Kongka La Pass Overview

Amongst the most beautiful and mysterious places in the country, With our Ladakh trip packages, you can explore Kongka La Pass a highly restricted mountain pass that falls in the Chang-Chenmo region and has many UFO theories associated with it. With an altitude of 5171 metres above sea level, the Kongka La Pass in Ladakh is situated in the Line of Control between India and China.

Located on the disputed India-China border in Ladakh, in the mighty Himalayas, the Kongka La Pass is a low ridge pass that falls in the area where the armies of the two countries fought a war in 1962. Additionally, it is also one of the least accessible areas in the whole world. 

Besides a rather tragic history of war, the Kongka La Pass is also often referred to as India’s very own Area 51. This is predominantly due to a multitude of reasons, one of which is the infamous Indo-Sino War, which ended in the Kongka La Pass being unofficially declared as sort of a “no man’s land,” meaning everyone was told to stay away from it. 

This is followed by a trail of unusual activities that have taken place in Kongka La Pass over the years. These include sightings of UFOs, and bright lights with bizarre shapes, and basically no explanation for it. Many pilots have also claimed that their guidance gear and navigation equipment starts to glitch and malfunction in this area, which is why they tend to avoid crossing it.

Many theorists have also claimed that there are several unidentified caves here, which tend to appear and disappear sporadically, along with sightings of flying saucers. This has given rise to the theory that there could be a secret alien base here. 

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• Head over to the infamous Kongka La Pass in Ladakh and learn about its tragic yet rich history .
• Explore the regions surrounding the pass, and enjoy soaking in some of the most beautiful natural landscapes and their vistas.
• Interact with the locals and discuss about their version of theories related to the pass and the mystery behind it.
• Get a chance to experience the glitching of navigation equipment, something that has happened to a lot of locals and pilots over the years.
• Many people have witnessed sightings of bright lights with bizarre shapes here .

How To Reach

The Kongka La Pass is not directly connected to any other nearby cities or regions by road. Therefore, one must hike their way to the pass. To get to the Kongka La Pass from Leh, you can avail a bus or taxi to Shyok, located around 125 kilometres away from the city. Then, you have to trek your way to the pass, for a distance of around 70 kilometres, through dense forests, varied terrains, etc. 

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Kongka La Pass is from May to September, during the summer months here. These months offer some of the most beautiful sights of the Kongka La Pass and its surrounding landscapes.

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Other Essential Information

Things to know before attempting a visit to the Kongka La Pass in Ladakh:

  • The Kongka La Pass is located at an extremely high altitude, and has a very high degree of steepness, where you can experience lack of oxygen. It is advised to carry supplementary oxygen to be used in case of emergency.
  • Altitude sickness is quite common here, and that can lead to nausea, breathlessness and blood pressure issues. Hence, people with heart ailments, asthma or any such illness are advised to not take up this journey.
  • This is a remote region with a difficult path, you should carry necessary items such as snacks, water, etc to ensure a smooth journey.
  • Do not venture out in this region to explore without informing anyone.

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Point of Interest for Kongka La Pass
Kongka Shankou Base

Kongka Shankou Base

Also known as the Chinese Border Outpost, the Kongka Shankou Base is located at an elevation of over 5,000 metres above sea level, at the junction of the Chang-Chenmo rivers and Kyapsang. From here, you can witness sights of the confluence and the China National Highway 219.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Kongka La Pass FAQs

What is the Kongka Pass Incident?

The Kongka Pass Incident took place in 1959, when Indian troops crossed the pass in an attempt to establish their posts on the Lanak Pass. Due to this, a clash took place with the Chinese soldiers who were posted on the Kongka Pass. As a result, 9 out of the 70 Indian soldiers were killed, while 10 were taken as prisoners. On the other hand, the Chinese soldiers reportedly suffered one death. The event was further described as a “brutal massacre of an Indian policy party” by the Indian media. The Kongka Pass incident also preceded the brutal Sino-Indian war of 1962.

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Why is the Kongka pass also known as India’s Area 51?

Located near Ladakh, in the mighty Himalayan mountains, Kongka La Pass is a hotbed for unusual activities. These range from the sudden appearance and disappearance of caves, to UFO sightings as well as weirdly shaped lights, all of which have no plausible explanation. Furthermore, many locals, as well as army personnel both from the Indian and Chinese sides, have stated on numerous occasions that they have experienced glitches in their navigation equipment.

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