35 Places to Visit in Gold Coast, Tourist Places & Attractions

Places to Go in Gold Coast

Australian Outback Spectacular, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Night Markets, Currumbin Rock Pools, Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets, Pelican Feeding Fun and many more.

Embrace the unparalleled energy of the Gold Coast with wonderful sandy seashores, antiquated rainforests, exciting amusement parks, and a lively feasting at the bars. Situated at the south of Brisbane, this strikingly gorgeous city is famed for its rich culture and exciting nightlife. There are numerous places to visit in Gold Coast making it one of the most popular cities in Australia among the tourists.

Regardless of whether it's watching the dawn at Burleigh Heads, spending some family time at Australian Outback Spectacular, or going to Wet ‘n’ Wild, there is a place for everyone. One of the most popular places to go in Gold coast is Mermaid Beach, where you can simply enjoy the water roaring. Some more tourist places in Gold Coast include Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets and Currumbin Rock Pools.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Gold Coast:

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Formulated and brought into existence in the 1970s, Surfers Paradise is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia. Packed with a ton of skylines as high as a kite, rocking night clubs, hip restaurants, an enormous beach with groovy waves and more, the place is truly a paradise not just for the surfers but for every holidaymaker and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

What was earlier a grand wasteland is now one of the grandest costs in the county. In other words, the place itself has seen a number of revolutionary changes since its inception. After suffering through a ferocious fire in the 1930s it was the early 1940s that put Surfers Paradise as a tourist destination in Australia.

Between 1970 and 1990 many businesses saw the opportunity the place had and soon Surfers Paradise was enveloped in various hotels, restaurants and more. In recent times, Surfers Paradise has revamped its entire module to fit the needs for any and every type of tourist; from the enthusiastic millennials to the laid back boomers, the place has everything one would need for a fantastic holiday.

Additionally, Surfers Paradise has also grown into the event culture, hosting multiple events throughout the year. These range from Film and Music festivals to Sand Safari Art culture and various Street Entertainment.

All in all, if you are looking to find the true meaning of a genuinely enigmatic holiday, the one place you need to visit is Surfers Paradise. Loads of activities, multitudes of cuisine and volumes of amenities to admire, Surfers Paradise is a tourist's dream holiday destination.

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Housed on the top floor of the Q1 building in Gold Coast, SkyPoint Observation Deck is a beachfront Observation deck, and the highest one of its kind. Situated at a staggering height of 230 meters above sea level, the Observation Deck commands a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape, and offers the most scenic vantage point in all of the city and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

The Observation Deck looks down directly on the Pacific Ocean, and on the Surfer’s Paradise beach that surrounds it. If one is lucky enough, one might even spot some of the whales and narwhals swimming in the ocean at some distance! Sprawling across two levels, SkyPoint Observation Deck features a lounge bar, a spa and massage center and a bistro of its own.

The Observation Deck is best known for its adventure sport option- the SkyPoint Climb. 
The SkyPoint Climb is an external building climb that takes climbers along a walkway fitted to the exterior of the building. This extreme adventure experience is one of the most sought-after attractions in Australia, and is especially popular for the stunning landscape views that the climb offers.

The attractions at SkyPoint all have specific passes allotted for them, which must be purchased either online or on-site prior to the entry. The best time to visit the building would be during the sunset hours, when one can see the sun setting over the waves in the horizon.

The Observation Deck offers a number of interesting opportunities for grabs, including live music sessions and specially themed dance parties. On Fridays and Saturdays, SkyPoint Observation Deck transforms into an 18+ venue. With popular music and a dance floor to offer, SkyPoint then becomes an ideal party venue.

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Among the many attractions that lure people to Gold Coast, a visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary makes it to the top of the itinerary. Encased in around 27 hectares of protected rainforest, it is not less than a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife buffs. This wildlife sanctuary is a non-profit organization that has been enriching and replenishing biodiversity and wildlife at a rapid speed since the last seventy years and this is one of the best places to go in Gold Coast.     

You can spot here a prolific variety of birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals. It offers an unrivalled opportunity to watch the native species of animals in their natural bushland setting. The best thing about this wildlife sanctuary is that you can have an interactive session with the birds and animals that you haven’t even heard of before.

You can hand-feed the kangaroos, cuddle up with a koala and get up close with the crocodiles and fishes here. You can also spot the koalas curled up in the trees, pelicans lying by the lake, wallaby and kangaroo feeding, and a hungry skippy looking for food here. 

