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Beach Camping in Alibaug | Book @ ₹ 1199 Only!

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Lohagad Fort Trek, Lonavala | Book @ Flat 29% Off!

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  • Alibaug beaches are not only famed the picturesque backdrops but are also a hub for water adventures. Indeed the unmissable part of the beaches is the sunset and sunrise as this time the beauty of the quarter enhances and is worth embracing. Most of them are braced with the trails of coconut and the sparkling golden sands add up to their realm.

    Whether you are looking for an escapade away from city life or just wish to admire the scenic views of nature, these beaches are the best. Ranging from the Nagaon beach where you can witness jet-skiing to the quaint beaches like the Awas beaches here you can explore the one which attracts you.

    Apart from the basic activities, these stretches of sand also cater to scuba diving, snorkeling and more such amazing yet once in a lifetime experience. Also, you can stroll along the shimmery sands or just sit back unwind in the tranquil setting they offer.

    Here are some of the best Alibaug beaches:

  • 01Alibaug Beach

    Alibaug Beach

    The beach of the namesake of the Alibaug coast, Alibaug beach is one of the most popular beaches with the sight of Colaba Fort providing the perfect view. A short boat ride from the beach will take you to the popular fort which has been the sight of many skirmishes in history.

    The bastion was also the sight of the headquarters of the Maratha Army. While here, you can also visit the Ganpati Temple, which is almost 400 years old. 
    Popular amongst locals as well as tourists, the Alibaug beach has remained popular for the past many years for its clean coastline with a touch of history!

    Alibag Beach, 402201

    Beach Camping in Alibaug | Book @ ₹ 1199 Only!

    Beach Camping in Alibaug | Book @ ₹ 1199 Only!

    NNNNM351 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlAlibag


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  • 02Kashid Beach

    Kashid Beach

    A beach town located along the shores of the Arabian Sea, Kashid is located in the Northern Konkan Region of Maharashtra. Located approximately 30km away from Alibag this is an unspoiled beach that treats visitors with the unparalleled vistas of the horizon and azure waters, that makes it one of the best Alibaug beaches.. 

    A beautiful symphony of colours; the blue waters, the lush green fields, white sands and merry silver rivulets are all the blessings you can enjoy when you visit this paradisiacal beach.

    The 3km long coastline is cossetted between two sturdy outcrops of rocky hills and bracketed by groves of casuarina trees on either side. During the weekends, the beach is secluded from the visitors and is uncluttered. On this gorgeous beach which has stunning waves of epic proportions that are perfect for surfing and other water related adventure sports.

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    Leisure Stay in Alibaug Resort

    Leisure Stay in Alibaug Resort

    NNNNM401 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlAlibag

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  • 03Nagaon Beach

    Nagaon Beach

    One of the best beaches on the Alibaug coastline, Nagaon Beach is famous amongst tourists for its clean and uncluttered sands and surf. The clean sands and undeterred coastline as well as proximity to other beaches like Akshi make it a preferred choice of residence for most. 

    The beach is also well known for various 
    water sports in Alibaug. A walk through the coconut and betel nut plantations will surely refresh you to no end and provide that perfect respite from hustle and bustle of everyday life!

    Location: Nagaon Village, Alibaug 402201

  • 04Murud Beach

    Murud Beach

    A beautiful vantage point to the unconquered fort of Murud- Zanjira, the Murud Beach is a serene and peaceful retreat located along the coast of Rajapuri. A number of hotels, resorts and homestays dot the area around Murud that is peaceful to the extent of seeming unpopulated.

    The sea floor is relatively smoother and easier to swim or play in. It is also very safe for kids in terms of the dynamics of the waves and ocean movements. 
    You can also indulge in various sports like paragliding or para-sailing or just stroll in the fine sands to feel the sand between your toes.

    From Murud, it is a short ferry ride to the fort of Murud-Zanjira, which has remained unconquered despite repeated attempts by the Dutch, Britishers, Maratha and other armies.

    Dapoli, Alibaug.

  • 05Rewas Beach

    Rewas Beach

    The beach of Rewas is mainly popular for the jetty services that are operated between the port and Mumbai. Along with the Mandwa Jetty, Rewas is another popular beach from where you can play between Alibaug and Mumbai. If you love biking, then there is good news; there is a facility of carrying a two-wheeler on the ferry for a nominal charge.

    The beach of Rewas being relatively cut off from the crowds enjoys a pleasant and tranquil climate throughout the year. Therefore, it is one of the best Alibaug beaches and is one of the best 
    attractions in Alibaug.

    There are a number of resorts and hotels in and around Rewas where you can enjoy a fun-filled day out with family and friends or a chilled out trip with just your buddies by your side. A stunning experience to remember lifelong is that while you are on the jetty between Rewas and Alibaug, you can enjoy unparalleled views of the Uran beach right from the middle of the water.

    Location: 6 km from Kihim Beach, Alibaug.

  • 06Kasim Beach

    Kasim Beach
    Image Credit : Ankur Dave

    A relatively unknown beach, Kasim lies on the relatively unexplored part on the Alibaug coastline but, is one of the best Alibaug beaches. The beach is unexplored and offbeat which makes it perfect for all those solace seekers.

    The Kasim beach spreads across as far as the eye can see and the sands look so inviting that you would wish to just settle down at this beautiful destination! The unexplored nature of this destination makes it an ideal getaway for the bohemian traveler, as well as backpackers who just want to chill out in the company of nature.


