Sari Segara Silkworm Farm Overview

Explore the Sari Segara Silkworm Farm in Bali for an immersive journey into silk production. Witness the delicate process of silkworm rearing and silk extraction. Customize your own design or choose from a variety of patterns at Sutera Sari Segara Art Shop. Learn about the silkworm lifecycle and enjoy mulberry leaf tea known for its health benefits.

Silk is the most precious fabric in the world which has multitudinous variety depending on its texture and Bali also has one unique farm where silkworms are catered and protected to make the perfect silk materials out of them. Get a chance to watch the soft-moving, plant eaters, and the producers of silk, and see the procedures behind silk extraction and weaving as part of your Bali tour packages from India.

You can get your own design by weaving in the farm itself or you can get one completed pattern in Sutera Sari Segara Art Shop. The brilliant silk fabrics are created with utmost care and dedication. A lot of hands work for the soft fabric to become different patterns and of different shapes.

Highlights: There, you get some material to know the life cycle of the worm with animated films, spinning, and weaving etc. The eggs of the worm that will be hatched within a circle of up to 30 days with a special technique to feed the caterpillars the mulberry leaves. Cocoons are further processed into yarn the silk which will be made into fabric.

Also, the mulberry leaf shoots are used as a tea or herbal drinks that will help to reduce cholesterol, uric acid etc.

Location: Sibang Kaja, Br. Lateng, Abiansemal, Badung.

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