Jeep Safari in Ladakh

Ladakh Jeep Safari Packages

Duration Price
Ladakh Sightseeing Tour with Flights6 days & 5 nights
INR 36,500
Leh Ladakh Jeep Safari Package from Manali10 days & 9 nights
INR 25,350
Manali Leh Manali Jeep Safari12 days & 11 nights
INR 37,800

Jeep Safari in Ladakh is an exciting adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of northern India. The Leh Ladakh trip is a thrilling and scenic adventure and a must for every traveler. You’ll get a chance to explore rugged terrain, high-altitude passes, serene lakes, and ancient monasteries.

The safari typically starts from Leh, the main town in Ladakh. During the journey, you’ll pass through remote valleys, barren deserts, and snow-capped mountains. Professional guides and experienced drivers will be by your side throughout the journey. They ensure a safe and enjoyable trip on challenging roads and high mountain passes like Khardung La.

During your jeep safari in Ladakh, you can interact with local Ladakhi people. Additionally, you can also visit picturesque villages nestled in the Himalayas. You get to witness traditional festivals and visit ancient monasteries like Thiksey and Hemis.

Camping under the starry sky adds to the overall Jeep safari experience. Sitting by a bonfire, sharing stories with fellow travelers, and enjoying Ladakhi cuisine make this adventure even more memorable. Jeep safari in Leh Ladakh is a unique blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty. It promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

Popular Jeep Safari Routes in Ladakh

1. Srinagar-Leh: Srinagar to Leh is a popular jeep safari which starts and ends at Srinagar. During the journey, you can explore scenic landscapes, including lush valleys and rugged mountains. The journey also covers picturesque spots like Sonmarg, Kargil, and Lumayuru. It is known as the best jeep safari in Leh Ladakh that showcases the beauty of Kashmir and Ladakh.

Distance: 420 kilometres

Duration: 9 to 10 days

2. Manali-Leh: The Manali to Leh jeep safari is popular among adventure enthusiasts from all around the world. You’ll drive through challenging yet stunning terrain. Additionally, you’ll cross through high mountain passes like Rohtang, Sarchu, Pang, and Baralacha La. The journey also offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, pristine lakes, and colourful valleys. It is an adventurous jeep safari that showcases the rugged beauty of the Himalayas.

Distance: 426 kilometres

Duration: 1 day

3.Nubra Valley via Khardung La: Embark on a thrilling Nubra Valley via Khardung La Leh Ladakh jeep safari. Pass through the world’s highest motorable pass, Khardung La, and descend into the beautiful Nubra Valley. Witness desert-like landscapes, lush villages, and the famous Diskit Monastery along the way. It is a journey that combines high-altitude thrills with scenic beauty.

Distance: 150 kilometres

Duration: 10 hours

4. Kaza-Keylong-Sarchu-Leh: The Kaza-Keylong-Sarchu-Leh jeep safari is an epic adventure. You’ll travel through remote and rugged terrain, crossing high-altitude passes like Kunzum La and Baralacha La. Experience the unique landscapes of Spiti Valley, Lahaul Valley, and the stunning beauty of Ladakh. It is a challenging yet rewarding journey for those seeking adventure and natural beauty on your Jeep safari in Ladakh.

Distance: 1,905 kilometres

Duration: 46 hours

5. Kargil-Suru Valley-Zanskar: Discover the beauty of Kargil, Suru Valley, and Zanskar in Leh Ladakh jeep safari. Explore historic Kargil and lush Suru Valley with charming villages. Marvel at the rugged Zanskar Range’s beauty and rich culture. Capture stunning Himalayan views on this memorable journey through remote landscapes. Experience the essence of Ladakh’s natural and cultural treasures on this exciting safari.

Distance: 249 kilometres

Duration: 5 hours and 46 minutes

6. Leh-Pangong-Tso Moriri: Embark on a thrilling jeep safari from Leh to Pangong to Tso Moriri. Visit the famous Pangong Tso Lake with its mesmerising blue waters and scenic surroundings. Then, head to Moriri Lake, known for its tranquil atmosphere and stunning views. Admire the beauty of Ladakh’s high-altitude lakes and capture memorable moments on this incredible journey.

Distance: 587 kilometres

Duration: 4-6 days

Best Time To Take Jeep Safari In Ladakh

The best time to take the Leh Ladakh jeep safari is during the summer months, from June to September. The weather is pleasant during this time with clear road conditions. It makes it safer and more enjoyable to travel in rugged terrain. During these months, high-altitude passes like Khardung La, Chang La, and others are usually open. It allows access to various scenic routes and destinations. The temperature is mild during the day, however, it can get a bit chilly during the evenings. Before embarking on the journey, it is important to check the road conditions as they can change quickly in mountainous regions.

