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Ladakh Family Tour Packages

Journey to the top of the world, Lakadh and lose yourself in its scenic views, lofty mountains and pristine lakes. The beauty of the place will enthral all, irrespective of your age and interest, thus making it an ideal destination for a group vacation. Plan a trip to this amazing region with Thrillophilia today and select from a plethora of Ladakh tour packages for family, all with exciting discounts and fabulous offers. Choose your package as per your preferences and spend some days exploring the unique terrains of Ladadk with its mountains, forests, deserts, river, waterfalls and more.

Choose your Ladakh family tour packages with care to ensure you are able to visit its prime attractions such as Magnetic Hill, Khardungla Pass, Nubra Valley along with its plethora of enchanting monasteries. You may also opt for some adventure activities and indulge in riding a camel in the desert, biking and trekking in the mountains or reaching out to far off places on a jeep safari. You may also try to be in time for some of Ladakh’s colourful festivals to get a glimpse into their vibrant culture. So, go ahead and book a family holiday package to Leh Ladakh at attractive deals at Thrillophilia and venture into a memorable family trip.

Places to Visit on Ladakh Family Trip:

1. Khardungla Pass: With our best Ladakh tour packages for families, embark on a journey to Khardung La or Khardung Pass, which is the gateway to Nubra and Shyok Valley. Located north of Leh, at an elevation of 5359 metres, the mountain pass is one of the highest motorable pass, so you can easily take all your family members there at ease. Once you reach the place, feel amazed, looking at the breathtaking view of the lofty mountains of the Ladakh Range surrounding you.

2. Magnetic Hill: While selecting from a variety of Ladakh family tour packages, look out if the one you finalised is including a trip to the incredible Magnetic Hill, a place which will never cease to make you wonder. This magical place is located 30 km away from Leh town, at an altitude of 14,000 feet. This is where the magic starts! From there, your vehicle will start moving at a speed around 20 kmph on its own, and you will experience an unusual gravity-defying phenomenon. Adding to the magic of this place is the surrounding picture perfect view of the hill and the Sindhu river flowing into it.

3. Lamayuru Monastery: Every Ladakh tour package for family would include a visit to the famous buddhist Lamayuru Monastery, which you will come across on your way to Leh. Located at a height of about 11,520 ft, the monastery will attract you with its calm and serene environment. Being the most significant as well as the largest one in Ladakh, the Lamayuru Monastery, or the Yuru Monastery, will surely enchant you with the sights of antique design, long history and lifestyle of its devoted monks. The location will also captivate you with its spectacular view of nearby hills and surrounding mountains. Visit the monastery during the Yuru Kabgyat festival to get its best view.

4. Nubra Valley: Nubra valley, located at a distance of 150 km from the city is another place which must be included in your family packages for Leh Ladakh. Situated between Tibet and Kashmir, this captivating place is where the Siachen and Shyok rivers meet at an altitude of 10,000 ft. As you reach the valley, you will feel mesmerised looking at the spectacular view of the valley with its blend of different landscapes including gushing rivers, green fields, desert sand dunes and more. If you visit in the warmer months, you will also be able to witness a riot of colours in the forms of roses and lavender bushes. During your visit to the valley, stop by various Buddhist monasteries such as Diskit, Ensa and others.

5. Diskit Gompa: Pay a visit to one of the oldest as well as largest monasteries of Ladakh, the Diskit Gompa or the Diskit Monastery. Walk into this beautiful attraction to have a look at the famous statue of the Maitreya Buddha and admire the guardian deities images as well as the big drums placed inside the gompa. The Diskit Gompa, which finds a place in every family holiday package to Leh Ladakh, is also called the orchard of Ladakh owing to the greenery surrounding it with the Shyok river flowing under the hills.

6. Shey Monastery: Shey Monastery is located at Shey, which was once the summer capital of Ladakh. Pay a visit to this place and feel amazed looking at the gold gilded giant copper statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, the second-largest statue in Ladakh. Climb up to the upper floor to witness beautiful paintings and also visit the museum on the lower floor to learn more about the place. Visit the monastery during one of its two annual festivals - Shey Rupla (harvesting season) and Shey Doo Lhoo (sowing season) to see the place in its full glory.

Things to Do on a Ladakh Family Tour:

1. Visit Royal Leh Palace: A must include in every Ladakh tour package for family is a visit to the Royal Leh Palace, perched on the top of the Tsemo Hill. Also known as Lichen Palkhar, the beautiful palace was constructed in the 17th century. You can explore the 9-storey-high palace, which has now been converted into a museum with your loved ones for some unforgettable memories. Stroll across the place to take a look at its ancient paintings, cutlery used by the Royal family as well as relics of Buddha. Observe the ruins of the former Royal palace, which was destroyed in the 19th century or climb up to the top to get an enchanting view of the city of Leh.

2. Go for a bike trip: If your family loves a bit of thrill and adventure, you can look for a bike trip in the Ladakh family tour packages. Partake in some adventure by immersing yourself in a mountain biking expedition in between the Zanskar and the Karakoram mountain ranges. With your family members you will be able to enjoy an enthralling view of the snow-capped mountains and will also get an opportunity to cross the highest mountain passes. While on your way back, do not forget to stop at the various monasteries as well as religious abodes.