  • 07Varsoli Beach

    Varsoli Beach

    Serving as a naval base of the Indian Navy, a visit to Varsoli beach is certainly worlds away from anything you have ever experienced until now. Located at a distance of approximately 3km from the main Alibaug Bus Depot, it is a popular tourist destination that is blessed with bountiful natural sights. The beach is dotted with a few rocky stretches which make it an ideal destination for water sports in Alibaug.

    The rows of casuarina trees dotting the shore look like a picture out of a storybook. The beach is also famous for adventures such as Banana Boat Rides, Parasailing, water jets etc. It is the perfect destination for all those looking to pepper up their travels with some adrenaline pumping activities.

    Location: Raigad, Alibaug.

  • 08Korlai Beach

    Korlai Beach

    A calm peaceful shoreline with alternating stretches of white and dark sands, Korlai lies along a quiet extent of the Arabian Sea. Adjoining the Korlai Beach is a town of Korlai Creole Portuguese-speaking Indians, who are the original natives of the land. A bridge adjoining the beach directly leads to the Korlai Fort, which is located inside of the ocean.

    The fort is joined to the Terra by a land strip that passes through the Korlai bastions through the Korlai Village. 
    It is estimated that the fort was constructed by the Portuguese in 1521. The main entrance of the fort has an engraving which stands to mean 'no entry without a battle'.

    The fortification has seven doors,
    sweet water well, a church that is lying in disuse, a Hindu temple and a lighthouse which is still utilized for the route. The existence of all these historic structures alludes to the fact that the area was indeed one of immense importance to all the armies.

    Korlai Town, Korlai Village, Kashid 402202

  • 09Mandwa Beach

    Mandwa Beach

    A popular beach in Alibaug, Mandwa Beach is also one of the most common weekend getaway destinations around Mumbai due to the ferry service that runs between the gateway of India and Mandawa Port. Located close to the beaches of Alibaug and Kihim, it comes forth as a destination abundant with solace and peace, those two diamonds so hard to find in the city life.

    The beach is a huge expanse of a virgin, white sands shielded by the calming shade of the coconut palms and fronds dancing in the breeze. The Mandwa village too has its own charm of being a hamlet that is adorned in the simple pleasures of a laidback and idyllic lifestyle.

    There are also various tiny farms and sprawling plantations of bananas, mangoes, and coconut that keep you company when you amble along the countryside. Mandwa can be easily reached from the nearby beaches by a rickshaw or in a private vehicle.

    Location: Mandwa, Alibaug.

  • 10Akshi Beach

    Akshi Beach

    If a clean and clutter free beach is what you are looking for on your next holiday, then Akshi beach calls out to you! One of the best Alibaug beaches and most secluded beach, it lies between Nagaon and Alibag beaches and does not see much inflow of tourists due to its location and seclusion. Populated by the locals, it is one of the places where you can see the local lives of the residents come alive in all their colors and beauty!

    The best way to experience the charm of Akshi beach is to stay in one of the beaches from cottages or homestays. Who doesn’t love waking up to the sound of seagulls and the whoosh of casuarina groves and Coconut Palms!

    Raigarh District, Alibaug 402201

  • 11Kihim Beach

    Kihim Beach

    A rocky beach of immense beauty, Kihim is known to delight visitors with its sands and surf for the past many years.  The climate of Kihim village and beach is mainly tropical with heavy rainfall during the Monsoons. You can easily reach Kihim Beach from Alibaug as it is located just 12km away between Alibaug and Mandwa beaches.

    Deemed as a bird watcher’s paradise, Kihim still sees a healthy inflow of migratory birds due to the dense cover of trees and forests. The combination of warm sands, rocky outcrops, and rare seashells has been known to have a soothing effect on visitors! 

    If you are more of the adventurous kind, you can also enjoy a tented holiday sojourn right on the shores of Kihim. A walk in the woods across the beach is highly recommended if you want to see rare birds and butterflies flit by. You can also take a short trip to Kihim Pond, Kanakeshwar Temple or Karmarkar Museum.

    Alibaug, Raigad 402201

  • 12Saswane Beach

    Saswane Beach

    A relatively lesser known Alibaug Beach, Saswane lies on the continuing coastline of Awas and Alibaug. The village adjoining the beach is largely residential with a few bungalows that directly face the seaside. The laidback town of fishermen and farmers is sure to lull you into a deep sense of calmness and solitude; the blessings of being in Alibaug! 

    The beach being close to the Mandwa Jetty is a popular weekend getaway destination for travelers from Pune as well as Mumbai. The waves on the beach being relatively and the ocean floor being a flat and rarely undulating surface, it is a safe beach to indulge in water sports or activities like swimming even for kids.

    Location: Saswane, Alibaug.

  • 13Revdanda Beach

    Revdanda Beach

    If you long to explore the true nature of the Alibaug coasts, then Revdanda is the undisputed choice for you. Revdanda Beach is also famous for the Revdanda fort which is located off the beach, and can be accessed easily. The fortress holds a great importance in history as this was the place where St. Francis Xavier delivered his first sermon in India.

    The chapel still exists on the fort and the ruins 
    tell a story of an era long bygone. Revdanda was also the place where the first Russian traveler landed in India and a monument hold testimony to the fact. This great historical place is also significant to the Jews in the area.

    14 km from Kashid Beach, Kashid.

  • 14Awas Beach

    Awas Beach

    Love the quieter sides of cities? Explore the unexploited beauty of Awas beach which will promisingly make you fall in love with its charm. The serenity of the aura and the soft noise of the waves moving here and there is not only a feast for the eyes but soul as well.

    Elegantly arched palm grooves, soothing vibes, and jaw-dropping backdrops is what this beautiful beach is made up of. To unveil the secrets it holds, and get ready to be amazed by the surprises.

    Location: Village Awas, Alibaug 402201, India.


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