Jammu to Leh Ladakh Distance & Route Map - Travel Guide 2024
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Jammu to Leh

Jammu to Leh is an exciting journey on its own that passes through Leh-Manali highway. If one is a pure adventure seeker, this route is just in perfect harmony with it. With a no disappointment in views and picturesque locations all through the way, one is actually traveling from one paradise to another.

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A crossover from the beautiful lake, numerous monasteries, amazing passes are a cherry on the top of this trip providing multiple stopovers and getting embraced with the Mother Earth with naked eyes. Apart from natural to man-made wonders, one will surely pass through local delicacies loaded with fruits and dry-fruits which is a treat to eyes and appetite at the same time making your trip to Leh-Ladakh amazing.

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This journey is a breathtaking experience for all those who wish to cover Ladakh from Jammu via road travel. It is perfectly safe to travel on the route with friends and families in respective cars, bikes or tempo travelers, as one wishes to. One can also confirm the status with locals or news channels of Kashmir valley before leaving from Jammu for extra concerned safety reasons. A marked distance of 815 km from Jammu and a really long but amazing drive will land one up in Leh. If one wishes to cover the journey, they have two routes available to choose from.

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Route 1

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Route: Jammu - Udhampur - Patnitop- Srinagar- Sonmarg - Zoji La - Drass - Kargil - Mulbek - Lamayaru - Saspol - Leh
When some valleys calling out loud and scenic sky with green valleys turn your mood up, one takes a 2-hour drive towards Udhampur. The city is 4th largest in Jammu region and stands as a strategically important place. From here, another 2-hour drive lands up in Patnitop. This is a beautiful touristic location and a hill-station at an altitude of more than 2000 m. 
Srinagar is the next stop from here and a drive of approximately 7 hours is required. This heaven is a must stopover for anyone to visit attractions like Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh etc and embrace the beauty from the depth of the heart. Not just this, famous freshwater Dal lake is here where one can take a Shikara boat ride and engross in the serenity.
With 2 hours and 30 minutes drive ahead, one pass through glittering Sonmarg. One may experience the presence of Army here with every hundred meters or so. 
After another 1 hour drive from here, one gets to meet Zoji La Pass which is a very high altitude pass at 11,640 feet. Before crossing this pass, one needs to register themselves for security reasons. From here, another 1-hour drive will take one to Drass. This drive will pass through the roughest road of this entire route. A lot of dirt and boulders are expected here and hence, it is recommended to take extra caution during the monsoon season.
Kargil or the land of war is the next destination from Drass and is approximately 65 km. The road is very well smooth and guarded heavily by army personnel. This place makes the spirits go high and makes one proud to be a part of India. This is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh
With some more drive, Mulbekh will welcome with a grand Mulbekh Monastery. The most exciting feature on the monastery is a stone carving of Maitreya Buddha and it is well evident that it was carved multiple centuries ago. Move ahead with some more 68 km and drop yourself at Lamayuru. This village is visible when one drives downhill from Fotu La pass. Lamayuru is well known for one of the oldest monastery or Gompa and a unique landscape can be noticed.
About to reach Leh, another stopover could be Saspol which is about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Lamayuru and is very much famous for some old caves. Drive for last 78 km and land at Leh, at last! The route is surely just non-disappointing with numerous attractions and adventurous drive, all at once.

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Jammu To Leh Routes


Route 2

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Route: Jammu - Udhampur - Patnitop - Srinagar - Sonmarg - Zozi La - Drass - Kargil - Batalik - Dah - Leh

Not very different from the above-described route, one needs to take a little detour from Kargil to follow the route. But to cover the path through Batalik, one needs to acquire Inner Line Permit either from Kargil or Leh. Make sure to carry a number of photocopies of the permit to cross the check-posts.

The very scenic and extremely beautiful path is avoided by many due to its proximity to Pakistan. The journey will also get a little longer through this and one can break it into various patches to reach Leh. Another important piece of information to note is the best time to visit Jammu to Leh by road route.

From mid-May to mid-July, it can be considered as one of the best times due to no-snow and no-rain weather. Though the months of July to September can also be considered but with little caution and safety due to monsoon arrival. Later on, slight to heavy snowfall can be expected on the route and can be avoided.

Check out the Delhi to Leh guide before you start planning your next trip.

