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Luxury Camps in Pangong Lake

Camp Whispering Camps, Camp Redstart, Pangong Retreat, Camp Martsemik La, Wonderland Camp, 100 Sky Camp, Camp Watermark, Highland Camps, Nomad Camp Pangong and many more.

When you visit Ladakh, it is absolutely essential that you experience camping in the region. There are many ways to camp in Ladakh. You can camp by carrying and setting up your own tents wherever you desire or you can enjoy camping as a part of a tour group or you can enjoy a camping experience in the permanent camps set up in particular places. While camping in your own tents is an adventurous experience, it can often be quite trying to the body because such camping involves going without a lot of essential comforts.

This is why camping in permanent camps is a fantastic experience- not only do you get to enjoy camping, you also get to enjoy it in luxury. And while there are many fantastic places where you can fnd 
luxury camp in Pangong Lake none can top the experience of camping beside the glorious Pangong lake.

Pangong lake camps allow you to experience the best of this majestic glacial lake with its ever-changing crystal waters and its serene stillness. Though there are quite a few Pangong lake camps perched on the shores of Pangong Tso, you never feel stifled by the crowds because of the majestic scope of the shores. For an unforgettable experience like this, consider booking Ladakh trip packages.

All these camps are furnished with amenities that add to the comfort of the stay which makes camping here akin to staying in a luxurious hotel. Camping around Pangong Tso is an adventurous experience- you can enjoy all the sights in leisure as you lounge beside the lake or you can engage on daily treks around the lake.

As night falls, you can enjoy a memorable bonfire on the shores of the lake while sipping on hot beverages. Camps around Pangong Tso is a beautiful experience which should definitely be tried when in Ladakh. 

Here is a list of best Pangong lake camps:

Image description
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Camp Whispering Camps

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As the name goes this is one of the best Luxury camps in Pangong Lake for that perfect camping experience under the clear night sky. Nestled amidst the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik,  Whispering Camps has been considered as a heaven for the thrill seekers and the adventurer and it is one of the best camps in Ladakh.

Offering some of the spectacular view of the mountains of the Changchenmo range to the north you will feel like staying at this place forever. Spend some time staring at the reflection of the mountains as the shimmering water of Pangong Lake slowly changes its colour from bluish to greenish. Camping under the stars with the magical view is the best thing to do in Leh Ladakh tour.

Amenities: Camp Whispering camp is located at 14,200ft. There are 15 special tents with en-suite facilities of cold running water in each tent, confronting delightful Pangong Lake. Also get a chance to admire the décor of the tent with boutique style stylistic layout.

Location: The Camp Whispering Camps is located in on the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik, Ladakh.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 5720 per adult.

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Camp Redstart

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When in Ladakh all you want to do is explore the whole place to its core. So while you are here this time make it best one while staying on a comfortable camp. Offering a garden, Camp Redstart is the ideal place for you to start with your Ladakh travel. 

And the most of all you will have that perfect view of the 180-degree view of the mountains and the beautiful lake. With comfortable beds and clean and warm beds all you have to do is just enjoy. You will also have a very wonderful staff attending to all your demands during your stay.

Amenities: The camps are very well maintained and equipped with all the state of art facilities for day to day use. There are new luxurious and spacious Deluxe Tents with attached bath. You will also have a free parking lot while you are staying at the camps.

Location: Camp Redstart is located at Pangong Lake, Spangmik Village, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

Price: The approximate price starts from 4500 per adult.

The best way to reach Leh is by taking an exciting road trip to Leh Ladakh and en route the most beautiful destination in the world.

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Pangong Retreat

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You have not properly enjoyed camping in Ladakh until you stay at Pangong retreat in Ladakh. Pangong Retreat is a perfect boutique withdraws set confronting the heavenly Pangong Lake in Spangmik Village. With the staggering all-encompassing perspectives of nature's skilled landscape, this camps in Ladakh is a heaven for the adventurers around the globe. 

The Retreat offers you an agreeable settlement giving you essential conveniences enabling you to appreciate a really one of a kind involvement with nature - the brilliant grass, the nightfalls, the mountains and the Pangong Lake and this is one of the luxury camp in Pangong Lake.

Amenities: There are 25 liberally dispersed, peaceful and noteworthy agreeable tents here which require an impeccable excursion. The tents effortlessly rest up to three and four with isolated beds. These tents join the solaces of an extravagant remain with the advantages of natural air

Location: The Pangong Retreat is located at a distance of about 150 kms away from the Leh city facing the Pangong Lake.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 4000 per person.

Road trips are nothing short of thrilling adventures lived on the road. Treat yourself with one of the best road journey of Delhi to Leh Ladakh for your next vacation.

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Camp Martsemik La

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Another best camps in Pangong Lake which is a must try for you in Pangong is Camp Marstemik La. Martsemik Camping Resort is an extravagance rose and Hut camp at Pangong Lake offering unparallel perspectives of the encompassing mountain ranges, a great perspective of Pangong lake or an adventurous bike trip.

Martsemik Eco Resort gives you an all-encompassing view of the Ladakh which will encounter a perfect serenity while unwinding at Camp Martsemik La.

