15 Best Camps Around Pangong Lake

When you visit Ladakh, it is absolutely essential that you experience camping in the region. There are many ways to camp in Ladakh. You can camp by carrying and setting up your own tents wherever you desire or you can enjoy camping as a part of a tour group or you can enjoy a camping experience in the permanent camps set up in particular places. While camping in your own tents is an adventurous experience, it can often be quite trying to the body because such camping involves going without a lot of essential comforts.

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This is why camping in permanent camps is a fantastic experience- not only do you get to enjoy camping, you also get to enjoy it in luxury. And while there are many fantastic places where you can camp in Ladakh, none can top the experience of camping beside the glorious Pangong lake.

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Pangong lake camps allow you to experience the best of this majestic glacial lake with its ever-changing crystal waters and its serene stillness. Though there are quite a few Pangong lake camps perched on the shores of Pangong Tso, you never feel stifled by the crowds because of the majestic scope of the shores. 

All these camps are furnished with amenities that add to the comfort of the stay which makes camping here akin to staying in a luxurious hotel. Camping around Pangong Tso is an adventurous experience- you can enjoy all the sights in leisure as you lounge beside the lake or you can engage on daily treks around the lake.

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As night falls, you can enjoy a memorable bonfire on the shores of the lake while sipping on hot beverages. Camping in the lake camps around Pangong Tso is a beautiful experience which should definitely be tried when in Ladakh. 

Some of the best camps around Pangong Lake 


Camp Whispering Camps

Camp Whispering Camps

As the name goes this is one of the best camps in Pangong Lake for that perfect camping experience under the clear night sky. Nestled amidst the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik, Camp Whispering Camps has been considered as a heaven for the thrill seekers and the adventurers. 

Offering some of the spectacular view of the mountains of the Changchenmo range to the north you will feel like staying at this place forever. Spend some time staring at the reflection of the mountains as the shimmering water of Pangong Lake slowly changes its colour from bluish to greenish. Camping under the stars with the magical view is the best thing to do in Leh Ladakh tour.

Amenities: Camp Whispering camp is located at 14,200ft. There are 15 special tents with en-suite facilities of cold running water in each tent, confronting delightful Pangong Lake. Also get a chance to admire the décor of the tent with boutique style stylistic layout.

Location: The Camp Whispering Camps is located in on the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik, Ladakh.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 5720 per adult.

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Camp Redstart

Camp Redstart

When in Ladakh all you want to do is explore the whole place to its core. So while you are here this time make it best one while staying on a comfortable camp. Offering a garden, Camp Redstart is the ideal place for you to start with your Ladakh travel. 

And the most of all you will have that perfect view of the 180-degree view of the mountains and the beautiful lake. With comfortable beds and clean and warm beds all you have to do is just enjoy. You will also have a very wonderful staff attending to all your demands during your stay.

Amenities: The camps are very well maintained and equipped with all the state of art facilities for day to day use. There are new luxurious and spacious Deluxe Tents with attached bath. You will also have a free parking lot while you are staying at the camps.

Location: Camp Redstart is located at Pangong Lake, Spangmik Village, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101

Price: The approximate price starts from 4500 per adult.

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Pangong Retreat

Pangong Retreat

You have not properly enjoyed camping in Ladakh until you stay at Pangong retreat in Ladakh. Pangong Retreat is a perfect boutique withdraws set confronting the heavenly Pangong Lake in Spangmik Village. With the staggering all-encompassing perspectives of nature's skilled landscape, this camp is a heaven for the adventurers around the globe. 

The Retreat offers you an agreeable settlement giving you essential conveniences enabling you to appreciate a really one of a kind involvement with nature - the brilliant grass, the nightfalls, the mountains and the Pangong Lake.

Amenities: There are 25 liberally dispersed, peaceful and noteworthy agreeable tents here which require an impeccable excursion. The tents effortlessly rest up to three and four with isolated beds. These tents join the solaces of an extravagant remain with the advantages of natural air

Location: The Pangong Retreat is located at a distance of about 150 kms away from the Leh city facing the Pangong Lake.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 4000 per person.

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Camp Martsemik La

Camp Martsemik La

Another best camps in Pangong Lake which is a must try for you in Pangong is Camp Marstemik La. Martsemik Camping Resort is an extravagance rose and Hut camp at Pangong Lake offering unparallel perspectives of the encompassing mountain ranges, a great perspective of Pangong lake or an adventurous bike trip.

Martsemik Eco Resort gives you an all-encompassing view of the Ladakh which will encounter a perfect serenity while unwinding at Camp Martsemik La.

Amenities: There are 34 carefully named tents with joined restrooms. The rose settlement is very much named with all the advanced offices with private open joined washrooms and a private verandah that is a perfect place to appreciate the timeout at the center of the day.