If you’re someone who is not just happy wandering along the well-marked paths and gazing at the wildlife species, then you can even take part in the adrenaline pumping tree-top challenge course here. A wildlife hospital is also located in the sanctuary to ensure the good health of the wildlife species.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has recently added a new section to its vast expanse known as the Lost Valley. Here you can collect information about the supercontinent of Gondwana, and you can witness here distinct species of flora and fauna.
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Coolangatta Beach is one of the most popular sandy beaches in the Gold Coast, and it is renowned for its casual beachside culture. It is a haven for the surfers who wish to explore the underwater world. If you’re an amateur and wish to surf professionally, then you can even learn surfing at the surf coaching centres over here. If you want to pace up your adrenaline to the next level, then you can also opt for skydiving over here and this is one of the best tourist places in Gold Coast.

You can also find the migratory humpback whales on the beach between the month of September to August. The view of the glorious sunset from this beach will leave you totally awe-struck. A huge number of visitors flock to this beach every year due to its tranquil setting and picturesque views. 

Location: Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Best time to visit: January- March and October- December

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Sea World is one of the many amazing attractions of Australia and is located in Gold Coast, Queensland. It is comprised of an Oceanarium, Marine Mammal park, and Theme Park. Sea World is a goblet full of unmatched fun and adventure that includes exciting rides, animal exhibits, and many other entertaining attractions and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

The main aim of the Sea World is to promote animal conservation by educating, rescuing, and rehabilitating the injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife and marine life. The main attractions of Sea World include interacting with Dolphins, Penguin Encounter, SpongeBob Parade Pants, Action-packed Jet Stunt Extreme, Fish Detective Show, and many more.

Visitors can interact with dolphins at Sea World’s Dolphin Breeding Program. The program allows the guests to pet the dolphins, see them doing acrobatics, applaud them, and make friends with these beautiful intelligent water creatures. The Penguin Encounter program allows you to get close and observe the beautiful Antarctic Penguins. 

The Sea World is also home to Sharks, Polar Bears, Sea Lions, and many other animals. The Sea World not only offers incredible experiences with marine and wildlife but also offers great shopping and dining opportunities throughout the massive park. 

Sea World in true sense is a complete fun-filled package for the entire family, making it one of the most memorable and enjoyable day visits at Gold Coast. From children to teenagers to adults, the sea World is sure to add a splash of joy and happiness and give a thrilling experience.
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When visiting Australia, Burleigh Heads is a definite stop on every tourist’s itinerary. Located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Burleigh Heads stands right between Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta. The cool beach of Burleigh Heads is the ideal spot whether you want to enjoy water sports or simply get tanned and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

It is home to Burleigh Heads National Park that offers walking trails to enjoy nature and experience wildlife. Surrounded by pine trees, Burleigh Heads has a number of picnic spots to choose from. You can also spend time exploring the local markets that provide a wide variety of art and crafts.

When in Burleigh Heads, don’t forget to experience the many dining options. You can sit right in front of the ocean while you relax with seafood and beer, or you can enjoy the many sights of the city as you take a table at one of the many cafés in the area. And when you have had enough of the natural sights, spend quality time over luxury dining at the industrial park in West Burleigh.

Whether travelling with family and friends, or taking your first solo trip, Burleigh Heads ensures that you are not left disappointed. With a rich history, a number of heritage sites, and a population count of about 10,000 people, Burleigh Heads is a small town that is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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Dreamworld Gold Coast is the biggest theme park in Australia and is visited by more than one million people each year. However, it is not just its huge size but the immense diversity of attractions and experiences that make it such a loved-spot for locals and tourists alike. Besides being a family theme park, Dreamworld is also a conservatory which works at preserving tigers. Thus, it is not only a vacation spot but actually has great bio-significance for the people of Australia and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

It is home to many animals like Kangaroos, Wombats, and Koalas. This theme park is also famous for having a Tiger Island where you can witness diverse tiger species. It also gives great insight into Australian culture through a Corroboree that recites the history of Australia. The balance that the makers have managed to achieve between culture and fun is probably what makes it one of the top places to visit in Australia. 

You can also enjoy shopping here and fun exploration of your favourite wildlife species. You can also spot here an entire section devoted to educational experiences revolving around the Aboriginal communities. The diverse nature of this park is also reflected in the food joints here, which offer everything from fast food to authentic culinary cuisine. Thus, Dreamworld Gold Coast is almost like a mini-Australia that gives you a chance to get a great insight into the culinary, cultural, and ecological aspects of the country- all while having fun on amazing rides!
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Lamington National Park is well known for its natural environment and furthermore for its immaculate mountains, strolling tracks, birdlife, antiquated trees, and rainforests. It lies on the Plateau of Lamington, Queensland fringe, Australia which is spread over 51,000 sections of land. Lamington National Park is home to more than 180 species, some of which are about to go extinct and this is one of the best places to go in Gold Coast.        

