Taman Festival Overview

Taman Festival, once a bustling theme park, now lies abandoned in Bali. Located approximately four kilometers north of Sanur, it offers a haunting experience for adventurous souls. Explore eerie attractions like the world's first inverted roller coaster and a massive swimming pool. Left to nature's whims, it now houses remnants of its former glory, including bats and lurking crocodiles.

Differing from what the name indicates is the original idea behind Taman Festival as it is an abandoned theme park in Bali. Experience the spooky attraction that churns out spine-chilling nightmares and eerie ambience with our Bali tour packages from India. It is located about four kilometers north of Sanur but tourists will love to take photographs of this attraction. The park is sprawling across eight hectares resembling the Disney style with the world’s first inverted roller coaster, the biggest swimming pool in Bali, crocodiles, volcanoes, 3D theatres etc.

When the Asian economic crisis hit the nation, the park started losing its visitors and collection and thus it had to be closed in 2000 after thirteen years of mesmerizing acts. And now, the park is left all alone and abandoned holding the dreams of reemerging out of its ashes.

Highlights: The villagers say the crocodiles were left in their pits and the people used to feed them chicken for a while until they started attacking humans as well. Currently, the park only has the remnants of the glorious past embraced by parasites and creepers. Inside the old buildings, there are hordes of bats- when you enter they might get awaken out of disturbance.

Timing: The ghost town is open on all days 24 hours.

Location: No., Jl. Padang Galak No.3, Kesiman, Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

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