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Beaches in South Goa

Beach Name Activities
Mobor Beach Kayaking, Banana Boat, Water Skiing
Palolem Beach Dolphine Spotting
Majorda Beach Jet Skiing, Banana Boat
Cavelossim Beach Cruise, Dolhin Trips
Bogmalo Beach Snorkelling
  • If you are planning to visit Goa then beaches in South Goa is a must visit destination for you. South Goa is a standout amongst the most helpful spots for astounding occupations in Goa with its roomy wonderful brilliant and white-sand shorelines encompassed by outlandish palm forests. All shorelines in South Goa are spoken to by a long and thick 27 km strip of soft sand with several small bays in the very south of the region. Velsao, Arossim and Cansaulim which are additionally notable for being very little swarmed. 

    These shorelines have still saved the pristine nature and palm forests. By and large, almost all South Goa shorelines are very betray and are less immersed with the nearby culture than the shorelines of North Goa. Among all shorelines in South Goa, the most crowded are Colva and Palolem shorelines. 

    Soak in the amazing surrounding by the beach or just laze around witnessing its beauty. One can also indulge in an array of activities like swimming, scuba diving, canoe ride etc. Make your vacation a special one as you head out to the beach and watch the glorious sunset along with your beloved.

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  • 01Mobor Beach

    Mobor Beach

    Mobor Beach is a 30-kilometer beach strip situated at the delta of the River Sal, on the Southern Coast of Goa. Mobor is a picturesque and lively beach, filled with tourists and adventurers and visiting this place is one of the best things to do in South Goa. When you keenly admire the Mobor Beach, it feels like the River Sal envelopes the beach and then joins the Arabian Sea. The area is also a National Park, protecting the charismatic beauty of nature. 

    Walking on the soft and light sand you will come across ponds with blooming lilies, sand dunes and coconut palms which grow on the beach. Savour the delicacies served at the beach cafes and lose yourself in the alluring vista. Adventures can board the cruise to sight the dolphins and also enjoy water activities in Goa like underwater fishing and oysters catching.

    Winch-boat Parasailing at Mobor Beach in South Goa

    Winch-boat Parasailing at Mobor Beach in South Goa

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  • 02Palolem Beach

    Located in Canacona and about 40 minutes’ drive from Margao, this beach is one of the unspoilt stretches of sandy shores. It embraces you with natural beauty and rocky outfits covered by trees at one end - a part that is colloquially known as Green Island. The inhabitants here are the local fishermen and visitors who stay in the shacks. This beach is among the best beaches in Goa for couples as it is a less crowded shoreline.

    Of crescent shape, the northern end of the beach is shallow and the depth increases gradually. In the film Bourne Supremacy, the protagonist Matt Damon’s home was here. This has made it one of the most popular beaches in India, and not just South Goa. Titanic Beach Shack is a favoured shack at the Palolem Beach.

    Some of them are namely Cocktails & Dreams and Art Resort Bar. One can indulge in fishing and dolphin spotting in this water body. If you plan to venture into the waters, ensure that you stay within the northern section or the shallow part of the beach always. October to February is when you can truly enjoy the seashore.

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    1 Night Stay at Palolem Guest House

    1 Night Stay at Palolem Guest House

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  • 03Majorda Beach

    Majorda Beach

    When you visit the Majorda Beach, your eyes are inundated by the beauty of this sandy shore. Filled with palm groves, the soft white sands complement the galleries of greenery. As per Hindu mythology Lord Rama was kidnapped when he was a child and brought to this beach. Majorda is also known for its toddy tapping business and is amongst the most popular beaches in south Goa in this aspect.

    The coconut groves are the places where toddy tappers sap this heady potion. Beside this beach, there are numerous restaurants that serve tasty and authentic seafood. This place is also known for its baked products given an impressive history of baking that precedes it.

    When here, try the freshly brewed tappy. There are also plenty of beach front resorts around. Whether you are a budget traveller or an economy traveller, there’s something for everyone. The popular eating and staying options include Sam Goan Beach Shack, Raj’s Pentagon Restaurant and Garden Pub and Majorda Beach Resort. 