The National Park is 30 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean and is built 3000 feet above sea level. It is constituted with two segments that are Binna Burra and the Green Mountains. Green Mountain stands on the Western Lamington plateau area, known as O’Reilly, a major natural attraction of Australia. On the other hand, Binna Burra is a mountain lodge, situated in the midst of the national park, surrounded by all kinds of flora and fauna. It is the first Ecolodge to be established in Australia.

The park is famous for hiking and bird watching. In addition to these, the tourists come here for bushwalking camping, for a picnic with friends and family. Along with nature retreat, the park also offers many activities such as mountain biking and cycling, four-wheel driving, horse riding, fishing, rock climbing, and more such activities. The National Park was featured in the Australian National Heritage List in 2007 and is now a UNESCO world heritage site.
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Springbrook National Park located a few kilometres away to the South of Brisbane is a perfect getaway from the popular tourist spots with a lot of commotion and merrymaking. As the name suggests, it is a vast area surrounded by mesmerizing falls, lush green forests with a lot of adventure for the tourists and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

The park is mainly famous for its rainforests which is a primary source of attraction and is also known to shelter some of the most exotic species of plants and animals in their natural habitat. Situated in and around a plateau to the South of Brisbane, this national park is divided into various sections, each of them offering something distinct to be explored by the tourists.

Starting from boating to hiking, Springbrook National Park will never disappoint you in terms of all that it has to offer. You can simply stroll around the national park enjoying the lovely view of the surrounding it enfolds and also enjoy the purest delicacies from the cafes located inside.

The overall aura of the place owing to its natural beauty and geographical diversity is what has attracted tourists all over the world.   Be it the wild lilies blooming around the stream or waterfalls, the variety of migratory birds chirping all around or even the exotic animals that play around freely, this park has become one of the most popular tourist spots over the years in Brisbane. Thus, if you are a nature lover, fond of wildlife, this is the perfect place for a day trip amidst the beauty and serenity of the area.

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At the heart of the Surfer’s Paradise lies the best nightlife and shopping avenue of the Gold Coast – The Cavill Avenue Mall. It is the fun and leisure centre of the Surfer’s Paradise, with a number of shops, bars, restaurants, night clubs as well as some of the best food joints. The avenue is a place where you can see some of the incredible live music performances and this is one of the best tourist places in Gold Coast.

Highlights: The Cavill Avenue Mall houses some of the best restaurants that offer a wide array of mouth watering cuisines from all over the world. The close by streets is the major attraction of the Cavill Avenue Mall. The street has some of the best night clubs, tattoo shops and economical yet incredible food.

Location: The Cavill Avenue Mall is located in Surfer’s Paradise and is just a little more than hour an hour’s drive from Gold Coast International Airport.

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Named after David Fleay, a naturalist who pioneered the idea of ‘benevolent captivity’ for the protection of endangered species, this heritage-listed wildlife park is one of the crown jewels of the Gold coast. It boasts of being a comfortable abode for a wide variety of species, including snakes, dingoes, bandicoots, and flying foxes. You can also witness over here the endangered bristle-birds, sea eagles, koalas and wallabies.

The facility has, for long, been a very influential base for the promulgation of awareness programs about the importance of conservation projects. It is also an important research facility for many academics, including David Fleay. This park is spread in around 100 acres, and you can find within its enclosures a multitude of animals being bred in their natural habitat. A day spent here learning about these animals, and the history of the facility would be an ideal experience for every traveller.

Location: Loman Lane, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia.

Timing: 9 am–5 pm.

Entry fee: 9.95 for adults, $8.95 for children (4 to 13 yrs).

Best time to visit: Mornings.
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Sandwiched between New South Wales and Queensland, Point Danger is a headland that offers a fascinating view of the waves breaking alongside its golden coast. It was named by Captain James Cook who invaded this area to warn the mariners of the dangerous coral reef existing in this treacherous coast.

It is the home to a coastal walking track, Point Danger Lighthouse, and Captain Cook Memorial. There is also a memorial dedicated to the sailors and ships who lost their way during the Second World War.

The lighthouse is the major attraction of the area and is considered to be a fascinating piece of architecture. From Point Danger, you can also have an enthralling view of the dolphins and surfers diving into the sea. All this makes it one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast for a memorable experience.

Location: Coolangatta, Queensland.

