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Stok Kangri Trek Highlights

  • Stok Kangri at 20180 ft. is one of the Ultra prominent peaks of the world.
  • Experience 6-7 hours of trek on Glacier at night under the blanket of millions of twinkling stars.
  • While reaching to Summit, walk on a line formed along the Highest points of a Mountain Ridge.
  • Capture the hypnotizing view of Karakoram range from the Stok Summit along with the Zanskar range

Stok Kangri Trek Overview

About Stok Kangri Trek:

The ascents make Stok Kangri an enduring challenge. The Stok Kangri peak provides you an entire view of the Zanskar and the Indus Valley. This entire region looks amazing because of the deserted surroundings and the trails with plenty of ridges. Through the entire trek, you will experience many magnificent views starting from Leh where you get the perfect combination of natural aesthetics with cultural beauty till the whole path to the Stok Village, full of natural majesty and dark green trees. The route will take you through glaciers and steep slopes until you reach the summit ridge. You will be trekking on an average of 7-13 hours each day for fulfilling the dream trek to Stok Kangri peak. This out-of-the-ordinary trek to Stok Kangri will be one of the greatest moments to cherish, in your life.

Quick Facts About Stok Kangri Trek:

Stok Kangri Trek Duration: 9D/8N

Stok Kangri Trek height 20180 Ft.

Trek Grade: Difficult

Mt Stok Kangri Trek Ladakh Trekking distance: 40 km

Temperatures: Day- 18° C to 10° C & Night 6° C to -5° C

Best Time to do Mt Stok Kangri Trek Ladakh: July to Mid September

Airport: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh

ATM: ATMs are available at Leh

Start & End Point: Leh

How to Reach Leh:

By Air:

Jet Airways, Go Air and Air India provide daily (once every day) flight service between New Delhi and Leh. In the summer season, the services may even be provided twice a day. You will enjoy the flight as you fly over many untouched areas and even some mountain ranges. The aerial view is just fascinating and gives a great start to your expedition.

By Road:

The road from Manali to Leh is only open in the summers. The road trip may take you 2 days, but depending upon the weather conditions, the travel may also extend to 3 or even 4 days. You should also make sure that you carry at least two spare tires. It is advisable to carry a sleeping bag with you well, as the bus may stop in the middle of nowhere for the overnight stay.

Another route to Leh via Srinagar also takes around two days. On this route, you would pass through some lonely yet famous villages like Kargil and Khalsi.

Stok Kangri Trek Inclusions:

1. Accommodation – Stay at a guesthouse/ Hotel at Leh on Day 1, Day 2 & Day 8.

Camping during the trek for the rest of the days.

2. Meals – Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, we provide simple, nutritious veg food on all days of the trek.

3. Trekking equipment – High-quality tents and sleeping bags in all the camps. Sleeping bags can withstand temperatures as low as -10 ºC, kitchen & dining tent, toilet tent, utensils, long ropes.

4. Safety equipment – First aid kit, oxygen cylinders, stretchers, oximeter, etc. will be with guide/trek leader and at the campsite as well to deal with emergencies.

5. Expert trek Leaders – All our trek leaders are at least qualified in basic/advanced mountaineering and first aid course.

6. Expert Trek support team – The mountain staff on this trek consists of certified guides, cooks, helpers, and porters. 

7. Transportation: Transfers to and fro from Leh to Stok village.

Tips for Mt Stok Kangri Trek Ladakh:

1) Mentally prepare yourself: As this is not an easy trek, you should prepare yourself mentally for the task that is ahead of you. This means, be prepared for extreme weather conditions. There is an option to shower at the hotel, afterwards you people keep clean by using baby wipes and a bowl of warm water each day. The toilet situations can be difficult at times, dig and pit type toilet tents will be there.

2) What to Carry: Warm clothes, sunglasses, proper trekking shoes, gloves, trekking stick, woolen caps among other trekking equipment like bag packs, walking stick, head-torch, etc.

3) Prepare for extreme weather: Stok Kangri is a complete expedition with several snowy blizzards, lush meadows, and narrow trails. The temperature at the summit remains below 0 degrees Celsius and sometimes falls sharply to minus 30 degrees Celsius. This is an arid region, and from June to September, skies are clear, which allows you to soak in mesmerizing views of the Zanskar Range and Karakoram range. During this period, you can enjoy abundant sunshine in the region. When the sun sets the temperatures drop quickly. Wear a warm hat while sleeping and take a Nalgene bottle filled with hot water and keep it in your sleeping bag to stay warm.