Places To See During Ladakh Jeep Safari

1. Pangong Tso: Pangong Tso is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ladakh to visit during jeep safari. It has stunning blue waters and is surrounded by tall mountains. This lake stretches a long way, rewarding you with the best views. You can click pictures and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this lake. It is a must-see attraction that adds to your overall jeep safari experience.

2. Nubra Valley: Nubra Valley is a must-visit on a Leh Ladakh jeep safari. It is famous for its desert-like landscapes and lush green villages. You’ll cross high passes to reach here, like Khardung La. The Nubra Valley in Ladakh has unique sights like sand dunes and the Shyok River. You’ll also get a chance to visit the Diskit Monastery for a cultural experience.

3.Khardung La: Khardung La is a thrilling stop on jeep safari in Ladakh. It is one of the world’s highest motorable passes. The air gets thinner as you go higher, offering a unique experience. You can enjoy stunning views of the stunning mountains here and click beautiful photos. Khardung La in Ladakh adds an adventurous edge to your jeep safari experience.

4. Tso Moriri Lake: Tso Moriri Lake is a stunning place to visit on a Ladakh jeep safari. This lake has an altitude of 14,836 ft and it is surrounded by majestic mountains. The clear blue waters of the lake reflect the sky, creating a mesmerising sight. You can spot migratory birds like Greylag geese and Northern Pintail. Moreover, you can also spot wildlife here like the Tibetan wolves.

5. Chang-La Pass: Chang-La Pass is a must-visit during jeep safari in Ladakh. It is one of the high mountain passes in Ladakh. Once here, you can admire the beautiful views of the mountains and click pictures. Enjoy the cool mountain air and take a break at the tea stalls. Chang La Pass adds excitement and natural beauty to your safari adventure.

6. Alchi Monastery: Alchi Monastery is a historic gem to cover in your Leh Ladakh jeep safari. Marvel at the ancient murals and intricate artwork inside the monastery. Take a peaceful stroll around the monastery complex and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Additionally, learn about Tibetan Buddhism and its rich cultural heritage.

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Ladakh Jeep Safari FAQs

Why is Jeep Safari In Ladakh so famous?

Jeep Safari in Ladakh is famous for its high-mountain passes, beautiful lakes, and scenic valleys. It offers thrilling adventures with challenging terrains and breathtaking views. The safari also allows travellers to explore remote areas and experience the unique culture and traditions of Ladakh. It is a memorable journey filled with natural beauty and adventure.

What are the things I should carry for Jeep Safari in Ladakh?

Here is a list of the things to carry with yourself for the Jeep Safari in Ladakh.

- Identification documents

- Passes and other permits

- Vouchers and Trip related papers

- Mask and Sanitizers

- Backpack (max 60 Ltrs) with rain cover

- A smaller day pack

- Full sleeve shirts/T-shirts and track pants

- Cotton and Woollen socks

- Full sleeves sweater or fleece jacket (preferable)

- One jacket

- Thermal inner wears

- 1 pair of gloves

- Sun cap and scarf

- Light towel

- Lip balm, Moisturizer and Sunblock (SPF 40+)

- Reusable Water bottle 1 Lt

- Headlamp or torch with fresh pair of batteries

- A personal toilet kit and toilet paper

- Personal medicine kit

- Dark sunglasses (U/V protected)

- Miscellaneous items (personal)

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How many passes we can cover through Ladakh Jeep Safari?

Ladakh is also known as Land of High Passes, you will get the opportunity to visit quite a few of them. If you are starting from Manali, you will be able to cover 5 passes-

  • Rohtang pass (13050ft) 
  • Baralacha Pass (16020ft)
  • Lachungla Pass (16617ft)
  • Tanglang La pass (17587ft)
  • Changla Pass (17,590 ft)
  • Khardungla (18380ft) 

 If you are starting from Srinagar, you will be able to cover, Zozila pass (11, 649 ft), Fotu la (13,478 ft), Khardung la (18380ft)

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What are the documents which we need for Jeep Safari?

Apart from the Inner Line Permits (ILP) that you would need to access certain locations, ensure carrying several photocopies of your valid ID proof, 2-3 passport size photographs. Apart from these documents mentioned above there are also some fees that is needed to be paid at Manali for crossing Rohtang and also environmental fee. You need to carry copy of the receipts. Carry your driving license, pollution control certificate for vehicle if you are taking your own vehicle. If you don’t won’t all these hassle it’s always good to book a tour package.

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How many days are required to explore Ladakh?

Exploring Ladakh in 10 days allows ample time to visit key attractions like Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley, and monasteries such as Thiksey and Hemis. Trekking opportunities abound in the starkly beautiful landscapes. Adventurers can savor Ladakh's rich culture, serene lakes, and breathtaking vistas, making for a fulfilling journey.