Timing: Open 24 hours.
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Miami Marketta is the original street food market on the Gold Coast and is simply a blend of various nationalities. Located in the beautiful coastal suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, it attracts a lot of people through its scrumptious dining, dynamic lively music, incredible atmosphere and eccentric entertainment. With seating for over 650 people at any given time, the street food dining area here is extremely international and also known for its extravagant music.

With over 25 vendors from assorted nationalities, Miami Marketta Street Food is a heavenly place for both tourists and locals. It is truly a family-oriented dining service which even includes a designated play area for kids to satisfy their entertainment through arts and crafts. Also available for private hire, the Miami Marketta frequently hosts extensive concerts, poetry slams and various other events. It is open to the public three days a week on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

The timings and the number of vendors, however, differ from day to day. This outdoor dining experience also has four on-site bars that serve boutique wines, organically Australian brewed beer and their exceptional cocktails. Miami Marketta is also the first-ever street food hub in the entire Gold Coast that hosts independent artists and local musicians.

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Currumbin a coastal suburb of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is another major tourist attraction. With a population of around 2,785, it has the iconic Currumbian Wildlife Sanctuary that hails tourists all over the world. The major attraction why people would love to come over here is the Swell Sculpture Festival that is held along the Oceanway between Currumbin Creek and Elephant Rock. This festival is famous for the Artwork that is displayed on private and public places across the Gold Coast region. Exotic animals like fish at the Haley Park, mother seal and pup along the Oceanway, pelicans along Currumbin Creek’s bank, and a horse in the park at Broad beach can be found here. Also, there is a metal goddess within Reedy Creek’s subdivision accompanied by a ship on Danger Point.

Swell Sculpture Festival, Gold Coast Titans Club, and Gold Coast Rugby League, The Bin Short Film Festival.
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Paradise lies waiting for you at Tallebudgera, which is one of Queensland’s unspoiled waterways and best known for its fizzy creek in Australia, surrounded by the Burleigh Heads National Park. You can head for the place if you love swimming, camping, kayaking, and more.

The Echo Beach towards the north is the perfect spot to take a cool dip on a hot, summer day. This part of the creek is usually peaceful and quiet and you can swim anywhere down the river. Tallebudgera Creek is also known for ‘good fishing’ as the ancient Aboriginals used to call this place.

Flathead, small barracuda, mangrove jacks, bream, and whiting are some of the common fish varieties found in the Creek. The major attractions of Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park include the three outdoor swimming pools, beach campground, and self-parking at no cost.

This campground is so much admired that families return to this coveted tourist destination in Queensland every summer. The camping ground is very very touristy and therefore vacationers return every summer to claim their most desirable spot at Tallebudgera Creek seated on the edge of this scenic estuary. 

If you would like to stay here, the Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park has comfortable accommodations close by with flat-screen TVs, tea and coffee makers, microwaves, and housekeeping facilities. There are amusement options for the guests staying at the luxurious hotels, where you can play at the outdoor tennis court, spend time near the kid’s pool, and even get easy access to the Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park playground. 

The Creek waters are calm and balmy, and tourists looking for some thrill or adventure need to take a walk towards the Tallebudgera Beach close for sea surfing. For a taste of Tallebudgera Creek coast, visit the Club Talle or Tallebudgera Surf Lifesaving Club for a sumptuous meal with your loved ones.
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The Glow worm caves in Gold Coast are a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors mainly due to its unique natural features. The Glow worm caves are a man made beauty, constructed in a naturalistic style, complete with stalagmites, flowstones and stalactites.

These caves have been built with the purpose to provide a near natural habitat for the local glow worms of the variety, Arachnocampa Flava. A guided tour takes visitors through the glow worm alley, visible to the onlooker under a red torchlight, and the man made rocks, where photographs can be taken. Visitors also get a chance to purchase various merchandise related to the tour at the souvenir shop located outside the caves.

The caves were thrown open to the general audience in March 2005, before which, construction work in the cave was up in 2004. The caves are designed with complete control systems, which collect insects for the worms and also maintain the level of moisture and humidity within the caves. 
The caves are designed so that it is possible to visit them at any time of the year.

The experience of taking a stroll inside one of these caves is a unique one that tourists can get only at select places in Australia. A guided tour to these caves takes no longer than one hour, and this makes it a perfect fun activity that you can enjoy with kids and elders as well, making it the perfect family outing destination.