Location: The Camp Martsemik La is located at Pangong Lake Road, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir 194201.

Price: The approximate price starts at 4,500 per person.

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Wonderland Camp

Wonderland Camp

Wonderland Tourist Camp is another best camps in Pangong lake which is a perfect getaway for you. The camp is located in Pangong Lake in the heart of little town spangmik . The camp is unmistakable remains on a lifting range giving best perspective of the Pangong Lake and mountain. 

The camp is managed by a team of proficient, expert and benevolent individuals, camp gives pleasant environment and are furnished with all the present-day luxuries. With this magical view from the camps, camping at this location has become the best activity one must do if planning for Leh.

Amenities: Designed in a way where one can sit and appreciate the stunning perspective of the bordering mountain and celebrated Pangong Lake. The camp has every one of the conveniences for a casual remain. The luxuries incorporate room benefit, 24-hour front work area and dining serves delightful sustenance.

Location: Wonderland Camp is located at Spangmik, Pangong ( 153 Kms from Leh), Leh

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3859 per person.

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100 Sky Camp

100 Sky Camp

If you are looking for some luxurious camp stay in Ladakh then 100 sky camp is the perfect option for you. The camp is a perfect waterfront camp with some amazing views of the surroundings.100 Sky  Camp is a perfect paradise situated on Spangmik Leh, Ladakh. 

Get an opportunity to catch the beauty of extravagance tents which have dependably been an imperative piece of our way of life. Wonder about the sumptuous excellence of nature ,investigate the stunning joy of Spangmik,Pangong Lake and trekking in Ladakh.

Amenities: All the rooms of the camps are very well built and well maintained. There are attached bathroom and 24 water running water facilities.

Location: The 100 Sky camp is located at Pangong Lake Rd, Spangmik, Jammu and Kashmir 194201

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 4600 per person.

Camp Watermark

Camp Watermark

Camp Water Mark is situated in on the bank of Pangong Lake in Spangmik. Camp Water Mark is arranged at around 14,200 feet on the bank of the world's most astounding saltwater Lake Pangong. 

The camp offers the fundamental and essential office to its visitors. The Camp offers a scope of offices to its visitors with attached bathroom, cold running water, and medical facility.

Amenities: The Camp has around 15 exclusive tents. Every one of the tents are all around kept up perfect and clean and are confronting Pangong Lake.

Location: The Pangong Camp is situated at Spangmik town close Pangong Lake.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3000 per person.

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Highland Camps

Highland Camps

As the name recommends Highland Camps is arranged in the Highland district (Lukung Village) of Ladakh close wonderful Pangong Tso. This is another best camps in Pangong Lake which is a must try for you while you are visiting Ladakh. 

Marvel at the sight of the amazing beauty of the region while you stay at the highland camps. Offering some of the best sights of the mighty mountain and the soulful Pangong Lake you will end of totally in a different world while you stay at these comfortable tents.

Amenities: There are total 10 deluxe Swiss Camp which are all very well built with all the state of art facilities for a modern day to day use. With each of the tents there are attached bathroom with 24 hours running service of cold as well as hot water.

Location: Highlands Camps are located at Pangong Lake Rd, Jammu and Kashmir 194201

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 2,800

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Nomad Camp Pangong

Nomad Camp Pangong

While you are off to one of the most beautiful place on earth, you would definitely want to stay at the best place. Nomad Camp Pangong is another best camps in Pangong which will definitely make your vacation a special one.

People around the world visit this place to enjoy its stunning beauty with the mountains and the Pangong Lake. The best thing about this camp is that the beautiful Pangong Lake is just at a walking distance. One can enjoy the changing color of the Pangong Lake which make it all more beautiful.

Amenities:  All the camps are well built with all the state of art facilities. There is an attached bathroom with each of the room with hot and cold running water. One can also get a private parking lot while you are staying at the camps.

Location: The Nomad Camp Pangong is located at Pangong Lake Rd, Jammu and Kashmir 194201

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3500 per person.

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Pangong Sarai Camps

Pangong Sarai Camps

For those of you who are still searching for something different then the other then Pangong Sarai Camps are the perfect option for you. Tucked away in the bosom of nature away from the hustle and bustle of daily life these camps will definitely make your vacation in Ladakh a special one. 

Pangong Sarai gloats of having the best found campground at the world-renowned turquoise blue Pangong Lake. Soak in the beauty of this place while you enjoy a sipping a cup of tea at your comfortable bed.

Amenities: There are 23 cottages with attached shower. Each tent is attached with toilets confronting the serene Pangong Lake. Enjoy fine dining which is specially built with mud bricks to give you that homely feeling.

Location: The Pangong Sarai Camps are located at Pangong Lake Rd, Man, Jammu and Kashmir 194201.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 3220 per person.

