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Universal Studios Singapore Rides

Universal Studios Rides in Singapore includes Battlestar Galactica: Human, Transformers: The Ride, Revenge of The Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Waterworld, Shrek 4-d Adventure and many more

A visit to Singapore is considered incomplete without having experienced the thrill of the Universal Studio Singapore Rides. This fun theme park on Sentosa Island is a complete family entertainer where you can spend a whole day and still crave for more. The rides in this park have been carefully designed and installed to give every visitor a real rush of adrenaline. Each ride brings with it a thrill that lingers in one’s memory for many days to come. Every ride, in fact, is worth a try once you are at the park. 

One of the many Universal Studio Singapore Rides, for instance, is the ‘Lights Camera Action’ ride. It offers a mix of sound and light special effects to let viewers experience the scenes of a terrible hurricane approaching New York City. Another ride, the ‘Sesame Street Space Adventures’ is an incredible and futuristic space chase ride. Mention must also be made of the ‘Treasure Hunters’ in which one gets to ride a desert jeep across the dusty trails of ancient Egypt. The ‘Crate Adventure’ is one more ride at the park where you can enjoy the varied colors of quirky Madagascar. In the case of the ‘Shrek 4D’, you can experience the joy of exploring a cute, little fairy tale kingdom.

Here are some of the best thrilling rides in Universal Studio Singapore: 

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Battlestar Galactica: Human

Battlestar Galactica is an absolute must for roller coaster enthusiasts and is certainly not to be missed. In this dueling cruiser there are two sets of coasters- one representing the Humans is in red and is a seated coaster, while the other constituting the Cylon side is blue and inverted. If being completely inverted is not something you are too crazy about, remain on the Human side.

The Human coaster does not include inversions, however keeps the fun and frenzy alive by packing in a good deal of gut-churning drops, narrow bends and speed.

Zone -
Sci-fi City

Timings -

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Transformers: The Ride

This Universal Studio Singapore Ride is an indoor 3D ride that packs all the thrill for Transformers fans. Donning your 3D glasses, you are whisked right in the middle of the battleground in the world of OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS and an intriguing battle against the dark forces.

You sit in a cart and get straight down to business as this dramatic next generation ride takes you dashing through the streets straight out of your favorite Transformers movie. If you have motion sickness however, the ride is certainly going to trigger it.

This is one of the busiest rides in the early part of the day. So it is best to head here in the afternoon if you want to cut down on wait time.

Zone -
Sci-fi City


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Revenge of The Mummy

Yet another indoor ride, this is one of Universal Studio Singapore Rides’ high speed roller coasters that throws you in the centre of a raging war in a Revenge of the Mummy setting. You are seated in a jeep, here, without the 3D glasses on, and zoomed through the dusty paths of a tomb in ancient Egypt in the quest of The Book of the Living.

You will experience some intense moments along the journey until finally getting plunged into complete darkness with a thrilling roller coaster. The fantasy-filled ride is a good amalgamation of hair raising haunted house experience, ancient battle complete with massive fireballs, swarms of beetles and mummy armies, and rollercoaster. 

Ancient Egypt


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Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Brace yourself for a good splash in this white water river rafting adventure Universal Studio Singapore Ride that wades you through Jurassic Park. The ride includes a thrilling waterfall drop amid state of the art animatronics that almost brings to life the primeval creatures roaming free here.

Seated in a circular raft, you will be tossed around in splashing river rapids enough to get you completely drenched. You may use the nearby available lockers to stash your valuables in case you are not carrying a waterproof bag to keep them dry.

Wearing quick-dry clothes while at Universal Studios is a good idea. Otherwise, you can also use the drying pods for a fee of S$5. 

The Lost World


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This indoor stunt show can be viewed in an exceptionally created establishment and is one that is not to be missed if you are out to enjoy the Universal Studios Singapore Rides.

The theme is based on famous Hollywood blockbuster film, Waterworld, and comprises spine-chilling stunts around fire and water explosions, several sharp, almost three-storey drops, dramatic fight sequences and much more.