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Purling Brook Falls is one of the largest falls in Gold Coast and is one of the major tourist’s attractions in Gold Coast. The gorgeous falls and the surrounding vistas is a sight to behold. The Purling Brook Falls Lookout is a smaller and easier trail to follow with beautiful landscape and abundant flora and fauna. The Purling Brook Falls Circuit is a 4 km journey that starts form Gwongorella picnic area and takes you through the dense eucalyptus forest from where you can descend to the base of the waterfall. From there you will climb through the rainforest to reach back the starting point.

Highlights: Do not forget to book an appointment with the Springbrook Observatory to watch the mysteries of night sky through powerful telescopes. Also, visit the largest glow worm colonies of Australia.

Location: Located at the centre of Springbrook National Park, a World Heritage Site. 
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Right behind the city of Gold coast on a quaint escarpment, about 62 km from Brisbane in Australia sits the gorgeous Tamborine Mountain. It is one of the most tourist-friendly spots in the world. The name Tamborine mountain is given to both the actual mountainous structure that has been formed as a result of lava output from Mount warning, a nearby volcano, and the many small towns and villages that lie along a narrow 8 km ridge of the mountain’s foothills. 

One of the primary reasons for the Tamborine mountain being a holiday attraction for both tourists and locals alike is that it is one of the greenest and calmest places in Australia. It is known for offering people the opportunity to escape the busy streets of the city while also being relatively close to it.

The deep volcanic soils of the mountain sit 550 m above the sea level and create excellent conditions for exotic flora and fauna. The subtropical climate of the hill is pleasant with appropriate rainfall throughout the year. If for nothing else, tourists visit the mountain just to have a look at the fantastic variety of plants and animals living in the region.

With some gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful botanic gardens, and walking trails, Tamborine mountains offer tourists a host of choices when it comes to activities. The view from the mountain and the surrounding highlands is equally appealing, for a bird’s eye view of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Mount Warning are seldom available elsewhere.

For the residents of this slightly rural area, several facilities are available including ambulances, schools and recreational means. As a tourist, you are sure to love the rustic yet modern outlook of the region.
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Warner Bros. Movie World or commonly called Movie World is the biggest movie-related fun park in Australia. It is located in Gold Coast and is based on various DC Comics and the Warner Bros. studio theme. The theme park was built in 1991 and is the oldest Warner Bros. theme park in the world and this is one of the best places to go in Gold Coast.       

The 415-acre theme park is filled with rides which are based on various themes of different Warner Bros. movies. To make the atmosphere in and around the park more enjoyable and fun-loving, many famous characters of the movies hang around so that visitors can take pictures with them.

One can find characters like Batman, Scooby-Doo, Austin Powers, Wonder Woman, Superman and many more. One can also visit the studio nearby, Warner Roadshow Studios which has been the prime studio and produced movies like Peter Pan, Ghost Ship, Fortress, House of Wax, etc.

The Warner Bros. Movie World hosts an All-Star Parade which showcases the various characters from the movies alongside their vehicles.Warner Bros. Movie World is divided into 5 parts or areas viz. DC Comics Superhero, DC Comics Super Villains Unleashed, Kids’ WB Fun Zone, Wild West and Main Street.

The DC Comics Superhero is the area which is home to DC Superhero rides and attractions. DC Comics Super Villains Unleashed is the newest developed area in the park. The Kids’ WB Fun Zone is filled with fun rides from the Looney Tunes show.

The Wild West is the part of the park which has various fun and water rides. Main Street is the main part of the park and is home to many popular rides and parks dedicated to popular animated movies.

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White Water World is a spectacular water park in Australia, alluring tourists from all over the world with its thrilling water slides and roller coaster rides. It is part of Dreamworld, the biggest theme park in Australia. Situated in Gold Coast in the Coomera suburb, the water park was opened in 2006. The main attraction of the park are the three slide towers where you can enjoy Australia's biggest water slides and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

Spread over an area of 9.9 acres of land, White Water World hosts about 10 exciting water rides, a large wave pool along with two areas especially for children. The toddlers and kids can even meet some of their favourite fictional cartoon characters inside the park. All the rides follow the theme of Australian beaches which makes them even more attractive to the locals as well as tourists from abroad. Currently, White Water World has been denoted as the most efficient water park essentially due to its effective water management and environment friendly procedures and technologies. Also during the winters, the water is heated to avoid the riders from being chilled out of the cold. 

The exhilarating water rides attract millions of visitors every year, who enjoy spending an entire day at the park. Other than the rides, there are numerous food and beverage outlets, retail stores and a venue for conducting events. So, if you really want to go wild with the adrenaline push rides then do not forget to add a visit to the White Water World park in your bucket list.
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Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast happens to be a water park situated in Oxenford, Gold Coast, Queensland. The water park is owned and operated by the village roadshow theme parks and is one of the most popular water parks in Queensland.

