30 Best Beach Huts in Goa - 2020 (with Photos & 3189 Reviews)

Are you a fan of Goa and its beaches? Then you must know about the beach huts in Goa which have a particular space in pulling a number of tourists toward the pristine beaches in the Goa state. A paradise with white sandy beaches on Earth is Goa and everything related to it has a magnificent beauty obviously carved on it. 

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Tourists from India and foreign countries find this tropical haven as a coloured destination to spend ample time amidst the flawless beauty of nature exaggerated by the Arabian Sea and the surroundings. To experience the beaches at its best level, you should try renting a beach hut and enjoy the views without getting affected by the scorching sun. Beach huts are quite common on many of the beaches in Goa and they arrange the best setting inside to make your time splendid and without letting you miss out any beauty on the shore and on the sea. 

The cozy interiors of these huts give special consideration to all the users of them and people who travel on a specific budget will find these huts very helpful and reasonable. The accommodation in them is comfortable and ensuring utmost privacy.

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Check this list out to know the best beach shacks in Goa whole heartedly welcoming you to take an opportunity to stay at a comfortable place overlooking the beaches but at very cheap rates. The list introduces you to Tantra Café and Huts, Green Park Beach Resort, Dunhill Resort, Café Blue Resort, Shanti Village, Abel Cressida Resort and many more.

Here are some of the best beach huts and shacks in Goa:


Tantra Cafe and Huts

Tantra Cafe and Huts
On Anjuna Beach, Tantra Café and Huts is considered to be one of the centrally located beach huts proximate to the coastline of North Goa. Replete with deck chairs and sun beds, it is quite popular among families and tourists alike.The huts are quaint and made of either wood or bamboo.

The beach hut resort is also close to some good restaurants in the area. Tourists can unwind and get a true feel of the electrifying Goa nightlife at the few nightclubs in the vicinity.

The cafe is priced reasonably between 
Rs 3000-4000 per night from November – January. The relaxed atmosphere and quaint accommodation are a great incentive for why you should splurge on the Tantra Cafe.

Green Park Beach Resort

Green Park Beach Resort
Situated on the Palolem Beach, this resort provides a deluxe beach experience; perfect to unwind and rejuvenate. On offer are standard and deluxe huts which come along with a beachfront restaurant known for its delectable seafood cuisine.

Guests can recharge with a spa and massage centre as well as water sport options like kayaking and boat trips. During the peak season from November to February would cost anywhere between Rs1500 – Rs 4500 per night and up to Rs 3000 per night from April to July.
Water sports and dolphin watching are why you should sign up for a luxurious stay at this beach hut.

Dunhill Resort

Dunhill Resort
The resort is located at Agonda Beach, the South of Goa and is an ideal destination in Goa for families and friends owing to its beach-facing restaurants, huts and cottages.
The beach hut stay offers luxurious accommodation which includes cabanas, courtyard and garden view rooms. There are quite a few good restaurants nearby including Green Valley, La Dolce Vita and Cocos.

The in-house bar and restaurant is also quite a popular draw. In the peak season from December to January, the Dunhill resort could cost you anywhere between Rs 3000 to Rs 8000 which is quite a great price considering how luxurious the Dunhill resort is.

Cafe Blue Resort

Cafe Blue Resort
Lolling on the beautiful Palolem Beach, this resort in Goa is surrounded by golden sand and is home to some of the best beach huts in Goa.It offers tourists the option of AC and Non-AC beach luxury rooms which are stacked with the latest amenities.

Each beach hut has a balcony which provides a partial view of the sea.There are a host of restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the area which include Magic Italy and Café Inn among others. The resort’s restaurant serves some mouth-watering international and local delicacies.

There are options for water sports that one can indulge, banana rides and some jet skiing are absolutely recommended. If your visit falls anywhere between November and February, you could end up spending 
Rs 3450 – Rs 5400 per night, what makes the price worth is is the sumptuous food, tasteful ambience and excellent room service.

Shanti Village

Shanti Village

Situated on the Agonda Beach, this luxury resort provides the perfect escape for individuals who enjoy the quieter moments in life. It possesses eight luxury beach huts that are well-furnished and equipped with modern amenities.

Each beach hut comes with large open bathroom and verandah. One of the highlights of the resort is its proximity to some of the best bars and restaurants in the area including La Dolce Vita and Alpha Bar among others. The in-house private restaurant serves delicious seafood.

Among the best beach shacks in Goa, sun bathing is a common sight at this glorious retreat. A night at Shanti Village could cost you anywhere between 3500 to 6000 per night during November to January. And, one can even find out many more best things to do in Goa during the visit with your family and friends.


