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  • Pune is your go to city if you want to spend your weekends in the midst of hills, waterfalls and the unique and fascinating amusement parks that even get adults to clap their hands in joy! There are wonders equivalent to Disneyland in the amusement parks in Pune. From water parks to theme parks, your weekend plans can only get better with a visit to these colourful parks!

    Punekars are known for their sense of adventure, so why not taste your adrenaline on a roller coaster plummeting down the steel rails, or a water slide that streaks past jets of water while you squeal in delight? This holiday, get your friends away from laptops, grab your popcorn and cotton candy and get onto the best rides in the different amusement parks in Pune.

    Here are some of the best amusement parks in Pune:

  • 01Adlabs Imagica

    Adlabs Imagica
    Adlabs Imagica is a stellar amusement park in Pune that has redefined grandeur to give you some of the best fun rides in the country! Open since 2013, this fantastical realm of children’s paradise has become a pioneer in providing unique facilities and rides such as the first ever 360 degree dome theatre in India and has even accommodated 5 fantasy themed restaurants offering lip-smacking food for you to relish post those topsy-turvy rides.

    With a total of over 21 attractions, this amusement park has a motion simulation technology ride called Mr. India that will leave you in complete awe! With live performances by acrobats, hip hop dancers and much more, Imagica is not your average amusement park. It’s where magic comes alive!
  • 02Panshet Water Park

    Wrapped snugly in the arms of the Sahyadri ranges, this amusement park in Pune has lured in several visitors over the past few years. This scenic park is located between Varasgaon Dam and Panshet Dam. If you are a water sports lover, then this is the perfect place for you and your friends. Experience the amazing thrill of riding a water scooter and a zooming speed boat and so much more!

    There are several options to pick from while here and some of them include thrills like kayaking, swimming, water scooters, speed boating and surfing all of which you can enjoy to your heart’s content. The park has developed itself to become one of Pune’s most popular attractions and makes for an ideal one day outing for families and youngsters alike!
  • 03Sentosa Water Park

    Sentosa Water Park
    Located along the Mumbai-Pune expressway, this interesting amusement park in Pune has let out the crazy, delightful side of Punekars who want to spend a day reliving their childhood joy! The Sentosa water park in Pune has a landing pool, kiddie’s pool, swimming and wave pool among other amenities and facilities for you to enjoy!

    A part of the Sentosa Resorts franchise, this water park is the perfect choice for those who wish to spend a relaxing day by the pool, with a delicious drink in their hand, and when you feel like it, go sliding through the winding tunnels to land a big dive into the waters! Shake a leg at the rain dance while the DJ plays your favourite tunes and dine in good restaurants by the water park. The park is open from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM, so get going soon to spend a tranquil day out with your loved ones! 
  • 04Krushnai Water World

    Krushnai Water World
    Heard of the Magic Sway? Join your friends and head to the Krushnai Water world this weekend to find out! With creative and thrill-inducing rides like the Black Hole and the Tipping Bucket, Krushani Water World has fascinated both kids and adults alike to don their swimming suits and bolt towards this place! Put your adventure nerves to the test and get on board the twister and spin in circles till your head starts to rotate in excitement!

    Try out the river cruise slide and the crazy cruise too. Get your dance moves on at the rain dance discotheque and plummet 30 feet below to a pool from one of the tallest water slides ever! Located near the Sinhagad Fort, Panshet Dam by National Defence Academy, Krushani Water World is one of the most popular amusement parks in Pune that offer a series of exciting water rides and has an exclusive gaming zone for kids.
  • 05Appu Ghar

    Appu Ghar
    The very name gets a smile going on any Punekars face as Appu Ghar is a dear reminiscence of an awesome childhood! Also known as Indira Gandhi Udyan, this lovely park is located at the foot of the Shir Durga Devi Tekadi and is one of the most stellar amusement parks in Pune! The park has been operating for over 20 years and has maintained an eco-friendly ambience throughout. The park is perfect for all age groups and has seen a crowded atmosphere on weekends, due to its popularity!

    Spend a few hours in this beloved park from 12:00 PM to 08:00 PM on weekdays and from 12:00 PM to 09:30 PM on the weekends and get a chance to see your loved ones relive their childhood days with mirth and excitement! The Disneyland for Punekars, Appu Ghar is known for its roller coaster rides and spinners. The park is also a popular location for birthday parties for kids.
  • 06Diamond Waterpark

    Diamond Waterpark
    That is the impeccable style in which this sprawling water park has been built for the child in you to go crazy! Located in Lohagaon by Water Park Road, opposite the Holiday Inn, this park is one of India’s largest water parks and has achieved stellar international standards in terms of the quality of the rides and the services at the place.

    This scenic and thrilling water park offers several features for its customers of all ages such as the different play stations, Lilly pads, wave pool, kiddie’s pool for children and special family pool with wet bubble for the little ones. Head on for a fun and thrilling time spent worth every penny in this new and exciting theme park in Pune!