This is for the reason that, in the year 2009 it has received almost 1,095,000 visitors, which made it rank first in Australia and eighth in the whole world. The park was opened for public in the year 1984. The park remains open for visitors all over the year with heated water in the winter season.

There are four water pools, seventeen different water slides for adults, and two specially constructed places for children inside the park. Some of the major attractions of the Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast are Kamikaze, Tornado, Blackhole, AquaLoop, Buccaneer Bay, Calypso Beach, Constrictor, Flowrider, and many more. 

A visit to the Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast will not only impress you by its amazing world-class water park facilities, but it will also delight your taste buds with various types of mouth watering delicacies in its in house eateries Bombora Burger Bar, Oasis Ice Cream Parlour, Snack Shack, and Go Frozen" Frozen Coke Bar.

Finally yet importantly, to keep the memoirs alive all the time, you can opt to go for souvenir shopping and take some of the collectibles that will keep the memory of this trip to the park alive all through your life.
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Famous for surfing in the lovely beaches and parks, Broad Beach or ‘Broadie’ is all ready to jail the visitors from all over the world. A place full of exciting things to do, it has street artists, shopping malls,five star hotels and the list is almost endless. You may fall short of time but not things to do. So, make a long, long list before you head towards Gold Coast’s exciting beach, the Broad Beach. Being a suburb in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, it has all the razzle dazzle that the visitors would get attracted to. The 24x7 lounges, restaurants, casino bars, and shows is all you need to make your trip a memorable one. Well, the activities to do here can never end. You can shop, eat, surf, walk in the gardens, watch the exhibition.
 Highlights: Art and Craft Markets, Jupiter Hotels and Casinos, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.
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Rainbow Bay, as the name suggests, is a bay and a beach area that is a part of the southernmost beachfront in Queensland. Established in the 1920s, it was initially known as the Shark Bay. Considered to be amongst the most magnificent beaches in Gold Coast, it is loved for its turquoise blue waters and miles of powdery white sands.

Two rocky outcrops flank the bay on either side- Snapper Rocks and Greenmount. The bay at points like Snapper Rocks creates some of the longest waves in the world and is included in the Superbank area. Due to the weather conditions, it is an all year round destination and offers plenty of activities for everybody.

The calm and warm waters are perfect for swimming, surfing, and scuba diving. The marine life of the bay is a great attraction and a lot of people visit for dolphin tours and whale watching.
The bay is safe and has sheltered swimming areas that are constantly manned. It has a fascinating natural attraction of rock pools that get exposed at the time of low tides.

The waters contain fish like Snapper, Tailor, and Bream, and one can enjoy fishing these while at the bay. 
Rainbow Bay is dotted with attractions like Point Danger (that marks the borderline between Queensland and New South Wales) and Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse.

There are plenty of amazing dining options offering cuisines from around the world. 
The beach is accessible for specially-abled people and has great facilities to make your visit comfortable.

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A small rocky perforation on the northern side of the Point Danger, Snapper Rocks is situated at the southern end of Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast. It is counted as the most popular surf beach of Gold Coast as it has appropriate conditions for board riders and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

The amazing Quicksilver pro surfing tour takes place at the Snapper Rocks beach every year and visitors from all over the world gather here in large and large numbers and fulfill their love for surf sports. This place is best for the surfer’s at the time of south-easterly swell due to its super clean waves and the best barrels of the Gold Coast region. Another famous thing here that attracts the tourists every year is the Super-Bank, a well-known man made surf break, letting the surfers to catch a wave to the Coolangatta Beach.

Highlights: Quicksilver pro surfing tour, Super Bank.
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Mermaid Beach is a splendiferous coastal suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is the ideal laidback spot for vacationers seeking a balance between relaxation, water activities, local sightseeing and of course, good food. The heavenly place got its name from the cutter HMS Mermaid that explorer John Oxley sailed aboard in the year 1823 and whilst his journey, discovered the Brisbane and Tweed Rivers. Ever since this beautiful discovery, Mermaid Beach has been engaged all year round with families and beach lovers from across the world. Home to outstanding surf conditions, striking walking tracks and a stunning outlook at Queensland, there is nothing quite like the Mermaid Beach and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

Gourmet cuisine, hidden bars, perfect hangouts, and top-notch coffee are some of the many other specialties here, which makes it a perfect place for unwinding. From modern Australian delicacies to Asian culinary experiences, tourists have no end for dining options, suitable to all pockets. Similarly, surrounding the popular attraction are many beaches facing accommodation choices for tourists to pick.

