Bali Handara Gate Overview

Flanking Bali’s biggest golf resort, the Bali Handara Gate is now one of the most prominent photo stops to include on your trip to Bali. The gate is renowned for its Hindu-Buddhist architecture style, which appears twice as beautiful against the backdrop of the towering, forested mountains.

Bali's Handara Gate is one of the island's most photographed locations, which has now become a must-see destination for visitors who are travelling with our Bali tour. Handara Gate is really a golf resort's entryway. The gate was placed before the Bali Handara golf resort in 1976, and has since then taken the name of the parent establishment. The Hindu gate, with its traditional Indo-Balinese architecture, represents the entry from the outside world to the temple, or in this case, the golf course, is an essential component of Indonesian culture, particularly in Bali. 

Although gates like these can be found all over the city, what really sets the Bali Handara gate apart is its fascinating backdrop. The beautiful green mountains, crater lakes, and tropical rain forest that surround Bali Handara Gate provide spectacular backgrounds to the well-kept Buddhist architecture of the structure. In fact, the popularity of these beautiful gates only grew with the advent of social media, as more and more travelers started uploading pictures on the Internet, calling attention to the Handara’s gates' magnificence. 

Although there is no ‘right’ time to visit the gate, it is recommended that travelers refrain from visiting the gate at night. The main attraction of the gate is its beauty when coupled with the background, which remains largely obscure in the dark.

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• Admire the stunning architecture of the Hindu-Balinese Handara Gate, now only of the most Instagrammable sites in Bali
• Take a picture at the Handara gates during sunset or sunrise, when the natural light shines best against the rocky structure
• Spend a night at the Bali Handara golf resort, earning free access to the gate

How To Reach

The Bali Handara Gate is located just on the Denpasar-Singaraja main road. The attraction is inaccessible by public transport. The easiest way to reach the gate would be to hire either a bike or a scooter to travel there.

The journey would take around 2 hours from bigger cities such as Ubud, Kuta and Seminyak.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Bali Handara gate is during the very earliest hours of the morning, ideally during sunrise. The sunrise at Bedulung is renowned for its beauty, and appears especially resplendent against the Bali gate.

Besides, coming early would allow one to skip the crowds that tend to gather at the gate around midday.

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