Tso Kar Lake Overview

Nestled in the Rapshu region of southern Ladakh, the Tso Kar Lake stands out in its beauty. Forming a part of a complex wetland network, Tso Kar is recognized as one of India’s most prominent Ramsar sites to explore on your Ladakh Trip. The lake attracts a lot of birds and small wildlife as well such as the Tibetan Gazelle, the Kiang and the deep-necked crane.

Fluctuating through the twelve months, Tso Kar Lake is ever-changing in its size and depth, but constant in its beauty. The alpine lake perches on the Rupshu Valley in Southern Ladakh, and is the smallest one of the three high altitude lakes that Ladakh prides itself in. Owing to the large salt deposits on its banks, the lake at times appears entirely white from a distance, leading it to be dubbed as the ‘White Lake’. The stunning bright blue of the lake sets itself in contrast against the desert peaks towering in the background, forming an idyllic, postcard-like landscape. 

The Tso Kar Lake is quieter than its two sisters, with its banks mostly home to native salt collectors gathering deposits from its banks. The marshes that line the lake on all sides, however, act as bird magnets, with a variety of birds making their way to Tso Kar throughout the year. The black necked crane is a common sight here. A number of smaller native animals, such as the Kiang or the Tibetan Gazelle, can often be found grazing by the shores as well. 

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• The beauty of this stunning lake is enhanced by the ever-changing size and depth. No matter how many times you visit Tso Kar will always be a fresh site to enjoy.
• Capture the beauty of the Tso Kar lake in photographs, to cherish as a memoir of the visit
• Take your time trying to identify the birds and animals that make their way to the Tso Kar Lake

How To Reach

The Tso Kar Lake is connected to Leh via NH3, and is located at a distance of 153 kilometers from the city center. The best way to reach the lake would be to hire a car. Some bus services also ply along the highway, and can be used to reach Tso Kar.

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Best Time To Visit

The Tso Kar Lake is best witnessed during sunset. A sunset in the mountains is always a splendid one, but appears twice as magical when set against the bright blue of the stunning alpine lake. In terms of season, May and September would be the ideal time to visit the lake. 

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