3. Go on a Camel Safari: An enjoyable inclusion in most family packages for Leh Ladakh is a Camel Safari in the Diskit and Hunder valley. Known to be one of the best adventure sports of Ladakh, the camel ride will prove to be one of its kind. Embark on the outstanding adventure of riding the twofold bumped camel who will take you to the higher altitude of the desert. Feel excited as you take in the view surrounding you, consisting of alcoves and corners of the valley which you may not be able to reach by a vehicle. Watch out for the enthralling sand ridges as you cross them while meandering in the deserts.

4. Attend Festivals of Leh: Ladakh, with its rich cultural heritage and a plethora of Buddhist monasteries, is well known for its colourful festivals. While selecting from the Ladakh tour packages for family, ensure that you are able to attend a few to get a glimpse into this Buddhist culture and their way of life. Celebrate the enchanting festivals that take place as per the lunar calendars and immerse yourself in the sports events and dance performances by locals as well as Buddhist monks. You will also be captivated while witnessing the local women taking part in traditional folklore and dancing, dressed in vibrant colour costume and heavy silver jewellers. Some of the well-known festivals which you can plan to attend include Hemis Festival in the Hemis Gompa, celebrated in June, Losar Festival celebrated in December or January across Ladakh and Sindhu Darshan, celebrated on the bank of Sindhu river in June.

5. Go on a Jeep Safari: One of the most popular additions in all family holiday packages to Leh Ladakh is a Jeep Safari thrill, which is also known to be the best way to browse through the valleys of the region. You can embark on the hilly and rough terrains to reach out to the far off destinations like the Zanskar valley, Nubra valley, Pangong Lake and Tso Moriri Lake. Explore this Trans-Himalayan part of India, which can only be otherwise covered by trekkers, and locals, on jeep. Indulge in the wildness in a most secure manner, and enjoy the surrounding scenic beauty as you travel.

Best Time to Visit Ladakh

While visiting with family by road, the best time to visit Ladakh will be from mid-May to October, when the Leh Manali Highway opens up, and you will be able to journey through the Rohtang Pass. During these months, the road conditions are also good, and you will not get stuck up anywhere. Moreover, the weather is also very enjoyable for you to explore the region.

How To Reach Ladakh

By Air: You can hop off to the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee airport, Leh, located 4 km away from the city. This domestic airport connects to the capital of the country, Delhi and other major cities of India, which allows for smooth travel.

By Road: You can travel by road from Manali in Himachal Pradesh via NH3 to reach Leh, located at a distance of 427 km, in 11 hr 29 min. Or you can take the roadways from Srinagar in Kashmir via NH1 and travel 417.9 km in 9 hr 56 min to reach Leh.
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Leh Ladakh Tour Package from Delhi by Air


1D Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport 1D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 2D Leh 2D Stok village
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe

541 Ratings


541 Ratings

₹ 41,400

₹ 29,800 per Adult

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Luxurious Leh Ladakh Sightseeing Tour


1D Leh Airport Travel Terminal 1D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe

442 Ratings


442 Ratings

₹ 65,800

₹ 48,800 per Adult

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Leh Ladakh Sightseeing Tour Package


2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

9229 Ratings


9229 Ratings

₹ 27,500

₹ 17,745 per Adult

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Highlights of Leh Ladakh with Pangong Lake


4D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

696 Ratings


696 Ratings

₹ 18,900

₹ 12,950 per Adult

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Ladakhi Highlights | Private Leh Ladakh Adventure


1D Leh Airport Travel Terminal 1D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 3D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

905 Ratings


905 Ratings

₹ 41,700

₹ 29,999 per Adult

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Leh Ladakh Group Tour With Turtuk Village


2D Leh 2D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

426 Ratings


426 Ratings

₹ 30,745

₹ 19,900 per Adult

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Sqmzznsmi7as7k4frxpjph533ay2 shutterstock 1130640623 Kh4lhecuq2el1avgt5icopf7hkkc uswx9nsxulfh1fte08r4bkqwlapi manali Adbeffodgi6k0fnbwwpmqs42gyns jm62wsd4yhb7dtuka4xfzsd3gqnx nubra8 Si151c9rap8djpjja9kc0xkguvgz snow%20mountain4 Yl0mhgr5q08kqcb5a8khey71s9om leh%20market
Himalayan Expedition | Srinagar - Leh Ladakh - Manali


1D Srinagar 1D Kargil 2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh 1D Jispa 2D Manali
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

425 Ratings


425 Ratings

₹ 49,000

₹ 37,800 per Adult

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Romantic Getaway to Leh Ladakh


1D Leh 1D Magnetic Hill 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Chang La Pass 1D Stok village
Transport Included
Meals Included

