Pura Sakenan Overview

Pura Sakenan Bali is a sacred Hindu temple located on the serene island of Bali, Indonesia. Situated on the southern coast of the island, this temple holds immense cultural and religious significance for the Balinese people. Visitors can explore its intricate architecture, tranquil surroundings, and participate in traditional rituals. Pura Sakenan offers a peaceful retreat where visitors can immerse themselves in Balinese spirituality and culture.

Sakenan Temple is a principal temple in the southern part of Bali, situated on the north-west shore of Seangan. It is hardly 10 km south of Denpasar and an easy addition to your Bali packages. The temple had its glory at the highest level when it was a centre of pilgrimage during 210-day piodalan temple anniversary which was celebrated with processions to the Serangan Island on foot or by the traditional boats made of wood. The renovations and adaptations changed the ways and structure of the temple and location.

History of the Temple: The temple was built in the tenth century by a famous priest lived during that time, Mpu Kuturan before the Majapahit Kingdom fell. The priest visited Bali with an aim to restructure the socio-religious influences on the island.

Structure of the Temple: There are two important area in the temple. The largest area still has retained its ancient walls though many other parts have undergone superficial renovations while smaller area did not let many changes to occur on it. The previous structure of the temple was carved out of limestone and corals brought from the surrounding coral reefs.

And the temple is guarded mostly by tall trees which have been standing for centuries now watching the changes happening to the temple over the course of time. The trees around are beautified with chequered clothes since the locals believed that those trees possess the guardian spirits of the temple.

Highlights: Piodalan or temple anniversary is the main event held at the temple and during 1990s the pilgrims used to carry heirlooms and the temple object by foot to Serangan through the forests during low time and when the hide tide period came in, the transportation was by traditional boats. Currently, one can reach the land mass via a bridge by automobiles.

Best time to go: Piodalan is the best time to visit the temple to see the colourful festival and the rituals at the temple. It falls on every Kliwon Kuningan Saturday in the 210 day Pawukon calendar. There will be ritual dances performed by the locals during the festival.

Location: Serangan Island, southern Denpasar. You can reach the temple by following the road opposite LotteMart on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai from Sanur.

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