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Places to Visit During Jammu to Ladakh Trip



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The dense urban city, of Jammu, is famous for its pleasant weather with an ode to architecture, nature and ancient classy beauties. On shall visit Raghunath temple, Amar Mahal Palace, Dogra art museum, and Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex to immerse in breathtaking architectural masterpieces.

Mata Vaishno temple is a highly visited pilgrimage center that attracts thousands of pilgrims every day. Delicious food and cool winds become a cherry on top when one utilize the opportunity to be in Jammu.

Check out the Srinagar to Leh guide and go for a hustle-free 

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Ladakh Winter Tour Package Explore All (7)


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A hill-station that falls on NH44 is famous for breathtaking views, Sanasar lake, and activity like paragliding from the top. Winters are so amazing that one feels to stay here longer and enjoy spaces like Baglihar dam, Nathatop, Naag Mandir etc. This location is famous for honeymoon couples with amazing stay options, snowfall, and amazing picturesque locations. Patnitop is a must-stopover when one travels from Jammu to Leh.

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A heaven on earth doesn't even need an introduction of its own. It is famous for the amazing freshwater Dal lake where travelers love to take a ‘Shikara' ride and soak in the natural beauty. Apart from that, it is known for gardens, waterfronts, and houseboats.

Moreover, Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Pari Mahal, Hazratbal shrine, Chashme Shahi, Jamia Masjid are some of the major places one must not miss. And the amazing weather is a big support to the visit for sure. Srinagar is a must-stopover when one travels from Jammu to Leh.

If you are looking for a true adventure experience, check out our best-selling Manali Leh bike trip and Manali Leh jeep safari packages.

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Dal Lake

A mix of 3 beautiful lakes that make Dal is a pleasure to look at. The lake supports a number of floating plants and flowers that also support fishes and the local community. Houseboats are fame on its own on which visitors take a ride throughout the lake while getting clicked.

From June to August, the lake glows like shine and glitter in the sun for which thousands of tourists flock to Jammu. Witness the mirror-like reflections and backdrop of snow-covered hills while taking a ‘shikara’ ride.

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 Also known as ‘Meadow of Gold’, this hill station is settled near Nallah Sindh. The mesmerizing valley views and presence of Gadsar lake, Nilagrad, Baltal, Yusmarg is a cherry on top. One must pay a visit to Sonamarg for sure to relish in the natural beauty, bask in the shiny sun and walk to nearby places for a perfect time.

Click here to check out the festivals of Leh-Ladakh and witness the beautiful culture of this region. Sonamarg is a must stopover when one travels from Jammu to Leh.

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Zoji La Pass

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One of the highest mountain passes, Zoji La, is also known for its adventurous location and thrilling ride. This pass separates Kashmir valley from Drass valley and is an important link connecting Ladakh and Kashmir. This pass gets blocked during the winter due to heavy snowfall as it is present at a height of approximately 11,575 feet. Zoji La Pass is a must stopover when one travels from Jammu to Leh.

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Often called as ‘Gateway to Ladakh’, Drass is at an elevation of 3300 m. It is also known for coldest place in the country and has various attractions in and around like Manman Top, Gomchan Valley, Dongchik, Bhimbet Stone, Dras War Memorial, Draupadi Kund etc.

Interaction with the locals is another amazing part and if you are lucky, take a visit to local homes. This rustic charm is just a peace to look at and brings culture combo at a new space.

Check out the best trekking trails in Leh-Ladakh and feel the real adventure.

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Kargil War Memorial

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Built by the Indian army, it commemorates India-Pakistan Kargil war and the heroes who lost their lives to protect their motherland. Here, at the memorial house, one can see the pictorial description of the major events that took place during the war.

 Apart from this, the memorial has a Sandstone wall where the names of all the soldiers are present. One can also choose to hire a guide as they can tell about the peaks captured by the Pakistani soldiers which are clearly visible from the memorial.

Here are the best Leh-Ladakh bike expeditions if you are looking for the best adventure experience.

