Jembong Waterfall Overview

In Bali's peaceful north, find Jembong Waterfall, a hidden treasure. Unlike popular falls, Jembong is serene and nestled in lush greenery. With a gentle 75-degree flow, it offers a calming atmosphere. Surrounded by chocolate plantations and trees, reaching it means a pleasant trek. Take a dip in its cool pool, then explore the nearby rustic Ambengan village.

Bali, especially the north part of Bali is abundantly blessed with many waterfalls; both bigger and smaller waterfalls, most of them are hidden inside the pristine nature are one of the flamboyant attractions to be visited when you are on a trip to Bali. With our Bali tour package discover Jembong, an amazing waterfall in Bali. The location of Jembong Waterfall is Ambengan Village in Sukasada district. 

Unlike the famous waterfalls like Aling Aling or Sekumpul, Jembong is quiet and likely not famous but its beauty is insane. The flabbergasting surrounding of the waterfall is a dream like perception for those who visit this waterfall.

Highlights: Dissimilar to other main waterfalls in the region is Jembong with one particular factor that is it flows down in a slope of 75 degrees, different from the usual perpendicular flows of water that we have seen in others. Hence, there will not be a rumbling sound of water touching the slippery rocks. That makes the place tranquil, escaped from noises and filled with calmness. 

It is in the middle of a fragrant dominating chocolate plantation as well as encircled by many tropical trees. By putting a little effort, anyone can reach the waterfall easily. The inconspicuous waterfall that will be seen only if you reach the interiors of the pristine nature throws a decent trekking experience as well throughout the journey to imbibe the sights of it. 

Dip into the 1 meter deep pool watching the perfect cascade joining it. Ambengan village is a rustic beauty that needs a proper appreciation. Hence you can stroll around rice fields and the locality on your own before or after you enjoy the spirit of Jembong Waterfall.

Location: It is located in Ambengan Village, Sukasada district, Buleleng regency. It can be reached with a 2 hour drive from Denpasar city. From Bedugul, it is only 15 kilometers away.

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