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Nature’s Nest Camp

Nature’s Nest Camp

If you are looking for something more different than the usual then Nature’s Nest Camp is the perfect camping option for you in Pangong Lake. Nature's nest camp is located in on the bank of Pangong Lake offering some of the best view of the snow capped mountains with the vast shimmering lake. 

This is another best camps in Ladakh which has been opted by a lot of people around the world. Wake up to a beautiful clear blue morning and enjoy a cup of hot tea while you stare at the distant mountains. And the best part here is the Pangong Lake where you can witness the beauty of the lake as it slowly changes its colour.

Amenities: There are very beautiful Deluxe Cams which are all designed for modern day use. You will also have attached bathroom to each of your tents which are very well cleaned and hygiene. The dining area hall is also very well maintained and you can taste from different varieties of food.

Location: Nature’s Nest Camp is located at at about 14,200 feet on the bank of the world’s highest saltwater Lake Pangong.

Price: The approximate price starts from Rs 5100 per person.

The Kora Pangong Camp

The Kora Pangong Camp

Located close to the beautiful Pangong Lake, the Kora Pangong camp provides elite camping experience to its visitors. The camp features well-maintained tents with an elegant décor. Not only are there double beds provided inside the tents, but there are also washrooms attached to each, with all the essential amenities provided for. 

The services provided by the camp are also amongst the best- friendly managers make staying here a great experience. The camp is located far from the crowded touristic areas which makes it a perfect place where you can enjoy the best of Ladakh’s majestic natural landscape. 

The landscape around this camp is one of the most fascinating in Ladakh- sweeping plains surrounded by endless snow peaks, with a mantle of blue overhead. Staying at this camp is certain to be a memorable experience and you can even enjoy camel safari in Ladakh.


Private car /Coach parking.
Attached washroom with hot water facility
Multi-cuisine dining

Location: Spangmik, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Price: Approx. INR 2000- 5000


Camp Blue Waters

Camp Blue Waters

A camp made up of 15 appealing Swiss Cottage Tents overlooking the glacial Pangong lake, Camp Blue Waters is a perfect camping destination for people who want to experience the best of Ladakh’s natural beauty. This camp gives its visitors a chance to enjoy the magnificence of the region around Pangong Tso in utter peace and solitude. 

Camping on the banks of the Pangong lake with the clear waters and cool winds for a company in a memorable experience only to be rivaled by the experience of enjoying a crackling bonfire under a starry sky on a chilly night around Pangong Tso. 

The camp is staffed by locals who understand the lay of the land and will, therefore, be able to provide you with all the specialized services the high altitude of Pangong Tso requires. The tents in the camp are well furnished and come with attached bathrooms, which means that you will not need to compromise on comfort whilst enjoying a camping experience in Ladakh. 


Private bathroom
In-house restaurant
Car Rental and Parking space
Oxygen cylinders

Location: Darbuka, near Pangong Lake, Spangmik, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Price: Approx. INR 3000- 6000


The Regal Camp

 The Regal Camp

The Regal Camp is considered to be one of the best Pangong lake camps and a camping experience here will definitely serve to provide you with an inexhaustible source of memories. The camp consists of 17 tents in Super Deluxe and Deluxe variations, so you can choose your tent in accordance with your budget. 

The tents are comfortably furnished to provide a luxurious camping experience. Comfortable double beds, carpet lined floors, attached bathrooms with running water and necessary amenities add to the joy of camping on the shores of the Pangong lake. 

The camp is especially renowned for its in-house restaurant which serves a wide variety of delicious food including Indian, Chinese and continental food. Cuddling up next to a campfire on the Pangong Tso bank will be one of the best memories you take away from the camping experience in The Regal camp.There are many hotels in Leh which you can go for your comfortable stay.


Hot water Facilities
Power backup
Oxygen Cylinder facilities

Location: Spangmik Village, Pangong, Spangmik, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Price: Approx. INR 3000- 7000


Holiday Shore Camp

Holiday Shore Camp

Another one of the beautiful Pangong Lake camps in Ladakh, Holiday Shire Camp aims to provide you with the best holiday camping experience around Pangong Tso. The camp features 15 deluxe tents furnished with comfort-providing amenities like double beds, all day long hot and cold water facilities, carpeted flooring, attached bathrooms and more. 

An in-house restaurant serving all types of Indian food alongside Chinese and Continental food is also a part of their offering. Camping with Holiday Shore Camp will allow you to enjoy the magnificent views of the Himalayas visible from the Pangong shores and thrill with joy over the unique ambiance to be enjoyed in the upper reaches of the world.


Warm quilts and blankets in all rooms
24 hours hot water facilities
Power backup
First Aid
Oxygen cylinders

Location: Spangmik Village, Pangong Lake, Ladakh, Jammu, and Kashmir, India

Price: Approx. INR 3000- 5500

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