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A land to remember for 1999 India-Pakistan war is what comes in mind on hearing the name of Kargil. Settled at an elevation of 8780 feet, it is also situated on the banks of Indus river. Major attractions like Kargil war memorial, Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum of Central Asian and Kargil Trade Artifacts, and Sheikh Mussa Shariefi. One must take a visit to Kargil for sure to embrace nationhood. Kargil is a must stopover when one travels from Jammu to Leh.
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With the name and fame of Mulbhek monastery or Mulbhek Gompa, the town is getting flourished by many travelers these days. This monastery is located at the top of a small hill which is around 200m from the road. It is here only that Chamba statue and inscriptions attract from a faraway point.
The statue pictures standing future Buddha which dates back in ancient times. Mulbhek is a must stopover when one travels from Jammu to Leh

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Leh Private Tours Explore All (65)
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Namika La

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One of the highest pass, also known as Pillar or the sky pass, is crossing 12,139 ft. This pass falls on the way while one travels between Mulbekh and Lamayuru. It gives a barren backdrop with marked Yellowstone depicting the name and height and marked by Tibetan flags. Namika La is a must stopover when one travels from Jammu to Leh.

If you are looking for a peaceful stay on your trip to Leh-Ladakh, you must check out the campsites in Jispa.

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Fotu La

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Another high pass on Jammu-Leh road route falls Fotu La. WIth 13479 feet, the pass excites all for its highest marked point even on this whole route. Rugged brown mountains, sharp curves and bunch of Tibetan flags mark this location. Fotu La is also famous for Prasar Bharti station which serves Lamayuru.

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Lamayuru Monastery

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This Buddhist monastery is a treat to the eyes, not only when once go in but also from far away. Built in the 10th century, the monastery is studded with beautiful colors and murals on walls. Wooden structures, rocky ruins, are another feature to look at within the Lamayuru monastery. Lamayuru Monastery is a must visit place when one travels from Jammu to Leh.

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Alchi Monastery

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Alchi village in Leh district has a gem in its pocket with the name of Alchi monastery. Surrounded by hills from all the sides, this monastery is a huge complex with detailed well marked in and out. From beautiful entrance gate to tall statues inside, it is a breathtaking experience making it one of the best places to visit in Leh. Also, the walls and ceiling are just beautifully decorated with colorful murals that are photogenic as well as soothing.

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Likir Monastery

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A stepped hill monastery that catches an eye even from a great distance on its way depicts Likir Monastery. The most famous 23 m high Buddha statue is a gem here which is sitting calmly at a high-end. The walls and ceilings are flanked with paintings, stone relics, murals, and art crafts. Also, there is a school on the campus to teach the details of Buddhism.

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Confluence of Indus and Zanskar River

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When two rivers meet, the two variations depict a beautiful mix. Clean blue Indus when budge with dusty Zanskar, it shows color variations within a smaller range only. Surrounded by barren mountains around with beachy area below is a place worth to watch for and click multiple pictures at the same time.

Check out the guide to the most offbeat and challenging trek in India- Chadar Trek guide.

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Magnetic Hills

A patch on the highway that is known for magnetic properties is called Magnetic hill. It is believed that magnetic properties are so high at the point that cars start to move uphill against the gravity due to earth’s magnetic properties. It is also said, this is only a false and vehicle moving uphill is only due to an optical illusion. The place welcomes many adventurers who are on their Manali Leh Srinagar bike expedition. Magnetic Hills is a must visit place when one travels from Jammu to Leh.

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Gurudwara Shri Pathar Shahib

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A famous pilgrimage center of Leh highway is the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib which has a famous stone statue within the shrine. With a brief history at its back, the Gurudwara is being protected by the Indian army since ages. It is must to visit place which is led by high steps and awesome views all around the area.

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Another heaven for which travelers love to reach every year in thousands is Leh city. Marked with the beautiful market, bike rental services, and much more, this high-desert city has other attractions to add up as well. This includes Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa etc. Apart from that, it is a major hub from where travelers take their various routes to different locations around.

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Best Places to Visit in Ladakh


Khardung La

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While on a visit to Nubra valley or Shyok, this romantic highest motorable road is also welcoming the visitors with an open arm. This pass is a picturesque location where colorful flags add charm to the glory of the surroundings. One of the best mountain passes in Ladakh, Khardung La is supported by dramatic landscape and splendid weather.

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Shanti Stupa

Built very recently, this high altitude stupa has its own grandeur with two welcoming floors. Relics of Buddha are present inside the ‘anda’ of the construction and were enshrined by 14th Dalai Lama. This location is extremely scenic and perfect for peace and meditation with the charm of the Himalayas supporting from all around.
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Pangong Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes in Ladakh is undoubtedly Pangong lake and its brackish waters. This lake is soothing to eyes and soul with the sun shining in it and a great backdrop of the Himalayas hanging near it. Multiple camps are present around the location for a sustainable stay. Moreover, the lake even freezes in winters making another thick ‘chadar' in Ladakh.