Amenities: There are 34 carefully named tents with joined restrooms. The rose settlement is very much named with all the advanced offices with private open joined washrooms and a private verandah that is a perfect place to appreciate the timeout at the center of the day.

Location: The Camp Martsemik La is located at Pangong Lake Road, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir 194201.

Price: The approximate price starts at 4,500 per person.

Leh to Pangong Lake trip is a journey that everyone who arrives in this heaven takes to see the most beautiful lake in the country, Don't miss out to visit this surreal place when you are in Ladakh.

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Wonderland Camp

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Wonderland Tourist Camp is another best camps in Pangong lake which is a perfect getaway for you. The camp is located in Pangong Lake in the heart of little town spangmik . The camp is unmistakable remains on a lifting range giving best perspective of the Pangong Lake and mountain. 

The camp is managed by a team of proficient, expert and benevolent individuals, camp gives pleasant environment and are furnished with all the present-day luxuries. With this magical view from the camps, camping at this location has become the best activity one must do if planning for Leh.

Amenities: Designed in a way where one can sit and appreciate the stunning perspective of the bordering mountain and celebrated Pangong Lake. The camp has every one of the conveniences for a casual remain. The luxuries incorporate room benefit, 24-hour front work area and dining serves delightful sustenance.

Location: Wonderland Camp is located at Spangmik, Pangong ( 153 Kms from Leh), Leh

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3859 per person.

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100 Sky Camp

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If you are looking for some luxurious camp stay in Ladakh then 100 sky camp is the perfect option for you. The camp is a perfect waterfront camp with some amazing views of the surroundings.100 Sky  Camp is a perfect paradise situated on Spangmik Leh, Ladakh. 

Get an opportunity to catch the beauty of extravagance tents which have dependably been an imperative piece of our way of life. Wonder about the sumptuous excellence of nature ,investigate the stunning joy of Spangmik,Pangong Lake and trekking in Ladakh.

Amenities: All the rooms of the camps are very well built and well maintained. There are attached bathroom and 24 water running water facilities.

Location: The 100 Sky camp is located at Pangong Lake Rd, Spangmik, Jammu and Kashmir 194201

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 4600 per person.

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Camp Watermark

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Camp Water Mark is situated in on the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik. Camp Water Mark is arranged at around 14,200 feet on the bank of the world's most astounding saltwater Lake Pangong. 

This camps in Ladakh offers the fundamental and essential office to its visitors. The Camp offers a scope of offices to its visitors with attached bathroom, cold running water, and medical facility.

Amenities: The Camp has around 15 exclusive tents. Every one of the tents are all around kept up perfect and clean and are confronting Pangong Lake.

Location: The Pangong Camp is situated at Spangmik town close Pangong Lake.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3000 per person.

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Highland Camps

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As the name recommends Highland Camps is arranged in the Highland district (Lukung Village) of Ladakh close wonderful Pangong Tso. This is another best camps in Pangong Lake which is a must try for you while you are visiting Ladakh. 

Marvel at the sight of the amazing beauty of the region while you stay at the highland camps. Offering some of the best sights of the mighty mountain and the soulful Pangong Lake you will end of totally in a different world while you stay at these comfortable tents.

Amenities: There are total 10 deluxe Swiss Camp which are all very well built with all the state of art facilities for a modern day to day use. With each of the tents there are attached bathroom with 24 hours running service of cold as well as hot water.

Location: Highlands Camps are located at Pangong Lake Rd, Jammu and Kashmir 194201

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 2,800

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Nomad Camp Pangong

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While you are off to one of the most beautiful place on earth, you would definitely want to stay at the best place. Nomad Camp Pangong is another best camps in Pangong which will definitely make your vacation a special one.

People around the world visit this place to enjoy its stunning beauty with the mountains and the Pangong Lake. The best thing about this camp is that the beautiful Pangong Lake is just at a walking distance. One can enjoy the changing color of the Pangong Lake which make it all more beautiful. Nomad Camp Pangong is one of the best camps in Leh Ladakh.

Amenities:  All the camps are well built with all the state of art facilities. There is an attached bathroom with each of the room with hot and cold running water. One can also get a private parking lot while you are staying at the camps.

Location: The Nomad Camp Pangong is located at Pangong Lake Rd, Jammu and Kashmir 194201

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3500 per person.

Jeep safari from Manali to Leh is indeed the best way to explore and discover the magical beauty of both these enchanting destinations along with your loved ones.

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Pangong Sarai Camps

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For those of you who are still searching for something different then the other then Pangong Sarai Camps are the perfect option for you. Tucked away in the bosom of nature away from the hustle and bustle of daily life these camps will definitely make your vacation in Ladakh a special one. 

Pangong Sarai gloats of having the best found campground at the world-renowned turquoise blue Pangong Lake. Soak in the beauty of this place while you enjoy a sipping a cup of tea at your comfortable bed.

Amenities: There are 23 cottages with attached shower. Each tent is attached with toilets confronting the serene Pangong Lake. Enjoy fine dining which is specially built with mud bricks to give you that homely feeling.

Location: The Pangong Sarai Camps are located at Pangong Lake Rd, Man, Jammu and Kashmir 194201.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3220 per person.

