Belulang Overview

Belulang Hot Spring emerges as a hidden gem, slowly gaining global recognition. Offering a serene atmosphere, it features natural pools where visitors can immerse themselves in the healing waters. Free from sulfuric odor, this unique spring is believed to have therapeutic properties for various skin ailments. Surrounded by picturesque rice fields, it's a tranquil retreat steeped in local folklore, inviting travelers to indulge in nature's bounty.

Another hot spring which is famous in Bali is the Belulang which is slowly gaining a lot of attention from the people around the world. Belulang Hot Spring comprises of a little pool and various bathing zones where you can remain under the water as it left the earth. They are encompassed by benevolent warungs anxious to offer you beverages and snacks. Get a chance for swimming or showering in the wellspring here on your Bali tour, however keep in mind to bring your towel and change fabrics. This place has its own particular uniqueness that it is without sulfur smell and it is not the same as other hot springs in like manner. This hot springs asset is from Beji Temple zone which is put away in a lake and diverted to a few douches and little lakes. 

With mineral substance which is very thick, Belulang hot springs is accepted can mend numerous sicknesses identified with skin illness

Highlights: While you head out to this place you will pass rice fields way which is as of now orchestrated in certain way while appreciate the delightful and characteristic view encompass it. It is informed that nearby individuals trust that the hot springs is the place of Ida Putra Puncak Gunung Agung, the hot springs asset is situated in the Beji Temple zone, a place where individuals cleanse themselves before going to the temple.

Location: Belulang is located on Mangesta Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency

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