Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh on Bike - 2021
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Best time to Visit Ladakh on Bike

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh on bike can be said to extend over the entire year, but the most suitable months have to be between the end of May to the mid of September. Ladakh is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, and that is what attracts a lot of adventurers to the Himalayas. Driving amidst the silent yet beautiful hills on the two wheels and a powerful engine, the experience is enthralling, to say the least.

With the best time to visit Ladakh on Bike approaching, the excitement mounts and the adventure begin. The pictures of great attractions like Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, the Confluence and many other starts pouring out, creating a buzz in everyone’s feed. And that calls out to all the travelers, for coming and exploring, and for falling in love with the Land of High Passes, Ladakh.

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Best Time for Leh Bike Trip

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Best Time for Leh Bike Trip

With the seasons playing out extreme odds in Ladakh, there is a lot of confusion about what is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh on bike. This is mostly owed to the entry points of getting into Ladakh, Zoji La and Rohtang Pass that stay closed in the season of winter. Also, these entry points get a little tricky to get through at the time of monsoon due to frequent landslides. This leaves a little window of time through the year where you can gain access to the moonscapes of Ladakh.

The months of June to September are considered to be the best time for a visit to Ladakh. Apart from these months, you can also do a bike trip in the months of winter, but the temperatures make it very difficult and tricky to ride during your trip to Leh-Ladakh.

Click here to check out the list of best hotels in Leh-Ladakh which will help you have a peaceful stay on your vacation.

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Leh Bike Trip in Summer


Bike Trip Cost

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Bike Trip Cost

Owing to the fact that you can bring your own, as well as hire bikes to ride till Ladakh, there is a slight variation in the cost of a bike for Ladakh trip. Taking into consideration the costs arising out of maintenance, fuel, stay, food, gear, and permits, the cost of a trip on your own bike will cost you around INR 17,000- 20,000, while on hiring a bike can cost about INR 25,000-28,000. This cost makes the summers the best time to visit Leh Ladakh on Bike.

You must check out the Delhi to Leh guide before you start planning your next trip.

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Distance And Duration

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Distance And Duration

Depending on where you start the trip will create variations in the total distance. But assuming that you start your trip from either Srinagar or Manali, the duration of the trip will be somewhere around 7 to 9 days, in which you will not only cover the major attractions of Ladakh but will also cover the starting and ending points of the journey.

Apart from that, the total distance is also something that is subjective to places. But for the major part, the distance covered will be somewhere around 1200-1500 km.

Feel the real adventure with these trekking trails in Leh-Ladakh.
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Ladakh as a whole is still a mysterious location, and there are still some details that you must know before the beginning of this trip, so make the best of summers, the best time to visit Leh Ladakh on Bike.

-There is going to be a lot of paperwork. If you are an Indian citizen residing in India, you will require an Inner Line Permit to access certain locations like Nubra Valley, Pangong Lake, etc. For Indians residing outside of India and for foreigners, a Protected Area Permit is a must to access these place.

-That is why upon your arrival, you will be visiting the Leh DC office to get your paperwork stamped. Leh is the center point for you to visit any of these locations and without the paperwork, you cannot visit these places.

-Apart from that, if you are visiting Ladakh on your own bike, you have to keep all the papers ready for the same. The bike needs to be fit for pollution check, needs to be in your name (you cannot bring your relative’s without them being with you), and cannot be an average bike because the terrains are really rough.

-You have to remember that if you are bringing your own bike, you have to maintain a standard of health in it. This is because you may or may not find proper mechanic shops on your way to Ladakh, and this may be a cause to worry.

-Manali Leh highway is prone to landslides during the months of Monsoons. The road should be avoided in these times. Ladakh lies on the rain shadow side of the Himalayas, and so you may think that because everything on this side is pleasant, it may be the same nearby.

Be prepared for Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), because it is always a looming possibility at such heights. Always keep yourself hydrated as dehydration is not only a symptom of AMS but also a cause of it.

