Losar Festival, Leh: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Losar Festival

The Tibetan New Year is the famous Losar; Lo stands for year and Sar stands for New. Since the influence of Tibetan Buddhism was spreading in the north of India, Jammu and Kashmir also celebrates Losar Festival annually. In Ladakh, currently it is Ladakhi New Year too. Falling on the end of January or in February depending on the Tibetan calendar, Losar is celebrated for 15 days but the first three days have the supreme significance. A five day long process of Vajrakilaya is the important part of the festival. For Ladakhis, Losar is a very special time as it mustards all the people in the area and take it to the level of a prominent socio religious festival of the region. 

The dance of the Ibex deer, numerous religious rituals, staged dance dramas and music together churn the festival to be one of the top-notched tourist attractions as well. One principal ceremony during the festival is Metho ceremony that represents the fight between good and evil. There will be a huge procession in which hundreds of people gather with flaming torches in their hands and chanting the special prayers. 

The torches will be thrown away after the parade in order to let the evils go away from the society and people and welcome the fresh year to their lives. The festival is celebrated by Tibetans, Bhutanese, Yolmo, Sherpas, Acharyas, Gurungs, Bhutias and several other Himalayan natives and their Diasporas.

Location: There is no fixed location for Losar as different locations will be arranged every year. Anywhere in Ladakh you can be to watch and partake in Losar.

Best time to go: The festival will take place any time between the December and February.

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