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Nature’s Nest Camp

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If you are looking for something more different than the usual then Nature’s Nest Camp is the perfect camping option for you in Pangong Lake. Nature's nest camp is located in on the bank of Pangong Lake offering some of the best view of the snow capped mountains with the vast shimmering lake. 

This is another best camps in Ladakh which has been opted by a lot of people around the world. Wake up to a beautiful clear blue morning and enjoy a cup of hot tea while you stare at the distant mountains. And the best part here is the Pangong Lake where you can witness the beauty of the lake as it slowly changes its colour.

Amenities: There are very beautiful Deluxe Cams which are all designed for modern day use. You will also have attached bathroom to each of your tents which are very well cleaned and hygiene. The dining area hall is also very well maintained and you can taste from different varieties of food.

Location: Nature’s Nest Camp is located at at about 14,200 feet on the bank of the world’s highest saltwater Lake Pangong.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 5100 per person.

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The Kora Pangong Camp

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Located close to the beautiful Pangong Lake, the Kora Pangong camp provides elite camping experience to its visitors. The camp features well-maintained tents with an elegant décor. Not only are there double beds provided inside the tents, but there are also washrooms attached to each, with all the essential amenities provided for. 

The services provided by the camp are also amongst the best- friendly managers make staying here a great experience. The camp is located far from the crowded touristic areas which makes it a perfect place where you can enjoy the best of Ladakh’s majestic natural landscape. 

The landscape around this camp is one of the most fascinating in Ladakh- sweeping plains surrounded by endless snow peaks, with a mantle of blue overhead. Staying at this camp is certain to be a memorable experience and you can even enjoy camel safari in Ladakh.


Private car /Coach parking.
Attached washroom with hot water facility
Multi-cuisine dining

Location: Spangmik, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Price: Approx. INR 2000- 5000

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Camp Blue Waters

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A camp made up of 15 appealing Swiss Cottage Tents overlooking the glacial Pangong lake, Camp Blue Waters is a perfect camping destination for people who want to experience the best of Ladakh’s natural beauty. This camp gives its visitors a chance to enjoy the magnificence of the region around Pangong Tso in utter peace and solitude. 

Camping on the banks of the Pangong lake with the clear waters and cool winds for a company in a memorable experience only to be rivaled by the experience of enjoying a crackling bonfire under a starry sky on a chilly night around Pangong Tso. 

The camp is staffed by locals who understand the lay of the land and will, therefore, be able to provide you with all the specialized services the high altitude of Pangong Tso requires. The tents in the camp are well furnished and come with attached bathrooms, which means that you will not need to compromise on comfort whilst enjoying a camping experience in Ladakh. 


Private bathroom
In-house restaurant
Car Rental and Parking space
Oxygen cylinders

Location: Darbuka, near Pangong Lake, Spangmik, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Price: Approx. INR 3000- 6000

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The Regal Camp

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The Regal Camp is considered to be one of the best Pangong lake camps and a camping experience here will definitely serve to provide you with an inexhaustible source of memories. The camp consists of 17 tents in Super Deluxe and Deluxe variations, so you can choose your tent in accordance with your budget. 

The tents are comfortably furnished to provide a luxurious camping experience. Comfortable double beds, carpet lined floors, attached bathrooms with running water and necessary amenities add to the joy of camping on the shores of the Pangong lake. 

The camp is especially renowned for its in-house restaurant which serves a wide variety of delicious food including Indian, Chinese and continental food. Cuddling up next to a campfire on the Pangong Tso bank will be one of the best memories you take away from the camping experience in The Regal camp.There are many hotels in Leh which you can go for your comfortable stay.


Hot water Facilities
Power backup
Oxygen Cylinder facilities

Location: Spangmik Village, Pangong, Spangmik, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Price: Approx. INR 3000- 7000

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Holiday Shore Camp

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Another one of the beautiful Pangong Lake camps in Ladakh, Holiday Shire Camp aims to provide you with the best holiday camping experience around Pangong Tso. The camp features 15 deluxe tents furnished with comfort-providing amenities like double beds, all day long hot and cold water facilities, carpeted flooring, attached bathrooms and more. 

An in-house restaurant serving all types of Indian food alongside Chinese and Continental food is also a part of their offering. Camping with Holiday Shore Camp will allow you to enjoy the magnificent views of the Himalayas visible from the Pangong shores and thrill with joy over the unique ambiance to be enjoyed in the upper reaches of the world.


Warm quilts and blankets in all rooms
24 hours hot water facilities
Power backup
First Aid
Oxygen cylinders

Location: Spangmik Village, Pangong Lake, Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir, India

Approx. INR 3000- 5500

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People Also Ask About Leh

  1. Which are the best camps in Pangong Lakes?

    Camp Whispering Camps: Located in Spangmik, this camp is loaded with an array of facilities and one can enjoy a comfy and cozy stay here. Having a total of 15 camps, the Whispering Camps is one of the biggest Pangong Lake Camps.

    Camp Redstart: If you are looking for luxurious camps providing facilities like a restaurant, private garden and a beautiful view of Pangong Lake then Camp Redstart is the perfect place for you. From comfy rooms to warm beds, a stay here will surely be delightful.

