Ladakh Bungee Jumping Overview

Take a plunge to the Zanskar River in Tsogsti village at Ladakh Bungee Jumping, known as the highest bungee jumping venue in the world. Awaken the adrenaline in you as you jump from a height of 190 feet all the way to the river down below, whilst enjoying sights of the snow-clad mountains around you. 

In a first of its kind experience in an Indian Union Territory, get a chance to experience falling 190 feet down to the Zanskar River as you visit the Tsogsti Village in Ladakh, which now ranks as the world’s highest bungee jumping venue. With the Trans-Himalayan ranges surrounding you, and a tranquil yet thrilling ambience, get fitted into your professional gear as you stand at the edge of a 90-degree cliff waiting to take the plunge. 

The 3 to 4-minute jump is nothing short of an adventurous feat, and is sure to send chills down your spine. And as you jump down, you can also witness the spectacular natural beauty of the Tsogsti Village, along with the other natural landscapes that surround you, while also enjoying a rather unique vantage point view of the Zanskar River. 

The entire bungee jumping experience is supervised and taken care of by trained professionals, who ensure that the equipment is up-to-date and perfect for use. You will also be provided with the proper training, including guidance and basic instructions before you jump down to the river. The Ladakh bungee jumping experience is perfect for those above the age of 18 years, in addition to those having a weight of more than 40 kilograms.

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• Head over to the Tsogsti Village in Ladakh, and get a chance to experience jumping to the Zanskar river from the highest bungee jumping location in the world
• Soak in spectacular views of the Trans-Himalayan region and the surrounding landscapes as you jump from a 90-degree cliff at a height of almost 190 feet from the ground
• Get a chance to feel exhilarated as you jump head first for up to three to four minutes whilst being attached to a harness
• Fall freely down below after undergoing basic training and guidance from the trained professionals and experts here, who ensure your safety and take care of all the equipment

How To Reach

Ladakh Bungee Jumping experience is available at Tsogtsi Village, which is located around 35 kilometres from Leh, and 7 kilometres from Sangam, where the Zanskar and Indus rivers meet. To get to Tsogtsi Village from Leh, the only mode of transportation is a jeep or a car ride directly to the village.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to go for Ladakh Bungee Jumping is from April to July, when the temperatures in Ladakh are quite pleasant, with favourable weather conditions for this adventure sport. 

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