Abel Cressida Resort

Abel Cressida Resort
Nestled in the midst of lush greenery, this resort is located on the famous Palolem Beach. There are AC rooms as well as other rooms that face the tropical gardens.

These huts are simple and cozy with large balconies attached to them. Banana rides and parasailing are just some of the water sport activities on offer. Proximate restaurants and bars like Dropadi and Café Inn are quite popular and one of the best cafe's in Goa.

The in-house restaurant serves some delicious seafood and international cuisine.  During the peak season from December – February staying at Abel Cressida could cost anywhere from 
Rs 3000- Rs 5500 per night.

Palolem Beach Resort

Palolem Beach Resort
Palolem Beach Resort close to the Palolem Beach is a thrilling prospect for tourists who want to relax and unwind.
The presence of a number of good restaurants and bars offer tourists a chance to indulge in some local cuisine. There are quite a few water sports available like jet skiing and banana rides among others.

The cottages on offer provide a magnificent sea view in Goa. During December – January a stay at this beach shack could cost you Rs 2000-5000 per night.

20 April (Beach Huts)

20 April (Beach Huts)
Located in Patnem Beach, these new beach huts are inviting as they are colourful and well-spaced. The resort offers standard and deluxe huts which are comfortable and perfect for families and friends.

Guests can enjoy dining options while also being a stones thrown away from a bevy of restaurants, bars and nightclubs – Home and Magic View and Silent House Part among others.
Room service and internet access are just some of the main features on offer.  In the peak season of December to February one could end up paying Rs 4500- 6500 per night.

Hangout Agonda Beach Resort

Hangout Agonda Beach Resort
This eco-friendly resort is situated on the north end of the Agonda Beach and is renowned for its great hospitality and luxury beach hut experience. It offers a fantastic view of the seaside.

In here is an in-house restaurant that offers Indian and Continental cuisine. Also conducted are water sports and activities like dolphin viewing and fishing cruises, rock climbing and surfing among others.

Popular among tourists who stay here are the beach and sea-facing huts. If you plan on staying here between October – February you could be spending Rs 2500 – Rs 4700per night for the various huts.

Shanti Agonda

Shanti Agonda

This resort is situated on the famous Agonda Beach and is nestled among tropical trees and lush greenery. The huts are either made of coconut palm leaves or wood and come with an attached bathroom and a spacious verandah that overlooks the beach.

There are quite a few beaches located proximate to the resort including Cola and Rajbag Beach. Nightclubs and restaurants can also be found in the vicinity and the in-house restaurant is among the popular eateries in the area. The huts are stocked with the essential amenities to ensure a secure stay.

Jet skiing and boating are just some of the water sport activities on offer, thereby solidifying its status as one of the best beach huts in Goa. Stay at Shanti Agonda could cost you anywhere between Rs 2600 and Rs 3200 per night in the months from December – February.


Rama Resort

The resort is situated on the south end of Goa, part of the famous Agonda Beach. The tranquil surroundings amidst nature ensure a peaceful stay for all its visitors.

On offer are stylish tents decked with local artifacts and various ethnic embellishments. The in-house restaurant serves exotic local and international cuisine which is quite popular. 

Each suite or hut is exquisitely furnished to provide a comfortable living experience. In the months from November – January guests would pay anywhere between Rs 1500- Rs 3500 per night.



This resort is located near the centre of the famous Patnem Beach and is among the best beach shacks in Goa.It is famous for hosting live music sessions featuring DJ’s and other local musicians. Being close to restaurants and bars, this stay offers a wide array of choices to its guests. Tourists have the option of three types of rooms at affordable rates.

The rooms are tastefully furnished and come with an attached bathroom. The in-house restaurant serves good seafood and cocktails too. During the peak season from December to January guests would be paying about Rs 1200 to Rs 2500.

Om Shanti

Om Shanti
This beach hut resort is located on Patnem Beach and fits the bill of a retreat that re-energizes and soothes the senses. The in-house multi-cuisine restaurant serves some delicious local and western delicacies which are a rage among the guests.

Hospitable staff and excellent service adds to the delight. There are AC huts and garden view huts on offer in addition to some fun water sport activities like surfing and banana rides. During peak season from November – January patrons would be paying Rs 1200- Rs 3000 per night

Cuba Patnem

Cuba Patnem
Situated on the beautiful Patnem Beach,this large property is surrounded by coconut palms and ensures that guests escape to another world. The resort has around 12 AC and Non-AC luxury huts with the latest amenities.

The rooftop balconies offer a sea view which is breathtaking. The resort’s restaurant and bar serves some delightful cuisine which include local Goan dishes as well as other Indian delicacies.
Water sports offered include parasailing, jet skiing and surfing, among others. Hot and cold showers and a quaint writing desk are just some of the amenities on offer, making it among the favoured beach huts in Goa.

