Myra's Beach Overview

Revel in the lively atmosphere of Myra’s Beach in Singapore which is a perfect venue for beachside parties and events. Bask in the warm sunshine and soft sand of the beach and enjoy the breathtaking sight of the ocean. Gather here during the evening for a mouthwatering blend of North Indian and Mexican cuisine. Enjoy refreshing cocktails and mocktails while taking in the sea breeze.

Visit Myra's Beach Club, a vibrant destination for fun-filled parties by the beach and a must-visit spot in Singapore. With a capacity of up to 120 guests, Myra's Beach is perfect for private gatherings, beach weddings, and corporate events.

Enjoy the exciting beach vibe by visiting Myra’s Beach during the evening. This is when you will find a picturesque setting for groups to create lasting memories. If you like surfing, there is a stunning stretch of surf and sand, making it a favourite hangout spot. Looking to explore more exotic destinations? Consider booking a Singapore tour package to experience a myriad of adventures and cultural delights.

Indulge in a unique blend of North Indian and Mexican cuisine served at Myra's Beach Club while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze. Pair these with signature cocktails like mojitos and margaritas. Whether you are dining indoors or soaking in the ocean view, Myra's promises an unforgettable experience with its vibrant decor, delectable food, and refreshing drinks. It is a popular choice among locals and travellers alike, offering the perfect blend of enjoyment, relaxation, and culinary delight by the sea.


• Delight in the vibrant beachside atmosphere as it offers a lively setting for beachside parties and events.
• Enjoy stunning beach views of the surf and sand while dining or socializing at Myra’s Beach Club with its prime location near the beach.
• Indulge in a unique culinary experience with a blend of North Indian and Mexican cuisine, offering an array of flavorful dishes to amaze your taste buds.
• Sip on refreshing cocktails and mocktails as you soak in the serene sea breeze.
• Experience the thrill of surfing on the stunning waves against the picturesque backdrop of the beach.

How To Reach

By Bus: Take Bus 166, 198, 200, 95, or 963 from the city centre and get off directly at the beach club. The journey will take you approximately 40 minutes depending on the traffic. 

By Metro: The nearest transit station to Myra's is Stadium MRT Station (CC6), located just 100 meters away. Take the Circle Line (CC) to reach the station, and from there, it is a short walk to Myra's Beach Club. 

By Taxi: You can easily take a taxi from any part of the city directly to the beach. This is the fastest and most convenient option.

Best Time To Visit

Myra's Beach Club is a year-round destination offering fun-filled beachside experiences for all seasons.

Best season: The best season to visit Myra's Beach Club is during the dry season from June to August, when you can enjoy pleasant weather and beautiful beach views.

Best day of the week: The best day of the week to visit Myra's Beach Club is on weekends, particularly Saturdays when you can soak up the lively atmosphere and enjoy beachside parties and events.

Best time of the day: The best time of the day to visit Myra's Beach Club is during the evening, when you can witness stunning sunsets, enjoy cooler temperatures, and take part in beachside activities and festivities.

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