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Nubra Valley

A masterpiece on its own, Nubra is embellished with Shyok and Nubra river. This peaceful location is settled away from city hustles and has a sight to behold in eyes. Brown to green sights which settled with villages and local people make the place more amazing making it livelier in a sustainable way.
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Tso Moriri Lake

Clear, beautiful and pure lake with beautiful sight around is a surprise within the barren surroundings. The brackish lake still freezes in winters despite its salty nature. One can also enjoy sights of migratory birds and distinct species around the place and capture the best scenic moments in cameras and eyes.
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Shey Monastery

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 A hilltop beautiful monastery was built in 1655 then and is mostly in ruins now. The grand 12m statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is grand to look at. The colorful murals are complimenting the walls and ceiling of the interior. Also, the monastery upholds two festivals every year that attracts hundreds of visitors not only from the nearby village but even from distant locations.

Looking for options to stay in Leh-Ladakh? Check out the list of best homestays in Ladakh.
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Hemis National Park

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One of the highest altitude National Parks in the world, Hemis is a beautiful park with a most dangerous set of species. Hemis National Park offers nature lovers a varied landscape, the mountains of various shapes and sizes, vast flatlands, cold deserts, and more. One can also seek some of the rarest and endangered species and feel the nature very close being here.
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Namgyal Tsemo Monastery

This monastery was founded in the 15th century and its flawless white color makes it glow in brown barren hills from far. This hilltop monastery is famous for a high 3-story Buddha statue which is solid gold in color. The colored frescoes and detailed paintings support the interiors exclusively and attract visitors from all over the world.

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Spituk Gompa

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One of the most spectacular Gompas is located on the hilltop near the Indus River giving a subtle expression of religion and scenic beauty.  Travelers experience the huge throne of Dalai Lama inside and can immerse in Thangkas which is depicting painting on silk or cotton showing Lord Buddha. Moreover, antique arms and masks are also can be seen here.

If you are from Mumbai, you must check the Mumbai to Ladakh packages and start planning your dream trip.

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The Hall of Fame

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It is a museum well built and maintained by the Indian Army in order to pay respect and memorize those who lost their lives in Indo-Pak war. From the grand entrance to museum gallery displaying arms, ammunition seized by Indian Army from Pakistan, pictures of war heroes and stories of their pride; all are here! One surely fills their heart with pride and love for the nation while on a visit here.

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Thiksey Monastery

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This monastery will let one see the personified grandness at a large scale. Marked with wonderful views around, detailed and depicted interior walls, brilliant architecture; all could be noticed with naked eyes right in this barren land. A 2-story statue of Maitreya Buddha will delight its visitors in a quick and is surely a must to visit place when one in Ladakh.

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Diskit Monastery

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Also known as Diskit Gompa, the tiered monastery is a treat to look at. Heavily described murals within and grand structure outside is just a perfect blend to visit it. A 32 meter tall Buddha in sitting and calm gesture is adding a royal glory to the monastery and is also visible even from far. One must not even dare to miss the location next vacation.

Click here to check out the Leh-Ladakh rentals and plan a hustle free vacation.

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Hemis Monastery

One of the most popular attractions in Ladakh is tucked in foothills of Himalayas. The monastery is well enriched with a large number of Thangkas or paintings, which are exhibited during one of the famous festivals in Ladakh making it one of the best monasteries in Ladakh. One can sit in the courtyard, bask in the sun and click hundreds of pictures here for a perfect time in Ladakh.
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Places To Stay During Jammu To Ladakh trip


Stopover Stay at Srinagar

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In A Shikara, Dal Lake: There are multiple Shikaras to spend a night at in the middle of the lake. These floating houseboats give an attractive view, soothing aura and comfortable beds to lay at. Choose any rusty and wooden houseboats, online or offline, and stay here at least for a night. They offer amazing services, multiple rooms and attached bathrooms for ease.