    Pangong Retreat: Finding its name in one of the most beautiful Pangong Lake Camps, the Pangong Retreat has high standing hills as its backdrop and the splendid lake as a foreground. Loaded with all the basic amenities and facilities, the camp faces Pangong Lake, views of which can be enjoyed straight from your rooms.

    Camp Martsemik La: Being a home to around 34 tents with attached bathrooms, this camp will let you admire the panoramic view of the lake while enjoying a comfy and cozy stay in your well fitted rooms. From a fire pit to a common sitout area, the Camp Martsemik La is one of the perfect Camps in Pangong Lake if you are travelling in large groups.

    Wonderland Camp: Staying true to its name, this camp will actually provide you with a wonderland kind of vibe with the cool breeze, hot bonfire, panoramas of the hills and the beautiful scenery of the lake. Fitted with all the amenities, you will get to enjoy numerous facilities here.

    Nomad Camp Pangong: One of the most beautiful luxury camp in Pangong Lake, the Nomad Camp will surely make your staycation a memorable experience. From attached bathrooms to supply of hot and cold water and from private parking to a big sitout area, you will be provided with a plethora of facilities here. Apart from all the facilities and amenities, the camp also offers an array of adventurous activities to choose from.

  2. What are the amenities provided at Pangong Lake camps?

    The amenities offered in the Pangong Lake Camps include:

    - 24 hours cold and hot water supply
    - In house restaurant to provide you with scrumptious meals
    - Private and public sitout area to have some cozy time
    - Private and open parking areas in case you bring your own vehicle
    - Daily housekeeping to make sure that your rooms stay clean
    - Packaged drinking water in each rooms
    - Attached bathroom with basic toiletries
    - 24 hours room service through which you can order food and other supplies in your rooms
    - 24 hours power backup in each camp with bedside plugs and sockets
    - Open Fireplace for Heating will be provided in all the Camps in Pangong Lake which is lit every evening and cannot be used privately
    - Electric Kettle for tea & coffee can be availed on request with required supplements
    - You can avail Laundry Services on request in most of the Pangong Lake Camps and get the clothes cleaned within 3 to 4 hours.
    - Extra Rollaway Mattress on Request (Chargeable Basis)
    - Luggage Porter Service
    - Pickup and drop off services from the airport (Chargeable Basis)

  3. Can we stay at Pangong Lake?

    Yes, there are a number of Camps in Pangong Lake which provide luxurious as well as pocket friendly stay options. You will be provided with separate camps having attached bathroom facilities, followed by all the facilities and amenities one can think of.

    All these camps provide undisturbed scenery of the lake straight from your rooms. In addition to the stay, these camps also offer activity options which can be availed by almost everyone who visits here.

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  4. Is it advisable to stay overnight at Pangong Lake?

    Yes, the real beauty of almost every lake can be seen in the night time when the shining night sky is reflected in its waters and one can marvel at the reflections of twinkling stars.

    Whenever visiting Pangong lake, try to stay at one of the Camps in Pangong Lake and enjoy a staycation like never before. In addition to this, you can also try your hands on various entertainment while you stay around the lake and enjoy a fun filled time with your loved ones.

  5. Where is Pangong lake located?

    Covering an area of 160 KM, the one third part of this lake lies in India and the remaining two-third part lies in China. Located in Ladakh, this lake is a very popular spot among tourists and one can easily visit here by taking the road towards Spangmik Village, Ladakh.

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  6. How is the road from Leh to Pangong Lake?

    Pangong Lake Road leads from Leh to the Pangong Lake and covers a distance of 222.9 KM which can be completed in 5 to 6 hours depending on your speed. The road is bumpy at various turns and has vast open fields on all its sides, however one can enjoy some of the best sceneries on the way.
  7. Do we need a permit to visit Leh?