325 Ratings


325 Ratings

₹ 26,000

₹ 19,500 per Adult

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7msgml9vp9wsunzhk1c5y6t2ft4e pangong%20pic C4u6wweefp3j88pg0vy4sp2vxt3t nubra6 Y09zxml2szmrx9fkt51y9cejsh9i jispa3 Zbpu6dm3kx6fjq9da4ymbqxldqh9 changla Zx86jr2ri52rqjg1c5b63vbds465 kharg
Manali to Leh Ladakh Sightseeing Tour Package


2D Manali 1D Jispa 1D Sarchu 2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 2D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

392 Ratings


392 Ratings

₹ 43,700

₹ 28,700 per Adult

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Leh Ladakh Expedition with Siachen Base Camp


2D Leh 2D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh
Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included

215 Ratings


215 Ratings

₹ 32,000

₹ 23,745 per Adult

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Leh Ladakh & Srinagar Expedition


2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh 1D Kargil 1D Srinagar
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

384 Ratings


384 Ratings

₹ 39,700

₹ 27,800 per Adult

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Leh Ladakh Tour of 10 Days


1D Sheikh Ul Alam International Airport Srinagar 1D Kargil 1D SECMOL Campus 1D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Chang La Pass 1D Jispa 2D Manali
Transport Included
Meals Included

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 50,000

₹ 36,360 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Family Tours in Ladakh

  1. What should we pack for a Ladakh family tour?

    On your family tour to Ladakh, it is advisable to pack layers, even if you are travelling during the time of moderate temperature. Carry warm clothes as there are some places which are rather cold, a  windbreaker jacket with a hood, along with upper and lower thermals. For travelling and long strolling, make sure you pack sport shoes for the ease of getting around, and have some warm socks for your feet. As you may have children travelling with you, carry water bottles, light snacks as well as essential medicines.

    If you are planning a trip to Ladakh, you can checkout: Ladakh Tour Packages
  2. What are the best adventure activities to do in Ladakh?

    • River Rafting: An exciting adventure which you can include in your tour is river rafting upstream from Spituk up to Karu. This stretch upstream is less demanding and hence apt for the family to enjoy together on your tour. Feel an adrenaline rush as you journey through the stream, and do not forget to capture the beauty of the surroundings in your camera.

    • Camel Safari: A very popular adventure which you can enjoy is a ride on the twofold bumped camel at Diskit and Hunder valley. Ride these tall animals and enjoy the breathtaking view surrounding you while you meandering in the deserts. Have a look at enthralling sand ridges  along with alcoves and corners of the valley as you ride along.

    • Trekking: Trekking with your loved ones can be fun, and thus including these adventures in your Ladakh family tour packages is highly recommended. With several routes to trek such as Nubra valley, Markha valley trek, chadar trek, Indus valley, and more, you can begin your route from anywhere based on your interests and soak in the breathtaking view of the mighty Himalayas.
    • Jeep Safari: If your family is not up for too much adventure, a secured way of getting around the Ladakh region is on a jeep safari. By going for an arranged jeep safari, you will be able to enjoy visiting some of the extraordinary places such as the Nubra valley, Tsomoriri Lake,  Pangong Lake, Zanskar valley, and others.

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  3. How much does a family Ladakh trip cost?

    The total cost of the Ladakh package per person will come to around Rs.15,000 to 30,000. If you are planning to visit the region with family for a period of a week, you will be able to cover most of the region’s highlights such as Nubra Valley, Leh, Sham Valley, Stok village, Khardungla, Pangong, and Chang-la.

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  4. In which month snowfall in Ladakh?

    Snowfall in Ladakh occurs in the months of December, January and February,. During this time, you can stroll through the icy valleys, and the snow ladened peaks in the region. However, during the extreme winters, the place gets heavy snowfall thus hampering the road transportation.
  5. Do I need any permits to visit Ladakh?

    Yes, both domestic as well as international travellers would need a permit to visit Ladakh. For the same, you can either apply online or at the DC Office, and get the permit by paying the required fees which may vary based on your nationality.
  6. Which monasteries can I visit in Ladakh?

    Ladakh is known for its Buddhist culture, and the region is full of well-known monasteries. You can visit the famous buddhist Lamayuru Monastery, which will attract you with its enthralling view, sights of antique design, long history and lifestyle of its devoted monks. The next interesting attraction is the Diskit Gompa, known for the famous statue of the Maitreya Buddha and the Shey Monastery, which features a gold gilded giant copper statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, the second-largest statue in Ladakh. To look at the oldest monastery, visit Sumda Chun Monastery. Some of the other famous monasteries which you can visit are Hemis Monastery, Phyang Monastery, Rangdum Gompa etc.

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  7. What are the options for shopping in Ladakh?

    You can buy several items from Ladakh, from the renowned Tibetan handicrafts such as  Buddha statues, and choktse to singing bowls, carpets & rugs, wood products etc. Then there are the famous everyday items such as apricot products, shawls, pashmina, and the local beverage Chhang. You can also buy souvenirs such as silver jewellery, beads, masks in the vibrant markets of Leh Main Bazaar, Dalai Lama Charitable Trust Handicraft Emporium, Himalayan Pashmina Shawls, Tibetan Market etc.
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