    Also when at this beach, enjoy water sports such as jet skiing, water skiing. Best season to visit is during the winter from the month of October to January. Moreover, one can even check out many more best things to do in Goa during there visit with your family and friends.  

    Water Skiing at Majorda Beach

    Water Skiing at Majorda Beach

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  • 04Varca Beach

    Varca Beach

    Another beach which is very famous among the people in Goa is the Varca Beach. Known for its incandescent beauty with the setting sun this beach is on the top list of the globetrotters. It is a standout beach amongst the most wonderful and outlandish shorelines of Goa and is around 2 kilometers from Benaulim. The shoreline is set apart by various wooden boats of the fishermen residing there. 

    The Varca Beach in Goa is known for its delicate white sands and its cleanliness. It is one of the cleanest shorelines in Goa that enable allows the people to relax and spend some time in leisure. While at the Varca Beach one can witness the pristine nature and you can without much of a stretch spend some wonderful snapshots of peace. Decorated with vast greenery this shoreline is encompassed with palm trees and other vegetation. 

    The place is to a great degree quiet and serene, which is extremely far from the shores of North Goa. What’s more a favorite among the beach lovers and couples on honeymoon in Goa is that one can spend time in enjoying boat trips and watching dolphins on the river Sal. To sum things up, Varca shoreline is an ideal area for sightseers searching for peace and tranquility. Besides, the shoreline has various shoreline shacks, where the voyagers can delight in some delicious Goan food. 

    The tourists can enjoy the wide variety of delicacies, including sea food. Besides, the beach possesses a number of tourists’ sites in its vicinity. The sightseers can also watch dolphins or spend some good time while taking boat trips on the river Sal. Get ready for that perfect adventure you have been looking for. After all its Goa and spending some quality time at this place cannot be ignored at all.

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  • 05Cavelossim Beach

    Cavelossim Beach
    What could be a better way to spend your leisure time lazing at the beach? Sounds fun right! Well, it is said that the beaches of Goa are just the right place to make your vacation a special one. Arranged in the middle of the Arabian Sea and the Sal River, the Cavelossim shoreline looks to a great degree wonderful with the paddy fields.

    The contrast colours of the black lava rocks alongside the white sand just add its own wonder to this shoreline. It's an ideal goal in Goa that makes the shoreline get-away amazingly charming and magnificent for globetrotters. It's an unstrained ocean side town in southern Goa that is encompassed by few shack restaurants along the water, where on the opposite side the wear on the main road is lined up with market stalls and known as an abode of holy place-the cream & yellow Church of the Holy Cross.

    Cushioned by a long white sand shoreline, it’s very near to the noteworthy Margao. Cavelossim Beach is ideal for walking or enjoying dynamic interests like going for kayaking or getting a charge out of sailboat cruising. Lying at a separation of approx 12 km from Benaulim, the shoreline appreciates colossal notoriety, as well as considered a standout amongst the most hypnotizing shorelines of India.

    You can basically laze around, have long strolled or head out for Dolphin trips in the wake of experimenting with indulging in a lot of water activities. Not just this, even the nightlife on the shoreline in Goa is very stunning. It's simply a perfect destination for honeymoon couples, adventure freaks or beach lovers. It's a sentimental getaway and one can't stand to miss the wonderful air and magnificence of Cavelossim. Get ready to have some wonderful time while you visit this amazing beach in Goa this time and make your vacation a special one

  • 06Bogmalo Beach

    Bogmalo Beach

    A curving sandy beach and beside a small fishing village, Bogmalo, is located four kilometres from the Dabolim airport. It is ideal for those looking for peace and tranquillity. Being broad, open and flat, this entire region is visually appealing. One part of the beach is fringed by coconut groves and you can also see numerous shipwrecks in the vicinity.

    There is also a dive school here as part of the Bogmalo Beach of House which imparts diving classes for novices and experts. When in this place, do not miss savouring the authentic Goan cuisine. There are numerous beachside shacks for the same. Joel’s is a well-known pub where people flock to. The Bogmallo Beach Resort is considered to be one of the best resorts in Goa to check into.

    A popular and pulsating activity at this beach is windsurfing that draws hundreds of visitors every day. High on adrenaline, the sport requires you have to combine open sailing and surfing skills for this activity. The best time to visit here is from November to March. 