    Yes, you will need an inner line permit to enter Leh which can be availed from SDM office or from the online portal/website.
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First, I would like to say thank you to shyam@thrillophilia.com for their coordination and cooperation by writing my thrillophilia reviews.The trip was well planned and executed extremely well by the tour operators, I am very happy with the services provided by thrillophilia during this trek. 1) Our trek leaders Salman and Stenzin are really a wonderful Guys, they were very helpful and supportive all the time during trekking.Other staff members were also supportive and helpful. 2) Food quality and quantity was good. 3) Accommodation was good, camps were in good shape, neat and clean and quite spacious. Let's review the Trek about which I had read a lot at thrillophilia reviews. No doubt Stok trek was awesome as well as difficult. It would not be correct if I will say Stok trek is the most beautiful trek ???? but there is something which makes this trek different from all other treks and which is the main reason to attract tourist from every corner of the word, that is its height. At 20,500 feet Stok Kangri is the highest trekkable summit in India (6,153 m), what google says but when I googled it bit more and try to find if there is any other trek exist in this word which is above Stok, I did not get any information so I assume this is the highest trekkable summit in world ???? Highlights of this Trek 1) Trekking till base camp is not very tiring, which itself a big achievement as you would be able to achieve the height of 16300 feet ???? and the best part what I found in this trek is “you don’t need to walk too many hours to reach base camp” 2-4 hours walk a day is max you will walk. 2) Leh treks are totally different from Himachal and Uttrakhand treks in terms of scenic beauty, it’s a different experience, you would be able to see some splendid views of the Stok mountain ranges. 3) The last day “Summit day” will give you a totally different experience. You start your trek at night time which generally don’t happen in other treks. Moreover, you will get a chance to do snow trekking in summers as well “Only in summit Day”. Here is a great saying "the best view comes after the hardest climb" Very True!!! Preparation: I should say this is not a trek for first time trekkers but still if someone wants to give a try, Start your preparation at least 2 months before this trek as last day “Summit Day” is really a challenging one, compare to other days where you have to just walk 2-4 hours max here on final day you have to walk for a 12 – 14 hours and Trekking at night on Snow is bit tricky task and it becomes more challenging when you have to walk by putting Crampons on your shoes as rightly suggested by many people at thrillophilia reviews. a) Aim for 5 km running in 30 minutes b) Do breathing exercise which helps you a lot during this trek especially. c) Drink as much as water you can.
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It had everything that you dreamed about. It had ice (lots and lots of ice), even when I was sleeping battling the cold at night I was could see those ice sheet right in front of my eyes. We were walking on ice, we were drinking those ice (of-course the boiled one), but the most exciting part was that we were never complaining even under these extreme condition. Thank to these amazing group of people I was travelling with. The support staff, the organiser and each and every people related to this trip were an amazing host. They made us feel at home, they fulfilled almost all our demands. I had done 2 treks before with other organizations, but these people were the best. The fun we had is quite vivid with this picture, but trust me nothing can be explained in words, you just have to feel it. Keep yourself fit and go for it . It will change the way you see nature , it will change your perception towards people and many more things. Stay happy and keep trekking
12 February 2019
Puneet Prajapati Chadar Trek
Being a fauji kid i always dreamt to do something adventurous and so i chose the most dangerous most exciting chadar trek as my first trek. After reaching the hotel in LEH i was welcomed by Satya sir and guess what we both shared common backgrounds i.e. fauj. After having breakfast i went to the room and slept for an hour or two. In the evening we were briefed by Satya sir and Shashank sir about the trek which actually helped me during the trek. We were a group of 14 among which 8 came solo just like me. At night we introduced each other and slept. Next morning we went for sightseeing and explored beautiful Shey palace and monasteries and by that time we all knew each other names. On day 3 we all went for medical checkups and every member from our group was fit for the trek. In the meantime we went to LEH market for some shopping. We were again briefed by Satya sir , Shashank sir and Sonam Sir and guess what we slept in the tents with our sleeping bags. Next day we started our journey from LEH to Chilling . After reaching chilling we were all set to step our foots on chadar for the first time and that feel was amazing. We walked for 3 hours and reached our first campsite. After having a lovely dinner by our porters we sang songs and went to sleep. Next morning i experienced first snowfall of my life and everything all around us appeared to be white and ahhh what an amazing feel i had that time. By God's grace we all successfully made it to Nerak on day 6 and saw that frozen waterfall for the first time. The josh and the deshbhakti inside me came out, i removed my jackets and stuff, wrapped myself in INDIAN FLAG and waved it at NERAK. I cannot describe that feeling until you experience chadar trek, we spent two hours at Nerak. Alright we made it to Nerak so easily and we all were like wow that was easy but nah something was about to come. After having lunch at Tibb caves we started our journey , after an hour there was a patch when our trek leader Dorge sir saw that chadar is weak ahead and went solo upto 50-80 meters & came back and said we cannot go from here, so we climbed up the hill carefully as it was all covered with snow. And again after this we saw the same thing but this time we couldn't go through the hills as those were standing hills. And at this point we all thought one thing that we all made it to nerak so easily, this has to be happened. Dorge sir again went solo up to 50 meters to check