What to Do and What Not to Do on the Chadar Frozen River Trek

Once you have decided to travel to Leh Ladakh for trekking, there are a plenty of treks that you can take. One of the most preferred, adventurous, and challenging treks is the Chadar Trek. The Chadar Trek, also known as the Frozen River Trek, is an attraction for tourists and trekkers from all over the world. Nestled deep in the whirly passages of beautiful, snow-clad mountains, the Chadar Frozen Trek area is a pure bliss. Known locally as the Zanskar Gorge Trek, this trek path is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Apart from the amazing trek, you can also plan a nice getaway in this locality when you plan to visit the connecting villages here. One of the picturesque and interesting treks that the Himalayan region offers in India, Chadar Trek is totally worth every penny you spend. Don’t you believe us already? Read on to know more.


What to Do on the Chadar (Zanskar River) Trek?

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What to Do on the Chadar (Zanskar River) Trek?
Image Credit : Source by Partha - Flickr
  1. Inform close people about your trek itinerary. Therefore, even if your phone is not reachable, they will know where you are exactly on a particular day. Also, leave the number of your trek leader or the company that organized the trek, so they can contact you in case of any emergency.

  2. Always keep yourselves warm. Wear warm clothes as the temperature can drop extensively, unexpectedly.

  3. Eat and drink water as frequently as possible. There are high chances of people skipping to drink water due to cold climate and eventually getting dehydrated.

  4. Carry your own first-aid kit and necessary medicines. Bruises and cuts during the trek are quite common.

  5. Walk briskly and carefully. The ice sheets will be slippery, and you need to be careful.

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What Not to Do on the Chadar Frozen Trek?

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What Not to Do on the Chadar Frozen Trek?
Image Credit : Source by vijay_v82 - Flickr
  1. Do not litter anywhere. Littering will spoil the beauty of the route. Do not throw away plastic and non biodegradable stuff on the trail. It is your responsibility to take care of the trek trail.

  2. While bathing in waterfalls, do not use chemical soaps or any other harmful substances. The locals in nearby villages use the water from the falls for their drinking purposes.

  3. Do not be loud or rude towards co-trekkers. Try to voice your indifferences in a matured and polite manner.

  4. Do not disobey the advices of your trek leader. He/she will be more experienced and know the situation better.

  5. Do not skip a meal or drinking water. You will get easily tired as there is a requirement of high energy during the hiking.

  6. Do not take things for granted and wander on your own. Stay with someone always.

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