4) Stay Hydrated: Make sure to drink plenty of water while on the trek. Do carry extra water bottles with you at all times.

5) Altitude Headaches: A headache can be one of the first signs of altitude problems. Do carry suitable medications for the same. Small headaches are common and should not stop you from trekking or worry you. However, if it persists or increases, it might be advisable to ascend or even trek down.

6) Avoid the Sun: Taking care of your skin and eyes are important. Sunburns happen much quicker at high elevation so make sure to apply sunscreen a few times a day and wear a hat. Sunglasses are a must-have and if you wear prescription glasses it’s good to come to Ladakh with a pair of prescription sunglasses or at least a clip-on.

7) Dress in Layers: Layering allows you to easily regulate your body temperature and stay comfortable while trekking. It’s even better if your layers have zippers so that you have even more control of your body temperature.

8) Bring a camera: Mt Stok Kangri Trek Ladakh is one of the most beautiful Treks of Ladakh. So much so, that one would want to stop at every step and take pictures to make memories for life.

9) Bring Extra Batteries/Charging Packs: In the cold, your batteries will die much quicker than they do at home. This holds true for basically every kind of electronics you'll be using from phones to cameras to kindles. While you can charge at hotels, however, bring spare batteries and a portable charger.

Stok Kangri Trek Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival at Leh, Altitude:- 3500 m/11,500 ft
  • The fun and excitement of Climbing Stok Kangri begin with your arrival in Leh.
  • Check-in to your stay and relax. Sip on tea/coffee.
  • Do note, since it is very important for you to get acclimatised in order to have a healthy journey, the first three days will be reserved for the same.
  • Overnight will be spent in the hotel.
Day 2
Acclimatization and Exploration of Leh
  • During the first half, indulge in breakfast and dash off for an acclimatisation hike of 3-4 hours.
  • In the latter half, you can enjoy unravelling the well-known monasteries around Leh like Shey and Thiksey.
  • Overnight will be spent in the hotel
Day 3
Drive to Stok Village (11800 ft.) and Trek to Chang Ma (13087 ft)
  • It is one of the best sites that you would have once you have decided to trek this area of land.
  • Trekking in Leh, could be considered by some people to be living their dreams. At any point of time, you might just feel that you are right in the middle of heaven.
  • This is a day when you would enjoy a great drive and have an enjoyable trekking experience.
  • The day starts with a drive to Stok village. At the start of the drive from Leh, you would go through many exotic and beautiful scenes.
  • The drive to the Stok village is an adventurous one and is full of natural beauty and lush green trees. The weather is perfectly fine for the summer season.
  • The Stok village lies immediately to the south of Leh and it is well known for a royal palace. The recently crowned king of Ladakh lives here. There is also a small museum inside the palace which has beautiful and religious artefacts.
  • Day 3 is however the day when you trek to Chang Ma. This might be a difficult trek and you may experience the joy of a snow trek.
  • You would like to spend the night here and the overnight stay would be in tents in the open lands.
Day 4
Chang Ma (13087 ft.) to Mankorma (14200 ft.)
  • With three good days spent on acclimatisation, on day 4 and 5 you set off to Stok Kangri trekking.
  • The whole trek passes through the barren grey landscape of Ladakh.
  • From Chang Ma trek up to Mankorma, this day will show you the real beauty of Ladakh and gives you the answer to why Ladakh is known as the cold desert.
  • While trekking you will cross the 2-3 times small streams, it is a fairly easy trek along with the river and you would love the overnight stay in tents.
Day 5
Mankorma (14200 ft.) to Base camp (16300 ft.)
  • A few hours trek takes you back to the base camp.
  • This exotic base camp is a pleasurable place. It lies in a grassy area. This area has a number of water bodies in the form of lakes and water streams.
  • During the day time, you can walk in the upper areas of the campsite and enjoy the views of the surroundings. There are some beautiful peaks like Gulap Kangri, Parcha Kangri and many others.
  • You can also take a rest in the base camp to make sure that the group is ready for the next day’s trek and touring.
  • You would get time to acclimatize to the weather. This is pretty necessary because, in the coming days, you would find a drastic change in the climate and might experience thin air and a lack of oxygen.
  • The overnight stay would again be arranged in tents and make sure that you have enough warm clothes for lowering the temperature.
Day 6
Acclimatization + training day
  • This day is an easy day for trekkers. You would enjoy the time for going around and knowing the place to a much better extent.
  • It is essentially a day to train for the upcoming trek and know the possibilities and challenges that are involved in it. Your trek leader and guide would let you know about all the different changes in the terrain.
  • You need adequate knowledge and experience to go around the mountains. There might be situations where you have to trek in the sinking snow. You would find your legs sinking up to your knees. Therefore it is essential that you know the weather and surrounding conditions.
  • It is also a day when you would take enough rest so that you are well prepared for the coming excursion.
  • The overnight stay would again be in tents. By now, you should be well familiar with the conditions prevailing during the day and night.
Day 7
Base camp (16300 ft.) to Stok Kangri (20180 ft.) back to base camp
  • Now that you have had rest for a day i.e. the Stok Kangri trek, you should be well prepared for the big climb.
  • You should wake up early to start the climb. The route goes through glaciers and then comes to steep slopes to the summit ridge.
  • This is a long climb, so you should be mentally strong and prepared psychologically. It would take somewhere between 9 to 10 hours for average climbers. Slow climbers may take another 2 to 3 hours in addition.
  • At the start of the trek, after a couple of hours, you should reach the summit of the ridge.
  • The summit offers you great views of the area. The wide and open surroundings give you a royal feeling.
  • Towards the north, you would get a view of the Karakoram range. The Saser Kangri dominates the sky in the north along with the Karakoram, and the Zansker ranges in the south.
  • The overnight stay, as usual, would be in tents.
Day 8
Base camp to Stok Village and drive to Leh
  • Day 8 would be the ultimate day of your fantastic trekking experience. The trek which included high altitude trekking mountaineering and expedition would finally come to an end after this day.
  • But before you end the day, you would see a lot of snow-clad beauty and a memorable view of mountain ranges.
  • The joy of Ladakh trekking can be rejuvenated from this spot. As the day rises, you would have to start coming back from Base camp to Leh.
  • The trek back could be difficult and you need to perform care and precision.
  • On the same day, after you reach Leh, you would also have to cover up to Stok Village on your feet.
  • Stok village is the final stopping point of trekking. From Stok village to Leh, you would have to take a drive.
  • The drive may make you nostalgic for all the fun that you had while trekking the mountains in the last eight days.
Day 9
Departure from Leh
  • Return to your destination with the nostalgia for your journey in the mountains.

