Upshi Overview

Nestled amidst the snow-clad mountains of Ladakh is the village of Upshi, also known for being one of the highest civilized settlements in the country. A part of an important trade route in the past, Upshi is also quite a popular place for cycling and trekking, so make sure to include in your Ladakh tour packages. Its vigorous terrains and scenic beauty all around has captured the hearts of many.

Located at a distance of around 45 kilometres from Leh, the tranquil village of Upshi lies along the famous Leh-Manali Highway. Said to be one of the highest civilised settlements in India, Upshi is situated alongside the Indus River Valley, at an altitude of almost 40,000 feet above sea level. Upshi is also known for being a part of an important trade route in the past.

As of today, this quaint village boasts of 26 households, in addition to 128 residents. Some of the nearby attractions here are the Mahe Bridge and the Tso Kar, which is a popular route for cycling and hiking here.

From friendly locals who welcome tourists with open arms, to views of snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, as well as smooth roadways, the village of Upshi has it all. The village also has a helipad, from where you can enjoy some of the best bird’s eye views of the surrounding landscapes, along with areas for goat farming, which is a major profession here.

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• Pay a visit to the highest civilised settlements in the country, the village of Upshi, located along the Indus River Valley in Ladakh
• Enjoy a cycling tour from Upshi to the Mahe Bridge and then all the way to Tso Kar, and soak in views of the serene landscapes here
• Don’t forget to head over to the helipad located in the village premises, and capture some of the most scintillating views of the village in your lens from here
• For a more memorable experience, interact with the locals of the 26 households and learn about their lifestyle

How To Reach

It typically takes around an hour to 1.5 hours to reach Upshi from the Leh City centre. State buses as well as taxis ply to the village from the airport on a regular basis.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Upshi is between the months of January to May, when the village and the surrounding regions experience the late winter and early spring seasons. With average temperatures ranging between -15 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius, the entire village remains pleasant and cool, making it perfect to enjoy different activities like hiking and cycling here, in addition to soaking in verdant views of the surrounding natural landscapes.

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