Broken Bay, Bali Overview

The Broken Beach is a hollow bay located in Bali’s Nusa Penida and is known for its rock formations dating back to millions of years. This beach is known for the pristine blue waters and the white sand beach that is frequented by tourists throughout the year. The Broken Bay is a cliff that overlooks the beach and beyond and comes with ample open space. 

Fancy flying a drone? This place comes with the best views to capture! From stunning coastlines to the bay shaped like a horse shoe, there is a lot waiting to be discovered. This bay is also known for the number of resorts worth staying in and experiencing the best of luxury. The best of these drones is that they come with Bali packages for you to have a memorable time. Apart from the Broken Bay, there are quite a lot of places worth exploring, like the hangout spot for manta rays. 


• Visit the Angel’s Billabong and admire the views from the top of the cliff after clicking pictures of the beach. 
• Explore the Kelingking beach and check out the rock formation that resembles a T-Rex. 
• Dive into crystal bay and try spotting the manta rays that swim in the ocean from a close up view.
• Go to Diamond beach and stroll by the pristine and white sandy beaches after climbing down the rocky stairs. 
• Swim in the natural pool formation in Angel’s Billabong and stroll around the perimeter of the natural pool formation. 

How To Reach

1 By Car: The Broken Bay is 17 km from the Nusa Penida city centre, it will take 40 min via the Royal Jungutbatu route.

Best Time To Visit

Broken Bay is open throughout the year, so you can plan your visit to this place at any time of the year. 

  • The best season to visit Broken Bay will be from May to September because this is the time when the climate is pleasant. 
  • The best day in the week will be the weekdays due to less crowds regardless of any time of the year. 
  • The best time of the day will be morning due to fewer crowds and a favorable temperature. 

Other Essential Information

  • The road from Nusa Penida is not well maintained, so there is a high chance of accidents. 
  • There are no opening hours for the Broken Beach, so mornings are the best time to plan your visit. 
  • There is an entry fee of up to 80 INR to visit the Broken Bay, so plan your visit accordingly. 
  • There are no card facilities at Broken Bay, so be prepared to pay using cash only. 
  • There are additional charges for parking your vehicles and it depends where you are parking them. 
  • This place faces a lot of humidity at all times of the year, so be prepared accordingly. 
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Point of Interest for Broken Bay, Bali
Visit Angel’s Billabong

Visit Angel’s Billabong

This place is located just next to the Broken Beach in Nusa Penida and is known for its infinity pool-like structure. This structure was naturally carved due to the action of the tides and is a major viewpoint. This is a great place to click pictures, so make sure you carry your camera in hand. However, we do not recommend swimming in the water as the waves can get very rough.  

Visit Manta Ray Viewpoint

Visit Manta Ray Viewpoint

This is a hidden gem located close to the Angel Billabong which is definitely worth exploring. As the name suggests, this is a viewpoint to spot a lot of manta rays swimming in the ocean. This is located five minutes away from the Angel’s Billabong and the Broken Beach. If you are visiting Nusa Penida with a tourist guide, do not forget to ask them to take you to this place because the views are worth it.

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