This spectacular action packed live water show usually offers multiple programs around the afternoon. You can catch any one of them as it is definitely worth a watch. Grab a map as you enter the park from the ticketing booth to know the schedule for the day.

The Lost World

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Shrek 4-d Adventure

Step into a fairy tale-like world inside the Far Far Away Castle where you can join Shrek himself along with Princess Fiona and the Donkey on an adventurous ride, right within the castle. In the 4-D theatre, you embark on a journey with the characters of the movie right from where the film had left off.

Wear your 3D OgreVision glasses and sit back as you get whisked away on the honeymoon adventure complete with bounces, bumps in the action sequences as well as blasts of air and water spray.

If you are concerned about your back issues or have a pregnant member among you, you do not give this thrill a miss. Just opt for non-moving seats and you are good to go.

Zone- Far Far Away

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Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

This is an endearing indoor kids ride where you join Elmo and Super Grover 2.0 in their heroic pursuit of the evil Macaroni the Merciless who is just about to sneak away all the spaghetti from Earth.

Zip along this high-flying space adventure ride as a family, with the Sesame Street heroes as they chase down the intergalactic villain and his company of minions and restore all the stolen spaghetti back to Earth.

The Universal Studios Singapore Ride is definitely worth a try especially if you wish to take a break in the cool interiors after sweating it out on the outdoor rides. The queue for this ride is often quite short.

Zone- New York

Timings- 2pm-7pm

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Lights, Camera, Action

Witness a Spielberg level movie special effects show while standing in an indoor boathouse near the harbour on a calm and peaceful day which takes a turn for the worse as a Category 5 hurricane heads towards New York City. Watch the sky go dark and the wind turn chilly with the approaching storm.

A vacant soundstage suddenly transforms into a visual spectacle, all thanks to the magic of cinema. Watch the stormy winds hurl in from the sea pushing a cargo ship and wreckage uncannily towards the little boathouse you are stuck in.

However, just before all hell breaks loose, calm returns and the mutilated boathouse is soon reinstated.

Zone- New York

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Steel-suspended Canopy Flyer Roller Coaster

More on the gentler side, this outdoor aerial ride breezes you over the themed forested lands giving you a bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park. Enjoy the prehistoric view from your vantage point in nothing less than your very own dinosaur proof flying capsule.

Although your flying vehicle has hanging seats below the track and it moves at a fast pace, the ride is not petrifying like some of their other roller coasters. The queues for this family friendly attraction often get very long and the wait may be quite significant.

Zone- The Lost World

Timings- 1pm-6pm

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Puss in Boots Giant Journey

This is an outdoor family roller coaster that with its sheer height and placement from atop a mammoth bean stalk, affords anti-gravity sensations.

The Universal Studio Singapore Ride follows the Grimm Brothers fairy tale, although precisely. You are elevated with the help of a spiral lift system at a slow to moderate speed. You then join Puss and Kitty in their swaggering adventures from your perch as they embark on their quest for the precious golden eggs.

Like any drama, there are complications and hindrances that you will encounter along the way especially the legendary Great Terror who will do all it takes to thwart your plans of poaching.

Zone- Far Far Away

Timings- 12pm-5pm

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These wildly spinning teacups may give you a whirling experience but it is not one of the most sought after Universal Studios Singapore Rides. It is an outdoor ride, albeit sheltered and has an intergalactic feel to it.

The cup and saucer ride is a good test of your interstellar endurance. It however, has a height restriction and children who are below 122 cm will need to be accompanied by a supervising adult. Moreover, they do not allow anybody with a hand held infant to go on this ride for safety measures.

Zone- Sci-fi City

Timings- 2pm-7pm

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Treasure Hunters

This Universal Studios Singapore Ride is one of the park’s leisurely attractions. Here, you can jump into a jeep, wear your expedition hat and venture out into the desert sands of ancient Egypt in the quest for lost treasure. The experience is made as close to the real experience as possible with animatronics along the way.

You will be driving your very own vintage vehicle (an open air vehicle designed to give it the vintage look) along the dusty paths of an excavation site which adequately resembles a world waiting to be explored and you, the avid adventurer seeking treasures.