Check out our best selling Manali Leh bike trip and Manali Leh jeep safari packages and let the adventure begin.
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Places You Can See

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Places You Can See

During the best time to visit Leh Ladakh on bike, there are plethora of places that you can see, and find all of them on their best. To name these places:

-Nubra Valley and Khardung La Pass

-Diskit Monastery

-Hunder Sand Dunes



-Pangong Tso

-Shyok Village and Valley

-Sham Valley (Magnetic Hill, Pathar Sahab Gurudwara, Confluence of Indus with Zanskar)




-Zoji La Pass

Check out the festivals of Leh-Ladakh and witness the true culture of this region on your trip.
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Leh Bike trip in Winters


Bike Trip Cost

Bike Trip Cost

Because the time of the year is when the climate is unexpected, the roads are tough and covered in snow, the prices may rise. There are certain factors for this, like lessened road connectivity, a decrease in the incoming of imported goods, and the extreme conditions of weather. This may mean that to take a Ladakh Bike Trip in winters will cost you more than the summers, say somewhere around INR 35,000.

Don't forget to check out our bike trip package of Manali Leh Srinagar and start your journey to the best adventure.


Distance and Duration

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Distance and Duration
Now because there are certain places that are off limits in winters in Ladakh, the total duration and covered distance may be reduced, but you can rest assure that the excitement may not. So you may experience the total trip of about 5 to 6 days and will be covering about 700-800 km.
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During the snowy months. There is always a pinch of fun left to have in the winters, but there are also always more precautions to take care of. Apart from tips and guidelines that need to be followed in the summers, here are a few more things to take care of.

-It will be really, really cold. So it is for the better of you that you go prepared for the same. Be it clothing or prevention methods for AMS, you need to be prepared.

-Because cold months mean difficulty in sleeping. In Ladakh, you will need way better sleeping gear than normal to enjoy a good night’s sleep. So make sure you carry the same with you.

-Plan your trip on the basis of budget thoroughly. There is a chance that you may not always find the best of places to stay and eat, the ones which stand true to your expectations. So always carry enough cash with you.

-Plan your trip with at least a couple of buffer days in hand avoid hassles caused by an abrupt snowfall.

Click here to check out the Srinagar to Leh guide and start planning your adventure.

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Places You Visit And Can't Visit During Winter

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Places You Visit And Can't Visit During Winter

All of the places in the Leh region will be available for a visit but may become inaccessible due to heavy snowfall. Depending on that, here are a few places that you can still visit in winters.

-Frozen Pangong Tso (may be inaccessible due to heavy snowing

-Nubra Valley and Hunder Sand Dunes

-Khardung La Pass (It can be dangerous to ride, but exciting as well)

-The confluence of Indus and Zanskar

-Chilling (starting point of Chadar Trek)

-Ulley (Home of the snow leopards and one of the highest settlements in the world)

Check out the Leh-Ladakh road trip packages and start your adventure.