the chadar and suddenly his legs went inside the chadar upto knee. Being an experienced trekker he immediately came out and changed his socks. We didnt have any option so we started walking on the chadar. I being second last in my group saw my group mates how carefully they were walking on chadar, I heard the satisfying sound of crushing the chadar when my right foot went inside the chadar and my gumboots was filled by water. Ah i didn't went mad but stayed calm, my friend Dev behind me shouted Dorge sir come here, and he within 30 seconds came back to me removed my gumboots and helped me to change the socks. We successfully made it to our tents that day and the rest of the journey. All I want to say is we were a group of motivators, we became a family and from day 1 to day 9 we all were positive and supported each other. Much thanks to all the porters who made such yummy foods for us. Thank you to dorge sir & Sonam Sir who always said we will go to Nerak. Thank you to Satya sir and Shashank sir who's briefings really helped me during the trek. I wish again to be with this group because we became a family. Thankyou Thrillophilia for such a wonderful journey on chadar. I will be uploading my chadar trek journey on youtube soon i.e. PUNEET VLOGS. Peace
12 February 2020
Hemendra Kateja Chadar Trek
Hi My name is Hemendra Kateja, I live in Jaipur, Rajasthan. My Chadar Trek was one of the unimaginable and most memorable trek. I went with my friend Nikhlesh for this incredible trekking adventure in February 2020. We both were very excited for this trek as we already mesmerised with chadar trek footage that we saw in several vlogs on youtube. We invested a lot of money in trekking gears and in other stuff because we were very keen to see the Chadar. I have heard a lot about the beauty of the Zanskar River but when I reached there it was much more amazing and I fell in love with the mesmerizing views of Zanskar Valley. We leave from Jaipur to Delhi on 31st Jan 2020, and reached delhi around 3:30 AM on 1st Feb 2020, Our flight was at 6:20 AM from IGI Airport Delhi. We both already pre booked our window seats to experience the aerial view of Magnificent Himalaya Peaks. After experiencing aerial view of Magnificent Himalaya Peaks we landed on the land of LAMA. Pilot announced that the current temperature of leh is -16, and we were eager to experience that kind of cold temperature, so we put out a woolen cap and gloves before getting out of the plane. From 10 degrees (Delhi) to -16 degrees (Leh) was teeth chattering cold. Reaching on a Leh Airport we took our luggage and moved towards the exit. Our tour operators were waiting outside with placards and welcoming gestures. We met Mr. Dorjay. He drove us to the guest house which was situated in STOK which was 15-20 Km away from Leh. We met Rovit Singla. He also came here for the Chadar trek and he was part of our Trekkers group. We reached our Guest House “Skitsal Guest House”. Staff gave us a warm welcome as we were first to arrive from the group. There was a Dog “Shadow”, he also came to us and started sniffing, so now we were now officially roam around out of fear. Arrangements were very good which were made for us by the team. We met Mr. Tenzing and other staff too. After a couple of hours we met with 3 other trekkers of the group (Bittu, Shishank & Shubham) at Skitsal Guest House After an hour Abdul & Vikash also joined the group as a trekker. The Trip coordinators “Kavish Rathore” and “The Bearded Traveller” Visited to the Guest house and started the introduction session and also briefed us about chadar trek and do’s and dont’s during the trekk. They told us not to exert ourselves on the first day as we were already feeling heavy while breathing because we were still not acclimatized to the leh environment. Second Day, Tenzing took us for a small trek around the village and Buddha Stupa which was around 3 km from the Guest House. We enjoyed Kids dance Performances also which was happening in school nearby. Then we went to have authentic Laddakhi local food. We had Kahwa, Butter Tea, Ladakhi Bread, Fried Momo & steamed momo with Pasta. We also tried a local Wine called “Chaang”. After an exciting visit to a village four people have decided to visit Ice Stupa & Shanti Stupa, So we asked Tanzing to arrange a Taxi for four of us so we can visit these places. We Visited visit Ice Stupa & Shanti Stupa and came back around 8PM. We had Dinner and and slept early as tomorrow was our Health checkup and Chadar trek Registration. Tonight we asked to sleep in the camps rather than rooms. Next Day we left for the Health checkup and Chadar Trek Registration and all of the group members passed the health test and we got a green flag to go on chadar trek. From Leh Market we brought Gumboots & Trekking Pole. Some of our group members also brought some hot jackets and gloves. Tonight again we asked to sleep in the camps rather than rooms. From tomorrow our trek was going to start in the actual manner. Trek Day 1: On the first day of trek, we started with a thrilling ride to Shingra koma (Starting point of Chadar trek) via Tilad Do, Chilling and Nimmu. Passing through the high mountains was a bit scary but we had a wonderful driver with us. We met our 2 guides Hanif and Tundup, they taught us how to walk on different types of ice.The day got colder as we reached Shingra Koma. Our Helpers cooked soupy maggi for us followed by the tea and cookies. It was our first-day of trekking in Zanskar. We had to cover around 5 km today. Be careful while you walk on the ice as it will be very slippery at times. At first, I was a bit nervous to walk on the ice but as we continued I was able to walk but steadily. I fell on ice in the very first hour of chadar trek. Nikhlesh leg slipped twice in cold water on the very first day and the whole shoe got frozen within 5 - 10 minutes. Today almost every one slipped and fell on ice multiple times. We reached our First campsite at Gylapo by evening and porters and cooks were already there and they served us hot tea and snacks followed by Dinner. The campsite was very beautiful and we could see the mountains on all sides. Temperature dropped significantly at night while we were in sleeping bags. Hanif told us that there is a possibility that we might not get permission to move to tibb cave because chadar has been broken before Tibb cave and there are 2 groups stuck at tibb cave and army guys are trying to get them out safely. Trek Day 2: On the second day