The Monsters Parade Festival Overview

The Monsters Parade Festival is a vibrant celebration filled with colorful costumes and lively music. Held annually, it showcases giant monster-themed floats parading through the streets, delighting spectators of all ages. Participants don elaborate costumes, portraying mythical creatures and monsters, adding to the festive atmosphere. This unique event brings communities together, fostering a sense of joy and camaraderie amidst the excitement.

The Monster Parade is an event in Bali which is very popular among the people around the world, and is one of the most exciting attractions to witness with our Bali travel package from India. Weeks before the beginning of the Balinese New Year festivity, individuals will begin assembling the stunning ogoh's which are tremendous mortar evil presences painted in striking hues. On the eve of Nyepi they will be helped through the boulevards on bamboo stages like parade glides. 

Strolling before the astounding animals will be the youngsters with their lights and their littler ogoh creatures, trailed by the ladies holding flags and men on drums while others push the substantial gongs on haggles cymbals for the obvious sound of the gamelan. Ogoh monsters for the most part have various heads and arms, convey swords or pitchforks, and are indicated battling divine beings or assaulting guiltless ladies.

Highlights: Some include modern elements, like demons presences or legends on bikes or surfboards drinking Bintang brew. During sunset, one can find the group filled with the boulevards and the ogoh's from every town are completed to the intersection to put on a show and contend with those of different towns for the loudest commendation of the onlookers and the votes of the jury.

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