Magnetic Hill Overview

The famous Magnetic Hill of Ladakh is a cyclops hill, a place where vehicles seem to have defied the force of gravity and move upwards when parked at a particular marked location here. Located on the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway, this place remains a mystery even today, as many tourists are awestruck to witness the magical experience.

Located at an elevation of 14,000 feet, Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is one of the most mysterious and intriguing places to visit in the country and must be part of your Ladakh packages. This small cyclops hillock is said to be a place where the forces of gravity are defied, as it is here where vehicles seem to be pulled in an upwards direction on the hill. While there are several scientific theories that could debunk the mystery of this unique phenomenon, there is also the rather common local superstition, that states that the Magnetic Hill Road is a direct “stairway to heaven.”

The road to Magnetic Hill is home to a signboard that reads, “Magnetic Hill – the Phenomenon that defies Gravity,” along with a white box that asks you to park your vehicle there. Upon parking your vehicle in neutral gear, you can eventually see them moving uphill at a speed of around 10 to 20 km/hr, all by itself, against the force of gravity. 

Some of the more scientific and practical theories surrounding the Magnetic Hill is that of the Optical Illusion, wherein people believe that even if the slope of the hill is in a downward direction, it tends to appear upright due to its unique terrain, thereby making it look like the vehicle is going uphill. 

Alternatively, there is the theory of the Magnetic Force of the Earth, which suggests that the magnetic forces of the earth’s interiors pull the vehicles uphill. 

This is one such phenomenon that has attracted tourists from all over the globe to Magnetic Hill. Regardless of the reason, Magnetic Hill is surely a great place to visit, in addition to being a good pitstop on the Manali-Leh Highway, in addition to a good place to click stunning photos, relax and unwind, or simply soak in the lap of nature.


• Pique your curiosity as you head to the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh, which boasts of a phenomenon that is said to defy gravity
• Make a pit stop here, and enjoy being amidst snowclad mountains and an extremely tranquil ambience, at 14,000 feet above the sea level
• Park your vehicles on the marked area here, and wait to be surprised when it starts moving on its own along the hill
• Indulge in capturing the impressive scenes of the surrounding natural landscapes in your camera lens
• Take a short detour to the eastern side of the hill, and soak in some of the most picturesque sights of the Sindhu River
• Try to find out the correct theory to explain the phenomenon about the hill, and decide whether it is due to an optical illusion, an intense magnetic force, or the more famous “road to heaven” belief

How To Reach

The Magnetic Hill is located at a distance of 26.7 KM from the Leh City centre and to reach here, one can take their vehicle via NH1. Through this highway, a mere 50-minute-long drive will take you to your destination. 

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Magnetic Hill is from May to September, during the late summer months in the region. With clear weather, and pleasant temperatures, you can enjoy soaking in the scenic vistas of the surrounding natural attractions during these months. We recommend you to visit the attraction early in the morning when there is no rush of people as the place gets more and more crowded with the rising sun.

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Other Essential Information

Tips For Visit in Magnetic Hills

1. Mobile Connectivity:

Located in Leh, the Magnetic Hills do not have very good mobile connectivity. However, only postpaid connections of mobile operators like Airtel and BSNL are said to have better coverage in this area. 

2. ATMs:

While you may not find ATMs every few kilometers, the markets in Leh and Kargil have several of these, where you can get some cash out for emergencies and other purposes. 

3. Petrol Pumps:

The entire stretch to the Magnetic Hill has various petrol pumps and filling stations of HP and Indian Oil. You can also find some along the Leh – Kargil – Batalik National Highway.

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Places to visit near Magnetic Hills

1. Hall of Fame:

Built and maintained by the Indian Army, the Hall of Fame is a museum constructed to pay respect to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Indo-Pak War. Inside the museum, one can witness a wide

range of displays and exhibitions, including a gallery displaying the arms and ammunition that the Indian Army seized from Pakistan. You can also find many pictures of war heroes, along with their stories of velour and bravery here. 

2. Sangam:

Sangam is the point where the Indus and Zanskar Rivers meet, thereby creating a sight to behold. Running parallel to the highway leading to Magnetic Hill, you can see the azure blue waters of the Indus River gushing alongside, before meeting the muddy waters of the Zanskar River and creating a confluence of an array of different colors.  