If you want to trek, you may have to reconsider the number of days. The best advice will be to plan the trip well in advance, and decide which places you wish to see – this will help you come to the number of days it will take you to explore.

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What are the various precautions to be undertaken while doing Jeep Safari In Ladakh?

Here are a few precautions to keep in mind during and before the Jeep Safari in Ladakh .

- It is important to consult a doctor for fitness before joining the tour.

- Carry any prescription medicine for long-term diseases.

- If you are parents to toddlers and young kids below the ideal age of 10, it is best to avoid this tour or bringing them along.

- As the trip will progress and reach higher altitudes, it is highly important to get acclimatized to the lower oxygen levels and colder air, and not keep driving.

- Carry all important and relevant documents on you, at all times.

- If getting symptoms of HAS (high altitude sickness) like - loss of appetite, dizziness, difficulty sleeping and breathing etc. Please get in touch with the tour head at the earliest.

- About the vehicle, it is advised to get it serviced right before the tour and also give it rest by taking a break so that the ride is smooth and the car wouldn’t break on the way.

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What kind of clothing is required for the trip?

During the day you will need the general summer cloths you wear – jeans, tops, shorts, etc. however, after sundown the weather gets chilly so always keep handy a pullover and a jacket. Rain and snowfall may take place in June and July and therefore wind cheaters and raincoats come in handy.

What are the symptoms of High Altitude sickness? How long does it take to get acclimatize in Ladakh?

Some common symptoms of high altitude sickness are giddiness, loss of appetite, lack of sleep and difficulty in breathing. The best way to get acclimatize in Ladakh is a natural rest for at least 48 hours before starting to explore and travel.

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What network services are good at Ladakh?

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that only postpaid connections work in Leh Ladakh, limited to BSNL, Airtel and MTNL only. BSNL has the widest coverage followed by Airtel. Moreover, only some places like Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso (Lukung, Tangste 34 KMs before Pangong Tso), and Chumathang; and recently on the list, Hanle will have any connectivity and it will be erratic mostly. It will be a good idea to keep your friends and family informed in advance about your whereabouts.

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Are there any ATM’s in Leh?

Yes, Leh has ATM’s owned by Axis Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Punjab National Bank and State Bank of India. It is strongly recommended to carry enough cash because ATM’s can be non-functional sometime due to heavy demand. Also, there are no ATM’s available on the highways and places outside the Leh town, hence, it is highly recommended that you carry sufficient cash as even credit/ debit card acceptance will be an issue and most of these locations do not have this facility during Ladakh jeep safari

Ladakh Jeep Safari Reviews

Bhaaswar Dwivedi
Reviewed: 06 Mar 2017
A pure learning experience throughout. It is a golden chance to meet different types of people and their attitude towards a precious location. A magic destination worth spending your money and time. Leh Ladakh won’t disappoint you but gives you a lot of tricky challenges on the way. My dream come tr... Read More
Bhaaswar Dwivedi
Bhaaswar Dwivedi
Bhaaswar Dwivedi
Bhaaswar Dwivedi
Bhaaswar Dwivedi
Bhaaswar Dwivedi
(4+)View All
Uttam Kaniyar
Reviewed: 24 Jan 2020
Breathtaking place, Lots of tourists visited this place every year, Just loved everything I had experience there with the group... All places were my favorite... Amazing stay, foods, and people... 8-days in Leh-Ladakh was the best days of my life
Bankimchandra Mukhopadhyay
Reviewed: 11 Dec 2019
All that I've been waiting for was fulfilled...At-last I got what I wanted...I want to visit this place and plan for many years but this time it works out as Thrillophilia offers the budgeted-package plus everything was amazingly-organized which we felt safe to travel with them...The coordinator and... Read More
Phani Raj
Reviewed: 25 Jul 2019
One of the best tours I have had. Experience with Thrillophilia from pre booking, post booking and during the tour updates were amazing. The private cab (Innova Vehicle) provided was very good with well experienced local driver who could navigate and speak local language for support. I would like to... Read More
Aagneya Nambeesan
Reviewed: 06 Mar 2017
One of the finest tours I found at Thrillophilia. I was waiting for Ladakh season to be started to book through this site. I planned for bike ride but at the last minute my bike got some problem and I had to send it for repairing and then I was asked to book this tour. But I enjoyed the trip since m... Read More
Aagneya Nambeesan
Aagneya Nambeesan
Aagneya Nambeesan
Aagneya Nambeesan
Sandeep Nema
Reviewed: 28 Jun 2018
It was a very good trip. Few glitches here and there, still, overall it was nice. People from the vendor were very friendly and cooperative and their help did make me feel safe and I could enjoy myself more. We were part of a bigger biker's group and 90% focus was on them only. This made me feel a b... Read More

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