of trek, we had our morning tea and delicious breakfast, and we were waiting for the update of the trekking association that we can proceed to tibb cave or not. We noticed that many groups decided to move to tibb cave without a backpack because they thought that they have to come back eventually. But our guides Hanif & Tundup decided that we have to take risk and take our backpacks and then go to tibb cave, so if there is any possibility to reach tibb cave we will attempt that and it will save our whole day too. We started our trekking from Gylapo to Tibb Cave. Today was a big day for us as we had to cover around 15 km. We started trekking through the deep ravines of Zanskar, and the day was a bit colder as there was no sunlight at all. We noticed the place where 2 groups got rescued, because there was a rope tide to make a path for trekkers. Chadar breaks and forms very quickly in these cold conditions , so we were very lucky to get a chance to walk on solid ice. We saw many caves and frozen waterfalls. We reached Tibb cave at our camp site. We explored the tibb cave where porters were preparing for the bonfire. We also enjoyed the warmth of the bonfire. We had a wonderful dinner with some roti and a sabji. Before going to bed we noticed that there were very few people reached here for camping, because in morning they decided to stay in the camps in Gyalpo.We were in confusion that could we move to Nerak Village tomorrow or not, But Hanif came to us and gave us a good news that because tomorrow and day after tomorrow there is Chadar Festival at Nerak village ,so officials gave permission to open trekk to nerak. Hanif told us that Chadar condition is very bad so we need to leave early in the morning so we don't experience broken chadar. We took some night mode shots on our camera and went to those suffocating tents and sleeping bags. Trek Day 3: On the third day of trek, Today we had to trek from Tibb cave to Nerak Village. Morning started a bit early for us. The first time on the journey we woke up around 6 and had wakeup tea, and had our breakfast and we left for Nerak Village around 7:30AM. As we started trekking we came across many Junipers and prayer flags tied on a twig. It was such a beautiful sight. Within an hour we faced a broken chadar and our guides helped us and guided us to cross the broken chadar where water was at knee level. We changed our wet socks very fast. We also came across a huge broken waterfall on our way to the camp. We had to walk slowly as few of the paths were a bit slippery.Hanif and Tundup decided to setup camp 5 km before nerak village so we can save our whole day while going back to leh. Just before reaching the camp site I had a great fall on a chadar when I slipped very badly and I hit my shoulder and head on rock solid chadar. I must say i was very lucky that head gears came out as a saviour and they saved my head, but unfortunately i hit my shoulder and now it was very painful to walk with that heavy rucksack backpack. We reached our campsite and had tea and snacks, I applied a fast pain relieving spray on the shoulder and put our bags in the camps and moved towards nerak village.At that particular moment for fraction of second i thought i can't do that and i need rest, but that what i learned in this trip is to push your limit and challenge your body. I started again with that painful shoulder. Now I reduced my speed of walk because somewhere in my mind there was fear of falling again on the chadar. That thought was not going and I tried many times. Beautiful landscapes distracted my mind and I forgot my pain. We saw a hot water spring on the journey of the trek. We took a rest for lunch and from this point we could also see the Narek village and some stupas. Our trek leader Hanif & tundup was really helpful throughout the journey. After having lunch we moved to Nerak Village and we saw the grand canyon of Nerak and the mighty Nerak frozen waterfall. We clicked pictures on the frozen waterfall and then we moved to nerak village where the Chadar festival was happening. We saw the local people wearing their traditional woollen Gonchas. It was such a wonderful view to see how these people have adjusted to the biting cold here Chadar village people welcomed us very warmly, they started traditional dance with traditional songs of nerak, Drums were so in sync with songs and the echo of music in the valley was an epic experience. After Half hour of enjoyment we took our leave and started moving towards our camp. We came across many pug marks of foxes. After reaching our camp, the pain in my shoulder started irritating me and I was not able to do normal work. Today clouds covered the sky and it was too windy, so because of that we were feeling so cold and our hands and palm were getting numb. Here Hot water bag saved us in this horrible situation. Trek Day 4: On the third day of trek, Today we had to trek from Narek camp to Gylapo via Tibb Cave which was basically our return journey. And today we have to go more than 15 km I guess. IN the morning we woke up many times because of the windy weather and stage noise on our tents. After we woke up we found out that it was snowing, and everywhere there was a layer of snow. We had Tea and breakfast and moved towards Gyalpo. After we started our trek within 10 mins snow started falling again and this was the cherry on the cake of the journey, that we experienced trek in snow fall too. The morning was very cold when we started. We reached Tibb cave very fast and then we pushed our speed to reach Gyalpo camp. Everyone was very tired that they wanted to reach leh asap. But we need to spend one more night in the tents. We reached so early to Gylapo that we had enough time to explore nearby places, we took rest in sunshine and then we saw local blue sheeps, did some photography and then moved to the dining area. As this was our stay of trekk, so all the group of trekkers started playing dumb share arts and time flew by, we had great fun , laughs. We became good friends during the course of our journey. Then a hot dinner was served by the helpers and then we were surprised that all the crew members prepared a delicious and beautiful cake. Hanif and Tundup and all our crew came together and shared their experience of the trek, ever one were very emotional and happy at the same moment that they have achieved a milestone. We had a bonfire and sang songs and we danced together. Today's temperature was not that harsh.That night was the best