Wildlife Tours in Bali

A paradise for animal lovers, wildlife in Bai is renowned for offering you an experience of a lifetime. Amidst the lush green landscapes and idyllic surroundings, Bali is a wonderland for tourists wishing to enjoy some pulse-racing adventures. Mostly known by the tourists for its beach breaks, Bali is a famous place for adventure junkies to get some real action in the beautiful jungles with the most diverse animals, fishes and birds. There are numerous national parks and marine parks in Bali where people can look forward to an exhilarating experience with the wild creatures who roam freely in their gorgeous natural habitat.

Wildlife in Bali boasts of immense diversity and incredible beauty. Beyond its serene beaches and verdant rice terraces, the real beauty of Bali can be seen in its jungles. Some of the most amazing creatures which you can spot during your Bali trip include Balinese Crested Duck, Balinese Macaque, Bali Starling, Kuskus, Balinese Tiger etc. Bali has some prominent places which excel in offering a great wildlife tour like Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Bali Bird Park in Gianyar, Elephant Safari Park in Tegalagang, Turtle Conservation and Education Forest in Serangan etc.

There are many popular activities to indulge in for having the best wildlife tours in Bali. There are dolphin viewing trips organised at Serangan Island at Dolphin Lodge. It is a mesmerising activity where you can have a peek at these beautiful dolphins up close and interact with them. Another recreational activity to see wildlife in Bali is the famous elephant safari. One can enjoy an elephant safari at various places like Ubud, West Bali etc. For those who seek an adrenaline rush, horse riding is another thrilling experience which you can enjoy under the care of professional guidance in Bali.

For ornithologists, Bali offers a wide array of birds to add to your list of sightseeing. There are some of the most exotic species in Bali like Anna-Maria, Bali Mynah, Wreathed Hornbills, Black Palm Cockatoo etc. Another notable attraction of wildlife in Bali is the famous Komodo Dragon, also known as the largest lizard on the planet which can be seen here. Bali is also a wonderful place to participate in wildlife conservation activities. Tourists can take part in various conservation events organised for wildlife species like turtles at Serangan Island, also famous as ‘Turtle Island’.

For the people who are widely interested in taking the off-beaten path and enjoy some sustainable tourist, wildlife in Bali offers great memories to cherish forever. These eco-tours are organised keeping in mind the natural habitats of these animals and also offer a brilliant educational experience with recreation for the tourists. Vacationers in Bali can always look forward to enjoying some of the breathtaking and adventure activities when they pursue activities like wildlife safari or jungle treks here. Wildlife in Bali is also a spectacular way to see the real beauty of nature and enjoy some of the most thrilling experiences of your life.

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