You get to drive along a motorized track and are given a steering wheel that can be rotated just 10 to 15 degrees either way. So all you need to do is just sit back and relax while the vehicle runs its course.

Zone- Ancient Egypt


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Singapore Essentials Explore All (11)
Explore All (11)


This is an outdoor seated spinning ride for children where they can experience flying their very own dinosaurs known as Pteranodons. Enjoy the thrill of sitting on the back of this flying beast as they soar up into the sky and plummet down into the shadows.

This Universal Studios Singapore Ride truly makes the park an entertainer for everyone in the family, including very young children provided they meet the minimum height requirements. Having said that, the ride can be equally enjoyable for adults especially with its “to Fly Press and Hold” button that makes your Pterodactyl sway up.

Zone- The Lost World

Timings- 1pm-6pm

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Amber Rock Climb

Challenge your physical endurance and climbing skill with this fun outdoor attraction at the Universal Studios Singapore.

The wall is approximately 6 floors high and is not for those who are afraid of heights, nor for the weak hearted. Simple as it may seem in the beginning, the strenuous climb starts turning into a test of stamina as you go up. You are given a harness, but need to make use of only crevices along the wall’s surface to scale your way up.

What’s more! If you are agile enough to reach the very top, a secret treasure awaits you.

Zone- The Lost World

Temporarily suspended until further notice

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Magic Potion Spin

You will find this magic potion Ferris wheel as you walk down the alley in Far Far Away. The Fairy Godmother’s Magic Potion Shop is an instant attraction with large bubbling vats spinning and churning out her exquisite elixirs.

Competing with the clinking and clanking of a fantasy workshop in full swing, the miniature wheel gives a joy ride to children, pretending to be the contents of the vats amid all the wizardry.

This is an indoor ride and requires children to be a minimum height of 100 cm and accompanied by an adult. The vehicles however, may not accommodate certain people due to their body size and shape.

Zone- Far Far Away

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Explore All (90)

The Ultimate 3D Battle

If you are a Transformers fan, this Universal Studios Singapore Ride is tailor made for you. One of the most popular corners in the Sci-fi zone of the park, the wait time here may sometimes exceed 120 minutes, so you can simply imagine the popularity it enjoys.

Replete with visual treats and paraphernalia from the futuristic world is often enough to get the enthusiasts excited. One of the pieces adorning the wall is a slab of rock engraved with ancient writings, reminiscent of a similar piece in one of the Transformer movies.

Another beautiful artifact here is the Allspark which allegedly is the life force of all transformers and the focus of the battle between the autobots and deceptions. You will have to collect your 3D glasses next and embark on the roller coaster.

Zone- Sci-fi

Timings- 2pm-7pm

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Enchanted Airways

This mini roller coaster on Donkey’s romantic interest, the Dragon, will take adults and children on a thrilling ride over the kingdom of Far Far Away and even beyond that. Other fairy tale creatures line up along the way in Shrek’s world to form a scintillating cast in this enchanted ride.

So you will witness everyone from Pinocchio, the Three Blind Mice and Gingy to the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

This Universal Studios Singapore Ride is exciting, reaching an elevation of thirteen metres along a fifty meters track that takes about sixty seconds to complete one round at an average speed of around forty-six kilometers an hour.

Zone- Far Far Away

Timings- 1pm-6pm

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Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

Set out on a fun-filled river adventure ride with your favorite characters from the blockbuster movie by Dreamworks Animation, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria.

One of the newest attractions in the park, this Universal Studios Singapore Ride offers mechanical boats, each of which can accommodate 20 people. This and the considerably high frequency makes the waiting time for this ride quite short.

The ride takes you right through the yawning hole of the hijacked cargo ship from the film and narrations in the background.

The ride is more suited to young children especially those who do not meet the height requirement.

Zone- Madagascar

Timings- 2pm-7pm

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King Julien’s Beach Party Merry-Go-Round Spinner

If you have got hooked to the king of lemur’s “move it, move it” tune, you will surely enjoy moving in this crazy carousel dedicated to the self-appointed King Julien. This is a favorite of families as the simple merry go round spins to the lively high energy dance numbers.

