Goa Maya Cave Overview

Explore the mystical Goa Maya Cave near Ubud, Bali, nestled by the Petanu River. Discover its ancient allure, once frequented by yogis and royalty for meditation. Legends tell of its significance to Hindu god Bhatara Siwa. Previously a refuge during wars, it's now a serene spot for tourists and locals alike, with offerings and occasional ceremonies.

It is true that Bali holds some of the most mysterious and off-beat places to discover with our very special Bali tour packages. One such secret cave which is a must visit for you is the Goa Maya Cave. Since ages Bali’s cave have been utilized by yogis, recluses, shamans, sages and eminence to meditate, they make for attractions which are slowly getting ready to be noticeably renowned amongst travelers in recent times. 

Close to Petanu River, 15 kilometers north of Ubud, lies a legendary and serene place – the Goa Maya Cave. Truly meant signify "hallowed buckle" or "shrouded give in", this delightful fort is situated close to the Bali Eco Vacation Resort, and was really rediscovered by the present proprietor of the property. When you enter the passage you will see at the middle is encompassed by burrows, which were initially water system waterways.

Highlights: Legend has it that it's a reflection spot for the Hindu god Bhatara Siwa after his triumph over the shrewd soul Raja Mayadenawa. Amid war-torn periods, the Dutch-resistance officers and the Japanese utilized it as a safehouse, transforming it into a dreaded place; however it's currently for the most part gone by vacationers and pioneers alike. Local people still give offerings here, and it's likewise a scene for full-moon ceremonies.

Location: Goa Maya Cave is located at Bayad Village, Tegalalang Gianyar,Bali

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