From luxury villas to beachside huts, there are a plethora of options; all so beautiful! What’s more in the store? People fond of swimming and surfing are sure to fall in love with this beach which along with clean water is heavily patrolled as well; thus safety measures being absolutely taken care of. This enchanting suburb coast is surely a great place to enjoy some time in nature with friends and family.

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The alluring Main beach is located at the Northern end of the Gold coast and has become one of the most-visited beaches there. It is known as the Main beach because it was considered the main beach for surfing to the town of Southport. The beach is a treasure trove of a blend of new ideas and old elements which makes this place a beautiful hang-out for enthusiastic travelers.

One of the major highlights of the beach is the presence of Pavillion 34 which is a casual beach cafe replete with a lot of delicacies like pineapple fritters, fish and chips and a lot more. You will find a lot of vintage memories and photographs which will help you understand what the Main beach was in the olden times.

The bathing pavilion is located adjacent to the Southport Surf club which was established in 1936. In the peak season, the Main beach becomes extremely popular among surfers as it has an open shore break. The Main beach provides a great experience for those who want to sit here with peace and also for adventure lovers.

It also has a large strip of land devoted to cafes, bars, and pubs with classy restaurants to fire up your night. If you want to fill your shopping bags, then you can wander towards the Southport Spit and discover some cool items you can own. To explore and delve into the niceties of Modern and traditional Gold Coast and its adjoining towns, this beach sure presents a golden opportunity for travel-lovers and influencers. 
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Kurrawa Beach lies on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and is popular amongst the enthusiastic surfers. It is well known for hosting the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships by the
surfing enthusiasts and is popular nationally as well as internationally. The Kurrwa Surf Life Saving Club is one of the leading clubs of Kurrwa known for surfing sports and at the same time is popular amongst the locals for its bistro and bar. The trippers across the world come here for spending their holidays and relish a full dose of entertainment along with mouth-watering meals and refreshing cocktails and beers. To the north of the main beach area is a playground and a duck pond for progeny, which is also meant for picnic purpose and barbeques. Activities like cycling, rollerblading, walking, and watching the alluring view are famous things to do here.

 Highlights: Pacific Fair, Kurrawa Surf Club, Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant.
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The Gold Coast has some of the most incredible and popular beaches. Greenmount Beach is one such idyllic beach, characterized by warm white sand and pristine water. The beach is separated from the Coolangatta beach by the coastal head called Greenmount Point. Most of the time, the waves here are gentle, making it ideal for surfing and swimming. Several trails can be taken to enjoy a beach walk. You can take the trail to steer towards the Greenmount Hill to reach Point Danger which is a good place to enjoy whale watching and this is one of the best places to go in Gold Coast.       

Highlights: Greenmount Beach Surf is located at the southern corner where you can enjoy refreshing drinks. Grab a delicious meal at the Rainbow Bay, overlooking the picturesque beach with lapping waves and warm sand.

The beach starts at the eastern end of Coolangatta Beach, at the suburb of Coolangatta, south of Gold Coast.

Timing: N/A

Price: N/A
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Located in the south west of Gold Coast, Natural Bridge is in the local government area of South East of Queensland, Australia. The name has been derived from a rock arch in Springbrook National Park and through this arch flows a tributary of the river Nerang. Situated at the southern extent of the Nerang River Valley, Natural Bridge sits between Binna Bura and Springbook Plateau in the Scenic Rim Region and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

On the western side, it is guarded within Lamington National Park and is dotted with waterfalls, peaks, as well as lookouts that rise above 1,100 meters. A community based camp is run by the Police Citizens Youth Club as an initiative by the community group accommodation centre. Species like cascade tree frog, sooty owl, koala, green cat birds, paradise rifle birds, etc. can be seen in the springbook national park.

Highlights: the nocturnal tour of microbats and glow-worms, walking, bird watching.
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Located at the southern end of Gold Coast, Australia, Miami Beach is clean and sandy, offering the tourists an excellent place for picnic and barbeque. There is no denying the fact that it would be the most preferable holiday choice for the families. There is a playground for the kids for their amusement and fun. Like any other beach, surfing and swimming are the never-ending activities at the Miami Beach and this is one of the best tourist places in Gold Coast.