Set up in a beach scene where King Julien is throwing a feast for his friends from the city, the freaky lion, giraffe, zebra and hippo.

Close to the carousel, is Gloria’s snack shack where you can directly head after your ride for some mouth-watering Japanese food. The character from Madagascar is seen here hosting the eatery, making your Madagascar experience complete.

Zone- Madagascar

Timings- 12pm-5pm

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Battlestar Galactica: Cylon

Battlestar Gallactica is a high-speed turbulent dueling coaster and the Cylon side is packed with multiple stomach-jarring inversions. This is one of the favorite rides of visitors here and certainly one you cannot give a miss if you are a roller coaster fanatic. One of its most attractive features includes a drop right below the ground through a heavy mist.

Battlestar Galactica is essentially two Universal Studio Singapore Rides rolled into one and it is advisable to start here early as the queues could get rather long. Before embarking, you will have to keep all things on you in a nearby locker that is free for the first 45 minutes.

Zone- Sci-fi City

Timings- 1pm-6pm

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People Also Ask About Singapore

  1. What are the different zones at universal Studio Singapore?

    1.) New York: This is one of the popular Universal Studio Singapore Rides which is based on a neo-era New York City complete with sidewalks and landmarks reminiscent of the metropolis. The area and the rides in it mimic scenes from the big city with neon lights and street facades.

    2.) Sci-fi City: This area has a futuristic theme, furnished with technologies from the galactic age and state of the art automation.

    3.) Ancient Egypt: Largely drawing inspiration from the Mummy movie, this zone has recreated the Egyptian architecture and artifacts that echo the Golden Age of Egyptian culture.

    4.) Jurassic Park- The Lost World: The prehistoric themed zone is divided into the Jurassic park and the Water world sections. It is packed with the thrill of the classic Hollywood movie that commands a cult following today.

    5.) Far Far Away: The name is drawn from the much loved kingdom of Far Far Away from Dreamworks Animation’s Hollywood blockbuster Shrek. The zone has been given a fairy tale feel to it with prominent characters from the movie featuring.

    6.) Madagascar: A giant cargo ship doubles up as Madagascar-a crate adventure ride. You will find all the characters from the film here.

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  2. Which are the best rides for Kids at Universal Studio Singapore?

    1.) Madagascar: A Crate Adventure: This is a pretty mild boat ride which even toddlers can enjoy. Your boat sails down a meandering river way and the four main characters from the kids favorite fil Madagascar- Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria, are right there entertaining you.

    2.) King Julien's Beach Party Go Round: This ride has no minimum height requirement and is ideal for children. Children enjoy riding the crooked-necked giraffes and zany zebras. For the very young there are also chariots with benches on this carousel.

    3.) Treasure Hunters: This jeep cum train ride is a fun ride for kids where they don the explorer’s hat out to find the lost treasures of Egypt.

    4.) Dino Soarin: Kids enjoy riding on the backs of flying dinosaurs which you can choose to soar up and plunge down. It allows all children under 122 cm to ride.

    5.) Magic Potion Spin: This is a mini Ferris wheel for children in the midst of Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop. The ride is quite mild and not scary for the very young ones.

    Must Checkout: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve 


  3. What is Universal Studio famous for?

    Universal Studio Singapore is South Asia’s first Hollywood movie theme park. It is an entertainment park and the Universal Studio Singapore Rides pack a significant dose of entertainment, attractions and fun rides for the entire family. Most of the rides here are unique and were designed solely for this Singaporean park.

    Click here to book: Pororo Park Singapore Tickets
  4. What is the best time to visit Universal Studios Singapore?

    The time around Chinese New Year in the month of February, in the weeks right after the festival, is the best time to visit Universal Studios Singapore. However, if you wish to escape the crowd, it is difficult to achieve as the park is very popular and attracts crowds all year round.

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  5. Which are the Singapore's top attraction tickets you can book via Thrillophilia?

  6. Which are the Singapore's best selling activities you can book via Thrillophilia?

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