Kusamba Village Salt Farm Overview

Discover the ancient art of salt farming at Kusamba Village in Bali. Witness locals harvesting salt from traditional salt pans, a practice passed down through generations. The picturesque landscape, with its gleaming white salt fields against the backdrop of the ocean, offers a glimpse into Bali's rich cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in this timeless tradition and experience the essence of rural life in Bali.

Kusamba is a major village in Klungkung Bali and its fame lies in salt making currently, it is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali. Stroll around the black sand beach in the village and witness beautiful panoramic views by availing of our Bali vacation packages from India.

Fishing, as well as salt making, are the primary routine of the people in this village and they use the traditional ways to extract salt from the sea water and also while catching fish. Visitors of Kusamba Village would be able to observe the process of salt making as well as fishing.

Highlights: Salt production happens under palm trees swaying in the peaceful wind on the beach. The sand that has been saturated from the sea water will be taken to the salt making hut and then it will be washed in more sea water. The salt water will be poured into a trough made of palm trees. The salt water will be evaporated and leave the salt to dry up and the farmers collect the salt and transfer it to the basket and then it will be packed and sold.

The quality salt available in Bali comes from Kusamba which is rich in iodine. About 20-30 groups of people are producing salt in the village that too in the traditional way. Visiting this salt making village will surely be a unique experience and in the future days, salt making will be wiped out of the village since many people are not happy to do this job. You will be given an opportunity to observe the process of salt making.

Location: The village is located at a distance of 20-minute drive from Semarapura City in Klungkung.

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