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Adventure in Ladakh

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Trekking in Ladakh

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Ladakh Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Ladakh
11 July 2019
We went for Manali to srinagar Bike tour. It was the best bike trip of my entire life It all started with the person named Shubham from thrillophilia who helped me in selecting the best trip and processed with my booking, all thanks to him! Without him I wouldn’t have been able to experience the best trip of my life. On arrival there, we met our tour guide Tani and our Mechanic Shashi about whom I have read a lot at thrillophilia reviews. These 2 guys were so supportive during the entire tour that no matter what happened they were always there to look after us. They always made sure we are safe and we are following them and there is no overtaking taking place. Tani, the tour guide, one chilled out person he is! Make sure you get him as your tour guide and Shashi as the mechanic as these guys will always make sure that they are there for you no matter what. And in the end, it’s all the Main man behind everything, Jimmy Sir. Thanks a lot Sir for making me experience the best trip of my life! Without you and your team this wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks for helping us out in every way possible. The roads here are difficult terrain to ride on. You gotta be careful. You gotta carry your gum boots during water logging which is the most difficult to cross. But these guys made sure that we were all safe and had sound health till we reached home. Not even a single person was hurt. Our group was a mixture of all age groups, I’m fact we even got to meet 2 people From the Indian navy as well. One mad kickass experience! Unbelievable. Reaching the worlds highest Pass, Khardungla Top, was the highest achievement of my life till date which happened on this trip! And if at all you wish to go, don’t forget to ask Tani and Shashi as your tour guide and mechanic, and go only through Jimmy Sir as he has the best team! Thanks a lot to everyone out there for which I thought the best way would be to write at thrillophilia reviews.
12 July 2018
From Recent Expedition -: Srinagar > Leh > Manali !! The feeling was awesome and words are not enough to express my experience of the expedition, but ever since I talked about it, it makes me feel that I’m still travelling, I’m still there. I had been a frequent traveller, but the emotions associated with this tour were different. We enjoyed, we had fun, we went emotional, we met some new friends, we felt proud, we captured every possible feelings and emotions we can during the entire journey.
12 July 2018
From Recent Expedition -: Srinagar > Leh > Manali !! The feeling was awesome and words are not enough to express my experience of the expedition, but ever since I talked about it, it makes me feel that I’m still travelling, I’m still there. I had been a frequent traveller, but the emotions associated with this tour were different. We enjoyed, we had fun, we went emotional, we met some new friends, we felt proud, we captured every possible feelings and emotions we can during the entire journey. We passed through all the ranges of the Great Himalayas, starting from the Shivalik, Karakoram & Pir Panjal. The memories of “late night road journey from Jammu to Srinagar risking our life while crossing South Kashmir (Known for Terrorist activities), early morning (4 am) shopping at Awantipora, Dal Lake, Shankracharya Temple, Srinagar Market, Lunch @Lal Chowk, Eid Celebrations, Shalimar Garden, Noon & Kahwa Tea, Sonmarg, War Zone (Kargil, Drass &Batalik), Oldest Gompa Lamayuru, Rafting at World’s highest point (Zanskar river), Pathar Sahib Gurudwara, Leh Palace, gruelling terrain & passes(Zoji La (3528 Mtrs), Namki La (3815 Mtrs), Fotu La (4108 Mtrs),World’s highest Motorable road – Khardungla (5359 Mtrs), Nakee La (4739 Mtrs), Tanglang La ( 5328 Mtrs), Bara-lacha (4890 Mtrs) & Chang La (5360 Mtrs)), Crazy bath in Pangong Tso lake (-4 °C), cute Marmot, Yak, Deer & Pashmina Goats at Changthang Wildlife sanctuary, snow-capped Karakoram Ranges, Sand dunes at Nubra Valley, Diskit Monastery, the Gata loops (22 hairpin bends) at 4190 Mtrs elevation on Pang – Sarchu road, Suraj Taal, Whiskey & Brandy Nallah, Picturesque Jispa, Hiking at 4350 Mtrs Himalayan ranges and driving alongside the rivers across the two states” are never gonna fade away !! Thanks to Thrillophilia for making this trip awesome & memorable one.
24 June 2018
Your Destination would be a dream until you come out and step ahead to it and experience. Leh-Manali Bike ride is one such vibe which will resonate for many years to come. Here the journey was more scintillating then achieving those milestones and Thrillophilia ensured we had great time by organising it perfectly to last mile would like to thank Tarun and Chitransh. Tani and Amit who were our Tour Leaders were just amazing with their hospitality to the care taken through out the ride. Ride at Khardungla Pass, Gata Loops, Zing Zing Bar, Barlachala were just amazing.
Such an amazing bike ride, challenging but with thrill till the end. Make sure that you are prepared to prevent the cold, the rough wind, the altitude sickness etc because even the symptoms of sickness will affect your trip. Khardung La Pass is quite a challenging one, also there are different shorter and longer passes throughout the journey. The service was also nice, not many complaints. The guides will know the place better because they are doing it for long. But still keep the track of the route before you start the trip. The guide was nice to us, keeping everything coordinated. The accommodation and food were also flawless to me.
We booked this Leh Ladakh complete tour from Delhi with the flights. And the whole trip was beautifully managed and it was a mesmerizing place being the Stupas, or rivers, hills or the passes. They were all enchanting and beautiful.
The Thrillophilia team has surpassed all of my expectations! I was initially apprehensive about the Parang La trek because of the altitude and the difficulty, but Thrillophilia made sure I had no issue at all! Everything was taken care of, and the guide was just brilliant. For any further treks, Thrillophilia is my go-to website and the one I’ll always recommend!
A great way to rent a bike and be secure about the condition and price for it. The bike of choice is also available and it is easy to book as well.
The Thrillophilia sales and support teams are absolutely brilliant. When I heard the Parangla trek pitch for the first time from them, I was not sure if the trek would pan out in the exact same way, but surprisingly, it did. The sales team was very articulate with the trek prerequisites, and outlines and the operator had answers to all the questions I asked!
17 November 2019
Leh Ladakh's location had everything that you dreamed about. It had ice (lots and lots of ice), even when I was sleeping battling the cold at night I was could see those ice sheet right in front of my eyes. but the most exciting part was that we were never complaining even under these extreme conditions. the food offered was very tasty. everything was perfectly planned by the thrillophilia team. Awesome experience !!

