Basoeki Abdullah Museum Overview

Home to some of the most extensive range of paintings and artworks, the Basuki Abdullah Museum is a popular art museum located in South Jakarta Indonesia. You can explore the personal collection belonging to the legendary Basoeki Abdullah at this museum, including weapons, statues, masks as well as puppets.

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Inaugurated by the Minister of Culture and Tourism on September 25, 2001, the Basuki Abdullah Museum, or the Basoeki Abdullah Museum is an art museum in Indonesia. It was founded as per the will of late artist Basoeki Abdullah. In his will, he had bequeathed his paintings, along with his house and personal collection to the Government of The Republic of Indonesia, which was later renovated to be used as a museum. For those interested in exploring Indonesian art and culture further, consider incorporating visits to the Basuki Abdullah Museum into your Bali tour from India.

Located in the Jakarta Special Region, the museum is a great place for lovers of art, and is home to many beautiful art collections and paintings by Basoeki Abdullah, in addition to exhibits of shadow puppets, weapons, masks as well as statues. The museum, currently managed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, is open for all. 

The Basoeki Abdullah Museum is divided into two storeys. The first floor contains the popular Memorial Room, along with a living room, Basoeki’s bedroom as well as the exhibition hall for the masks and shadow puppets. You can even see his lamps, bedding as well as his personal weapon collection consisting of multiple rifles, daggers and swords in his bedroom. His belongings also include some of his clothing, shoes as well as hats. An interesting thing to note about the memorial room is the vast selection of over 700 pieces of art and the 3000 or more books and magazines present here. 

The second floor, on the other hand, consists of a gallery where Basoeki’s paintings have been displayed. This floor also has three other exhibition rooms, each of which contain scenery paintings, paintings of famous people and abstract paintings respectively.

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• Pay a visit to the Basuki Abdullah Museum, and catch sights of some of the most beautiful Indonesian paintings by the late artist
• Watch displays of his artworks, some of which date back to the times that Abdullah was a little boy of 4, and marvel in his drawings of famous figures like Gandhi, Tagore and even Jesus Christ
• Indulge in one of the many seminars, workshops or studies that are organised by the museum and delve deep into the world of art and history
• Head over to the memorial room inside the museum, and take a glance into the 720 art collections and over 3,000 books and magazines that have been preserved here
• Visit Basoeki’s bedroom on the first floor, where he is said to be mysteriously murdered, and take in the design of this room
• Explore the exhibition rooms in the second floor and get a chance to see 50 or so paintings, all of which were made by Basuki himself, in addition to galleries consisting of abstract paintings, scenery paintings or paintings of famous figures
• Don’t forget to marvel at the painting called “Flora dan Fauna,” wherein the eyes of the boy in the painting are believed to move according to your own movement

How To Reach

By Air:

You can take a flight to the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, located in Tangerang City, in Banten, Indonesia, from where the museum is located around 32 kilometres away. In addition to availing buses, you can also avail rental taxis to get to the museum. 

By Road:

The museum is located in Keuangan Raya Street 19 of Cilandak Sub-District of South Jakarta City in Indonesia. You can easily avail a bus, taxi or even Angkot to get to the museum from your location. 

By Train: 

You can also take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) rail south and get off at the Cipete Raya MRT Station or the Fatmawati MRT Station, from where the museum is located a few short kilometres away.

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Best Time To Visit

You can visit the Basoeki Abdullah Museum anytime between 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. during the day. However, it is best to reach the museum early, so that you can avoid crowds and explore the museum at your own pace.

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Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM

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