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Changi Beach, Changi

  • Changi beach is one of the oldest coastal beaches in Singapore and still preserves the flavour of Kampong Culture. The beach is about 28 hectares and features a perfect ambience for adults, youngsters and kids. The beach starts from Changi Point and Stretches up to Changi ferry terminal. 

    The advantage of this beach is it has everything accommodated quite nicely; from recreational activities to bbqs and resorts in the span of 3.2 kms. The beach is spanned with white sand and dotted with coconut palms making it an ideal place to start a cozy picnic.

    Highlights: wheelchairs are accessible, the park includes sea facing bistros with the mouthwatering menu on the card, several activities such as jogging, swimming and cycling can be done here. Also, you can spend some quaint time at the nearby Changi Village. There’s a World War II memorial plaque at the beach which is also a tourist visiting place. 

    Location: Changi Coast Road

    Cost: Free



Pulau Ubin

Tourists usually confuse PulauUbin as Malaysia but in reality it is Singapore’s offshore island. It is very popular as it still holds and nurtures the last of Kampong culture. Every part of the island delivers a mystic and earthy environment; the village is quaint, the beach water as glorious as possible and the surrounded landscape is a picture from the early 19the century. The best way to reach the island is by a ferry departing from Changi Village terminal. If a boat is occupied with 12 passengers, it takes off. If you want to experience the rare Kampong Village, the best mode of transport is a rental bike accessible in the village.

Highlights: The Beach is amidst unkempt and rural surroundings played by spice trees, creepy looking plantations and bushes, mysterious looking lizards and weird sounds of birds floating from the jungle, mangroves, and The Chek Java jetty. The food in the local village is worth everything and is a must try.

Location: PulauUbin Island

Best Hours: Weekends

East Coast Park

East Coast Park is an urban themed beach which is one of the best getaways in Singapore. The theme of the park is ‘Recreation for All’ and it has everything a child from 2 years to an old man would want. Each year 7 million tourists flock in to spend leisure hours in the park. The park is stretched over 15 kms of coastline and has a welcoming ambience. People love the road can jog or take a cycle ride and water babies can have fun with Cable Skiing and other water sports.

Highlights: various water and land sports and recreational activities, public restrooms with shower facilities, Xtreme Skate Park for skating enthusiasts, a picturesque coastline. Getting there is very easy as you will be benefited with different transportation facility. For the foodies, the park offers amazing resto-bars, cafés Bistros etc.

 Location: East Coast Parkway. Best Time: Weekends

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