night of the whole trek. We went to our sleeping bags and tent for the last time. Trek Day 5 : We were almost coming to an end of our trek. Today we had to trek from Gylapo to Shingra Koma. We started the trek for the last time, and as we know that our group is very fast so everyone expected that in 2 hours we will reach Shingra Koma. But as i previously said that Chadar is unpredictable. Last night it was not that cold, so because of that after 15 mins of trek we saw that there is no chadar present anymore and there is water everywhere, and the mountains were very steep that we cannot walk through. We were in huge confusion as our travellers were already waiting for us at the pickup point as Shingra Koma. We thought adventure was over for us on the last day but wait now we have to climb the 30 Feet mountain and then cross the valley from the mountains. How interesting and it was very dangerous too. Nikhlesh, Abdul and Ashish already climbed and reached on the top of the hill, I started to climb and slowly and steadily everyone climbed that hill. This was so much thrill and fun. We threw rope and the remaining group climbed the hill very soon. Thanks to Hanif Bhai and Tundup for making our trek such an awesome one. We were the first group who reached nerak from thrillophilia this season. We reached our pickup point and took a sigh of relief. We Stopped at Gurudwara Shri Pathar Sahib Ji and thanked god for the success of the Chadar trek and then we had langar prasad and moved towards leh city. We checked in our guesthouse Palam Hills Guest House. We took a bath after a week and then we went to leh market, and brought souvenirs for my friends and family. We enjoyed a bonfire with drinks and then we had dinner together and started packing our bags as we all have early morning flights. Today was our last day at Leh, we were ready for our return journey. We took our flight back home. We had the best time doing this incredible trek, a must do trek for all the adventure seekers, you will just love everything about this trek. Just remember to wear thermals and wear gumboots during the trek. You can buy them at Leh on your first day itself. We click a lot of pictures to cherish these memories. Huge thanks to team Thrillophilia and Kavish and The bearded Traveller. Thanks to all crew members and especially Hanif & Tundup, Keep rocking guys. Special thanks to my Team Nikhlesh, Abdul, Ashish, Bittu, Viskash, Rovit, Shubham and Shishank.
01 February 2018
Sateesh Chadar Trek
Amazing trek.. Thanks a lot to THRILLOPHILIA. Life changing experience. This is the master of all the treks. I am marathon runner, always wanted to go for a trek. Finalized to go for Chadar trek with little hesitation. But, THRILLOPHILIA cleared all the mental blocks and made me confident. Hats off THRILLOPHILIA. What an experience... People tells Swizz mountains. Guys come to Leh and go for Chadar trek. Then compare :) Again thanks a ton to THRILLOPHILIA
06 February 2021
Sirisha Vempral Chadar Trek
After skimming through numerous tour providers, I bumped into thrillophilia. Although quite skeptical initially, I decided to go through them for the Chadar trek; couldn’t have made a better choice! The pre-arrivals and registration team, especially Devanshu did a great job at providing detailed information concerning travel, accommodation, trek and miscellaneous. Super safe for Solo travelers, absolutely nothing to worry about. The trek group is a conflux of people from various age-groups and backgrounds with similar interests, meticulously put together. Extremely hospitable hosts, super-hard working porters made sure our trip was incredibly amazing!!! The ground operations lead SATHYA was constantly on his toes making sure every trekker’s need was tended to. His delightful rapport with the staff and fellow trekkers is truly commendable!!! SATHYA was a savior in disguise, helped us get through any glitches we had during acclimatization period and also made the post-trek celebrations an unforgettable experience!!! Great food, mesmerizing views, genial, super-responsive staff and a bunch of like-minded trekkers, all these made my trip freaking aweeeeeesome!!! #THINKTHRILLOPHILIA for your next adventure!!! They are tremendous!!!!
06 February 2021
indu chakraborty Chadar Trek
When I have received this link for sharing my story with thrillophilia uphorians, I indeed thought once really am I worthy enough for this column!! Then I thought no, if I don't put my bit through here,it will be a non-justice towards those blossomoed flowers who actually could made my story...... They are Satya right from thrillophilia ground team at Leh, Jimmy the Mithun chakraborty of our team who ensured safe dispatch of every individual in trip in one piece from leh...or even Mr Nimoh,.... Who ensured knocking every individual during the trek for keeping them safe.... Yes I of course did trekking of Sandakaphu or Pindari Glacier earlier.... But they were much earlier almost about 30+ years back ... So again this CHADAR trek was a bit challenge kind of trek to me to prove the actual worthyness of a 50+ mota (fat) aadmi all through..... Still it could become possible only because of never ending support of thrillophilia ground tean along with real time management... This is not a bid adieu to you all. ... it's just a break...I will be back definitely again amongst you all buddies....
06 February 2021
Akash Agrawal Chadar Trek
Trip with thrillophilia is so amazing.. Arrangements and all the staff are so good....it's a life time experience for me....every one should visit ones. Akash Agrawal
06 February 2021
Shah Pooja Chadar Trek
Completed Chadar trek with Thrillophilia last week it was one of the finest trip of my life. Starting from the booking to execution every thing was planned well. We were well briefed by Satya regarding trek and we'll organised local operator.
05 February 2021
Akshay Ratan Chadar Trek
Had a recent trekk to Chadar Lake. It was planned with add ons by thrillophilla in a very professional manner. We had a date change as well due personal reasons and they accommodated our request. All communication were well handled from office side and local operator were very helpfull. The trekk team and porters were very supportive and helpful. The ground representative of thrillophilla based in Leh could do better in way of a more professional briefing and feedbank about trekk in general and fine tuning. Rest was very nice.

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