Select Package Option

Price Includes
  • Stay

    stay at a guesthouse/ Hotel at Leh on Day 1, Day 2 & Day 8.

    Camping during the trek for the rest of the days.

  • Meals

    Meals while trek are included

    Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, we provide simple, nutritious veg food on all days of the trek.

  • Guide

    Expert trek Leaders – All our trek leaders are at least qualified in basic/advanced mountaineering and first aid course.

    Expert Trek support team – The mountain staff on this trek consists of certified guides, cooks, helpers, and porters. 

  • Transfers

    Transportation: Transfers to and fro from Leh to Stok village included.

More Details about Stok Kangri Trek

Know Before You Go for Stok Kangri Trek

  • Climatic conditions in the high altitudes vary from the plains; take adequate time to get acclimatized to high altitudes.
  • Consult a physician before undertaking the trek. Carry basic medications and a first-aid kit during the trek.
  • It is recommended to carry enough warm clothes and the right kind of shoes for the trek.
  • The trek takes place through an eco-friendly zone; do not encourage littering the local sites or campsites. Travelers littering may be fined.
  • Avoid using plastic bags and maintain the ecological balance of the destinations.
  • Carry protein bars dry fruits/ light snacks from home. Carry water bottles with you, so that you can refill.
  • Professional guide(s) are available to ensure high safety and more information and personal attention which are necessary to appreciate a trek.
  • Keep your luggage minimum; the more you carry, the more you hassle.
  • Please carry a valid ID proof.
  • Any personal expenses, items of personal nature, meals not mentioned etc. will not be in part of the package.
  • The management reserves all the right to modify the trek during any emergencies or natural calamities.

Things To Carry for Stok Kangri Trek

  • Head torch
  • Warm clothes
  • Caps
  • Toilet paper & wipes
  • Walking stick
  • Back pack (50-60l)
  • Day pack (20-30l)
  • Water bottle
  • Backpack with waterproof linings
  • Fleece jackets and thermals
  • Hiking shoes
  • Mosquito & insect repellent
  • Thermal inners
  • Walking shoes
  • Waterproof windcheater
  • Woollen cap, socks, mittens & scarf

Tour Difficulty for Stok Kangri Trek


Stok Kangri Trek Map

Starting Point
Leh Ladakh Journey
Old Road Leh near Chonjor Residency , Leh Ladakh -194101 Leh Jammu and Kashmir Leh Jammu and Kashmir, Leh, 194101