Radisson, Srinagar: A luxury and the brilliant location is what Radisson, Srinagar has to offer. With perfect amenities like swimming pool, laundry service, multi-cuisine restaurant, and personal room service, Radisson is a perfect place to spend a night at. Ample parking space is also available for the ease. The rooms are well studded with brilliant spaces and calm interiors, making the stay amazing.

Walisons Hotel: A 3-star hotel peeking from the corner of the eye provides best of their services in a quality budget. With elaborated courtyards, gardens, in-room services, comfortable rooms, and rusty galleries, all are here to serve its guests royally. Interiors are most eye-catching with detailed carpets, wooden aura and a perfect ambiance to make the stay near to perfect.

RK Sarovar Portico Srinagar: The grand royal hotel gives a mystic look in and out. From carved jali patterns to stone patisseries, calm spa center to a multi-cuisine restaurant, all are right here in nature's lap. The comfortable and snuggly rooms will deliver a brilliant space to sleep overnight and other amenities are ready as well for the ease.
Asian Park Hotel: Marked in a Greek style from outside, the hotel is an abundance of amenities. Right from the lobby to the restaurant, rooms to garden, one will fall in love with the zone right then. Child-friendly, laundry services, and free breakfast is another addition to the hotel's ambiance. A good parking space is an added advantage for car or bike travelers. 

Planning a road trip to Leh-Ladakh? Read about the best time to visit Leh-Ladakh on bike and plan your trip accordingly.

Planning a Honeymoon trip to Kashmir, check out: Kashmir Honeymoon Packages From Bangalore

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Stopover Stay at Kargil

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Image Credit : hotelkargil.com
Hotel The Kargil: Modern architecture and brick studded exteriors attract the eyes of the travelers from far. The beautiful spaces like rooms, lobby, restaurant etc. Moreover, the staff and members are extremely helpful. One must come and stay here for a respite and get refreshed in the brilliant aura it presents.

Hotel Barula: Standing tall in between nature, this hotel has a rocky touch. With beautiful rooms and modern amenities, one gets to enjoy food in their rusty restaurants. The grand gardens and multi-step entry is perfect for a nice ambiance. Enjoy the aura in this vacation of Barula and one will not get disappointed for sure.

Hotel Royal Inn Kargil: Amazing experience, helpful staff, and comfortable stay define the hotel in brief. Moreover, when one overlooks the grand mountains from here, they just get an amazing feeling. Apart from that, one gets good services and delicious food with a nice stay over here.

Hotel Chhutuk Heights: This nice and pretty hotel is love on its own. The location is awesome and the comfort is highest with this hotel. When it overlooks the river, it just soothes the heart and soul. The rooms are brilliant and the garden will take your breath away. One can definitely keep the option up and high for an amazing stay.

Hotel Silk Route Inn: This blue hotel is a cherry on the cake which overlooks the river giving an amazing view from the rooms. Rusty rooms loaded with amenities and attached bathroom will give you an easy aura. 
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Things To Know On Jammu-Ladakh Trip


Petrol Pumps on Jammu–Ladakh Highway

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Since one is passing through major places like Sonmarg, Drass, Kargil, one can find pump stations at Nagbal, Ganderbal, Kargil and Khalsi. Make sure you fill the tanks full for an unhindered journey all through from Jammu to Ladakh.
Moreover, at Srinagar only, one can find many gas stations to begin a swift journey
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ATMs on Jammu -Ladakh Highway

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Before anything, one must take enough cash from Jammu and Srinagar only as ATMs are rare to find. Yet you can find them in Ganderbal, Manigam, Wussan, Kangan, Hari Ganiwan, Gund, Sonamarg, Drass, Kargil, Shargole, Saspol, and Leh. Only a very few services accept credit or debit cards here so make sure to carry a good amount of cash on the trip.

Click here to check out the Srinagar to Kargil guide.
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Mechanics on Jammu -Ladakh Highway

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Since one is passing through major town, mechanics are available at multiple locations from Jammu to Leh. If some major issue has erupted, it can get solved at Srinagar or Leh only but the minor issue can be dealt with local mechanics only. So it's advised that you should acquire some skills to prepare your bike before and during the trip.

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Mobile Connectivity

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We would tell you beforehand only that only postpaid connections work within Jammu and Kashmir region and prepaid connections do not catch any services. Almost all the connections work here with twitchy breaks but BSNL, Airtel has the best catch. Vodafone, Idea, Reliance doesn’t work very swift. And talking about internet speed, the services are very low and poor. Above all, BSNL has the highest range all over the region.