If this sounds ideal to you, this getaway could be yours 
Rs 2850 – Rs 7800 per night in the months of December  to February.

Salida Del Sol

Salida Del Sol

This business boutique resort offers businessman a respite from their pressing daily schedules and timelines. There are standard and deluxe rooms as well as suites too.

These rooms provide luxurious amenities which includes a mini bar. Tourists can get their gastronomic fills at the fine dining restaurant. A luxury business experience could be yours at Rs 3850 – Rs 9100 per night during the peak season from December to January


Zaika Zeal Resort

 Zaika Zeal Resort

This private beach resort is perfect for families and small groups pining for a break from everyday life.

Boasting of being one of the best beach shacks in Goa, the place offers king size Goan cottages as well as sea-facing cottages that are fancy and comfortable

The joy of taking in the sea breeze from a private verandah offers an incomparable experience. Another added advantage of the resort is that it is a walking distance from some of the best hotspots in the area – La Dolce Vita and Alpha Bar. The restaurant located within the premises offers a range of eating options which include Chinese and Tandoor dishes.

Sailing is the famous water sport activity in Goa which is offered here. Costing anywhere between Rs 2000 to Rs 4000 a night in the peak season from December to January, this place is sure to surprise you with its fantastic ambience.


Casa Fiesta

Casa Fiesta

Located on Palolem Beach, this resort offers a relaxing experience to the guests. It has a variety of beach huts and bungalows which offer a great view of the sea.

Tourists can sink their teeth deep into the well prepared mouth-watering sea food. The resort offers its guests the opportunity to indulge in boat trips and other fun water activities as well as dolphin trips and picnics.

Making the sojourn more comfortable are the laundry service and pick up and drop facilities. With its homely atmosphere and friendly staff, this is a trip you’ll truly enjoy.

In the peak season from  December – January stay at the Casa Fiesta could cost you Rs 2200 – 3000 per night.


Funtastic Beach Huts

Funtastic Beach Huts

Centrally located on the beautiful Patnem Beach, this resort provides some of thebest beach huts in Goa. Since it is proximate to the beach, guests have the luxury of sunbathing and peacefully strolling along the shore lines. 

The stay has some affordable rooms for backpackers as well as luxury rooms. Water sport activities available include parasailing and water sailing, among others. The sea view cottages are comfortable and form a small village which is quaint and located just behind the in-house restaurant which serves some great-tasting food.

During the peak season from November to January this budget stay could be yours for as little as Rs 800 per night and go upto Rs 3500.


H2O Agonda

Part of a quaint fishing village in South Goa, this resort offers sea-view and garden cottages which are well furnished and stacked with modern amenities.

Also provided are tents for tourists who want to experience life in the outdoors. Tourists have the pleasure of diningin the in-house restaurant which serves organic and sea food.

They can also pamper themselves and relax at the ayurvedic spa. The presence of private balconies allows guests to enjoy quiet moments on their own. During the peak season from December – February the price per night would be anywhere between Rs 4500 and Rs 7000 per night.


Colomb Bay Beach House

Colomb Bay Beach House

Located close to the Patnem and Palolem Beach, this traditional Goan beach house is fashioned along the lines of a quaint villa and is equipped with all the amenities and facilities which will make the stay there a home experience.

The relaxing hammocks and the spacious balcony that provides a view of the Colomb Bay are just some of the highlights of the beach house.

The single beach house has two large bedrooms that have satellite TV and Internet access. The stay at Colomb Bay Beach House in the months of October to February could cost Rs 5000-8000 per night.


Riverview Villa

Riverview Villa

This luxury villa is situated close to the Palolem Beach near South Goa. A two-storied structure boasts of a bedroom, a balcony as well as a riverside pavilion among other amenities.

The villa is equipped with all the modern amenities like a TV, fridge and even WiFi access. Adventure enthusiasts in Goa can avail of the slew of water sport activities like jet skiing, wind-surfing, kayaking and fishing, among others. There are quite a few restaurants nearby that will also deliver meals to the villa.

A stay at Riverview Villa could set you back Rs 20000 in the peak season! But given how luxurious the Riverview Villa is, it is worth the money


Dwarka Eco Beach Resort, Cola

Dwarka Eco Beach Resort, Cola

Lounging on the Cola Beach, this resort is among the lesser known ones and provides an unforgettable experience. There is a private entrance to the retreat which extends for nearly 3 kms.

The beach resort comprises 10 cottages that are tastefully furnished and provide a comfortable and cozy living experience. The cottages are impermanent and are dismantled during the monsoons and are rebuilt after just before the peak season.