The famous Pizzey Park is another attraction why visitors would love this place, which is a 5 star Olympic training pool of great Australian swimmers like Hackett. This beach does not lag behind when it comes to recreational activities. You can go shopping, surfing, swimming, or just walk around the beach side. In addition, there are cafes, restaurants, bars that provide excelling dining facilities making it a complete package of fun and joy. Highlights: shopping outlet, restaurants, café, Ocean Beach Tourist Park.
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Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre is a must visit place in Gold Coast for a full day family fun and shopping spree. The shopping centre has more than two hundred outlets of some of the most celebrated brands across the world. Apart from that, the shopping centre also houses some of the best restaurants to tantalize your taste buds. From fresh produce to homewares, fashion to health & beauty, the shopping centre has almost everything for your need. It is a popular place amongst both tourists and locals and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

Highlights: Enjoy the one of its kind cinema experience at the Reading Cinemas in Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre. There are fourteen big screens running the latest blockbusters. If you wish to experience the exclusive luxury and comfortable environment, the Gold Lounge has two separate cinemas with bar and dining.

Timing: On most days the centre is open from 9.00am to 5.30pm
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People Also Ask About Gold Coast

  1. Which are the best places to visit on the Gold Coast at night?

    1. Australian Outback Spectacular: If you want to have some quality time with your family then this is one of most suitable places to visit on the Gold Coast. This place serves a 3-course dinner along with various entertainment shows. 

    2. Wet ‘n’ Wild:  If you are a Netflix lover and love binge-watching your favorite shows then this is one of the best places to go on the Gold Coast. Wet ‘n’ Wild hosts a movie night under the starry skies. This place also has water slides for additional fun.

    3. Night Markets: Miami Marketta is open till 4 am every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, these amazing markets are a perfect place to be with your family and friends. Explore various cuisines, street food, listen to live music and to calm your nerves, there are many bars too.
  2. What can you do for free on the Gold Coast?

    1. Currumbin Rock Pools: If you’re looking for a place to visit on the Gold Coast where you can spend some time in isolation with nature then Currumbin Rock Pools is the hidden gem.

    2. Surfers Paradise Beachfront Market: If you want to know about city life, Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets are one of the best tourist places in Gold Coast. The center of attraction here is the street performers and live music.

    3. Pelican Feeding Fun: If you’re a nature lover then Ian Dipple Lagoon is one of the must-to-go places in Gold Coast. People from all over the world come to this place to feed the Pelicans with hands.
  3. What is famous on the Gold Coast?

    Gold Coast is one of the best holiday destinations in Australia as it has a lot to offer which includes beaches, surf, theme parks, shopping, nightlife, etc. Surfer’s Paradise is the most visited place on the Gold Coast known for its golden sand.
  4. What are the best water sports in Gold Coast that we can book through Thrillophilia?

  5. What are the best adventure activities in Gold Coast that we can book through Thrillophilia?

Newly Added Gold Coast Experience

Gold Coast Travel Guides

We chose jet ski and flyboarding option on this tour and are very happy with the experience. Flying above the waters and in the middle of beautiful views added a cherry to the cake. Thank you thrillophilia for providing Gold Coast water sports combo ticket at cheap prices
60 metres above the ground gave me chills. The instructor was very good and he gave me all the necessary information. After he helped me wear all the safety gears, I was confident. I am glad I was able to do it and I am glad I choose this.
Adventurous zipline and too above most beautiful views, it was a perfect combination. Going above the greenery at a great speed and winds blowing on my face refreshed me. Gold Coast canyon flyer zipline tour was better than perfect.
The driver was very friendly and he helped us reach the airport without letting us miss the flights. It was a budget transfer option that we could choose and value for money as well. The vehicle was clean and air-conditioned. Thanks to the driver and thrillophilia
Shared Gold Coast airport transfers was a comfortable and convenient package. We did not have to worry about being transferred to the hotel as the driver was at the right time. Would recommend this over taxis
Alex took care of me while I was surfing. He was so friendly and knowledgable and helped me learn from scratch. He even showed us his skills which were amazing. I would recommend beginner surf experience in Gold Coast to all.
Being a beginner I was worried about availing this tour at first. But Thrillophilia did what it promised. I was so excited when the experience started. I could learn the basics of surfing and show off my moves to all. Thank you Thrillophilia for this package.
It was a thrilling time. From booking tickets to availing it everything was very easy. This was my first time and at first I was scared but then I I started to get the hold of it, I enjoyed it throughly.
this experience in Gold Coast was one the most memorable . Driving a jetski gave me goosebumps and being an advance one, we could do so many things. At that moment I could feel the adventure reaching at max level.
The ground staff which helped us throughout this package was super friendly and supportive. We enjoyed thoroughly and had a great overall experience. I personally liked parasailing and will recommend to all the travellers.

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