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Safety Tips and Extra Guidelines

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When one has decided to hit the Jammu-Ladakh route and make their journey memorable, some added tips and guidelines will surely help.

-It is best to keep an eye on news headlines and locals must be regularly talked with to keep yourself updated with a little unsafe Kashmir valley.
-Keep the permits and their photocopies along with Photo ID card always in your pocket for an easy pass through the Army checkpoints.
-Ensure the amount of cash and petrol in the tanks at the same time as ATMs and Petrol stations are few on the way.
-Drive on the rough and curvy patches very slow for an easy journey.
-Keep a basic medicines kit in your bag for an emergency.
-Keep the environment very neat and clean to make the journey sustainable.

Check out the list of campsites in Sarchu for a comfortable and peaceful stay during your trip.
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Things to Carry on Jammu to Ladakh Road Trip

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-Photo ID card
-Inner Line Permit
-Moderate luggage
-Phone charger and Battery Bank
-Swiss knife or cutter
-Woolen Clothes

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Inner Line Permits

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Issued by Govt of India, one can apply for the permit even online at http://lahdclehpermit.in/. For those who wish to take it offline, has to approach District Collector office. A mere amount of Rs.400 has to be paid for the same. This has to be taken by Indians as well as Foreign Nationals, who do not belong to Jammu region.

 Foreigners visiting Ladakh are required to obtain a Ladakh Protected Area Permit (PAP) before entering this region. This pass is valid for 3 weeks for Indians and 1 week for foreigners.One needs to carry it to visit places like Nubra Valley, Khardung La, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri, Dah, Hanu Villages, Man, Merak, Nyoma, Loma Bend, Turtuk, Tyakshi, Chusul, Hanle, Digger La, Tangyar.
This permit is compulsory for all, without any exceptions.

Make your trip most exciting with all the guidelines defined above and drive safe with any vehicle you carry all the way. Make happy memories and save them for a lifetime with you.

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People Also Ask About Ladakh

  1. How can I travel from Jammu to Leh?

    By train: The nearest railhead is the Jammu Tawi station and you can board some prime trains that will take you from Jammu to Leh. These trains include Jammu Tawi Express, Shree Shakti Express, and Rajdhani Express.

    By air: Aerial transport is the fastest means to reach Leh from Jammu. Flights depart from the Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport and within just 1 hour ten minutes you can reach Leh.

    By road: You can hire a cab from Jammu to reach Leh in about twenty-three hours.

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  2. How far is Ladakh from Jammu?

    The distance between Ladakh and Jammu on road is 681 kilometers while the aerial distance is 298 kilometers. Therefore if you want to go from Jammu to Leh, board a flight because that will take less time.

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  3. Is there any train from Jammu to Leh?

    Yes, the Shri Shakti Express that departs at 3:05 PM from Jammu Tawi railway station takes you from Jammu to Leh. The nearest railway station to Leh is Kalka and after reaching this station you can board a taxi to visit the top sites.

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  4. Can I take the vehicle on rent from Jammu to Leh?

    YES, you can take a vehicle on rent from Jammu to Leh for an outstation ride round trip. However, make sure that you are booking the car at least 1-2 weeks ahead so that you can make the most of the best rates for quality services

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  5. Is Jammu Leh Highway safe?

    Yes, the Jammu Leh Highway is safe for you to plan a journey. But there can be times when the situations go out of hand and the authorities impose a curfew. If by any chance you hear such news, it is better to postpone your trip or avoid the Kashmir Valley altogether.

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  6. Do I have to take any stopovers in between?

    Yes, you must take a stopover in between when traveling to Leh from Jammu. Most vehicles usually take a halt at Mulbek for homestays and food.

    Enjoy the breathtaking aerial view of Ladakh range with our flight inclusive package, Book Now: Leh Ladakh Tour from Delhi with Flight
  7. Where can I stay in between Jammu Leh highway?

    There are many homestays, cottages, and hotels where you can stay when traveling through the Jammu Leh highway. For instance, you can stay at the Shangrila Hotel or Mantra Cottage if you wish to have a break.

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  8. What are the best Kashmir Tour Packages that we can book with Thrillophilia?

  9. What are the best Kashmir Honeymoon Packages that we can book with Thrillophilia?

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