay. 

1. Village Hotel Changi: The Village Hotel is a 15-minute drive from Changi International Airport and has a peaceful aura about it. The hotel encompasses everything necessary for a great stay. A comfortable terrace pool and hot water tubs are the highlights of this beautiful abode.

2. Changi Beach Club: Located on the inside of Changi Point Jetty Ferry Terminal, Changi Beach Club rooms have an in-built work spot with a flat-screen TV. The open-air pool here gives mesmerizing views of sunset where you can sip your drink and feel at peace. You can easily access the Changi City Point and Geylang Serai Market which are 8km and 15 km away respectively. The resort is away from the flurry of activities in the city life which makes it a preferred place to stay.

3. Changi Cove: Huddled in a carpet of green shrubbery is Changi Cove that offers wonderfully designed and maintained rooms with all the guest's preferred facilities. Guests can also take pleasure in relaxing here or working out at the gym and pool as per their preference. The Changi Boardwalk is a 24-hour operable location that is accessible from the Cove. The location of Changi cove is favorable as it is only minutes away from Changi Village Food Centre and Changi Ferry terminal. 

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Tips for Visiting Changi Beach Park

  • If you want to enjoy and envision a great sight visiting here in the morning hours is a great idea. You will love the early sunrise and the cycling activity which you can do in peace. 
  • The fishing activities should be done only when there is maximum light, hence you should be doing the activity in the afternoon hours.
  • If you are planning on camping, then the Beach Park prohibits you to do so.
  • The place is filled with Estuarine Crocodiles which are known to swim freely. If you happen to encounter them, then do not panic. The best way to face it is by staying calm and quiet. Visitors are also requested not to feed them or invite them.

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Point of Interest for Changi Beach Park
Plan a Picnic

Plan a Picnic

The beach park is all about lush green vegetation with hoards of trees and plants with flowers to make it look like green heaven. The landscape and the vision in front of you are breathtaking which makes it a perfect spot for picnic goers. You can play your little board games, or take a small nap in the garden, or eat, this place surely is a great way to spend your day. Only understand that the beach park is a litter free zone hence it is important not to litter the place while you picnic.

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Fishing is a relaxing expedition and here too, the activity is relaxing, especially on an afternoon when the air is warm and the place less crowded. 

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Cycling and Skating

Cycling and Skating

Perhaps the most important activities at the beach park, you will find cycle and skate kiosks in the park. You can cycle around and admire nature or if you are a good skater, you can rent that out too. If you have your own equipment, you will be allowed to bring it to the park.

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 Indulge in barbecuing

Indulge in barbecuing

The entire park has about 20 barbecue pits across its stretch. You can easily book the spot for hosting barbecue parties. Good food with a great environment will be a memorable one for all.

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Click Pictures

Click Pictures

If you have not clicked pictures while you are here, then you have not done justice to your visit. The beauty of the place can be encapsulated in the pictures that you take. The sunrises and sunsets offer picturesque delights and deserve to be captured. 

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Tourism Board Alliances

Changi Beach Park FAQs

What is Changi Beach Park famous for?

Changi Beach Park is famous for its pristine atmosphere and lush green foliage that adorns the park. The place has a plethora of things to do and it is surely not famous for one thing. The park is a great place for an amazing and refreshing cycle ride and also enjoying picnics with your family. You will also enjoy the lovely dining experience amidst the deep blue sea. The place is not just famous for its history but also what it offers here.

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What is the history of the Changi Beach?

The Changi beach was once the killing spot of the Sook Ching Massacre for the Imperial army of Japan. Not just replete with stories of Chinese massacres, the beach also served as a trial and execution ground for Japanese POWs after Japan shook the white flag. The engineers here also started witnessing machine failures and for some odd reason, the Asian workers were also rounded up here and made to stand here for two full days while being interrogated. Changi Beach was also famous for its coconut plantations in the 1800s. During this century it was also considered as a favored spot for picnicking. 

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How do I get to Changi Beach Park?

Changi Beach Park has no accessibility issues. The place is located at a very central point which makes it easily locatable. The beach park is extremely close to the airport and one can reach here by taking a ferry through the terminal. You can alight at the Changi Beach Cp 2 bus station which is also the nearest bus stop from the location. 

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