    Snorkelling at Bogmalo beach in Goa

    Snorkelling at Bogmalo beach in Goa

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  • 07Betalbatim Beach

    Betalbatim Beach
    Image Credit : simianwolverine - Flickr

    The Betalbatim Beach is the place to come to enjoy a salubrious holiday in the company of sun and sand. Located just b from Goa, the golden sands blend well with the swaying coconut palms on the fringes. Called the Sunset Beach, the view of the sunset from here is one of the most breathtaking amongst all South Goan beaches. This place is also renowned for the church of St Thomas in Goa. It is also one of the least crowded beach in Goa.

    Amongst the beaches in South Goa, it is famous for dolphin spotting. While in this place you can unwind at Fisherman’s Shack, Monsoon Bar at Greenland or Betalbatim A’s Holiday Beach Resort. Delight in a round of Jet Ski when here. July is the best month to visit the Betalbatim Beach.

    Given that it is a small beach and does not face the East side winds, this region remains unaffected by winds. In this part of the world, the sun rises earlier. Even during the summers, the average temperature is 33 degrees Celsius which is manageable.

    The beaches of South Goa possess all the characteristics to make your visit a pleasant one. Beautiful and less-crowded, there are enough resorts to check-in and enjoy an impressive nightlife. These beaches are considered picturesque of all in India because of the combination of greenery and sand.

    Explore the heritage of this beautiful city & visit the popular churches in Goa.

  • 08Agonda Beach

    Agonda Beach
    Image Credit : Aleksandr Zykov - Flickr

    This is a versatile beach where visitors enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing. A pristine long stretch of sandy shore, the Agonda Beach is only a 90 minute drive from the Dabolim airport. A remote seashore, this place a boon for people looking for secluded bliss. The highlight here is its simplicity and natural beauty. The beach is also the nesting region of the endangered ridley turtle.

    Rama Resort and Madhu Beach Huts are ideal places of stay in this seashore. Plenty of bars are present here and serve liquor at any time of the day. It is one of the best beaches in Goa for honeymoon.

    There are enough beach shacks to choose from. Paragliding, swimming, windsurfing are the watersports one can delight in. Any non-monsoon season is ideal to be here.

  • 09Colva Beach

    Colva Beach
    Image Credit : Eustaquio Santimano - Flickr

    Located 6 kilometres to the west of Margao, this is amongst the oldest and most celebrated south Goan beaches. The coastline runs for about 25 kilometres and is made up of finely grained white sand. On one side coconut groves flank the scenery. 

    The vast expanse of coconut trees stretch into the landscape and cover the region from Bogmalo to Cabo de Rama. Several decades ago, the colonial rulers would visit here given its divine and verdant ecosystem. Today, the rich and famous have built homes and villas beside the beach.

    The Menino Jesus statue is a famous landmark sculpture. A trip to this beach is never complete without a visit to this statue among other places. Sandpat Beach Shack, Colva Beach Resort, Leda Lounge and Restaurant are famous here. Water lovers can engage in paragliding, water skiing and swimming in some parts of the region. It is advisable that inexperienced swimmers do not venture too far. October to March is when you can avail of the best of the sandy shore.

  • 10Benaulim Beach

    Benaulim Beach
    Image Credit : solarisgirl - Flickr

    Benaulim is one of the most enchanting beaches in Goa. It is an ideal location for sun lovers. Located forty-one kilometres from Panaji, this place is laced by greenery as much as it is by the Arabian Sea. As per Hindu mythology, an arrow shot by Lord Vishnu landed here. Hence the original name of this beach was Banavli (arrow). But the Portuguese who settled here changed it to its present name.

    Apart from the beach itself, there are tourist places nearby. Atop a hill close by is St John the Baptist church. The fishermen here are known to be gifted craftsmen as well. The artisans of this beach have carved several masterpieces that adorn churches and nearby homes.

    Best places to eat, drink or stay in this serene place are Rafaels Beach Shack, Johncy Bar & Restaurant, Royal Goan Beach Club and Lotus Resort Benaulim. Those looking for adventure activities in Goa can opt for parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing and boat rides. Come here during November to April and witness the magic of the place unfold.

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