The resort offers a buffet for its guests in addition to offering recreational activities in Goa like kayaking and fishing among others. In the peak season from November to January a patron could spend Rs 6000 per night including all meals.


Art Resort Goa, Palolem Beach

Art Resort Goa, Palolem Beach

Located in Palolem Beach, this boutique resort is an innovative concept. It not only offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful location but also ensures that budding artists have a place to showcase their art.

The stay comes with an added advantage of being close to some of the best restaurants and bars in the area including Café Inn and Laguna Vista. Comprising of 6 cottages, the space is exquisitely furnished and tastefully decorated. The khadi inspired interiors are pretty great.

Food lovers can get their fill at the restaurant which offers some great local and Austrian cuisine. In the peak season from December – January sojourners could spend about 7200 – 10,500 per night.




Owned by a Goan-Swiss family, Papayas functions from November to May every year. It comprises a beach-facing bar and restaurant which is a favourite hangout spot among the guests there.

The restaurant serves authentic Goan food. The cottages are all eco-friendly and are made up of local wood and bamboo. The amenities on offer include all the basics which are environment-friendly.

Guests have the chance to indulge in some dolphin watching as well as alligator and bird watching in the Goan backwaters. During the season from October to May, stay at Papayas could cost one Rs 7000-8000 per night




Perfect for a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Simrose Resort is situated on the Agonda Beach. It comprises well-decorated and furnished huts that cater to all types of budgets, making it among the best beach shacks in Goa on offer.

There has been an addition of four new huts (sea-view and garden-view huts). Most of the huts have an open-air bathroom. Guests are appreciative of the wonderful local food prepared here.

Shanti Restaurantis also close by if you are looking for a chance to eat close to the beach.  Stay here during peak season from November to January could cost you Rs 2000-6000 per night.


Village Susegat

Village Susegat
Located close to Morjim Beach, this tiny village comprises of clusters of bungalows that posses all the basic amenities. Each bungalow has its own private garden and is constructed with only the finest eco-friendly material.

The café bar and restaurant provide wholesome and delicious food.The resort provides guests the opportunity to enjoy water sports like sailing and kayaking.

For two days during the peak season, from November to February guests could be spending Rs2500 to Rs 7000.

Agonda Cottages

Agonda Cottages

These 14 luxury cottages are located close to the Agonda Beach and are aesthetically decorated and furnished with the latest amenities – solar heated water and king size beds.

The cottages are also proximate to the beach, offering water sports like parasailing and jet skiing among others. The in-house restaurant offers guests some delectable cuisine which is local in origin.

The presence of a wellness spa is an added attraction for those individuals that want to relax and unwind. In the peak season from November to January guests could be spending around Rs 4000 per night.


Little Palm Grove

Little Palm Grove

Touted as a unique boutique resort and located close to Ashwem Beach, the retreat comprises of sea –facing and garden-view cottages that have their own balconies and private gardens.

The resort offers guests the opportunity to indulge in some fishing and sailing. There is an in-house restaurant and bar that serves some delectable cuisine, a favourite among guests.

The cottages are stacked with all the basic amenities which include a television and even a laundry service for those that want to avail of it. There is also a facility available for guests to hire taxis and cars for the day to take them around. In the months from December – January the cost per night would range between Rs 6000- Rs 700.


Laguna Vista

Laguna Vista

Located close to Patnem and Palolem beach, this resort offers guests the opportunity to rest in the very midst of nature. The stay has a boutique which showcases some fabulous jewellery from Nepal, Indian and Thailand.

There are a number of restaurants and bars that can be found in and around the vicinity. The bamboo and wooden huts are quite quaint and are especially suited for tourists who are on a budget.

A live music night is something which all guests will look forward to. Water sports including jet skiing and parasailing draws quite a crowd. In the months of December – January stay at Laguna Vista would cost Rs 2000-2500 per night.




These beach huts located proximate to the Agonda Beach and offer simple yet comfortable accommodation. Each hut is fitted with all the basic amenities to ensure a pleasant stay.

Bars and restaurants are nearby and can be visited for meals. Water sports on offer include jet skiing and fishing among others. The in-house restaurant provides some amazing cuisine which can be ordered to the room as well. Visiting this place in your Goa trip will definitely make your trip one of the best one.

This rustic ambience could be yours for Rs 1600 – 3000 per night  in the peak season from December to February.

The best beach shacks in Goa are an affordable option for those individuals on a budget. They offer guests a chance to relax and unwind while staying near to the sandy delights.

The highlight is being able to commune closely with nature every morning while also indulging in some fun water sport activities.

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