Nelayan Beach Overview

One of Bali’s least explored beaches, Nelayan Beach paints a typical picture of a fishing beach. On a regular day, the coastline at Nelayan can be found dotted with bobbing fishing boats, especially during the early hours. The gentle waters off the coast of the beach make it ideal for swimming and kitesurfing especially on windy days.

Nelayan Beach in Canggu is an unpretentious yet enchanting strip of black sand, sandwiched between the more prominent beaches of Berawa and Batu Bolong. Primarily utilized by fishermen to discharge their haul, Nelayan paints a pretty picture with its little fishing boats bobbing at various distances, making it a must-visit place with our Bali tour packages.

The beach is largely untouched by tourism development. Although it does feature a handful of beach shacks, parasols or chaise lounges are hard to come by, so beachgoers should ideally carry their own. There are no sports facilities on the beach, but when windy enough, the spot becomes perfect for kitesurfing. The fairly gentle waves at the beach makes it an ideal spot for swimming as well.

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• Take a dip in the waters of the Nelayan Beach, its waves gentle enough to accommodate swimmers of all expertise levels.
• Spread a mat or an umbrella on the beachfront as you prepare to lounge for the day, admiring the tropical beauty that surrounds you.
• Watch the sunset from any of the warungs or local shacks set by the beachfront, perhaps accompanying the view with a snack or a drink.

How To Reach

The Canggu area is not connected to the rest of Bali by public transportation, therefore renting a bike or a vehicle is the only way to get about. To get to Nelayan, go down Jalan Raya Kerobokan and then turn left onto Raya Canggu. You must then take the road towards Jalan Berawa, and the Nelayan Beach would be only 500 meters from there.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Nelayan Beach would be during the sunset hours. Although the beach remains uncrowded throughout the day, the sunsets here are known to be beautiful, making it the ideal time to visit.

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Other Essential Information

Beaches close to Nelayan Beach: 

  • Echo: One of Canggu's most picturesque places, with a centuries-old temple perched on one of the beach's corners. While the beachfront is great for lounging, casual walks, and wave and landscape photographers, Echo Beach's waves are only for experienced surfers. The environment is dominated by surfers throughout the day, before turning to a more relaxed dining scene at night.
  • Batu Bolong: the largest of Canggu's three sister beaches, is known for both its natural beauty and excellent surf locations. The waves are modest, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. Despite its small size, Batu Bolong offers a variety of beach bars, notably the well-known Old Man's Beach Grill and Bar, which is known throughout Canggu.
  • Berawa Beach: Berawa, on Bali's Canggu coast, is one of the island's lesser-known beaches. While the rough seas off the coast of Berawa are often unsuitable for swimming, the swells are ideal for surfing. Several luxury restaurants, clubs, and cafés surround the oceanfront, providing a wide variety of food and beverages. Berawa is also home to Canggu's renowned Finns Beach Club.

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Nelayan Beach FAQs

What are the timings for Nelayan Beach?

Nelayan Beach does not have any strict operating hours, and remains open to the public throughout the day.

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What are the watersports that I can try at Nelayan Beach?

The predominantly gentle waves off the Nelayan coast makes it perfect for swimming. However, when the weather permits and the wind is strong enough, one can enjoy windsurfing at the beach as well.

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Is Nelayan Beach worth visiting?

Nelayan Beach is worth a visit for its tranquil beauty, if nothing else. One of the least populated beaches on the Canggu coast, Nelayan Beach offers the perfect spot for a quiet picnic or a casual romantic stroll. The sunsets here are known to be absolutely resplendent as well.

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