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People Also Ask About Ladakh

  1. How much does a Ladakh bike trip cost?

    The cost of Ladakh bike trip wholly depends on the type of bike you are using, the time duration for which you will be staying there, the stops you will be staying at and many other factors. A basic 10 days trip in which you take your own vehicle can cost you upto INR 35,000 including food and stay.

    However, planning a trip yourself can be a bit difficult and loaded with numerous hidden charges. In such cases, customizable packages come to rescue and provide you a hassle free trip. You can book various different packages depending on your preferences. Also, it is advised to enjoy the trip after the month of may as the timeframe of May to October is considered to be the best time to visit Leh Ladakh on bike.

  2. What is the best time for Manali to Leh bike trip?

    Riding a bike from Manali to Leh is a dream come true for various backpackers and nature lovers. Not only do you enjoy the thrill of riding and tasting the speed but you also get to enjoy the eye catching scenery around you.

    The best time to visit Ladakh on bike is between the months of May to October. Around this time, the snow begins to melt and the roads appear much more cleaner. Also, the summers in ladakh bring the season of festivals with time. Around these months the town experiences carnival like vibes which further attracts flocks of tourists.

  3. Are rented bikes allowed in Ladakh?

    No, if the rented bikes are coming from some other region then they will not be granted entry in Leh ladakh. However, one can rent a bike from Leh only for riding purposes or can bring their own two wheeler which must be registered in their own/parents name. The best time to visit Ladakh on bike is around the months of May to December, when you will be accompanied by an array of other bikers.
  4. Which bike is best for a Leh Ladakh bike trip?

    Any bike which is heavy built, has a strong engine and 350 to 400 CC engine can be taken to enjoy a road trip to Ladakh. The Royal Enfield Himalyan is considered to be the best bike to ride when going on a bike trip to Ladakh.

    The bike is specifically designed to pass the hilly terrains and cross the hurdles around the steep slopes. Having an engine of 400 CC makes it a true beast by climbing high pathways and rocky terrains. Other bikes having similar horsepower include Royal Enfield Thunderbird and Royal Enfield Electra 350. In addition to enjoying the best performance of your bike, it is advisable to visit there in the peak season. May to October is considered to be the best time to visit Ladakh on bike.

  5. How is the road condition in Ladakh?

    The road condition of Ladakh depends on the weather conditions. In Winters, the roads taking you to this cool haven gets covered with sheets of snow and travelling at that time is quite difficult. Around the months of January and February, the roads are completely blocked and transportation services are not available.
  6. When should I plan my bike trip to Ladakh?

    The best time when you can enjoy a fun-filled, scenic and thrilling bike trip to Ladakh is between the months of May to November. Planning your trip in this time frame will let you enjoy various panoramic sceneries on your way.
  7. Which is the best month to go Ladakh on a bike?

    If you are an adventure junkie who is looking for the best time to visit Leh Ladakh on bike then make sure that you plan your trip in the month of June. Around this time, the region of Ladakh experiences summers which result in clearer roads and decreased harsh winds.

    In addition to this, by the starting of june, most of the snow melts away and to enjoy cold weather, one has to drive towards high altitudes. On the way, one can enjoy various panoramic views of the surrounding snow capped mountains.

    What makes June the best time to visit Ladakh on bike is that around this time, one of the major festivals of Ladakh is also celebrated. The first full moon of june marks the beginning of “Sindhu Darshan” Festival in which river Indus is worshipped. Around the streams of Indus, one can enjoy a carnival-like atmosphere loaded with various entertainment options.

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