3. Gurudwara Pathar Sahib:

Dating back to the 16th century, the beautiful shrine of the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib commemorates the visit of Guru Nanak many hundreds of years ago. It is also believed to be the place where Guru Nanak Dev Ji conquered a demon. The gurudwara is home to a holy rock or “Pathar,” which has the imprint of the body of Guru Nanak Dev along with the footprint of the demon. 

4. Alchi Monastery:

Located a few kilometres from Magnetic Hill is the Alchi Monastery, which was built between the 10th and 11th centuries. Surrounded by the barren lands of Ladakh, along with the majestic snowclad mountains, the monastery is particularly known for its ancient wall paintings, stunning architecture and a tranquil ambience. It is also home to a huge statue of Buddha.

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Point of Interest for Magnetic Hill
The magical gravity-defying phenomenon

The magical gravity-defying phenomenon

The mysterious phenomenon that sets the Magnetic Hill apart from other mountainous regions in the area is one of the best things that you can experience here. All you have to do is park your vehicle in neutral at the marked spot on the hill, and wait for a while.

You will always be surprised to see the vehicles beginning to get pulled up the hill on their own, at a speed of around 10-20 km/hr. 

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The picturesque views of Ladakh

The picturesque views of Ladakh

There is nothing better than the tranquil, serene and absolutely beautiful natural landscapes that surround the Magnetic Hill. From the arid stretches of land with no civilization, to the gushing waters of the Sindhu River in the east, as well as the snow-capped mountains all around, Magnetic Hill is rich in natural wonders. So, when you are here, spend some time simply taking in these panoramic views.

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Magnetic Hill FAQs

What is Magnetic Hills in Ladakh?

A magical patch of Earth, at a distance of 30km from Leh, shows a phenomenon opposite to the gravity. The vehicles parked at a certain point begin to move uphill by self when parked in neutral.

This patch is known as Magnetic Hills as it is still believed that phenomenon occurs due to earth’s strong magnetic force that pull vehicles up.

How does Magnetic Hill work?

Well, certain theroies are backing up the phenomenon. Some believe that it is due to the magnetic pull of Earth whereas some say it’s nothing but an optical illusion.

The theory of optical illusion is gaining more popularity that describes the position of terrain being mistakenly identified. It also says that terrain is marked downhill only, but average optics perceive it as an uphill.

Is Magnetic Hills still an Illusion?

To call it an end, Yes!

The most recent and most believed theory of being an illusion seems quite logical. It is so as magnetic properties are not yet proved at the site but it is well proved that geographic terrains can play with the eyes really well.

Should I add Magnetic Hills in my itinerary?

Of course! One must not miss this place and observe the nature and its magic with own eyes, that is surely going to get a deceit.

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Is there really a magnetic pull?

Well, it is not yet proved. And this is why most suitable theory lies behind Magnetic Hill is an optical illusion.

What will I experience there?

Travel 30km from Leh towards Kargil. You will find a board marking Magnetic Hill with a white box nearby on road. Park the vehicle in neutral and you will see it moving uphill by itself at a speed of 10-20km/hr. Capture or form videos the moment and rewind back in future for amazing memories.

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What are the other places I should visit in Ladakh?

In the macro region of Ladakh, Leh is a prominent district from where many attractions can be visited. Apart from Magnetic Hills, one can enjoy the view of Zanskar river confluence, Zanskar Valley, Pangong Tso lakeKhardung-la passNubra Valley, Spituk Gompa and Hemis National Park, Shanti Stupa and Hemis Monastery. From exploration to adventure, attractions to pilgrim center, Ladakh stands high in all.

What else to do around Magnetic hills?

Once you are finished with magic of Magnetic Hills, you can look for Hall of Fame being a proud Indian. Apart from this, Gurudwara Pather Sahib shall be considered which falls 8km from here and actually comes ahead of Magnetic Hills if you are traveling from Leh. Moreover, you can drive ahead to view Zanskar & Indus confluence and Alchi monastery. Experience the mesmerizing views around, get clicked and soak yourself with the beauty of nature.

Is there any timing to visit Magnetic hills?

Though Magnetic Hills fall on the Leh-Kargil-Batalik National Highway, yet it is best to visit the same between 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM. Moreover, plan your Leh-Ladakh Tour in the months of May to September as roads are blocked due to snowfall and temperature in Leh-Ladakh is also low for the rest of the months.

Is Magnetic Hills also known as Zero Gravity place in India?

Well, Yeah! It is opined that Magnetic Hills defy the law of Physics, Gravity. Also, it is said this occurs due to a strong magnetic force of Mother earth.

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